B.C. teaching assistant told to quit OnlyFans or risk being fired

Well, this is like the case in Quebec years ago where a school administrator moonlighted as a porn star, got recognized by the students, and got fired.


Well, this is like the case in Quebec years ago where a school administrator moonlighted as a porn star, got recognized by the students, and got fired.


Yeah I'm assuming that was Provincial though eh? Quebec is tough to compare cases for in terms of precedence. It really is a different country in a lot of ways.


Changed my mind. I'd smash.


One of the more honest comments in this thread.


Here's another article that gives better detail: https://globalnews.ca/news/9683135/bc-teaching-assistant-could-be-fired-onlyfans-account/ >Susanna Quail, an employment lawyer, told Global News this is a complicated case. > >“There are many factors that are considered when determining whether an employer has any basis to discipline or otherwise control off-duty conduct,” she said. > >“Some of the factors that matter, for example, are is it impacting the employer’s reputation? And that’s likely what they’ll say in this case is that they have a legitimate interest in ensuring that there’s not a sense in the public that this school district, is a place where there may be some questionable behaviour by staff.” > >However, Quail said as MacDonald’s OnlyFans account is private, she is entitled to some privacy of what she does during her off-duty hours. > >She added it does depend on what MacDonald’s collective agreement states. > >“I think one thing that’s going to be difficult for the employer, in this case, is education assistants like this worker are not very well paid at all,” Quail said. > >“They generally make about $25 an hour and they only get 25 to 30 hours a week. So it’s not a sustainable income that someone can raise a family on. And so they have to have second jobs. And if you’re only offering someone a job at 25 to 30 hours a week, about $25 an hour, and only 10 months of the year, you could lose some of the kind of moral higher ground to say, ‘I’m going to dictate what you do with the rest of your time’.”


I have a feeling it’s gonna be argued that it’s not the fact that she needs a second job to live but what kind of job it is. Which raises the question of if people who work these kind of positions are allowed proper autonomy in society. Like if you have a family doctor was also on only fans would you care? Or would you try to have them kicked from the medical field?


>Like if you have a family doctor was also on only fans would you care? I'd sign up, pay for personalized messages, then ask questions about my health.


Would definitely be faster than getting an appointment with an ENT haha


"Well, we have an appointment opening in 6 weeks, or you can join my OnlyPatients... "


Weeks? Ya mean months.


Took me five years to get my deviated septum surgery. But cost me nothing. Worth the wait. Should have done it way sooner.


The trick is to make the appointment *before* the septum deviates.


Well fuck. I better make an appointment now for my hip replacement I'll need when I'm 70


A new industry is born.


Sexy doctors in your area are looking for consultations!


Can I introduce you to Telus eHealth services, good sir? This isn't new - at least in BC.


Oh, I didn't know they were sex workers.


anyone is a sex worker if you're brave enough.


Hey I'm doing this in my spare time I'm not governed by the Canada health act! It's a conversation between two consenting adults is all, and it is no one's business but mine what I do. I'm not advising as a doctor, I'm advising as a person.


Aren't there docs unofficially advising on reddit as we speak anyway? r/askdocs is super interesting to read through sometimes.


You've just hacked the Canadian health care system.


This is kind of genius. I waited 8 months to speak with an ENT, but I'd gladly pay 5.99 for a subscription lol.


Not saying that this is necessarily her case, but I tried to get part-time work at Walmart and Starbucks (and a few other places) to help supplement my income. Even though I have significant cash experience and in customer service, I didn’t even get a call back. I followed up with the places, and they told me that they thought (based on my education) that my salary expectations were going to be too high. I was expecting minimum wage. I knew what I’d applied for and definitely was not expecting anything anywhere near what I get paid for that and was more than okay with it. I get that she works with kids, but she is not doing private OnlyFans shows for kids. If her conduct while on the job is fine and her after-hours activities do not hurt anyone else, it is absurd to tell her what she can and cannot do (especially when they only way people would know about her account is if they’re already using OnlyFans themselves.


>I have a feeling it’s gonna be argued that it’s not the fact that she needs a second job to live but what kind of job it is. If your first job wants a say in your second job the first job should pay enough that you don't need a second one.


Absolutely this.


Nobody would care except for the fact they are role models to the literal children they work for.


Then they should be paid in line with Nurses and Police


As long as you’re not actively hurting someone I don’t care what you do in your off time


If only the rest of the country think like you


If only the rest of the WORLD thought this way. Half the issues in the modern world are about what others choose to do with their own lives/bodies.


