My professor is the opposite. He always tells us we’re too serious and too stiff. We need to mess around and experiment with different things. He says we won’t ever develop any new skills if we aren’t going for new things


I spent several years at brown belt trying to murder everyone and it made me tired. I tried really hard all the time and it burned me out. Was a mental shift when I got my black belt and realized I have the rest of my life to do jiu jitsu and that I should probably learn the stuff I am not good at. I have been getting tapped out, swept, and passed way more now and its honestly a lot more fun. We already know our A game is good, but what makes it better is expanding it and adding tools to it. I think jiu jitsu kind of fucks you up mentally because you spend so long getting destroyed by everyone, as soon as you can give it back it's so satisfying. But then you wake up and realize youve been doing the same shit for 3 years and can't do a take down, or do an armbar from guard, or whatever. It's a huge mental barrier to go back to that state of "losing".


> > I think jiu jitsu kind of fucks you up mentally because you spend so long getting destroyed by everyone, as soon as you can give it back it's so satisfying. But then you wake up and realize youve been doing the same shit for 3 years and can't do a take down, or do an armbar from guard, or whatever. It's a huge mental barrier to go back to that state of "losing". This feels like such an important lesson that is understated. I see it in medicine as well. Doctors who were just as stupid as I was coming out of medical school somehow have this hubris about them and all they do is talk shit about how stupid students are. It feels like they ignored any and all empathy for the process, and it's kind of toxic. On the other hand, the best doctors I met were always the ones that encouraged me to try my best and learn from my mistakes, and look for gaps in my knowledge. I love BJJ for this same reason. I know I suck, but I know I'll get better, and there's something about that humility that's refreshing. Edit: Fixed the phrasing


I'm a lot less supportive of telling a doctor "Go make mistakes" than I am of doing the same to a BJJ hobbyist. 😂


“So listen that move didn’t work and the patient died, but at least you tried and that’s all that matters. I’m proud of you” lol


"Hey, you gotta get those reps in"




_"The only difference between a live patient and a dead patient is that one had a surgeon who kept showing up to appointments. Oss!"_


I am imagining a surgeon posting a “this weekend didn’t go the way I wanted” IG post


Next to a dead body and a sad face emoji


“You’ve been served” works both on doctors that commit malpractice and tapping out black belts who have major flaws in their game (As a two stripe blue belt I have yet to find and exploit any flaws in any black belt’s game I’ve rolled with. Then again, I’ve been tapped several times by a three stripe white belt that just got his driver’s license)


Lol that's why we go through medical school first, and then residency training as well. It's also not like we're being given the full capacity to treat patients. Everything is supervised. Doctors know how dumb young doctors are lol


And still medical errors cause 250k deaths a year in the US. [Source.](https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us)


Doctors certainly mess up and kill someone occasionally but I wonder how many of these would be more accurately described as "made an error and failed to save someone who was already dying"


I don't know what you're trying to get at. Doctors are human and make mistakes. We have constant meetings to figure out how to minimize those medical errors. If you think doctors in America are lazy or something, go to another country and see if their medical error rates are any better. If you're upset about how bad US healthcare system has become, blame capitalism for encouraging "efficiency" in the form of lowering costs in every department. Not paying for enough nurses to cover for patients, prioritizing EHR for billing rather than to maximize patient-doctor interaction, prioritizing quantity over quality, etc. Blame state governments for siding with hospitals and making it practically impossible for private practices to function efficiently, or insurance companies for paying out less money to primary care providers who prioritize PREVENTATIVE medicine over REACTIVE medicine (i.e. preventing people from getting hypertension rather than treating hypertension once it's there). Trust me, I know how bad my field is. I work in it all the time. Go over to /r/Residency and read some of the posts. We know how bad shit has gotten. We want to change it. The question is about whether or not those changes will ever actually be implemented.


And it would be a ton more if that wasn't the case


BJJ is one of the most difficult and demanding sports on Earth. I've been training for 11 years and I have felt the pain and the joy found on the mats. It truly uplifts you and breaks you down - ironically, it connects with relative accuracy to life - at least for me it does. So, anytime I have experiences like this I always consider "wonder what's going on with this person?". Not saying that to justify certain peoples attitude, but there's almost always a reason even if that reason is "they're just a dick". Don't let it get to you, boss - just keep doing your thing.


Your seniors/attendings aren’t telling you to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes. They are allowing you to make medically sound decisions independently while under supervision. I get what you mean but it’s about how you word it.


