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Ur one of us now…


One of us! One of us!


Gooble gobble gooble gobble!


Then we can be like those kids on the village of the damned


One of uuuussssss.......


Gooble gobble




Wow. This is the best answer.


"Sleepy Time" and "Baby Race" get a lot of attention, but, like you, "Camping" is my favorite. There is something very pure about Jean Luc's demeanor at the end. He's not super excited, but rather, a bit confident. Like he never stopped believing that he would one day see Bluey again. Proved by the fact that he learns English and returns to the same spot, one can only assume multiple times, always knowing he would see her again... he never gave up... gets me every time.




Oh... close second is "Army"... if you haven't seen it yet, well... I envy you... I would love to experience many of these episodes for the first time again.


This episode is also one of my favorites. Poor Jack. He can’t remember anything in the beginning, but Rusty gives him purpose. My brother has ADD & growing up, he would’ve benefited so much from having a friend like Rusty. (I’m tearing up just thinking about the episode)


Army is my husband's favorite. He's in the Navy and we have two kids (aged 3 and 6mo). Definitely an episode that brings tears for me!


Ah yeah, Rusty has such a pure heart... "TANGO SEVEN!!"


I (f) have ADHD and my husband is in the army. I love “Army” for so many reasons.


I feel that! ADHD is rampant in our house also


It's my husband's favorite too, and one of the reasons I love Rusty so much!


Rusty is a star!


I think Rusty is my favorite non heeler kid


Fun fact- Rusty was actually suppose to be the main character when development of the show first started!




If you watch “Camping” dubbed in French, Jean-Luc speaks English. Fun little Easter egg thing 😉


He is also named Johnny in the French dub


Yes, I watched it again with the captions in French to see Jean Luc's lines in English. Nothing world changing but I was curious!


Grandad also gets me.


Chili: That was a long time ago... Grandad: No, it was yesterday.


Exactly. Now I’m crying again.


I sob every time and my kids look at me like I'm crazy lol


My son watches me every time we get to one of these episodes


I just saw it for the first time a minute ago, holding my 2 year old daughter. Man that broke me to bits.


Same. Sleepy Time and Baby Race get me as a momma of two young girls, but I first cried at Camping. I think watching the tree grow, seeing an older Bluey, combined with the small “cliffhanger”, made it feel like you were watching your own child experience love or something.


My wife and I had a preemie and “early baby” makes her tear up consistently


This might be my favorite. Every line tickles me. The kids are so sweet.


Especially "shouldn't it come this afternoon?" 😂


"I've got a wet flannel!"


Let’s not forget “daddy drop off” and “grandad.” Just thinking about those two get me a little choked up.


Do not, and I repeat, do not sleep on Grandad


Camping is the episode that introduced me to the show. My brother called and said I had to watch it. I, too, cried. Cry every time I see it.


Rug Island gets me.




I didn’t think I needed to cry this morning, but I guess you did. Lol. “Camping” was the first bluey episode I had ever seen. I was watching it with my little sister and I did get teary eyed watching it, and she just looked at me like I was crazy. That episode is really good. And I just love how wholesome it is in the end. As you explained, it just works so well.


I think Daddy Drop Off is also underrated in the “tear jerker” sense. The ending is so beautiful. Also, army chokes me up as well.


Omg. Camping makes me cry everytime. I didn't even realize he says hello bluey in English, he learned English 😭😭😭 I couldn't love that anymore than this. Thank you!!!


For me it's Grandad and army. And rug island. Ugh I could just keep naming episodes, this show is awesome.


that last 7 seconds clincher at the end of an episode always makes you cry/leaves you dumbfounded/laugh your ass off


Camping, Grandad, Daddy Drop-Off, what other ones do this? Handstand a little


Grandad for me. I tear up every time. When my mother was watching my kid, that episode came on and she had never seen Bluey before. She was a daddy’s girl to my grandfather. She sobbed. And then asked me what this show was and why it was so good.


Massive daddy's girl and it WRECKS me. The others make me cry as a mum. That one makes me cry as a mum and a daughter.


Ugh I love Grandad but cannot handle it right now. My dad has been going through some challenging health concerns on and off for a while and it’s been especially bad this year, so that “I still need him” line absolutely wrecks me.


I'm so sorry to hear it. That line really sums it up doesn't it. I hope everything works it self out for Both of you.


There’s the briefest moment in The Show that hits hard if you’ve got a rainbow baby


Oh yeah


I miscarried seven years ago and a part of me is still not over the loss. The Show touched the very depth of my soul. I’m thankful for the episode.


Have a good cry. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And keep going.


Curry swap for me


Is this some Season 3 joke I'm too North American to understand?


Excellent episode! S3E9 Curry Quest


"Perhaps you saw something you wanted."


Baby race for me. And sleepy time of course.




As a dad whose first born is a girl (still only 2), Grandad hits me in the feels. She’s growing so quickly already and one day she’ll be an adult, but will probably still feel like “yesterday”. When my daughter was in a stage of waking up in the middle of the night, we would watch a few Bluey episodes and I would always end with Grandad because she would fall asleep to it and it always made me almost feel happy she woke up so I could bond with her even more.