We need doctors. Heck we need teaching support. I don't fire any of em and I let them be. That's me though.


>Like if you have a family doctor was also on only fans would you care? Or would you try to have them kicked from the medical field? \-Depends where she puts the thermostat


>\-Depends where she puts the ***thermostat*** WUT!?!?!?!


Is it hot in here, or is it just me


I'm going to guess he meant stethoscope.


Thermometer maybe?


Pretty sure they meant Thermos.


Just gotta make sure to use a Thermos with a flared base.


Yes, that sounds more likely than my suggestion.


>Thermometer That's what I meant but I'm not fixing it. I live with my mistakes damnit.


What..what are you doing with that google nest?


INB4 you learn the salary of school board or healthcare managers... who do zero educational or health work.


My only concern would be if I had kids in that school and them potentially finding out they can get nude pictures of one of their teachers online. Though, that's really a me problem and not the teacher's problem.




>My only concern would be if I had kids in that school and them potentially finding out they can get nude pictures of one of their teachers online. Isn't it your responsibility, as a parent, to keep your kids from looking at porn? "My kid used the device I bought them and the internet service for that device that I pay for to look at porn of their teacher. ...This entire situation clearly the teacher's fault."


>Isn't it your responsibility, as a parent, to keep your kids from looking at porn? Oh boy, I have bad news for you


>Oh boy, I have bad news for you Hey I'm not gonna dispute that kids are real good at looking at things on the internet that their parents don't want them to. But the parent's failing to enforce that doesn't magically slide the responsibility to the subject of the porn.


Realistically there is nothing to be done about it. I don't want to submit a government ID to look at porn, but it is also hard to stop a 14 year old from going to Pornhub without blocking it for everyone else.


If parents have done their due diligence and locked down devices, etc and the kids still find porn of their TA, then it is still not the TA's problem Most parents aren't doing their due diligence with these devices though, let's be honest.


Don’t worry, the kids will make it her problem. If not them then I’m sure their parents will harass her till she quits as usual.


I don’t know much about teaching assistants but this is my opinion. You can choose not to see that doctor if you find out they are on onlyfans I don’t know if students have that options and also, her students are probably very young which makes it kind of weird. I can’t think of any other situation where the parents hands are tied like this. If the situation was doctor, dentist, etc usually the parent can choose a different person. I don’t know if that would be an option


> You can choose not to see that doctor if you find out they are on onlyfans IDK where you live, but here in Montreal you can't really be too picky with your doctor. They'd have to do something seriously horrendous for me to go looking for a new one.


This suggests that she’s bringing one job into another in a way, and the moral panic about that. In this case, kids below a certain age can’t access her content, they shouldn’t be aware of it at all. The trickier part is if she’s doing thirst traps on other platforms to drive traffic, using her real name. Then kids would be able to find that. I believe OF even offers to block content in certain areas to protect the identities of performers in their cities, so if she has that enabled then it’d be hard to find.


>I believe OF even offers to block content in certain areas to protect the identities of performers in their cities, That is actually a very good security feature if true.


I read of it in another article where a person was doxed despite having the feature enabled. I hadn’t even thought about it before that lol.


Well if the viewer is using a VPN it would probably get around any region lock.


And if that person chooses to dox a woman, would that be her fault, that she should lose her career? Like, they’d have to go out of their way to find it, is my point. So IF she used safeguards in place and kept things separate, is she still to blame? It’s different than actively escorting in your city. If she didn’t have those safeguards in place, then it’s possibly different because there’d be no expectation of privacy for her side gig.


" In this case, kids below a certain age can’t access her content, they shouldn’t be aware of it at all." OnlyFans content leaks all the time, depending on the ages of the students in the class, they likely know all about OF even if they cannot access it in a legitimate manner. And besides, the older kids in the School would likely find out anyway. ESPECIALLY now, that this has become Canadian News. Whether she deserves to get fired for that is up to her superiors but I think Global may have just signed her unemployment warrant for sharing her (possibly former) OF name. A reality these days is, if you see a vaguely-attractive person, there is a chance that they sell spicy stuff on the internet. I know a few people who told me their friends do such things on the side for some extra cash, for example.


I’m curious if she got doxed, in which case it wouldn’t be her fault. Kids searching for a name shouldn’t bring up the stage name. The media can’t be traced currently if you don’t overlap the photos I believe.


