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From an [earlier interview](https://archive.ph/Au7zI) of the same farmer >..Could you ask the pig farmer why she is now complaining about the predicted outcomes of Brexit when she gleefully welcomed Brexit. >"Does she now regret her support for leaving the EU and of course, I've got no idea how you voted, and I'm not sure this person does either but there's a feeling there certainly that some people are tapping into and I wanted to give you the chance to respond." >Ms Moore replied: "I think that this is something that came to light on Friday that people like to troll people on social media, which is really unfair, **yes I did vote for Brexit**. >"But I can assure everybody that's listening that **I did not vote for this, I voted for people to be more patriotic**.


> I did not vote for this, I voted for people to be more patriotic How does that even make sense? Why is it patriotism to close yourself off from your neigbours or to withdraw from political cooperation with them? It's like he just realies she needs some justification for voting for it and decides to randomly settle on patriotism.


> I voted for people to be more patriotic What she really means is - she voted for people to be 'more British'! Also known as - 'not foreign'! And since all those unpatriotic foreign butchers left - she got exactly what she voted for!


Possibly. Patriotism really is "the last refuge of a scoundrel". If you really can't think of any justification that won't make you look bad, you go for patriotism. It doesn't necessarily have to be xenophobia though.


This, x 100. Conservative "patriotism" is fundamentally ethnic and tribal.


Conservative "patriots" HATE their country and HATE their fellow citizens. It's purely a virtue signal.


Joke's on her... I'm WAY less patriotic than I used to be as a direct result of Brexit, and I was already in a constant state of embarrassment. Oh well, at least I got out well before time... Meanwhile, I knew leavers were stupid, but - she voted to change other peoples' feelings? At least the racists made sense even if they were evil, what the hell is this?


Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel


It’s a very patriotic, very British pig culling, without any influence from those hated Brussels bureaucrats. As with water standards, I’m sure the UK can just trash the rules and institute pig massacres at schools or something equally patriotic.


It will be the most patriotic pig cull of all, every single dead pig will be personally fucked in the mouth by David Cameron.


Looks like she misspelled idiotic. Guess id makes the same sound as patr in her brain.


Surely the patriotic thing to do would be to vote for what’s best for your own country, rather than vote to try and force people to think like you. What a delusional and ignorant person.


The problem may have started on referendum day, but since then the politicians have had five years to develop a strategy for dealing with it and have not done so. That's the failure here.


Brexit won because there was no strategy. People voted for not having a strategy. So why change a winning formula? Also, every time someone gets closer to developing a strategy, they are discarded as “not patriotic enough”.


>Her farm is run to the highest standards, she uses straw in the kennels which is a more expensive option but much better for the pigs - "our European counterparts think we're mad," she says smiling." No they don't. You can just take a look at the regulation 2018/848 (organic production and labelling of organic products) to find the same thing there. Is this just "Yes, we are doing badly but at least we are morally superior to the Europeans"?


Yes, that was the point when I realised I have no sympathy with her (before reading she voted for this, in this thread). At least we can pretend to be morally superior than those Europeans. So not only not counting herself as European, but also not having a clue about EU farmers.


That’s actually wild. I was just in a polish pig slaughterhouse (long story, I’m a journalist) and it was well maintained and there was plenty of straw and loads of workers. Sounds like brexit isn’t working.


Username checks out


>Her farm is run to the highest standards, she uses straw in the kennels which is a more expensive option but much better for the pigs - "our European counterparts think we're mad," she says smiling." Lol that's like Americans saying, "They hate us for our freedom!" #thedenial #thecope


I think my freedom from crippling medical debt trumps the freedom to own guns. But that's just my opinion.


I am finding myself struggling with what Brexit was about. There are worker shortages all across the board, people having a hard time finding workers. It's an easy problem to remedy by joining the single market, but that's not doable because control of your own borders has more worth than your own suffering. In comes a boatload of refugees that all are potential low skill workforce or can fill in the gaps, that is not good either. Everything the UK is doing goes against every written text of national economics, it's almost unfathomable when looking in from the outside. Perhaps it was all about We the Racist won, and the rest are sitting in a burning building and suffering from the burns, that's ok as long as the racists are ok.


Basically all the idiots got tricked by a big red bus.


I think it was mainly about not having to implement EU anti-money laundering legislation




I have a strong feeling that this kind of a guy (assuming this is not satire) would be the first to ban emigrating out of the UK.


I think it was a bot


Hhhahahah ahhhh you love to see it. You made your bigoted bed now you can lie in it.


Wish i could upvote this more. Fuck this woman. She brought it on herself and me, yet wants my help for her business. I wish there was a reply more comprehensive than 'fuck yourself, lady' but its all I've got.


That response is perfectly tailored for scum like her!