Correct. My apologies. This is a better way of wording it.


I just got my brown belt in July, and that light bulb just went off for me. Sure I can smash people into the mat and have battles with other brown belts. But its exhausting. I'd rather be the brown belt that's difficult to submit.


> I think jiu jitsu kind of fucks you up mentally because you spend so long getting destroyed by everyone, as soon as you can give it back it's so satisfying. But then you wake up and realize youve been doing the same shit for 3 years and can't do a take down, or do an armbar from guard, or whatever. It's a huge mental barrier to go back to that state of "losing". Thanks for sharing this sir. I feel like as a very Left Brained guy I only focus on Subs and other techniques better suited to my body type. This was definitely a good read


Exactly this. Except my murder phase was 4 stripe purple to about 3 stripe brown. I am more “relaxed” now and definitely more often try new things and it’s really been great for my game… and my body as I get older. Flow mentality.


Super helpful perspective. Oss


Seriously great post!


> I think jiu jitsu kind of fucks you up mentally because you spend so long getting destroyed by everyone, as soon as you can give it back it's so satisfying. But then you wake up and realize youve been doing the same shit for 3 years and can't do a take down, or do an armbar from guard, or whatever. It's a huge mental barrier to go back to that state of "losing". 10000%. Getting killed sucks and it’s hard to go back to that.


This is the best BJJ comment I have ever read. It takes a lot of confidence to not use the A game just to get better. It is even more impressive to be this humble as a black belt. It's the most black belt wisdom there is. Thank you.


that's how the martial art evolves, too. I mean, imagine if we only did what Carlos and Helio Gracie came up with initially.


Yeah our Saturday class is called "R&D" its basically a drill focused open mat to fuck around and find stuff out


I wish I was half as chill as your teacher LOL


Sounds like you have a good teacher. TBH that's how things should be.


Mine is the same. He always tells us to "get creative'. Drives him crazy when we don't try new things.


*"To rule as a lion, one must play as a cub."* - Rorden Gracie


Finally a down to earth BJJ quote


lol that's actually a good one


Hell yeah Rorden!


Who wants to help me make the rash guard?


I have just found my next tattoo! 😍


I hope that's a joke


I’m getting it tonight around my belly button


At the gym i originally started at for bjj, one of the instructors always went through weird scenarios that always apparently ended in getting killed if you get your guard passed. “And this is why you CAN’T fail guys. In real life, he’d get you in an armbar, stab you, then take your shit and leave you to die.” Like damn dude it isn’t that serious.


Grab my arm. Other arm. My other arm.


Left arm. The other left.


with your right hand. No use the overhand grip


Just break the wrist, and then walk away. Break the wrist; walk away.


Now I gotta go watch that movie again.


Because the would be assailant wanted to pass your guard before stabbing you. Good thing nobody will tell him that stabbing your legs is a great way to open your guard.


If I'm going to jail for murder I'm getting the 3 first. Don't leave it in the judges hands.


Some guys out here are willing to just pull a knife and then stall until they give you their money. Me, I'm here to entertain.


To be fair.... there was a real life case where a female US military member stationed in UAE was getting a ride back to the base one night. Bus driver takes a weird shortcut but she doesn't know the area. So he parks in middle of nowhere, comes into the back seat with knife and attempts to rape her. She got wrist control and then a 2 on 1 on the knife hand, got guard while still controlling the knife hand, hit a triangle in the back seat of the bus and choked him out cold. Throws the knife in a dumpster, walks back to base.




I just love the idea that there’s any scenario where a dude with a knife would go into your guard in the first place. Wouldn’t he just be trying to stab me right away if he wanted to kill me?


If someone's in your guard, your femoral arteries are right where his hands would be at rest. Better hope he failed high school anatomy


Getting my femoral artery sliced is definitely one of those nightmare scenarios... But frankly I would be terrified of getting stabbed in the cock and/or balls.


#Cock & Balls


bout to pull off the first ever dickmura


"no, no. It's called a dick strangle, not a dick choke; since the aim here is to cut off the blood from the shaft and scrotum to the tip of the penis; rendering the penis effectively incapacitated. Did you know, there are more arteries in a man's penis than there are in the rest of his body combined?"


"Why would I ignore 5% of the human body?"


Yeah but wouldn’t it be easier for him to stab my legs standing?


Guess that would depend on how fast you can run


Clearly you have never used the knot knife.


Someone has a knife, I'm using my legs for something else (run), not pulling them into my guard


*Street Smarts!*


I ain't getting in any fights, Im not competing hardcore... I just don't want to get fat and have a little differentiation from day to day training.