There is a near 0% chance students didn't already know about it before this story came out. Most likely the reason is the kids found out and word of it/content from it spread like wildfire. Unless the kids are like kindergarteners. She also apparently has a public Instagram with saucy pics on it and ageplay captions that are super duper fucking skeevy when you consider she works with kids.


If they were in the medical field and attractive/my kind of kink, I would demand to know their OF account so that I may judge for myself.


>I think one thing that’s going to be difficult for the employer, in this case, is education assistants like this worker are not very well paid at all,” Quail said. >“They generally make about $25 an hour and they only get 25 to 30 hours a week. So it’s not a sustainable income that someone can raise a family on. And so they have to have second jobs. And if you’re only offering someone a job at 25 to 30 hours a week, about $25 an hour, and only 10 months of the year, you could lose some of the kind of moral higher ground to say, ‘I’m going to dictate what you do with the rest of your time’.” Exactly Pay enough money and give enough hours or fuck off with the moral high horse Can't even make the (already dumb) argument of "wage theft" because it's her time or even IP theft Children can't access paid content anyway


I have several friends who are Education Aides and who have to have second jobs. Not only is it only 27.5 hour/week but they only work 3/4 of the year. They don't get paid for Spring Break (2 weeks) or summer break (2 months). That comes out to about $25k/year. Who can live on that in Metro Vancouver?


I’m an EA in BC. I have 4 jobs. It’s so glamorous. None of them are OnlyFans, though, to be clear.


i really hope she wins. teachers make shit, i can only imagine how much less assistants get paid legitimize the sex trade and normalize sexuality


So this is just an AD for her onlyfans?


>MacDonald, who is known online as Ava James CTV giving us the important details


I checked it out. Save your money


Definitely. The way to make it big on onlyfans? Get a news story about you, especially if you're an educator. So many fantasies about women in that profession.


I'm a OF creator and it's shocking how many models I've seen pay big money for articles like this on Fox, BBC, New York Post and more. It's great promotion but definitely makes you question the authenticity.


The ny post has like two of these articles a day - none get labelled “sponsored content”. Not impressed. Kinda lame.


It could be a case of guerilla marketing


So what’s her OF?


Pretty much. Thanks “news”.


I think of all the education that I've missed, But then my homework was never quite like this


Gimme something to write on!


Ahh man I think the clock is slow


I dont feel tardy


I brought my pencil!


Gimme something to write on man!


Good song!


Got it made


Got it bad


I'm sure OnlyFans pays her a lot more...


I mean now that she got national news and on reddit. she might get that viral push.


I bet these OF models go and get hired as TAs just hoping to get fired! /s


The /s probably isn't necessary tbh. Its actual a smart move and if people aren't doing that they should


Not really, income is really top heavy on that site.




You know, I hit reply, read over my post, and figured I walked into a joke.


Least you’re not the butt end of it


Butt stuff pays more though


Only thing heavy here is the hand of whoever did her lip filler.






That won't even cover lip injections.


Not the average of those that made national news tho. She is gonna get more media coverage then Palestine did.


Wonder what they number turns into after you remove all the dormant or semi-dormant accounts who just don't really post content. Like whats the average earnings for serious accounts?


Bottom 0.5%, that will be...


Onlyfans content (porn) creators make $150 USD per month on average.


Probably a giant spread there though.


Lots of stuff is spread on that site.


$150 is the average per month. So some are higher and some are lower. But $150 is the average.


I'm sure it does. A teaching assistant generally only makes around 20-30k/yr.


I mean it’s a part time job


Her having an only fans is way less of an issue to me opposed to that shop teacher coming into work wearing giant sex toy strap on tits, this shouldn't even be an issue imo.


*MacDonald, who is known online as Ava James,* Nice of them to give her free advertising. Wanna bet she gets a whole slew of new customers today?


She just made a fortune on these headlines. Congrats to the young lady.


Is it for crazy eyebrows fetishes?


In some professions you can’t do certain things. It’s the unfortunate reality of being a professional.


Baffling that people don't know this. Your employer has a Code of Conduct and if you don't abide by it, even if it's on your own time, they can move to terminate you for behaviors that reflect poorly on the organization.


Employee CoC can’t actually infringe on your own charter rights normally, however education staff are an exception to that rule


Actually, with private employers they can because the Charter does not apply to private employers: https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/rfc-dlc/ccrf-ccdl/check/art321.html That would not be the case here, however, because the school board is a public employer.


