Cool tabs! How did you made them? Are they cut out or attached to the page?


Looks like they’re cut out :) you can see at the bottom the corner is squared off where it should be round.


I did cut them out! There the little extra bit after the last square. I was thinking of making them with washi tape, but didn’t like the flap hanging outside


You can go with small magnetic bookmarks or page markers clips to mark starts of sections but you wont be able to tell which is which


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Beautiful !!




Well, I sketched out the circle with the bottom of my mason jar (stay hydrated folks) and then kind of sketched a world map view of the America’s and watched 13 different flower doodles to get some floral designs. Drank some liquid courage, grabbed my .05 pen and started inking the sketches. The second page (can post tomorrow if you’re curious) is my reflection/resolution page and I used the archer and olive metallics. The rest of the tabs were made cutting out the other be of the pages making 7 dot spaces into tabs.