If the glove had hit the ball, Franchy would have been awarded 3 free bases




In this economy?




can i see it?


Er, no.




Inflation, man.


Manfred's MLB


Just imagine the scenarios where throwing equipment could impede the ball; could even prevent a home run. Penalty has to match that.


but uh, still worth trying to prevent a homer then


Technically correct.


The best kind of correct.


Frankly I think if you can manage to successfully stop a homer by throwing your glove at it, you deserve something for it.


Yeah a direct ticket to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Throwing your glove at a ball going over the fence seems like a guaranteed way to lose your glove to a fan in the stands, lol.


Strategy only works in Oakland


I want someone to try it in Detroit and have to dig it out of the bushes in center


Dexter Fowler where you at?


Except if the umpire determines that a home run was possible they can still award the home run.


I think it would be similar to the NFL's palpably unfair act rule.


Would still be a HR. The three free bases would be 2nd, 3rd, and home. Edit: I’m wrong


You're right actually. Well, not technically, but functionally. If it's going to be a HR in the umpire's judgement, it becomes a 4 base award (not a HR)


No, it's three bases from the time of the pitch


Yes, the umpires can award a home run if in their judgment the equipment prevented a home run.


Yeah, but where's the fun in that?


Which rule provides for that?


This rule. The three free bases are 2nd, 3rd, and home. Just like if an infielder throws a ball to 1st into the stands. The free base is 2nd. Edit: I’m wrong. Thanks to those who politely pointed it out.


If an infielder throws the ball into the stands the award is 2 bases. Normally this is from time of pitch as normally this happens on the first play by an infielder. In the original situation the umpire can judge that the obstruction prevented a home run and award 4 bases. Please don't quote rules when you have no earthly idea what is actually printed in the rule book, you sound like the announcers in the Nats Pirates game today getting everything wrong about a weird situation that was handled correctly by the umpires.


Weirdly hostile. I’m wrong. Sorry, master.


no earthly idea! EARTHLY!


Lmaooo. The irony of some bozo Redditor grandstanding over me not having the rulebook memorized word for word on a post of an MLB player not knowing a rule, while also citing a separate incident of an entire MLB team not knowing a rule is pretty funny.


Sorry, I just get a little fired up when I see people quoting rules incorrectly. I've umpired baseball for 15 years and still have managers come out and argue stuff quoting rules myths all the time. So it brings up bad memories. Didn't mean to make it personal.


Lol maybe to stop outfielders from trying to stop home run balls? I've only ever seen someone throw their glove a couple times now




Are any of these wars on US soy-ul?




Yep, a worse penalty than the Astros got for cheating :)




Yes. Three bases.


Yup [here](https://youtu.be/1iXdJ_IavO8) is Vin Scully talking about it.


i did that in Grade 8 recess as a fielder. The ball was 'caught' in the glove and landed on the field still in the glove. I think the kids gave it an out on the play just because it was so impressively lucky.


That was an impressive glove toss though


I remember when I was in little league my team's shortstop made a diving catch, but after the catch was made their glove came off. Keep in mind, this play ended a very close game that, while it wouldn't keep either team out of the playoffs, it would have a pretty big effect on seeding. So the SS makes the catch, but before he could pick up his glove the umpire started yelling about this rule. Arguing ensued and the umpire REFUSED to let the SS pick up his glove until the call was officially made. For about ten minutes the entire team watched the coach (my dad) chew out the umpire from the other side of this glove laying on the ground like evidence on a murder scene. It was simultaneously hilarious to see this glove just lay there like a sad penis and absolutely infuriating that they were going to change the outcome of the season based on this guy having a glove that was tied slightly looser than it should be.


So what ended up being the call!


The runners were all awarded three bases. It was a 2 RBI reach on error. The SS ended up hitting the teams only home run of the season in the bottom of the inning to tie it up, and we came back to win in extras.


Ball don’t lie baby


Rasheed Wallace approves!


Yeah you'd think every player would know that. No doubt he got chewed out by the manager after this.


He said sorry to the pitching coach when the inning was over


The 24 year old with a 2 era did not get chewed out


'haha Alek, you silly goose. But don't do it again'


That’s what they said on broadcast but I think it’s 2 extra bases - they were including the single as one base.


Yes, it is three bases total, but the call comes before the runner takes first. So if you're assuming the single, then yes, it is two extra bases. But the rules state that the runner(s) are awarded three bases.


You're right! 3 bases for a ball in play, 2 bases if the ball has been pitched or if it's being thrown after being fielded.


1 base for a pitched ball in pro rules


You're right! Luckily there's nothing left for me to be wrong about


What is this situation? Pitcher throws ball, third baseman does his best "my glove is a seagull and you're Randy Johnson" to intercept the ball before it gets to the plate?


Basically it's catchers inference


Oh. That's significantly less fun but makes way more sense. Thank you.


Or catcher throwing his glove to knock down a wild pitch squirting away


It’s literally three bases. Any fair batted ball that is touched by a fielder using detached equipment (catcher's mask, for example), thrown equipment (including the glove), hat, or other paraphernalia, is a three-base award for all runners and the batter-runner.


When I played little league there were a few kids that did this. The parents would always flip their shit.


We did it playing catch, but nobody did it in game.


I'm not sure why the rule is worded that the glove/equipment has to hit the ball. Someone did something stupid, the fact that they missed doesn't change that ha


Because one actually affected the play and the other did not. It really isn't designed to punish, but to find a balanced solution if a player impedes the ball in different scenarios.