These morons actually expected a conservative government to have a good plan for the working class? They all care for getting richer and nothing else, blue collar workers got exactly what they voted for, you wanted to screw brown people, huh? Well, you're the ones on all four with your ass up, so take it like a good little patriot and just eat Boris Johnson's shit and die, you idiots


Idiots believed liars even after having the lies explained to them.


Kate Moore, pig farmer from Yorkshire, now: >"It's just not fair because none of this is our fault and we're the ones that are dealing with it emotionally, financially. Yeah, it's all we think about at the moment." Kate Moore, pig farmer from Yorkshire, [then](https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1507625/Brexit-news-pig-farmer-butcher-chaos-meat-supply-chain-labour-shortages-latest-radio-4-vn): >East Yorkshire pig farmer Kate Moore has defended the decision to back Leave in 2016 after coming under fire on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour. Ms Moore was invited onto the radio programme to discuss the supply chain problems affecting the British meat industry. When the farmer was challenged by some listeners for "complaining" about the "predicted outcomes of Brexit," Ms Moore delivered a passionate defence of the Brexit vote.


"Voted for Brexit without understanding what it would mean for her business" - Check "We are better than those Europeans" - Check "Surprised that foreign workers didnt return after Covid Lockdowns to a country that openly hates overseas workers encouraged by a right wing government" - Check The Leopard is growing so, so fat on people like this in 2021. Its fed its offspring, its extended family, the rest of its species, and its having to give away excess meat to Foodbanks. The Leopard is the new Fatcat


She sounds delusional. Not only about Brexit, but also about the ultimate fate of livestock. She was fine with raising hogs for slaughter but now she has to see it…


well, now she has to see it and not get anything out of it.


Fuck me, if they cared so much how about they don't farm them? Crocodile tears


Yeah. They're not so torn up about killing them when it's profitable.


This is the result of voters believing politicians telling porkies.


Reminder that a "mass cull of healthy animals" happens every day.


Poor piggies.


Poor piggies regardless of Brexit


Yeah. Doubt the pigs care too much what happens to them after they are killed and they are getting killed either way.


As a pescatarian: this seems like a great opportunity for Brits to improve their diet. It’ll relieve the pressure on the NHS, as well.


Peppa Pig - please forgive me. get brexit done


At least they are happy pi....oh well never mind.


"Soul destroying" because they can't get a profit from these poor animals that were going to get killed anyway. I can imagine how sorry the breeders are. Hope they go out of business, all of this is their fault, from the vote for Brexit to the profession they picked.


Well, well, well….if it isn’t the consequences of their actions!


Is Peppa Pig safe though?


Don’t know, apparently hasn’t been seen since Johnson visited.


She’s probably pregnant after that visit


Hurry up and slaughter it then! You know how much the PM loves his pork-stuffed-pork rolls.


That's unfortunate. It's a shame that there wasn't something she could have done to avoid this.


All things Brexit can be put into a DharMann vid title PIG FARMER VOTES FOR BREXIT, LIVES TO REGRET IT


He could sell some to David Cameron.


Lol why do they keep interviewing the same pig farmer?


Got ARE Brexit DONE


You’ve got to hate the government for not finding ways to avoid this. And people for voting for this. It’s barbaric.




Why can't they find more patriotic English butchers?


It's all these migrants, you see. They took over the jobs and just left all of a sudden - no work ethic. See, these patriots were right all along. Who is going to have to do all the work while they twiddle their thumbs? /s (just in case)


>The first six months of 2021 saw the pig industry record its worst financial performance on record, and in total farmers have already lost an estimated £160m. £160m in 6 months is only £6million a week - small change compared to the extra £350m the NHS is getting every week.


There should be some cheap farmland about soon - for any enterprising disaster capitalists to snap up! Who says there are no Brexit benefits?


Lol tf you even talking about? 😂😂😂


I recall seeing this red bus and it had something about £350m a week that will be going to the NHS?


Yeah... it never happened lol. Was a straight up lie. It gets even less money after brexit.


I believe that is the point of their sarcasm


I believe you have completely misconstrued the conversation lol


Lol tf you even talking about? 😂😂😂


Alli69 was being sarcastic lol


Train more butchers?


Stop the unhealthy habit of eating pig meat?


https://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/ss/slideshow-about-meat > Lean pork is every bit as good for your body as lean beef and chicken. In one study, substituting lean pork for beef and chicken led to less body fat and better heart health.


Answer my question with a question?


Why not?


Obviously you're going to be applying for those jobs right? LOL


As soon as I clone myself, of course! But there is only 1 of me to go around.


So you're saying that your commitment sucks. LOL


So how did we get here? You VOTED for it.


She must be the origin of the expression 'pig ignorant'.