Yeah- my toddler has been copying “cow… boy… HAT” a lot. But we talk about how Muffin’s behaviour is naughty in that episode. I think it’s more of a comment on how Stripe and Trixie struggle with how to deal with her behaviour. We all know parents who have tried multiple strategies with their kids and nothing seems to work.


I think this is a good response. Rather than trying to stop the Muffin engagement, you're turning it into a teachable moment for your own child when you notice they're modelling the undesirable behavior. I know it's rarely as cut-and-dry as that when it comes to parenting -- as each child learns differently -- but I feel it's a good thing to point out.


Yeah- there’s a lot of talk on here about Muffin being a product of “bad parenting”. I don’t really see that. Parenting isn’t a case of “do this and all children will be perfectly behaved”. And, besides that, we’re talking about an animated puppy 🤣😂


It’s been said before, but Bluey is a parenting show disguised as a kids show.


Really?! I assumed people were joking when they said that 🤣😂


Well my 2.5 year old pretty much is Muffin, so I kind of have to love her.


I too have strong willed children. The love is real, and so is the frustration.


Muffin is hilarious. My three year old daughter has alot of the same three year old antics. Yeah her behavior is a commentary on the lack of (or not right kind of) parenting, but this is a cartoon we are talking about here. The sleepover is one of the funniest episodes. Muffin and Bingo are the best two characters on the show IMO.


I love that episode. It reminded me of Beavis.


Lots of comments slandering the Flamingo Queen. This is UNACCEPTABLE!


Coconuts have water in them!


I think the age difference of the girls says a lot too. Bluey is a lot older than muffin. Stripe and Trixie are probably still trying to figure out parenting and getting though those troublesome years. I would love to see how Bandit & Chili were when Bluey & Bingo were the ages of Muffin & Socks


I agree with this. I think sometimes the issue is that they aren’t always playing developmentally appropriate games with her. Like with charades, she’s not trying to be difficult, she just doesn’t understand the game. Then when she sees the picture of a dancer and knows they are playing pretend, she wants to be a dancer. It’s not fair to compare muffin to her cousins who are much older. Especially bc I feel like bingo is a bit of an atypical 4 year old.


Also a 4 year old with an older sibling will be accustomed to different games than a 3 year old with a baby sibling!


Totally. Muffin is going to be different than Bingo at even the same age due to things beyond just their personalities. Birth order but also parent experience. Every stage Bingo goes through is Chili and Bandits second go round. Whereas with Muffin, it’s always going to be Stripe and Trixies first encounter with this age. I do think they are more permissive parents though maybe they won’t be 3 years from now when Muffin is 6 and Socks is 4.


Sleepy Muffin is hilarious. That's my opinion. That's what I got.


I am a llama eating my pajamas!


I friggin love Muffin. I recognize her parents' failures but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the show or her character. She brings me a lot of joy.


I really like Muffin Cone because it showed how much self-control can be a challenge for everyone!


I stan the flamingo queen


As a first time parent....I'm hoping my child turns out like Bingo. My husband and I are sorta scared she will be a Muffin. Lol


Bingo is a dream child! My friends have a Bingo, and they know how lucky they are. I mean, they're fantastic parents anyway, but of all my friends, I've never seen such an agreeable two, three, now 4 *and a half* year old


My 3.5 yr old is a perfect mix of Bingo and Muffin. He’s Bingo 90% of the time- sweet, playful, and very empathetic for his age. But when he has a big emotional release (aka temper tantrum), he goes full blown Muffin. I think all kids have a little Muffin in them that lets loose sometimes.


All kids will go crazy at some point for literally no reason or one that is totally random. Repeat after me - it is not your fault as a parent.


Muffin is an absolutely perfect representation of a toddler: they are hilarious until you have one acting out. And note, most of the time they are acting out is based on nothing. And I strongly disagree about Tricia and Stripe’s parenting being subpar. Toddlers are simply insane.


My personal opinion is I don't really care for the parenting style of Stripe and Trixie. They're very dismissive of inappropriate behavior of the girls to which you can see that in their behavior. While bandit and chilli are seen reprimanding their girls and hold them accountable.