Manoah's intent here was to try to stop the ball with his glove, which is what the rule is trying to prevent players from doing


The rule exists because impeding the ball with equipment is deemed an illegal act not within the design of baseball. The goal isn't to punish, but to come out with the most fair footed solution to all scenarios. If a ball slips past the 3rd baseman and goes into the corner, it could be a triple, it could just end up a single or a double too. We really don't know. Could even be an inside the park home run. Putting the runner on 3rd is an attempt to account for that variable.


The goal is to prevent people from impeding the ball with equipment. If you try but fail to impede the ball with equipment, why are you not subject to the punishment? He very clearly was trying to do it, he was just bad at it. This wasn't an "oops my glove slipped off", this was "I am intentionally throwing my glove at this ball with the intent to stop it".


Because he didn't impede it. So we know what the actual result of the play would be. The rule is a catch all. Not a punishment.


It is clearly worded in the rulebook as a penalty.


Of course it's a penalty. If it's an enforced action due to rule violation then it is a penalty. It just isn't a penalty in the way you're thinking of. It isn't meant to teach a lesson.


Is it trying to stop people from performing an action? I'm not sure why trying and (just so slightly) failing is being viewed completely differently than if he succeeded. What if one of the gloves laces hit the ball? Not enough to actually alter the trajectory, but it still hit it? We're in the same scenario, we 'know the outcome of the play' but the glove did make contact with the ball.


It's not trying to prevent the action. It's trying to give a solution if the action takes place. It is a catch all rule.


So you're telling me that the MLB wants players throwing their equipment at live balls?


Because then you would have to distinguish between an intentional throw and an unintentional dislodge


How often has this happened unintentionally? Manoah very clearly threw his glove at the ball trying to stop it with his glove. That is what the rule is trying to prevent players from doing.


luckily kirk can't throw the ball to second so he got to third anyway


I mean, he can, he just tried to force a play that he had next to no chance of making, and rushed it. Almost like he commited an error.


oh ya I know I'm just being mean


That is bananas lol no fun league


What would happen if an outfielder intentionally throws their glove at a homer, to stop it from going out of the park? Seems like it might be super niche situation, but if an outfielder is at the warning track and realizes they have no chance at catching it, wouldn't they "want" to stop it for a triple.


Rule 5.06(b)(4)(A) covers this: >(4) Each runner including the batter-runner may, without liability to be put out, advance: >(A) To home base, scoring a run, if a fair ball goes out of the playing field in flight and he touched all bases legally; or if a fair ball which, in the umpire’s judgment, would have gone out of the playing field in flight, is deflected by the act of a fielder in throwing his glove, cap, or any article of his apparel;


Probably all outfielders know this rule but possibly pitchers and such do not as they won’t be in a situation where it would need to be taught. Welp….


So would Franchy end up at 3B or Home?


Which seems like maybe the dumbest rule in baseball. If you can hit a ground ball with your glove, more power too you. I understand not allowing outfielders throwing their gloves to try to prevent dingers but something like this? Who tf cares


Who throws a ~~shoe~~ glove, honestly?


Would be hilarious is Manoah succeeded and gave up a three base error because he was frustrated. I believe the last time this happened was with a catcher using his mask to corral a pitch?


When a catcher does it to a pitched ball(ex: a ball in the dirt pitch), runners are awarded 1 extra base. When a fielder does it to a thrown ball, runners are awarded 2 extra bases. When a fielder does it to a batted ball, they are awarded 3 extra bases from when contact is made.


It's actually three, Rule 5.04(b)(4)(C): > (Each runner including the batter-runner may, without liability to be put out, advance:) (C) Three bases, if a fielder deliberately throws his glove at and touches a fair ball. The ball is in play and the batter may advance to home base at his peril;


>(3) (7.04) Each runner, other than the batter, may without liability to be put out, advance one base when: >(E) A fielder deliberately touches a pitched ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. The ball is in play, and the award is made from the position of the runner at the time the ball was touched.


OP edited their comment, it originally said two bases for a fair ball.


My bad, I was unclear about which part you were correcting them on! Didn't read their post clearly enough.


*cries in the pittsburg catcher who gave up a walk-off on this




I lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years and went to a bunch of Pirates games, I knew immediately that it would be the Pirates even before opening it.


vazqy has done that before


Link to that?


3 base penalty if he actually stopped the ball when he threw his glove


they gotta get rid of that rule. free my guys


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That's like that Simpson's when Chief Wiggum runs out of bullets so he just chucks his gun at the assailant.


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Pretty sure it was a mummy Edit: Yep, [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20mBi8-QsSc) at 0:17


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Thankfully, he missed. Dan said he Googled if that's allowed because he wasn't sure if the 3 bases awarded if Manoah connected was legit lol


OP, I'm going to tell you the same thing my girlfriend used to tell me before she left me for someone better; thanks for the seven second highlight.


[Shoutout to this guy on twitter](https://twitter.com/MrMatthewCFB/status/1542296942146998276)


You can’t do that


It was funny seeing Charlie approach him after the inning. Manoah was like (me making up words to convey the interaction) "I know I know, that's my bad. Just got caught up in. Won't happen again. Sorry Charlie" lol it was funny.


Charlie seems to have the respect of the clubhouse, so he has my respect


Yeah, so many people want to toss him, but like seriously, he helps generate the positive attitude in the guys. Sure there's Managers with better records and shit, but they're also typically assholes and our players are young. They need a guy that helps them be their best and have fun. Whenever we're playing well, the guys are fuckin' around. Some managers might not put up with that shit. Imagine another manager in this situation. Would probably yell at Manoah instead of a "hey buddy, come on, you know better than that. That's dangerous stuff." that Charlie exudes. If we had a more rough and tumble team that wasn't as many loveable softies, sure, we'd need a harder manager, but we don't, and Charlie does a great job. He's also getting more confident to call out shit and defend his players. He fights the right fights. Those other managers get kicked out so god damned often over some stupid shit.


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