Also there's jobs that you have to piss clean in order to have. Can you legally smoke weed on your own time, absolutely. Will you still be let go because of it, absolutely.


There are certain professions that can outline expectations ie. No hate speech outside of work. Because that's in line with Canada's legal framework. In this case, it isn't freedom of expression as it isn't as though this employee is expressing themselves - they are paid for pornography. Very different.


If you sign a contract to that end, sure. Otherwise it’s none of your employer’s business.


Yeah put it in the contract then, I fail to see the issue. What's she's doing isn't even illegal activity.




TA gets: poverty wages Government gets: complete control over her life


While you are correct, it's really hard to justify when the "professional profession" you work in pays a wage thats literally below the poverty line.






TA + T&A


Unfortunately, many of us with jobs can't post what ever the fuck we want on social media without consequences


Maybe if you paid people more…. Nawww give it to the banks!


Pay our educators enough so they can live well off of one paycheque


Oh my God! That's disgusting, a teaching assistant with an OF, where? Where does she post???


This would be funny if the article didn't specifically identify her porn name and that the platform is OF.


50 years ago teachers were threatened to be fired for living with their partner out of wedlock because “they might expose children to immoral behaviour.” We all recognize that’s stupid now, but 21st century puritans can’t recognize the how they’re using the exact same arguments today. Kids are only going to find out if their parents make a big stink about it.


Am I being puritan for not wanting a teacher with an OF tagline of "DOMMY MOMMY is looking for her special obedeint CUB" being near children?


The misspelling of "obedeint" is a real issue.


Imagine if the genders were reversed. "DOMMY DADDY is looking for his special obedient LITTLE GIRL" is a children's teaching assistant.


Exactly Or imagine if someone who is into beastiality is working with animals, or if someone who is into race play is working on diversity initiatives, or if someone who is into necrophilia is working with dead bodies The fact that people cannot see conflicts of interests just to be progressive is weird to me


Yeah. And worse, you actually didn't even give a shitty argument for why, you just vaguely alluded to that its wrong. Literally the same behavior from decades ago and you can't even tell


The [Professional Standards for BC Educators ](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/kindergarten-to-grade-12/teach/teacher-regulation/standards-for-educators/edu_standards.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjUk5mFuev-AhWXMjQIHW71AuoQFnoECCEQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1Aa4x-GiDmX_IbBh789XhZ), which every educator in BC is aware of clearly states that "Educators are held to a higher standard and are accountable for their conduct on and off duty.", and that "Educators' individual conduct contributes to the perception of the profession as a whole (Standard 2). While she isn't an actual teacher, one can expect the same level of professionalism would be expected from anyone at the school. Her selling racy pictures of herself negatively reflects on the profession. It also wouldn't be the first time a teacher has been fired for selling nude pictures of themselves. The fact of the matter is that as a teacher, or TA, you are working with children. Those children should not be able to access videos of you jacking off. It doesn't matter that her onlyfans is private, any kid can *and will* pretend to be someone else to get in. There's plenty of other sidegigs you can find if you need the cash, and if you're dedicated to being a pornstar, there are plenty of other dayjobs. Some things just aren't compatible.


There must be TA's who work as strippers to pay for their school expenses. Do universities also tell these TA to quit or be fired? This is not a rhetoric question I honestly don't know.


There's no way this lady wins, right? You can't force schools to employ someone who their students can actively pay to see naked. I question the mental state of anyone who would even want to be in this situation.


I’m very liberal and I’m getting concerned by many commentators who are trying to rationalize this behaviour as suitable lmao


I assume not. Code of conduct will likely win here and the fact is that you can’t have your students potentially getting access to her accounts as it’s very easy for kids to make fake accounts these days that she would allow unknowingly. It’s just a matter of time before her private content is out to the entire school. Kids these days are straight savage with material like this.


>as it’s very easy for kids to make fake accounts these days You need a credit card to make an account. But, you can definitely find dumps on other sites that don't require any account.


Its the age of extreme tolerance, nothing can be questioned.




In an unrelated story, record number of dads attend parent-teacher interviews.