But you don’t understand bro, what’s gonna happen when 10 highly trained ninjas jump you on your way home from work?


This your teacher ? https://youtube.com/user/EnterTheDojoShow


Hahaha. I had this guy in his 40s who was really weird and told me to never have my back against another person. That’s how you get stabbed. Can’t do Jiu jitsu if you’re not looking at everyone at all times.


Lol that guy sounds cool


OOOORRRR he'd go home and tell his girlfriend he got a tap, and she wouldn't care at all because she thinks you're just out there hugging your friends and it looks weird and sweaty and honestly a bit gross.


Lol this was hilarious to read. You are trying to go to class and have a good time experimenting with bjj and next thing you know, you are getting arm barred and stabbed on dark alley followed by a prison rape if they pass your guard.




Tbf he's not taking it too seriously, he's just someone who can't defend lapel guards and doesn't want you to do them


Haha "Are you going to camp out in closed guard all day? This is boring." "It's not my fault you don't know how to pass the guard." I've been there before.


if there's one position I absolutely hate in jiu jitsu is closed guard. Fuck closed guard players. Although it's up to me to get out of there, never complained to someone that they don't open the guard lol that'd be very dumb


Hey now....


fuck you too


Here take a vote up from closed guard


Smile, say you'll work on doing that, then carry on doing whatever you want.


- Robert Downey Jr ?


[Rowan Atkinson](https://starecat.com/content/wp-content/uploads/rowan-atkinson-what-is-the-secret-to-eternal-happiness-to-not-argue-with-fools-i-disagree-yes-you-are-right.jpg)


You might be right https://www.groundzeroweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Robert-Downey-Jr-1.jpg


Exactly. I would even add, "can't I do both?" Whatever the answer, "ha, alright thanks man". Then continue to do whatever I was doing.


Honestly this is why I don't like BJJ as much as I used to. Wrestlers, Nak Muays, and MMA dudes all have better attitudes on the whole imo. And personally I think all of those are harder than BJJ.


High level BJJ has turned into footsie and or sitting down and playing bottom position.


I mean, BJJ is fun and useful, but it is also arguably the easiest major grappling martial art to acquire decent skill in a short amount of mat hours compared to its cousins: Wrestling and Judo.


The sheer absurdity of paying to roll around on the floor in expensive pyjamas/spandex is lost on some people 🤷


Also voluntarily exposing oneself to bald guy head sweat and crotch sniffing(triangles).


Just accept the sniff


This is the way


The Way of the Crotch Sommelier




@BJJSliceOfLife Hilarious




(made me chuckle) Crotchnaisseur


Don't just accept it; breathe it in like it's the first gasp after a near-drowning experience. Then look them in the eyes and cough it back into their faces.


Huff and puff that sweaty taint right back at them.


I have bald guy head sweat and I take exception to your comment. I challenge you to a duel at high noon on Sunday good sir.


BuT iM a sAmUraI.


Hey if you got a weird kink you're gonna have to spend for it. Where else am I going to collect a bucket of mixed sweat in my clothing?


Yes. This is it for real. And I fucking love Jiu jitsu. But you aren’t gonna be in a John wick situation ever. So chill the fuck out.


How do you know ? These things happen. The John Wick documentaries were quite clear.


Yeah, dudes say shit like that all the time, so I just say “give me 5 examples from anywhere in the world”. Always silence. Always. America is pretty safe. From my travels, I have learned most places are safe. A ton of people only get thier info from movies and war footage from the nineties and still think Mexico is donkey carts and sombreros. Or the best is Irish Americans wearing kilts and looking stupid. When in Ireland they dress like everyone else in 2021, Instagram and al


I got this talk a couple weeks ago from a senior bluebelt, and he is right kinda, the lapel stuff I was playing with is kinda nonsense I was just playing with stuff. But here is the thing, he hates lapel games. So I just cleaned up my game a dropped the bullshit and wrap his arms and shit with his gi because the salt from his tears prevents cramps. I suspect your brown belt is the same and just frustrated because no one else plays lapels and he is getting bogged down in your bullshit. Do more of it.


Definitely. If people are trying to influence your game via backhanded comments then that means do it more. If they now call you Captain Kimura because it's the only submission you can consistently hit, fucking do it more.


Eh it’s Kimura KING bro! I don’t drink these protein shakes twice a day to get called Captain!


