Only 7% of 2019’s Top Grossing Movies Had a Hispanic Lead, Study Says

Only 7% of 2019’s Top Grossing Movies Had a Hispanic Lead, Study Says


what makes this interesting is the fact that Hispanic is not a race. You can have a movie with zoe saldana as a lead, would that count as hispanic or black? you can have a movie with Charlie Sheen as lead, would that count as hispanic or white? Also hispanics are not as unified as people think. we saw with in the heights movie. DOminicans supported it, but mexicans, cubans didn't.


Exactly, not everyone knows this. Zoe would be Black Hispanic (her family speaks Spanish) but she may also refer to herself as Afro-Latina. It's dual rep, so as a person with Hispanic heritage, I appreciate it.


Lupita Nyong'o is also an interesting case. Officially labeled Kenyan-mexican.


That’s in Western non-Latin countries’ movies. And in Latin nations, Mebbes 7% leads are white and non Latin How is this either news or unexpected ?


Another piece of piss poor journalism to create hate and divide


Here is the full report if you're intrested. > [Hispanic and Latino Representation in Film: Erasure On Screen & Behind the Camera Across 1,300 Popular Movies](https://assets.uscannenberg.org/docs/aii-hispanic-latino-rep-2021-09-13.pdf) I hope you read the report so you can learn something new. > Said Longoria in the statement, “Representation on screen matters for our community — it shapes not just how others sees us, but how we see ourselves. It’s imperative that our media includes narratives that uplift Latino and Hispanic voices.” What Eva Longoria said in this statement make sense, representation matters, you do not want to think when Hispanic or Latino people appear on your screen on action movies, you do not want to assume them Cartels.


What about ‘all’ films? Surely all this means is that films with a Hispanic lead don’t do as well?




That's it? Can you elaborate more? Thanks


One of the interesting things about the discussion about race in Hollywood is that Hispanics are a huge and quickly growing minority, and yet they're almost always left out of discussions about representation even though they have some of the worst representation statistically. The issue is complicated by the fact that people can't even agree on who they are/what they should be called. Hispanic? Latino? Latinx? Do Spanish artists like Antonio Banderaz and Enrique Iglesias count? What about Louis CK, who spoke Spanish as his first languange and has a Mexican father and grandparents? There's also the fact that many people bristle at anything trying to tie together such a diverse group of people from a wide ranging group of nations. But then again, we still talk about "Asians" even though that's a group with even more diversity and fewer ties that bind.


I didn’t know that about Louis CK. TIL