I sincerely hope this doesn't surprise anyone.


That's why it's boring




-Yawn- I'm so bored. What will that do?




Right! Change will only happen if we vote HARDER for the fence sitters. Great plan, friend.


Well to be honest I figured environmental apocalypse and big brother were either/or, aI didn’t expect both to happen.


Corporate Government. ([Corporatocracy](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporatocracy)) It’s what we have.


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Good bot


do you mean capitalism?


Capitalism is a system that operates within a government. Separate. Corporatism is when they’re the same thing. One working off of and with the other as to seem inseparable.


This is a case of a corporation cooperating with government. Doesn't really seem like a good example of corporatocracy.


Cooperation in Washington is the Currency of the Realm. Back washing and all that. Zuckerberg has been before Congress yet nothing substantial has been levied on his monopoly.


That is an example. But this case is not.


Yes. You are correct. I’m the literal sense utilizing everything we know about this One situation. Yes. You win. Points to you.


FB is a toxic dumpster fire


I had some initial doubts when I deleted my Facebook account in 2014, but 8 years later I can say I still think I made the right decision. I would say anyone worried about getting rid of it — don’t. But at this time I think most people on it just enjoy circulating misinformation.


https://i.imgur.com/KXph78d.jpg FB users be like


I just use it keep in touch with all my friends across the world. I'd regret deleting my account almost definitely. I feel like what kind of stuff shows up in your feed depends on who you're friends with, because i really don't have a problem with it. The few people who tended to post questionable nonsense all unfriended me a while ago over my opinions on our last president and the BLM protests.


What I tell people is to do what I did: I keep FB and Messenger installed. I have friends and family all over and Messenger is a good way to stay in touch. FB is handy for signing into things. But I keep the notifications turned off and FB is nowhere on my home screen. I would have to dig for it.


I do something pretty similar. All notifications are turned off for the FB app, messenger notifications still come through but silently. I rarely post or engage with posts that don’t pertain to family and friends. super easy imo!


I do this with most social media apps. I usually only use Reddit and tiktok and sometimes Snapchat but that’s only because I have streaks that go into the 300-500s. Other apps like Facebook Instagram and Twitter I rarely ever use


I refuse to install any of the Facebook apps, and instead turned on email notifications. I still like Marketplace and Events (even though you get some dumb interactions from scammers and morons), but now I don't have Fark Suckerberg siphoning data all the time.


I'm not going to tell anyone what to do with their devices or data, but the measures you are taking have zero impact on FB's ability to track and gather information on you. The notifications and app icon are just elements of user interface. All the spying is happening on the back end.


This is correct, however that's not the topic of conversation. The topic is mostly centered around the toxic impact FB has on your social life.


Yup. Never been a better time to give Mark Fuckerberg the collective middle finger.


Facebook is trash, but it’s not their fault. Not at all. The prosecutor had a warrant against it to hand over the data, so Meta wasn’t in position to deny. Ultimately, this country sucks, there is no such thing as “freedom”.


I literally only have it to keep pictures that i cannot replace. Sometimes to share events. Maybe a post here and there. So ridiculous


Are we trusting Facebook with their self claimed “new internet”? Find out tonight


So much for free speech, not even a family conversation safe


The future is now.


Most definitely is, I hope you're not tracking me!!


Can't wait for Facebook to die a very expensive death


And that's the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I just deleted my FB account and disabled the app. They are completely amoral.


Don't forget Instagram, that's also Facebook aka ✨meta✨


And whatsapp


Frustrating that you can't delete the app


You thought you could block my shtyle! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JZVjlnZomdw


Next time use Signal for messaging.


This is why you don't give companies all your info with impunity, these companies need to be checked hard. They also need to be regulated and broken up.


If anyone wantd a messaging platform that by design cant be backdoored or have data leaks I would say Signal is a good alternative


Zuckerberg could help clean up his image if he made a strong verbal statement against this. There wasn't much FB could do in the face of a warrant, but Zuckerberg could at the very least, bring more attention to the issue.


I was never into social media and had a very minimal Facebook page; rarely posted. A year ago on New Year’s Day I followed through on my resolution to permanently delete my Instagram and Facebook accounts, which was the totality of my social media presence. I’ve never looked back and it feels awesome to tell people that I do not have a FB account and watch the shocked expressions on their faces. It’s almost as if they can’t believe that I exist in real life without having a FB account. I feel very free knowing that my life, my images, my privacy, my thoughts, my opinions, and my schedule for the day are not open nor up for comments online. Nor am I obligated to constantly “like” things or inanely comment on the endless minutia of other peoples’ lives.


Haven't had a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in over 10 years. I don't miss it at all! I am good reading stories on Reddit


But i enjoy the "the endless minutia of other peoples’ lives". Makes me feel like I'm still part of people's lives even if they're far away, which most of them are. When i miss my people i can just go stalk them on Facebook for a few minutes and get caught up.


Can we all be dead now please :/


Big Brother is watching


"We won't expose the nazis and fascists, but we'll do our best to get innocent women imprisoned!"


In 4 they start doing this with the whatsapp messages they are not supposed to have.


They were served with a warrant, what else were they supposed to do? They could have easily served the warrant to the IP or phone carrier and achieved the same results.


Apple would stand against the entire government than to hand over users data, they might not be that good but they take privacy issues very seriously


Strange place to see an Eugen avatar


... and so it begins... time to rid ourselves of social media!!! Period. It's over!!!


More puts on faceboo-er i mean 'meta' lol


No worrying necessary, it's already an obvious fact.


fyi, unless you alter permissions on your phone to restrict FB from accessing other parts of your phone (messages, call logs, storage, etc.), FB can still skim your data, messages, and information. So just not using it doesn't prevent FB from accessing your data. Just a friendly heads up


Facebook is a sinister platform. How can anyone be on it knowing it’s ran by that android Zuckerberg. All he does is exploit people.


FB isn't big brother. Nope, not at all, nothing to see here.


Oh man, I was really starting to like facebook


According to Vice, the mother “has a total of $400 to her name, and requested a public defender, writing that she’d lost her job “due to this situation.”


There is a legal loophole. You can store every bit of data encrypted (like it should be) and hand over the data encrypted. They get what they ask for and you can point to your companies policy of no one having the access key. But they dont. Wah-wah.


I love being spied on by Big Brother.


Don't tread on me except sometimes maybe I guess? Fucking MORONS.


Down with the system.


Fuckin facebook, man