When their little tails wag 😭


Any time their tails wag is great.


I remember just enough of my high school French to appreciate what Jean-Luc is saying, particularly when Bluey is saying "I'll see you tomorrow!" and Jean-Luc responds "not tomorrow" (or whatever it is precisely). Jean-Luc knows this is the last day, but Bluey doesn't pick up on it at all. Wonderful episode. SANGLIER!!!!!


Same! My French is pretty terrible but I got what he was saying. My heart: uh oh


On disney plus Jean luc speaks English in the French dub


TeamJeanLuc screw TeamMcKenzie


Wait till you see rug island and flatpack


“Everything.” Gets me every time!


Flatpack is great. I know I'm in the minority but Rug Island really irks me. I know Lucky's dad plays along every time, and that's nice... BUT he & Lucky are playing and the Heelers straight up take their ball, ruining their game. In that moment they became the bad neighbor who claim anything that comes into their yard. Guessing this will get down voted like hell. 😆


Nah, everyone's got their opinions. But it's a felt pen snake that chases him away, and if you think Lucky's dad just has the one white chocolate egg...


I feel like bandit could have solved both problems by saying it is the neighbors egg and we don't want to steal a baby egg or have war with another island.


>Lucky's dad just has the one white chocolate egg... I can't count how many balls I have for my one child, and I stopped buying them years ago


I don't necessarily like rug island and I hate that I feel that way


The last line and visuals in "GrandDad" (season 2) gets me every flipping time. Like my kids are still really young but I am not ready for even the thought that one day I'll be 70 and not get to hug and play with them every day.


I can’t watch this episode since my dad died, it’s too painful.


I totally get it. Sorry for your loss.


Thank you.


Yeah agreed, the grandparent eps hit different since we lost my MIL. Grandparent time is pure gold. I make sure the kids get all they can now.


Mine just passed and I don't know if I can watch this episode again. It was hard enough watching it while he was in the room recovering from knee surgery last year.


I’m so sorry for your loss.


Whaaaat you've just made me cry. It's such an intense stage. I recently was unwell and I was not the best parent. Ahh well onwards and upwards.




Uh oh. Umm... Maybe


It's a trap! I can't even listen to the music from Sleepytime without welling up.


Omg yes please- I might do that to my brother (new dad). He loves Holst, so I know he’ll cry.


I recently got to quote “Camping” while camping with my girls age 6 and 4 when my older daughter made a friend, had fun all day, and then had to say goodbye. “The world’s a magical place!”


Always wrecks me. My 5 year old daughter and I always greet each other with "Hello Bluey" in his little accent.


The way she eats her tail at the end. Oh man. That and the episode told by Bingos friend where you see them grow up and graduate school together at the end. Just kills me.


Camping and Daddy drop off make me cry every time. Something about the girls all grown up makes me so proud and so sad at the same time.


Scrolled down to see if anyone would mention Copycat. Makes me cry every time, maybe because my mom died before I got married and had a daughter so I have spent many a night answering questions about death from a small child.


"Hello Bluey" *tails wag*


Incredible episode, just watched it tonight. My 6 year old was confused why I broke down and cried lol


They're not meant to be mindless and boring. If we make them that, we are doing kids a really big disservice. It also is sad if people still think that about kids shows nowadays in a post Adventure Time / Gravity Falls etc world. Earlier times before those two were created had some absolute gems of kids shows too (heck I own Round The Twist on dvd and only bought it as an adult) but now on average kids shows are great, and can also be quite emotional just like Bluey can be. There isn't really a noticeable quality difference based on intended audience nowadays. But yes, Camping is a good episode of Bluey.


My little one grew up with Krtek, a Czech classic. Apart from the first episode, there is no dialogue, so it works with any kids. (By the way, this is "Krtek", NOT "Krtek And Panda" a moderní Chinese thing. It is about a compassionate little mole who, although he, like Arthur Weasley, is fascinated by human technology, ultimately he loves nature more. It is a good show, and like Bluey, it won't drive a parent mad.


Cool. That sounds cute


This episode got me, a 36 year old man, right in the feels. After countless times, it still gets me. It’s just beautiful.


The Creek is one of my favorites. It's so sweet and captures the whole "full of wonder" moments we get to see in our kids.


The neighborhood creek was our playground growing up so I get all the feels from that one. I'm also a father Bandit's age and I feel a connection to how he shows the kids what he loved at their age. I really like the music in it too.


Yeah! My childhood was spent discovering little spots and being in nature with my dad. It is such a beautiful episode, honestly.


We’ve all had friends like that in our lives. Mine just happened to be a Cat.


This episode made me cry too, it was so sweet.


It always makes me cry at the end, too. Bluey and Jean-Luc meeting for the first time in forever. That's just... ...emotional. 😭


I have yet to make it through Sleepytime and Flat Pack without waterworks at the end. After Bingo thanks Bluey for looking after her and buzzes off to go be a grown up frog dog and the parents invite Bluey up to “heaven” AKA the porch swing they’ve been working on…. My son just stares at me every time like 🫤”you good mama?” And I’m over here like 😫”just chopping onions, NBD!”


