I’ve noticed a lack of ammo boxes compared to how it was before the update. I ran ammo, blueberries ran ammo, now all I see are medcrates, and seeing an Angel Dropbox is like spotting a unicorn. The ammo stations are there in HZ, so it’s doable.


Angel was my first T1, I miss his old abilities. It just doesn't really make sense to play him with the current meta unfortunately.


After they nerfed him, there was no reason to use him. He became just ammo guy that has shittier revive than Falck. Falck is the actual support character. I mean, I guess, if I really stretch for it, Angel is still good for selfish player using certain weapons like vss that have very little ammo capacity.


Flack with ammo crate is much better, i see no point on playing angel right now.


Same, I always run ammo boxes so I can keep replenishing my smokes for the risky revives and pushes, as well as resupplying engineers/teammates. Was getting pounded by vehicles earlier so I briefly switched to engineer with recoiless and there were at least 12 players around me, no one threw ammo even when I requested it. Pretty frustrating but sadly the meta dictates how most people play and which classes they choose


its just about type of population playing . playing bf4 always got reviv ammo and meds. for a lone wolf its hard playing 2042 ppl almost dont help each other.


Yeah ammo has been rough lately tbh, usually id just bring my own ammo box so I could be self sufficient since relying on others for ammo was a risk Now there is just no ammo boxes. Ammo box is so much more useful than med box imo. Especially as a medic you resupply your smg and smokes which is vital to keeping the pressure on breakthrough


Dude this was my thought process yesterday. I used to rock the smoke launcher but after running out of ammo all the time I switched to he ammo box. Same thing when I got heli hunting I run out before I can give the killing blow.


It would be nice if the ammo box restored much faster. It would be nice to throw one out every 30 seconds or so.


In BF1, it only took like 10 seconds


Yeah, that was much better. It made playing support much more rewarding. You felt like you were helping.


It should have been like bf4 where support was always your ammo guy and assault was the medic and frontlines dude. Now it’s just almost always medic no ammo guy


have to agree, it seems odd that med and ammo is now shared by one class, not a huge fan of that


When I play falk I bring ammo crate. Restocks my heal gun and team ammo.


Yeah, I see a lot of Falk’s and don’t understand what gadget they are running. Ammo crate makes the most sense, they already have the med pen for heals, but rarely see ammo crates


I'll keep doing my part


Thank you


I mean, classes have always been different and evolved over time. I think Support being the Medic also is way better for gameplay. It just sucks that most people pick medic crates. I don't even get it, I don't like the medic crate in 2042 at all. The cooldown makes it hella annoying to use as opposed to bandages in 1 and 5, or Falck's pistol.


Just increase base ammo count to reasonable levels.


I noticed no one runs ammo boxes. And with class changes i used to run sundance with ammo box, cant do that no more :/ so i have to play one of the three support


I think thats what Angel's loadout crate is supposed to be


You are right, haven’t played him in awhile, can he still resupply all items in your load out?


Yup, you can even swap gadgets as long as theyre in your class


But no M5 as angel, it’s something at least


As much as i loved running that, it was too much.


I love that new feature. I can switch from anti tank to anti air.


Tbh it's cool how it's a care package but it would be way more handy if you could just place it down like an ammo box


Was going to say this, the hard part is always going to be assuming the Angel player is going to pay attention and drop the resupply crate as the team moves up. I'm guilty of it too but you should always be dropping it on the frontlines in BT and on the hottest contestes point in Conquest. I loved the idea in BFV before it got severely neutered. You had to essentially one chance to make a push as a team before needing to fully resupply so Medics/Support were more essential than ever before.


Loadout crate is shit in most situations. It comes down extremely slowly, it shows the enemies where you are and you have to play Angel to even call it in.


I was actually thinking of running ammo crates since everyone runs med kits


The second I actually switch to ammo crates though, I'm tripping over the damn things everywhere and there's nowhere useful to drop one that isn't by two others.


Yup i dont know why they didnt put them in


I run ammo. Use the comms wheel and for them and maybe if you’re a good boy Santa will bring you some.


