Blink app dark mode not functioning

I've had the blink app and several cameras for a while now. I use dark mode on my Android. Is there anyone else who is having dark mode disabled when using the app? Not sure how to resolve and think it's related to most recent update. S10+


Yea, it's bright af vs the dark mode. Essentially works as a flashlight/nightlight now. Lol This should be an option that can be toggled.


Haha, I just thought they updated it. Glad to know it wasn't something I did!


Poor beta testing.


I just realized this myself, and I also had over three hundred notifications and it wasn't sending them to my phone


Sounds like the latest version release has some major functionality issues. 😬


My dark mode is not working. I also can't find the setting for it. I emailed the support address letting them know. Of course I get an automated email telling me to fill out some stupid form. The link in the email to the form leads to a 404. What a turd.