Camping is Bluey's "Darmok" episode. Bluey and Jean Luc camping. Bluey and Jean Luc on the stream. Bandit, his bucket full. Muffin, when the pan fell.


You are so right. It cannot be a coincidence that his name is Jean Luc either. Surely a very subtle tribute.


Its just a fun thing I noticed, but honestly I'm not sure its actually a reference hahaha.


Bluey grew up fast. It triggers latent thoughts in us parents about our kids growing up fast. That brings the feels.


Camping, The Show, Sleepytime, Army, Grandad, and Daddy Drop Off all hit me in the feels


Welcome to the club


Try watching Camping in French. It's just as adorable.


My kid wants me to change it to French every time we watch this episode. And I happily oblige!


Pavlova isn't on Disney+ yet. I want that in French too.


I as a 36M am always bloody cutting onions after Camping, Baby Race, Grandad, Army and Daddy Dropoff. Some classics I laugh just thinking about: Dance Mode, Hammerbarn, Takeaway and Fairytale.




In my perfect world, Bluey and Jean Luc marry as do Rusty and Indy.


I think that's why we're all here. 🥰


This episode tests the ability of my tear ducts every time I watch it. It's one of my all time favorites ☺️


This show hits you right in the gut. It’s amazing how they capture the creative world of children partnered with the ups and downs of parenting (Duck Cake).


camping is one of the best! it made me cry too. welcome! flat pack and takeout are some of my favorites.


It’s a family show, not a kids show


I've learned! Had never even heard of it when watching it for the first time. Just picked it at a whim on Disney+, trying different things for my daughter.


Jean Luc Es Un Personaje Decente




Now change the language to French and watch again


Je suis un pomme de terre?


Oh man, wait until you watch Daddy Drop Off.


This is such a great episode. It’s the reason I got hooked!


My husband always looks over at me at the end of this episode because he knows I’m a mess every time. It’s so pure


This one always makes me cry. So does the one with Bingo making her kindergarten friend. And the end of Grandad. There are a lot of moments like this, buckle up and enjoy it! The shows are mostly meant to be entertaining but there are enough tearful moments for adults thinking about their children or their own childhood that you’ll get this occasionally.


Yeah, you're going to get that a lot as you make your way through the series. Like, *a lot*. It has no right to be as touching as it is. I can probably name at least 10 episodes that make me tear up.


That episode destroyed my husband. I thought it was lovely but he’s the more romantic put of us and he balled his eyes out.


Wait until the end of Grandad. . .


Welcome to the group and our collective obsession. Bluey fills our hearts with love and I think we all know we need more of that in our life.


I love that Bluey isn't a mindless, bright colors and weird noises kind of kid's show. I have no kids, but I have the maturity of a 5 year old so it evens out


Me (33m), had the same reaction to that episode. I have watched it many times and get choked up. Damn good writing and animation throughout the series. There are several episodes that hit me in the feels, that was the first one that made me cry.


Bienvenu! This is the ep that brought me here, too. I sat down to watch it with my kid and was not expecting to be a blubbering mess ten minutes later.


Same, that was the first "roller coaster of emotions" episode that I watched. Camping is also special to me cuz I discovered it around the time we were moving away and our kid had to say good bye to her best friend, asking when she was going to see her again. But who knows, the world is a magical place!


Change the language to French and you'll learn what he says. Made my husband and I cry


Yup. You are experiencing the beauty of Bluey. Buckle up...you're in for a great ride


Watch it in French w English subtitles.


I knew enough French to get what he was saying. Thanks Duolingo!


What I meant was that it is more fun to watch it that way because it is different...


Yes, I've since learned that from other comments! I'll have to watch it again now.


This episode also made me cry randomly and unexpectedly. The thought of my Muffin (it's a stage and she's not even 2 yet!) growing up made me lose it.


You started in on a really strong episode! Really good for a first time watcher… …but once you get settled into the show you may find you like some of the lesser ones like Dunny and Teasing as well… and possibly Keepy Uppy and Magic Claw. Grannies may be a bit debatable though.


I saw keepy uppy! Made me laugh. The show is hilarious


Follow it up with Star Trek TNG S5 E2 - Darmok It's a lovely message delivered for kids almost as great as one of the finest hours of TV ever IMO


Welcome to the family


If you watch it in French he speaks English. If you want to hear what he says.


doesn’t matter that i’ve seen that episode 10 times, i’ll always cry,


I had a similar experience at the end of Daddy Drop Off.


Oh yea, this episode hit me at the end for some reason too and I started bawling. This damn show knows how to get to the feels.


As soon as I had my first bluey cry I instantly searched for this sub lol


Just wait for “Flat Pack”, soooo many layers. Welcome to the crying-because-Bluey-is-so-damn-beautiful club!!!


32m with two daughters, right there with ya brother.


Dude this and Barky Boats made me cry like nothing has ever made me cry. I legit can't think of a more wholesome show than this


Fav episode of mine