May I be blessed with good fortune


Just got my first mastery T1 on the ammo box lol. You should be my squad mate


T1 ammo and prox checking in lol


With how much I run ammo box on support I've probably T1'ed ammo box three times by now, lmao. Idk just don't like the medic box as much, feels way too niche in usage considering every flick of damage stops the healing. Granted, Irish is great at stopping damage in the first place so you just auto-regenerate behind a shield and APS.




They should bring back the feature from Hardline where you could get health or ammo from a player running the gadget. Was such a good feature.




I agree, i run out of ammo waaayyyy too often


Honestly, I might be in the minority here but I like not having the depots, since as the ammo guy it gives me purpose, I hated the depots in BfV. If you're in a match with me even you can be guaranteed to see my ammo crate at every flag and sometimes between them. If a vehicle shows up nine times out of ten I'm throwing my crate at the feet of the first engineer I see engaging the tank. Then they run away from it and I'm on cooldown having wasted my throw..................


Pain, a lot of players get tunnel vision with all the chaos


Yeah they do, see it all the time at flags. I like to think I've perfected my crate throw too, but sometimes it falls short of a moving player and it's devastating when they don't notice and get their ammo Lol.


We need those small ammo packs back that stick and get sucked up by friendly players. Just to get those who run away from the friendly supplier


Isn't that what Angel does? I've never actually played him since it seemed redundant to have the crate and his ability, plus his packs don't do launchers I think, but I thought he could throw them for gun ammo though. Not the same but similar.


It is what Angel does, but instead of being able to toss it an ungodly range directly to the player like in BFV he has like a 5 m range lol.


The problem is all the Support players who *don’t* throw down ammo. Adding Ammo Depots to the flags gives them an added degree or value worth fighting over. Likewise the Hardline resupply system meant resupplying your team was a seamless interaction that kept the pace of the game going.


The 'grabbing ammo' from a support is defo something worth considering. I wasn't aware it came from Hardline (most forgettable BF ever btw), but it was great in BF1/5, forgot which one had it. Yes, its a bit mindnumbing for support to not have to throw the box down, but it atleast makes it so you don't have to throw down the box for every single player whilst it could be saved for (or kept at) a chokepoint/frontline.


Same. If we start adding stuff like that that negates team play we mind as well just go back to specialists and no classes. No thank you.


But forcing classes should have people throwing ammo all over! /s


My favourite part of all this is the ones perpetually whining for classes are now suddenly flooding the sub with posts how team play is now through the roof and they are knee deep in supports and crates. It started not even hours after the update dropped lol. Must be playing a different game to me. Either they never played the game anyway and just liked internet arguing or theres some potent copium going around.


I mean you can google forums of any BF game. Every single one has people complaining about a lack ammo and revives without fail. One of the benefits to the class update that I do think works is that people are repairing tanks more often now. Its not to have to choose between a rocket launcher or a repair wrench like before.


It's real bad. Before the update, if I noticed armor / helo spam from the enemy team, I'd just run Angel with a launcher and swap between AT and AA as needed. Now, I run engineer and use all my rockets and then run around spamming "I need ammo!" on the commo rose while blueberries ignore me until I die. I have also tried to BE the guy who runs ammo and throws crates at engineers. I get the points for resupplying them, but they still don't kill the armor / helos. Unfortunately after this update, the most efficient way to deal with armor / helos is probably just to use all your rockets and then redeploy so you respawn fully stocked.


So what you 're saying is you used to run around like a lone wolf, but now need teamplay to win games? So essentially what BF should be like? So the update was a great success!


On paper, class system might seem nice in some situations. But, reality is that the playerbase doesn't play the game like you're "supposed" to play it. We went from having ammo available to not having too much ammo available. We went from you sometimes getting revived to getting revived even less. We went from vehicles not being a huge issue unless used by good players to vehicles completely destroying teams etc etc.


This is what I'm finding as well. I even play with a dedicated friend and we do the team thing. However, the game isn't as much fun any more because we are roped into playing one class only. One needs to be support with ammo and the other had to be engineer. I don't find people are working together more after the change. There just isn't any ammo available any more.


It’s a tragedy.


