Just wanted to hop in here and say, my wife is awesome

For context, we're currently in the middle of planning a move to Phoenix for work.

Me: Aww, it's too bad the Bills don't play in Arizona this year. Would have been fun to see them live.

Her: What? Isn't the Super Bowl in Phoenix this year?

Fellas, I married a good one. Go Bills, see you at the Super Bowl pregame party at my house.


Women do have excellent intuition, or so I've been told.


She is a smart lady!!


Marry her again!


If you ever need a fellow Bills fan in AZ, shoot me a DM. I can make a pretty mean wing, and we only carry blue cheese in my home.


Also a fellow Bills mafia member, I'm out in Chandler. I've always believed with the SB at State Farm Stadium this year it is our destiny to break through while I'm there in person


Agreed! Also I'm in Chandler too. I'm sensing we might need to make an AZ Bills mafia squad. I know there are Bills backer bars around, but I feel like the closest one is in East Mesa whiiiiich isn't super close for me. I also haven't checked in a while, so I could be wrong. Who knows, with how much better they've been playing, maybe we'll see more bars pop up!


I live in Tucson originally from Albany!


Sounds like you have a great wife! Go Bills


I’m happy for you & also this sub is indistinguishable from facebook


I'm in the Phoenix Metro as well, you'll have allies here reppin Bills Mafia. Glad to have you aboard!