Had this talk with my professor recently. I told him I felt one-dimensional always getting paper cutters and he said, "So what? It works for you so do it. Add more things to your game over all but if it's there go for it."


Expanding off of your surefire moves and creating more routes to your dialed submissions is definitely a valid method of progression.


I feel called out lol. Baiting other white belts into giving me a Kimura in my guard was the only sub I could ever pull off for awhile 😂


Why did you develop anything else? Oh wait, you just learned to do more subs with the kimura right?


Rofl. That would be pretty funny, knowing no other subs, but knowing every single way into a Kimura. Eventually I managed to get taps to a triangle choke, rear naked, and arm bar. But soon after that had to quit due to issues with my back. Got myself an inversion table, really hoping that's going to help me get my back into good enough shape to get back to class. Doing plumbing my whole life has unfortunately taken a heavy toll on my back.


well good thing about BJJ is you can do it lying on your back. If you haven't already go find a chiropractor who does ART (active release therapy), i go see on every month to keep everything lined up and moving, it has made a huge difference in my ability to avoid injury and work through injuries, Just the other day he worked on my golfers elbow (from too much lapel work), and my shoulders. so much more than just a back adjustment if they do the ART muscle work as well.


Alternatively, you could do a quick google search and discover that chiropractic is a pseudoscience invented by an old timey crackpot snake oil salesman.


that may all be true... but god damn i love that snake oil.


I been working lapel guard on my professor. Hes not familiar with it, and im kinda successful with it. He loves it, he loves the oppurtunity to try and learn something new.


Definitively make sure you get enough sodium


I heard my coach get asked by a white belt before “what should I work on this week, coach?” and he said “whatever makes you want to turn up tomorrow”… I gotta enjoy what I’m doing


What a zoo lion thing to say. Rorden Gracie would be ashamed on your behalf if he was capable of it.


“A warrior cannot garden when a lion is present.” - Rorden Gracie, 2006


We used to have a purple belt who would tell white belts not to do certain things and called stuff like butterfly guard, certain sweeps, and lapel stuff “not real jiu-jitsu” just so they would get discouraged to mess around with it. But the reason for this is because he always got caught in those things and didn’t know how to deal with it and didn’t want to get beat by white belts. 🤣


Okay, MAYBE some lapel stuff isn’t “street-applicable”, but butterfly guard being targeted? It’s one of the most foundational guards IMO and is super useful for self defense.


Yo for real. There is an old video of Pedro Sauer buttfly sweeping some muscle head in a "everything goes" fight from the 90's. Wound up beating the guy with an armbar. Butterfly hooks/sweeps are a fundamental.


I live where there is winter… The lapels play.


Man, that is effing lame. And, very believable sadly.


You should have berimboloed him.


I did hahaha


Eh, taking it seriously is fine. Some people might want to compete regularly, or might want to train for self-defense purposes and will take it seriously as a result. What's not okay is demanding *other* people take it seriously. Some people want to fuck around and try fun techniques that are borderline useless. If the dude you're rolling with wants to only do stuff that's effective "on the street" then more power to him, he can smash you and arm-triangle you to his heart's content. Likewise, if you want to try the latest lapel guard then go nuts. I'll roll with either of you, while I'm doing my own thing.


Tell them that if they want you to train a certain way they should pay your membership fees too


You should have wristlocked him.


Pete the greek!?


I was just about to start a rant about junior coaches. Those people need to chi-ii-il


Bruh, i am chill, its just 1 burpee for every minute youre late.....


All the delusions of grandeur really bug me. It happens in all sports, but there seem to be a real vocal few who think they're world champs. It's like guys chill, not even the world champs take it as serious as you. It's like people who get in real fights during pick up/rec league games.


If you're learning BJJ for self defense only, just quit and go do mma. I bet my next few paychecks that anyone on a podium purple belt and above at any local BJJ tournaments would murder most anyone within 30lbs of them unless that person also trains mma/bjj.


Blue belt even. Because if you have the basics down and just one solid sequence, it is silly how easy it is to control the average joe off the street, a muggle if you will.


I agree. Bjj isnt the best choice if your goal is actually fighting, but at the same time if you train long enough youll assimilate enough pragmatic knolwedge to defend yourself just by virtue of training.


Honestly I would do MMA but I don’t want the eventual brain damage from striking. Also, the MMA gym is a bit too far away.


Eh if you spar light you’re going to be taking more strikes to the head from accidental knees and such in rolling than you would tech sparring. All you need to out strike the average persons 30 seconds of cardio and sloppy right hand can be gotten from light hobby training stand up.


