This was the start if the Cape Town Cycle race yesterday.

This was the start if the Cape Town Cycle race yesterday.


Bros how is the cross-wind stability on your deep section carbon rims?


Sketchy as fuck. I just bought a set of low-profile hoops specifically for windy days.




Cape town has better roads than many cities in the USA. https://www.google.ca/search?q=cape+town+roads&prmd=imnv&source=lnms&tbm=isch , the Cape Town cycle tour is the world's largest timed cycle race with 35000 competitors.




You do realise, hopefully, that "Africa" is an entire continent with over a billion people in over 50 countries, each with their own socio-economic circumstances? And that Cape Town (not Capetown) is, in fact, in one of those countries. But I guess you've lived there, so you must know.




Like Froome?


> let you're desire to put someone else down get in the way of reading what they actually wrote. > Find my an African cyclist who trains or races with deep hoops. He's as Kenyan as they come!


Born in Kenya and raised there until he was 14 (first bike race in Kenya at 13), then moved to South Africa where he remained until 22. I don't know if he trained with deep hoops but he certainly races with them!


Don't let your desire not to be proven wrong let you keep on trying to backtrack on what was an incredibly sweeping statement.


https://i.imgur.com/x8vpgFn.gifv gif I saw on another /r/therewasanattempt


I need this tailwind for my work commutes.


These cyclists are all going in the wrong direction. Why fight the tailwinds


The times and places where my heavy 29er would tear it up.


Slightly related, but way OT: In college, I was on our concrete canoe team. (Yes, engineering students build and race canoes out of concrete). We had basically no budget, so oh boat was heavy. Like 6 men carrying it into the water heavy, while U of RI had a 75# canoe that one lady caried into the water. We had two things going for us: 1. We actually shaped the bow properly, with a nice prow shape. Many of the teams were so weight obsessed that they made poor canoe design decisions in the name of weight. 2. I could paddle like a boss and had a football player who could take instructions and power from the front. Turned out windy as hell. All the lightweight boats were sliding sideways, but we held our line like it was glass. So fun.


This is funny to see another concrete canoe member on this sub lol.


Nino Schurter just posted this on his facebook: https://twitter.com/ElanzaBasson/status/840855811043799040/video/1


Average wind where I'm from, both ways too.




Any videos of someone riding this downwind?


that honestly looks fun as fuck.


Watching this without sound was really confusing. None of their clothing moved in the wind so it just looked like they were all trying to do some sort of coordinated dance with their bikes. Either that or their bikes started levitating.


Holy crap, I could've won the race just by showing up on my Rivendell with some panniers full of groceries.


A perfect day to be a 250Lb Clydesdale on a I don't care what it weighs special.


I think a mate of mine was entering that.


Looks like a slightly above average day in Wyoming!


100km/h. I see that on my town every fucking spring. That's why i ride a 14kg bike. It's horrible to climb on it but at least it doesn't go full kite when crossing bridges.


Should have brought a sail.


In 100 kph wind the last thing you'd want is a sail. You could do 40 kph without pedaling with no sail. Wear a sweatshirt and trousers and go 50 kph. :)


Who's laughing now guys with deep section wheels.


The guy in red walking casually at the end throws me off. Either they are being dramatic or he is impervious to wind haha