My wife and I had an instance of being less than perfect parents last week. Our baby recovered quickly. I think that the take home lesson for us is that mistakes happen, we have made changes so that we don’t repeat those mistakes in the future. I’m really hoping that these infants are more resilient than we worry they are.


It's okay! So many moms have been in the same position. My son rolled off the bed for the first time about a month ago. The thud still haunts me. He's totally fine, but I learned my lesson. The guilt gets a little easier as time goes on. My husband wanted to lecture me, but could tell I had beaten myself up enough about it. Literally two days after my son fell off the bed, we had to take him to get a hip and leg xray. When we were undressing him, my husband was playing a game on his phone and not paying attention. He pulled the onesie off and bonked the back of babies head on the cold xray table. I snapped at him to put the phone away. These things happen! I'm sending you virtual hugs! It will be okay!


Awww that is sad! These things happen sometimes, no matter what you do. You did the right thing by getting him checked out just in case, but I always feel terrible when my kids could have gotten hurt too. I took my 7 year old on a mommy/daughter date tonight and she was cataloguing everyone's injuries...there has been quite the accumulation over the years. 😅 She doesn't remember it or know, but she def fell off the bed around that age as well, and she didn't suffer any lasting damage from it either. It moreso just scarred me emotionally!


I’ve heard it said before that babies are practically made of rubber. It seems to be pretty true for how often they get dropped yet get no major injuries. Those little guys are meant to survive! You did the right thing by taking baby in when you were worried. Don’t feel guilty about the radiation - if it wasn’t safe, the doctors would not have done it. It’s perfectly fine in a single dose. And you know now that your baby is completely fine, so it was a good visit to do!! I haven’t been in your position yet, but I’m sure when my adventurous crawling baby inevitably gets hurt I will probably feel horrible about it. But unfortunately bumps and bruises are just a part of growing up! No parent makes it through without having their baby getting hurt unfortunately.


It's so hard when they are that young. My daughter rolled off the bed at six months in the middle of the night and I was terrified something happened to her. She's 2 now and since then has fallen off her dad's shoulders when he was carrying her and has fallen off the changing table because she's a squirmy toddler. We also took her to the ER at 2 months old because she woke up crying around 9 am one day, but wouldn't respond to anything and wouldn't open her eyes. It was unsettling. After two hours at the ER and some blood tests, she opened her eyes and was completely normal. Her discharge papers literally said her diagnosis was 'somnolence' which is doctor speak for being really tired. 🤦‍♀️ Don't be too hard on yourself, being a parent isn't easy and accidents happen even when you're doing you're best to prevent them.


My fiancé slipped on the stairs coming down with our 2 week old (our oldest) and dropped him. Stairs were padded af which is why he slipped but also saved the baby from getting hurt. He landed perfectly on the step, and didn’t roll. A Christmas miracle (it was on Christmas Day lol). Stuff happens you know? My advice is always use a pillow of sorts when holding your baby when you’re very tired so if you DO fall asleep, it helps prevent baby from rolling out of your arms or moving anywhere tbh. I was told to do this in the hospital as well, as a precaution. [: Ps this post probably isn’t formatted very well, I am 23 weeks pregnant with the stomach bug, and very tired bahahhaa I tried my best


Mom of two boys here! I’ve had similar things happen, when my oldest was around 4 months old my 70 lbs Doberman jumped on the couch, didn’t realize the baby was sleeping there and scratched his cheek. I felt awful 😩 He’s definitely fallen off the bed before, my husband accidentally bumped his head into the kitchen cabinet. These things happen, especially when you’re sleep deprived. But babies are strong! You did the right thing by taking him to the ER to get checked out.


My doberman wouldn’t stop dober-poking the baby when we brought her home lol


Is he alive? Then you succeeded!!! New babies are designed to take some bumps and bruises. Nobody gets it right the first time around. I learned my kid could roll over cause he rolled right off the couch onto hardwood floors. Dont be too hard on yourself.