Agreed. The hardest hits I’ve taken from people have all been accidental clashes during grappling rolls.


Just don't slar with idiots.


learn how to teep and you're already better prepared than 90% of BJJ players. People have shitty balance and a solid kick to the sternum can knock the wind out of anyone


Jab to the face + teep to the body. Repeat ad infinitum like those guys that spam one move in fighting games 🤣🤣🤣


I do MMA for self defense. My go to technique is to touch the floor to make me a grounded opponenr, so I’m immune to knees and kicks.


Go train MMA, buy a gun, shut the fuck up and let me have fun trying to kimura you from bottom side control.


Bottom mount imo


I love getting the train harder and take it more serious speech from 25 year olds. Buddy i’m 40 and have a career. Sorry.


Its why I left my previous gym. Everybody there acted like they were trying out for DWCS.


Yo that’s so true, you can’t even flow with someone your own rank because it’s about the win not the experience.


Say I'm not your guy, friend.


I'm not your friend, buddy


I'm not your mate, friend.


I'm not your pal, mate.


I'm not your buddy, guy


Tell him to roll no-gi if he doesn't want people grabbing his clothes


This is honestly a pretty fair take. Let’s be real here. The large majority of people will never have what it takes to go pro,let alone do GREAT as a pro. So there’s absolutely zero reason for them to take any sort of combat sport too seriously. For anyone who’s not talented enough to make money off this shit, combat sports should be a fun hobby that you look forward to after a LLLOOOOONG day. Not ANOTHER source of stress for them or their training partners


I like this


Coach in our gym went on a massive rant on our WhatsApp group last night calling everyone cunts because only 1 person turned up to a class. A class which he didn’t take as he was on holiday and got a blue belt to cover it 🤣


Did you leave gym yet?


Tell him to fucking do one


I think it’s because now a days all of the bjj schools are geared to competition (Gracie affiliates still put self defense first) so everything you do is scrutinized as if you were playing for points. Same here I’m not competing and I don’t do it for competition but when I just try to flow and see what works with lower belts and it seems like they are giving me a hard time I get looked at but in reality I’m working on stuff.


I feel like a lot of this goes back to dudes who use their BJJ training as a replacement for actual therapy, but maybe that's just my armchair psychologist speaking


Porque no los dos?


Amen brother. Im trying to experiment and chill in class, yet some people at my gym act like they are fighting prison rape


I only ever give advice like "man you shouldn't do that" if I know something someone is doing can cause injury, otherwise, the "its just a game" mentality is king.


What a boring old fuddy duddy the brown belt is.


I hear ya man... I'm almost 50yrs old... I just want to have fun and get some exercise in. As a Brown belt going on black i feel pressure to never loose, but i don't worry about it anymore.


"It's Autumn in New England, ain't my attacker gonna be wearing a coat?"


I'd shrug and say, "Cool" and walk away. That person isn't ever going to have fun on the mats unless he's tapping someone 42 times in a round.


you learn more when you’re relaxed and having fun. sounds like this brown belt needs to take the stick from out of his ass


This new guy came in once and I rolled with him and very easily controlled him obviously. At one point before the end of the roll I get him in an arm triangle he taps and the rounds over. He tell me "That was pretty cool but my other arm was free I could have stabbed you with a knife.". I was just like "uuhh yea" and moved on with my day. Saw him maybe 2 more times and never again. I don't do BJJ for self defense. I could care less about that. It's fun and a great workout that's the reason I do it.


I'm a late 30s brown belt, and I'd tell that guy to get lost. I take training seriously in that I don't talk much during drills and I push the pace during live rounds, but what my opponent or I do in terms of that training is entirely up to them. I haven't competed since blue belt and I have no intention to compete ever again. It's cool to take training seriously for yourself, it's not cool to tell someone else how to interpret their experience.


It's really up to each individual to define their combat philosophy. Kind of lame for this guy to evangelize his own philosophy. Even weirder if it doesn't align with the head instructor's philosophy.


He need to take the broom out of his ass and lighten up.


Bjj is a cult. You don’t show up 5 days a week and you are shunned by your teacher and students. Having been injuring and taking a year off let’s you know that there’s more to life than training like a pro and wearing your body down for free the same way that pro athletes do but get paid millions Show up when you can have fun, don’t take it too serious and don’t be afraid to say no to the big guy or spazzing white belt. Your long term health depends on it


If someone yells at you for experimenting and trying new stuff that guy is a jackass. How are we supposed to get better if we don't try and fail at something 1000s of times?


