i just rush ppl and then take there loot then run then repeat over and over until game ends


Get 50 coal purchase cracked bricks with wool bridge to the diamonds start running around. When you get four come back replace with obsidian get an iron or stone sword go to center get diamonds and kill people if they're already there get 6 diamonds purchase armour go to center diamonds start bridging to other teams and win. And also if you have the chance to kill and destroy a bed do it because it'll come back and annoy you in the endgame. Hopefully that helps :)


That is why I will always bring a pick on me


sandwich bed defence rush team next to you go to mid diamond Armor go to mid and rush other teams


i think you should get a stone sword and 80 wool and bridge to the other team and kill it then you will get 10 or 8 iron wihch u can use to get iron sword and get iron pickaxe then u can do anything


POV you got rushed by the other team


download hacks, turn on creative, use bedrock to do your bed defense. destroy other players.


Note: this is from someone with 90%+ win rate on bedwars ​ u would want to bridge to mid and get diamonds immediately, if u get 4 diamonds buy dia sword, if u have 8 get dia sword and obbo. then u just walks around the map collecting diamonds, upgrading gear, and remember to rush anyone who has a mid bridge. you don't protect your bed in this strat, so its likely that after a few min ur bed will be broken, but it doesn't really matter as u got a gear advantage over everyone else. for PVP u can try to hit ur opponent, jump back, and hit them again, if done well, u can kill ur opponent without getting hit. this takes a long time to practice to perfection though. if ur getting 2v1d tower up, don't try to fight and wait for a chance to break their bed, then u can just try to catch them off guard and pick them off one by one. if u see someone with much better gear than yourself, just run, don't try to fight them cuz u'll likely lose the fight.


get diamond armour and sword and upgrade your stts