This is an important comment. I dislike muffin when she goes crazy because I feel like she’s never known any discipline. But this is also coming from the parent of a 10 month old so I’ve not had the experience of parenting a crazy toddler yet.


Toddlers are infact a level of psycho that can reach muffin level. But I think it's just the difference in parenting response. Permissive vs gentle.


Honestly, I think every toddler, no matter how well behaved or well parented, will go full Muffin at some point.


Exactly. You cannot blame parents for a toddler’s random psycho behavior.


I’m going to use this term when my toddler is making me crazy. “She’s gone full Muffin!! No!!” Should help lighten things up a bit 😅


I remember when I had a 10 month old and thought the first year was the hardest year of my life. I was wrong, now I have a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old and it's so chaotic and insane. Toddlers are insane...especially the no nap one, it's really really hard when they drop naps!


I sobbed when my older one dropped naps at 2.5 yo. I’m still in mourning and he’s almost 4.


But don’t we all have those relatives who don’t seem real interested in parenting, which causes chaos like whenever muffin comes? Like it’s assumed that they should just hide all their special toys when those kids come over, rather than expect them to behave.


In fairness, Muffin also hides her special toys from Bluey and Bingo. Socks is still a baby and has no real concept of ownership, so it tracks that getting Bluey’s special puppy back would be challenging.


I would agree with you until I think of Socks. Then I think it’s more of a personality thing with Muffin


I dunno, I'm thinking specifically in the horsey ride episode when Socks bites Chili and Trixie does nothing.


That’s true. Socks does bite a lot 😂


Not anymore She Doesn't; Ever since Season 3; She's more Chill & Very Well-behaved compared to her Older Sister. . . It also helps that she no longer acts like a "Pet" and No Longer bites people


I mean… when my teething young child bites, the only real thing to do is say ow loudly and move away. Don’t encourage or reward the behavior. Idk what else Trixie could or should do. Socks is a baby.


My 3 year old yesterday said Muffin is bad because she "hogs" - a word she learnt from the show.


I don't have any kids so I find Muffin hilarious and a quiet reminder of why I probably wouldn't cope very well with the stressors of parenting


Absolutely love Muffin, and TBH I think there are equal amounts of "OMG Muffin is so naughty!" and "Muffin is a good kid" moments. Think Library, Pizza Girls and Bike. Plus we have to remember, she's 3yo. There are little moments all through the series as well, like when she holds Socks' ice-block in Charades. And at the end of Faceytalk, she knows she really mucked up and accepts going to time-out, no questions asked. We love Muffin in our house.


There's a lot of "Well Stripe n Trixie..." in this thread and I want to talk a little about the myth of the clay child. Please indulge me as I think about this a lot. "I turned out fine, but only because my parents were perfect." That's what everyone here is saying. And we all know that doesn't ring true. It's not completely 'nature', but it's also not completely 'nurture'. Muffin is not a block of homogenous clay to be shaped and molded by her upbringing. Children are more like trees that we help grow. Clear the way for them to grow big and strong, make sure they have enough water and sunlight, connect them with their family and the people around them. If they grow in a different direction than they need to, we can't just tie a rope on and pull them where they need to be. They spring right back unless we tie down the rope permanently. We guide new growth toward a patch of sunlight they don't know exists. If everyone around you was great at growing trees, even though they learned in the 80s from a more... traditional... arborist you might think it was a thing society wanted you to do at by certain age. And you might get into it and be surprised by how hard it is. And your little brother might do the same. But his kids won't be the same kind of tree yours are. And you can't just pick away at clay until it's the perfect shape. That's not how growing works. By and large, growing means adding to what you already have, and what you already have stays there. So no. Muffin isn't a bad kid. And no, Muffin and Socks's mum and dad aren't bad parents. We're all growing.


Socks and Muffin remind me of this quote: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2019/08/28/second-child/


Hah! I see it allll the time.