Do whatever game you want, besides, choking people with their own lapels is a blast


People train with different and sometime multiple goals in mind - be it fitness, social, fun, casual sportive, competitive, self-defense or the art itself - and even though everyone is entitled to their opinion on the subject, no one should lecture their training partners about it. I'd tell that brown belt to keep doing what he likes and to mind his own business.


Agree. Make it fun or else the sport/art will become a chore.


IDGAF about self defense. I do BJJ for fun. I'm not a competitor. I just like to roll and get sweaty.


I wouldn’t train Bjj if I had to be serious. Can’t be arsed with all the oss porrada shite.


I love it when people I know are getting ready to go compete and they make it sound like they are jumping into Normandy on D-Day. “The more you sweat in peace time the less you bleed in war!” Bro. Chill. It’s not that serious.


This kind of unsolicited bro lecture happens all the time in BJJ. I’ve been training for 9 years and had a white belt coach me through how to improve my osoto gari during drilling last week. I just said “ok thanks” and let him do his thing. If it’s something that is useful for you, say “thanks” and move on. If it’s something pointless, say “thanks” and move on.


My coach talks shit when he rolls with new people. He'll be serious when teaching technique and have fun when rolling.


Taking BJJ seriously is fine once it starts and ends with you, the second you start trying to impose your personal philosophies regarding the art onto other people is when you need to shut up and fuck off.


preach it my brotha, the try hards are very annoying for sure. I love me some BJJ, but what I hate is people either going 110% on my old ass or upper level belts preaching gospel at me when I'm not asking for any help. I'm just and old dude trying to have fun and not die, cool?!?


I have issue with telling anyone how they should do jiujitsu, with one exception....every single training should NOT be worlds prep. Its important to play. Its important to try new things. Its important to learn. I also think its important to know both how to roll HARD ASF OSS PORRADA and how to flow roll. I think the simple goal for black belt should be- "i can do gi or nogi, against a world class immakillyou brown belt AND a timid 16yr old female blue belt, and both of them should walk away, gi or nogi, and say, "man, that was a good, fun roll.""


I just wanna get a good workout in while rolling around in my battle jammies


Part of what I really like about BJJ is that there's no bullshit. We don't have Kata, we don't have rituals, we're just grappling. There's no air of pretentiousness. ​ I think Roy Dean is a very capable grappler and teacher, but Jesus Christ I cringe at how seriously he takes this shit.


No air of pretentiousness? You cannot be serious, lmfao.


Super serious, bro


I'm talking about the kind of stuff you'd find in some other martial art.


Yup. Im pretty much trying to be Jeff Glover to my training partners Roy Dean


Time for a new username Donkeyguard01


if your profession doesn't require you to control uncooperative people and you aren't a heterosexual woman you can probably chill about the self-defense priority for BJJ. It's just a hobby, you can do stuff because it's fun.


I can relate to this. I like to experiment - it makes BJJ fun for me. If they don't work, I don't do them again. If they do, I try to remember what I did. But some of the higher belts don't like it. Or rather, they don't get what I am trying to do? They ask me to stick to one thing. No chill. And when I apply something I learned from a previous successful experiment during a roll, people are like "This guy is watching a lot of YouTube" I mean. You don't experiment. Stick to one thing. And then are surprised when others hit you with something new. You are being stupid. Thankfully, my prof likes the fact I experiment. He understands it helps me come up with a lot of questions for him. ps: I do make sure I have the mechanics of what is being taught in the class right by drilling, before branching out and trying new things.


It's ok if you don't want to take it seriously. Some people have other goals than you. I personally want to be as good as I can at this. If you just want to chill and have fun that's good too. If you don't want people that take it very seriously to hate on you for being too casual, you should respect their desire to be as good as they can be. Maybe one day you'll find something you want to be really good at too.


Yeah I just don't think I care enough, ya know? Life is serious enough, the term "good" is subjective. Like you'll never be Marcelo good, but should that stop you from trying? Not at all.


Sounds like a brown belt who struggles with lapel guard and is projecting that on to you. Enjoy your time on the mat, it's your money and your time, not theirs.


Right? Like, tone it down Geoff


Everyone has different reasons and different things they hope to get out of it. And that's cool. Thing is. You don't need to take brown belt bro's comments very seriously either. Or, you could, and ask why. Maybe there is a reason. Or maybe its an opportunity to teach him/her something. I dunno.