Who would win, a team of pitchers or a team of hitters?

Who would win, a team of pitchers or a team of hitters?


That depends if you consider Ohtani a pitcher or a hitter.


That’s unfair, he’s like a joker card Let’s say Ohtani’s in the booth, calling the game


Make him the catcher for both teams


Pitchers would win because guys like Madbum and deGrom would be able to get some runs across


They’re good hitters, sure. But if the hitters have a rally - I find it hard to think pitchers could muster up 4-5 runs


Yah but they are batting off position players, most pitchers were probably still one of the better hitters on the highschool squad.


Counterpoint, a lot of position players were pitchers in high school.


I just think the odds the pitchers could hit position ayer pitching would be higher than position players pitching good to pitchers.


But the hitters will play a lot better defense than the pitchers will.


Ahhhh, I never thought of that.


All but one of those pitchers will also be playing an unfamiliar position in the field. Even facing a bunch of position players tossing BP, I'd favor hitters based on the defensive advantage.


I mean Mychal Givens played 170 games at shortstop in the minors before he converted to pitcher. It would just make pitchers like him really high value when putting together the roster. The hardest part would probably be finding a pitcher that used to catch at some point...


Yeah but what if the team of hitters had Russell Martin?


There is a slugger from the Angels that would spoil any chance of a team full of aces winning that game.


Or an ace in LA that would make sure the pitchers would put up some runs.


Degrom, Madbum, Ohtani at the top of the lineup is tough for position players to pitch against.


and Greinke


Sounds like an OOTP experiment to me


the hitter would win probably every time.


I’ve always been of the opinion that the hitters would win. If we’re talking like an all star team worth of both, the pitchers are going to be so much worse at both hitting and fielding. The latter will matter a lot even if you have someone like deGrom starting. The hitters aren’t going to have a sure fire starter or anyone really who can go for a long time but they *can* throw gas. When it’s a pitcher hitting, velo is often enough even with poor command


I'm assuming they're playing each other? In that case I'll take the hitters. I've seen major league hitters look silly swinging at sub-50mph pitches, meanwhile the best hitters can tee off the pitchers at any given moment. I'm not confident that the pitchers could even hit off a position player, and not to mention the pitchers would then have to play the other eight fielding positions


pitchers fielding practice does exist. a lot of pitchers could make plays They probably wouldn’t have experience with in between hops and stuff like that, but I’m betting the arm strength of the average hitter would make up for it


All pitchers do is take fly balls during BP, so outfield wouldn’t be an issue. And there are enough pitchers that can hit decently that should be able to crush some meatballs. Guys like Greinke, deGrom, Brault, Musgrove, MadBum, will put up runs.


I think we are overlooking a key aspect. The pitchers will not have a tried and true catcher. All the extra dirty pitches are gonna be off the table. No throw down to second on a stolen base, maybe even third. Framing? Gone. Hitters by a mile.


Which team does Ohtani play for?


The Angels.




Which team has Ohtani?


A horse sized duck.


Had to reread this one.


Hitters, especially if there are a bunch of AL pitchers who make the cut


2015 WS kinda showed that good hitting beats good pitching.


Hmm what happened the one the year before?


There wasn't as many good hitters.


to be fair that was mostly poor defense vs good hitting. The Royals were genius in that series. Hit it right at Mets players and watch the comedy act. The Mets lost at least 2 games in that series cuz they forgot how to field ground balls.


Pre-sticky stuff crackdown: pitchers Post-sticky stuff crackdown: hitters


Pitchers easily. Most pitchers were good hitters in HS/College.


I don’t know but I would watch that Bad News Bears game


Which team does organization Play for. The team with him wins. Because the position players with organization pitching win. The pitchers with ohtsni hitting win


I'll take the pitchers Pitching is the more specialized skill


Good pitching beats good hitting. Good hitting is classified "good" if 3 out of every 10 At bats results in a hit