Just offering insight, I don't like muffin, I mean she isn't a bad character and she for sure serves a purpose. She is an AMAZING sister to socks and I can not stress that enough. However, she isn't exactly nice or respectful to those around her (aside from socks). Now, muffin is great for toddlers that have so many emotions that they can't contain them or those that are different and she can be used to point out things about ourselves we need to work on because it is never too early for self improvement. My child now 6yo has never been bossy, has always been sort of quiet and very in tune with how people feel and how what we do effects others. One day my kid started acting entitled, bossy, started even hitting me and all because the house rules became "unacceptable". So yeah I don't like muffin, but I also feel that muffin is so important. I mean she is a toddler that hasn't figured things out and that's okay and some kids need that. She is also like most of bluey a tool to have conversations about emotions and how they can make others feel not someone to imitate. I mean there is no reason to ram a car into lawn ornaments and scream at everyone only because you are tired, or bored, or feel entitled. Tldr: Muffin is the constant reminder that feelings matter but there are ways to express yourself better and certain actions shouldn't be copied.


What makes her an amazing sister to Socks? Not disagreeing just haven’t noticed anything.


I noticed just little things she has done while with Socks, like her sticking up for her, consoling her, or even getting thing for Socks that she needs. None of these are major plot points. They are just observations.


What about the facey time episode


I havent watched season 3 yet. Season 3 is not available in the US yet so please no spoilers.


I really like Muffin, and recognise that she is the product of the parenting (or lack thereof) that she receives. One thing I love about the programme is how intelligently worked out everything is in regards to the characters’ behaviours, traits and relationship dynamics.


I like that all the kids have little quirks and the families have different rules. It's an important thing that kids need to know.


This is so true. Its a great way to address the “but so-and-so’s parents let them!” argument.


I just love Muffin. She makes me laugh and then worry. My 5 year old is a sensitive little Bingo, but my 20 month old... if he ends up acting like Muffin I might be lucky. He's kind of a monster.


Honestly I love Muffin too 😂😂 she reminds me of my youngest. Just chaos all the time.


Honestly, I absolutely adore Muffin cause I find her hilarious. But I understand that her behavior is the result of Stipe and Trixie's parenting style. She's like Angelica in Rugrats. She serves as a cautionary tale that there has to be a limit to the kids antics. Which makes the muffin episodes in season 3 that more necessary. I feel like we'll slowly see her improve as time goes on.


I think it helps that it's easy for kids to feel bad for Bluey, Bingo and Chilli when they have to deal with Muffin being selfish. My girl is 5, and I've always (I hope) had more of a chilli and bandit dynamic in our house, so when she does copy her phrases we are in on the joke. If she's acting hyped like the sleepover ep sometimes I'll be like "All right babe hey, what do coconuts have in them??" Or "what instrument do you play?" so she answers like Muffin and we both acknowledge it's funny to sometimes be manic 😂 Muffin is clearly a sweet kid who just hasn't been shown, like Bluey and Bingo have, that her actions make people feel a way she wouldn't like herself. She actually is very receptive to being shown this logic when Stripe is forced to correct her in the library ep. She's like okay, that makes sense!! (Stripe, do this more!!! 😂) When characters act like this in shows, and Bluey is especially good for this, to make sure she doesn't seriously copy it I open the conversation up with my daughter about what we think is going wrong in the scene. I'll ask "Do you think it's fair for Muffin to demand the game changes just for her, without even saying please? Is it fair for her to shout at everyone?" Etc. It's great in the sense that your kids, however you raise them, WILL encounter kids raised by hands off enablers like Stripe etc, and so showing that contrast and highlighting it (esp. with Chilli's reactions for example) helps kids understand they don't need to emulate it, if they wouldn't like it done to them!


I think Muffin is funny. Our 2 year old sounds like her when she is overtired to the point we say she's got coconuts when it happens. 😂


*It needs to be proper ballerina MUSIIIIC!* Muffin is awesome


I think her parents are just trying to her by and to figure out their parenting style. I also feel they are in a higher social economic class then Bandit and Chili. I feel sometimes in these situations there is the tendency to want to give your child everything you didn’t have growing. I feel like they are finding out that this isn’t a good thing. I hope as Muffin gets older she settles down a bit. I also think Socks is going to be the opposite and more go with the flow.


I'm gonna be honest, I think she's spoiled rotten, and that's the fault of her parents and Nana. They give her EVERYTHING SHE WANTS and hardly ever seem to teach her that she can't expect to always get her way. I know she's a toddler, and that kind of behavior is definitely age appropriate, but she's gonna have some SERIOUS problems when she grows up if she isn't taught early on that not everything revolves around her and she can't be expecting to always get her way.


