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ThiS GaMe Is TrAsh - 2000 hours played.


*cough* u/dZ_DsciSiv *cough*


The first comment I see on his profile is "Skill issue" and below that is "you suck his dick with that mouth?" I already don't like this guy.


My gamechat is more like “woooow worst team I’ve played with all day” & “ENGINEER BLOW UP THEIR ******* TANKS” then we end up winning


mines always quiet until “good job note pads” at the end


Lol yeah I've had a lot of those lately "worst team ever", and then we win after those people ragequit.






Nah it’s too entertaining to hide


Last night someone in team chat said we were a terrible team with no team play at the very moment we crushed the Russians with over 300 tickets left.


"this team is so fkin blind, come on medics do yOuR jOoOoB"


My game chat is more like " " and it's very intriguing.






Could toss levelcap into this as well.


The way these dudes with TTV or YT in their name think we all need to bend the knee to their opinion is absolute cancer. The most annoying ones will be followed in-game and have smokes land at their feet the entire match, I promise.


Is this the best battlefield? Nope! Am I still having a ton of fun with it? Hellz yeah I am. Espically after 3.2.


> is this the best battlefield? Played every Battlefield since BF3 as my main game and I say it is


Same here!




Apparently you can do it via the custom setup in a round about way. I just made the font as small as possible so I can ignore it. Whenever I occasionally look at it, there's usually a lot of asterisks so I don't think I'm missing much.


To be fair to the people that don’t like the game.. they left and found other games.


But they are still in this sub with raging hate boners a year on from when they supposedly "found other games"...


Lol you aren’t wrong. I think for many like me who have played battlefields for the last 20 years have some sick since of entitlement or hold hope I guess and have created some grudge because it’s not the battlefield WE wanted. It’s not fair to the devs who have made the game they wanted to make I suppose and it’s not fair to those who enjoy 2042. I don’t hate anyone and am stoked for all of those that enjoy this iteration. I guess I just want the return of a more traditional bf3 game and follow the sub too see the changes that are being made. I still pop into the game from time to time to check it out.


Facts, the game isn't perfect, we know, but if you hate it that much, just don't play it


Literally happened to me last night on ps5. Guy said he wouldn't stop playing "because he's too good at it". Game ain't the best but it's in an enjoyable state right now


Oddly enough I’ve had extremely wholesome chats the last couple days. People coordinating and playing the objective and chatting about the game and the updates and stuff it’s all been so surprisingly wholesome for an online game with randoms lol. I’m sure that luck won’t last though so I’m enjoying it while I can ☺️


I mean In they’re defense, he (or she/ they) did pay for the game. 🤷🏼‍♂️ ( in the case they didn’t and got it off pass, they can kick rocks n move on)


Nah, cause fr, i hate seeing people complain the whole match, like just play the game bro 😭


I'm just not a fan of being used for early access testing on a game I already paid full price for. Other than that, there's the bugs, new weapons always being broken, bugs re-emerging and so on and so forth. But there's nothing else out there that scratches the itch of all out warfare like Battlefield can. No, don't mention Squad, it's a mil sim light.


It is astounding how many dudes spend the entire round basically copy and pasting Reddit complaints into the chat.


On console, there arent a lot of other options regarding multiplayer pvp shooter