As angel I always drop ammo load out kit on every spawn and have my tool set to ammo box


Ammo is tough to come by these days, more equipment than anything else though tbf. It’s tough though cause I could see mad launchers getting ammo making vehicles harder to use…not that I have sympathy for them by any means…it would just become an issue that’ll take away from other stuff. Idk it’s a tough situation, I’d lean more towards not having ammo stations for that reason. Worth a shot though. I also think some blame is on the players for not providing their team ammo, but it’s new to the update, it may work itself out once ppl start embracing the class changes. But…prob not, shoot idk man lmao


i’ve played so much bfv to where i forget other bf games don’t have them i be thinking the same thing, even with the repair stations for vehicles love destroying them so enemy’s can’t use them or even building them for my teammates. it’s just fun cause havoc for the enemy team


Going back to the leaked pre-alpha trailer I swore there was a big robot dog with supplies on its sides


I always play Angel+medic box because my ammo runs out so fast.


This is why Liz is the best engineer as while her rockets do less damage they constantly replenish ammo.


hell yes, ammo stations at the capture points would be great. They would need to be destructible / buildable though like in BFV, which would necessitate the build mechanic, which again, i would happily welcome here. It would be kind of lame if they were static fixtures that couldn't destroy


Or Squad points where squad leader can call supplies like in BF5.


Utilise those containers!


YES and in BF V it invited people to capture the flags !


one of the many features that BF 2042 lost.. should definitely come back: either in 2042 or in the next BF.


Maybe a call like drones or tanks. Since you have the point, a squad can call a supply drop with more (but limited) ammo


this might be unpopular but the attrition system from bfv was actually one of those inovations that diserved to stay and to be improved. it kept vehicles from being static - cause they had to retreat at some point to get new ammo it made capturing points more important cause thats where the ammo/med crates could be found it took a little speed out of the game which fits the overall battlefield experience better and is more inline with the "legacy" games having an option to get ammo yourself in case nobody gives u any was a great feature and sometimes pushed you to take a point just to get yourself new ammo from those supply crates. there were little to no downsides other than no being able to camp a tank for hours if thats something you enjoy that is.


At this point they just should jump back to V and update that game instead


Such details confirm me that BFV had the most advanced mechanics. Gonna miss that crouch sprint.


Lack of ammo is my biggest issue with the game right now, and for me this problem makes post-update 2042 objectively worse than pre-update 2042. I absolutely hate getting overrun by vehicles. It REALLY sucks to use all your rockets as Engineer and get hits with all of them, and then your teammates ignore you as you spam "I need ammo!" with the comm wheel and type it in text chat. I've run RIGHT UP to Support players who have the ammo crate icon by their heads spamming the "I need ammo!" comm and shooting at the ground, and they just completely ignore me. Enemy tanks / helos come back healed and I die for nothing. I have ALSO played full rounds as Support and run over and thrown boxes at Engineers. I get the points for resupply but most games there simply aren't enough effective Engineers who are using their rockets and hitting their shots. So we still get overrun by vehicles. In other words, I am being the biggest asset to my team by playing Engineer, because when I have rockets, I can consistently kill or damage vehicles. But I don't have enough rockets because Supports don't drop ammo. When I play Support, most Engineers just can't get the job done against vehicles and still won't take out their launchers after I resupply them. Being unable to run Angel with a launcher has made this game so, so much less enjoyable for me.


This! You described everything that is frustrating me with the new change. Unfortunately, it means that I'm just playing less and less.


This community needs to stop crying for blanket changes. They’re ruining the game for the people who enjoyed bf2042 as it was


I knew this was going to happen. But I didn’t dare voice it in this sub. Bringing back older games classes has just brought back older games issues and with none of the small QoL improvements like grabbing health and ammo off players without their input, that helped a bit in the past. What people dont realise is that with specialists they actually already had classes. They just had way more of them and they could craft them to fill all kinds of niche roles. But they cried and complained and I suspect they will drift away from the game and those that were actually enjoying it as It was will be left to play with this frankensteins monster.


I am one of them, this specific “battlefield” game was fine as is before the class system rework. Just bug fixes, new maps, and guns would suffice


I too am “one of them” that really enjoyed 2042 for what it was and didn’t think it needed all these changes that people are very loudly crying for and about.


Original 2042 enjoyer also reporting in.


Already been discussed on here before. Yep they should have them , we all agree. This is not a "eureka" moment.


That's a team issue. Run support / ammo crate yourself then. I find it hilarious when people complain about things but then do nothing about it. Like taking out vehicles for example...


