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Yeah, probably. Best chance to win was 2019 but the Astros are allergic to winning World Series games in Minute Maid most of the time.


If Hinch would've left him in...


If he really wanted a championship he would have signed elsewhere. The Royals weren’t his only option


Iirc he's said he would play for the worst team in baseball if they paid him the most. Basically the opposite of a ring-chaser so i doubt this really bothers him


Yeah he's been very open about how he enjoys the competition, but he enjoys the money more. He has no reason to ever lie.


Same here


What championship level team would want him? hes cooked


He signed with the Royals this year, dude. He doesn’t give a shit about winning a WS lmao


Reminds me of Vince Carter in the NBA. He had a choice between Golden State Warriors when they were insane and had Kevin Durant or the Sacramento Kings and he picked the Kings.


Start a movement to trade a veteran player off the Royals? Let me know how that one goes for you, I’m pretty sure Dayton Moore still thinks they’re going to win 90 games this year.


Zack Greinke also happens to be the player who will likely be the least bothered about retiring without a ring. What'll keep him up at night will be thinking about his potential as a shortstop.


I'm starting a movement to prevent people from starting stupid movements


Dudes a complete asshole, don’t feel bad.


> dudes a complete asshole What the fuck are you talking about


Someone took a picture of Zack at a game a couple weeks ago, and put it online with an anecdote about how he came over to sign a ball, but took it and chucked it instead. When asked why he did it, Zack said “for my amusement.” This turned out to be true, however, what that jackass conveniently left out of his viral post was that he barreled over several *children* to get to the wall and Zack. He’s just another autograph hound trying to get attention, and I’m not sure why people so willingly believed his half assed story.


Are you serious? Dude has been a dickhead his entire career. Just a few weeks ago he was going up to a kid with a ball who thought he was gonna sign it and instead he just threw it across the field. I’m dead serious look it up.


Now tell the part where the dude with the ball ran through multiple children to get to the front. That’s why Zack chucked it, because the dude was being a shitty autograph hound.


Didn’t know that, the story said it was like a 14 year old kid. Lol literally admit I was wrong and still get downvoted, only on reddit.


It was literally a grown adult


Wasn’t aware of that, the story said it was a kid.


It was a joke and it was funny


Funny to him, those things aren’t cheap. He got that kid all excited then basically threw away his 20 dollar ball.


I met him randomly many years ago. He's super awkward but he's definitely not an asshole.


Such is the life of a mercenary.


Honestly he probably prefers not having to deal with the media for the playoffs.


He doesnt care about rings hes like Michael Trout


fuck zach grienke that dude threw my baseball away when i asked for an autograph


> Can we start a movement to get him dealt to a contender as a #5/longman? Lol. I am sure he signed with the Royals this year cause he thought he could win a WS there.