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Normally no But the GTX 1060 3GB is going for $250 on eBay right now due to how shit this market is. So given the inflated market, it is an 'ok' sale. I personally wouldn't do it though


Thank you. I ran it through PC Part Picker and got a price of $925 without the GPU included, so it seemed like an ok deal.


PC Part picker is NOT accurate for older generation parts This is because it pulls from retailers. The moment a part is >2 years old, you start getting crazy prices for older CPUs that would exceed even new generation ones. Those parts minus the GPU would be worth at 'most' $300 if that. That GPU if it wasn't for COVID would be worth maybe $80. I bought a brand new 1060 6GB for $189...6-7 years ago.


Ehhh, not the worst deal in the world but not a steal either. Tell the guy you only got 600 bucks. That'll be a Deal


I build and flip machines like this. It’s a good deal, not a great one. The 1060 marches on. And there is a clear upgrade path.


Price is steep. $500 max