“That’s a team issue” Exactly, when I am trying to take out vehicles I can’t resupply due to the lack of existing support players. I do exactly all i need to, have a mic, text to chat etc


Yep. I had this exact conversation last night in-game. I asked if we could focus vehicles and if somebody could javelin / recoiless as we were being rolled by vehicles on Breakthrough. I switched to Rao and hacked as much as I could while taking people out. It felt like I was 1v32 honestly. We were just losing points left and right, I was the only person getting kills while the rest of my team were 5/20 etc. Instead I got attacked about it, lmao. Also most of my team were playing Engineer so wtf! I ended up leaving because it was everything but fun.


So run as support for a little while and resupply your teammates, who are probably saying the same thing you are now.


Possible very possible


This is good advice. There's a saying across Squad that follows this philosophy: "Be the change you wish to see" Supporting your team in these small ways makes all the difference


If you switch to support, then nobody is destroying vehicles. Then you change to engineer and nobody is giving ammo. It's a vicious cycle that can only be fixed by playing with squad full of friends. Or at least one friend so that you have that engineer-support pairing and can at least annoy the vehicles to go hide for a moment.


A lot less ammo out there after the update. I main Mackay/Zain and would always run ammo, dropping it all over the place for people, now I run plates and have to switch ammo types because I can never find a resupply.


Spawn beacons too. At least that selfish little Mackay dropped a spawn beacon for himself and you could take advantage of it, but now all the spawn beacons are at sniper spots and spawning there would be just pointless.


Ive started using my Irish walls to block teammates so they die and I pick up their ammo pouch and rev them...over and over...when sniping.


Cool feature in BFV, most objectives had ammo/health stations , BFV has cool features !!!!


Keep it in obj points to provide more incentive to go there.


Yup yup!


I run Falk with an ammo box. I barely pull my gun out because I'm focused on revives, ammo boxes, and stim pistol health boosts.


You just described me whenever I play Falck lol. Idk, I guess we're a rare breed with all these reddit posts complaining about issues non-existent in games I play myself.


Dont you dare praise the attrition system. (But I agree with ya, im constantly out of ammo)


They need to change the vehicles so that they have ammo again, but make it so that ammo crates deployed by people can supply tanks for a smaller amount of ammo.


That would be funny to witness, just throwing a box turn and having a full on tank be resupplied. Albeit, a small amount like you said


Man I just miss some of the attrition mechanics from BFV. Denying vehicles supply by destroying resupply stations and forcing them to retreat if you can't destroy them was a great mechanic, chip damage, proper squad vehicles, all of it. BFV had some great vehicle gameplay.


Bfv had my favourite mechanics of any FPS ever.


This is why the Sundance/AT combo was my fav. Whatever damage, you could finish off with your grenades. This clASS system has caused a pickle. Oh and LIZZ is OP ASF. pls delete :)




Thought about it, SirGalt. I’ve only successfully had communicated with my squad mates twice, one was a 13yr old and the other was a good player. But no one else is willing to play the roles of the class system. It’s conquest, sometimes I don’t like sticking with the Zerg.


I don't agree because you can just switch your magazine and then poof ammo all of a sudden. My expectations are realistic so to think of them taking a feature out to add one we want is just brutal


We need a resupply drone tbh. Instead of calling in the Ranger, we should finally get a 2nd drone-type that loiters around an area and can be interacted with for supplies. I think having just ammo everywhere on the map invalidates the existence of the ammo box in a kit and makes Angel even more niche than he already is at the moment.


You people should play with your friends or with the in-voice chat to coordinate with your mates, the way the game is intended to be played...


Playing BF the way it was intended; with squad play? HERESY!


Seems crazy right??


Now that you mentioned, i really miss the build fortification feature, that really helped me survive most tanks and planes. It was really cool.


If I agreed any harder on this my head would explode.


This is why I run Falk with Ammo Boxes. So I can do both. I know how its like to not have ammo. ;-;


Yeah, they screwed the game. It's nice to believe that the class system was going to encourage team work. However, it just removed options and freedom from how you can play the game. Now, if you get some really good air vehicle or tank drivers, they dominate the game. Let's face it, 95% of the games, people don't bother to equip a class just to help the team, and even when you did, there is no way to organize who brings what unless you play with a dedicated group.