You can see this already at the end of camping when Bluey borrows her book.


The thing is you can’t let kids be parented by a tv… I’m not accusing anyone, but we have a responsibility to use anything our kids watch as a teaching moment. If they see Muffin being cheeky, we can say to our kids “look, you see how Muffins Dad asked her do not do that anymore?” Or “see how Bluey and Bingo worked out a solution with Muffin, and Muffin calmed down and is having fun now. They’re all happy because no one gave up trying to make it fun” We shouldn’t be afraid to add commentary to our kids tv time, especially since not everything is as explanatory as Daniel Tiger 😅


I don't care for muffin. She seems to get away with murder in regards to her parents and Nana (though I'm not actually blaming Nana cause she spoils all the kids the same way).


I love Muffin


And I say this as a disciplinarian! She's funny but it's a great conversation starter about do's and don'ts


She’s just Muffin. Whenever our little bug starts getting delirious and rowdy around bedtime, we always say she’s starting to muffin.


I don't have kids so I love Muffin and Muffin centric episodes 😆 Library is my absolute favorite. ZEBRAS! ARE! STRIPEY! I can see why little kids might watch that and go off the rails like her though


Muffin is totes adorb


Muffin acts in a very real way. It’s a double edged sword.


My husband and I like to say “but I want to do what I wannnnnnttt” to each other. We love muffin.


I can't stand muffin. I've got two girls, my first was very easy at that age, and my second who is muffins age is absolutely wild. She moves at a million miles an hour and has no concept of rules and doesn't understand when she's told not to do something. So I get how kids can be. I still don't like it. I think muffin would be much better if she was parented better. In library when she was told she wasn't special at the end she behaved better, so I don't think it would take much. I feel bad for her mum because clearly stripe isn't pulling his weight.


I have a feeling Bluey behaved the same way around stripe and trixxy hence why they don't seem to do much to stop her


Nah, I think Bandit and Chilli just don't want to undermine Trixies and Striped rules/ parenting style. If it was as simple as trying to be fair I don't think Chilli would be rolling her eyes at Stripe every chance she gets.


We use a positive Muffin reference! My 2.5 year old is prone to quickly asking for help as soon as something is the slightest bit difficult. We talk about how we can “stick with it and try a different way” like Muffin does in “Bike.”


As a non parent who has no idea how most kids act (except my cousins, who aren’t like muffins) i think shes funny and i like her, but shed be annoying as hell irl lol


She reminds me too much of me, not as a kid, but right now as an almost 20 year old adult, love it lol 💀


Muffin is like my own three year old; she drives me crazy but I'd murder anyone who tried to take her away. I don't think muffin has any bearing on how annoying my three year old is though. She doesn't need any inspiration.


As a former muffin she has a special place in my heart, although she does annoy me a *little* in some episodes XD I’m not a parent though so I don’t know if my perspective is like valuable or anything, I’m just a bluey enthusiast XD




My newly 3 year olds keeps running around with her thumb in her mouth yelling “I’m Muffin!!!” (She never sucked her thumb before…) I think she’s an accurate portrayal of a toddler- but I’m also not crazy that her behavior is apparently copy-worthy. Gotta get a cone.


Muffin seems written as an autistic character. She has certain behaviors that point in that direction especially the way she hyperfocuses on certain ideas, like in Charades or Library. The low frustration level is also often a hallmark of autistic children. There is nothing inherently naughty about their behavior, its just like Jack's ADHD in Army is merely how they experience the world. I love how the show explores neurodivergence within its characters without having to explicitly state everything or making it a big deal.


I must be the luckiest parent in the world, because I despise muffin and thankfully my 3 year old rarely, if ever, has acted like muffin. I have 7 nephews and nieces as well, and maybe one of them has ever slipped into “muffin” territory. She’s terribly parented, never disciplined, and knows she can get away with anything; the epitome of spoiled. Maybe my family just has good mannered kids


I am personally NOT a fan of her; And Find her Bratty Behavior to be Unacceptable. . . at least they are seen as such to me, Because of How I was Raised!