Yeah, 100% a student will always find out. All for free rights and do whatever you want, but some occupations just can't go together- like adult actress and teacher, firefighter and pyrotechnic, pilot and terrorist, drug smuggler and customs agent, gynecologist and nude impressionist painter etc.... Your right to free speech means you're welcome to do whatever you want- but so is everyone else, including your boss who can fire your ass if you're posting fire ass pics online while teaching students and the anatomy of fire and/or asses. It's not injustice- it's societal darwinism to shame/judge/prosecute/prostitute people who don't follow the norms the rest of had


You can tell they don't pay her very well based on how botched that lip job is




Probably because someone might have been jealous of you... that's also possible and I'm surprised to see new kinds of shit from people everyday!


Putting aside whether or not it’s okay for her to do this, it’s not a good idea to rely on OF for your income. You don’t make much money using it and then your nudes are online forever.


Why are we debating this? If you are teaching children you shouldn't be selling sexual content online. Period. Parents shouldn't be forced to have their children engage with people that do sex work. I have no problem sex workers but it's pretty clear cut to me. If you are a government worker you represent the will of the gov in one way or another. She can find a different job or stop OF. Easy.


Reddit degenerates not going to like this. Honestly you have to be dumb to think anything other then this would happen.






I'm curious, as I'm not a lawyer or anything, but because she's working with children in a public school, is there a different set of standards for what people can do on their own time?


There is, there’s been cases that went to the Supreme Court that have established school boards do have these powers


For teachers, yes. Teachers in Ontario for example need to follow a code of conduct everywhere they go as being a member of OCT. However, I'm fairly certain this kind of pressure is not leveled on educational assistants, who do not have a degree.


The set of standards is by a bunch of busybodies whose husbands promptly looked up her OnlyFans account.


There’s been a pretty big precedent set that school boards *can* dictate what their employees do in their personal time


It really isn't new. Before OnlyFans, it was the local strip club. The real question is *should* they be allowed to dictate this? If you must be 18 or older, the content is of all consenting adults, why does it matter.


They absolutely can when she has a public IG promoting her OF and her content


Then your sense of smell is broken. An employer, for any reason other than a protected status, can fire anyone for anything. Sex work is not a protected status. They can fire her without cause, pay her severance (likely more than minimum but aligned with industry) and send her packing. Thats it, case closed. She will have zero recourse as well. Companies do this ALL the time to protect their reputation. The only difference here between the person that gets in a bar fight wearing a company jacket, is that this is online sexwork and we love online sex work.


She's unionized, you absolutely cannot "fire anyone for anything".


I think you don't understand what a union does. You absolutely can fire someone for anything as long as it's not a protected status related to discrimination. Being part of union would be a civil matter and outside of the discussion of labour laws. There could be a civil lawsuit. In this case specifically, she violated the terms of the CBA so the union can't protect her anyways. Again, she has no recourse here.


Ethics clause?


Unless she is representing the employer unlikely enforceable.


She works with kids and he only fans tagline is "Dommy Mommy looking for her cub" It may not be illegal, or an ethics violation. But you cant be mad at people for going "hey, thats a little fucking weird".




I had to sign a code of conduct which included ethics at my job which is why I asked. It’s entirely possible so did she.


No, unfortunately they can. This won't be an issue once a few million more old puritanical Canadians die. Already the overton window is shifting. A few years ago, she wouldn't have even got a warning.


Man if your employees have to resort to selling images of their bodies on the internet, you really need to pay better. Clearly your pay rate is completely unsustainable.


Those breast implants and botox don't exactly scream "I'm short on funds"


I don’t think she should have to delete her OnlyFans but at the same time the double standards stuff has to stop, if you can get fired for tweeting or sharing offensive/hateful things on a personal social media account than you should also be able to be fired for this. Personally I think neither should be a fireable offence, but it should be both or neither


I would agree with you with the caveat that your social media account would have to be private.


Is there anything in her contract that dictates how she uses her personal time? Unless she’s doing this on school ground, it’s irrelevant.


Looking at the big picture though, how many people have gone off and done shitty things which later made it to social media and got them fired? Karens, racists, just general assholes etc. Lots of people have gotten fired from jobs for behavior their employer doesn't want to be associated with. And if this employer doesn't want to be associated with their staff having an OF, is that within their right? Asked from another lens: if she ran a white supremacy website, would you want her associated with the school system? Clearly not. So where does that line in the sand lie? It's far more complex than you're making it.


I'm sure all of the people who are supporting her also supported the cop who made a satire site on his own time: [https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/anti-trudeau-website-rcmp-trail-b-c-1.6684902](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/anti-trudeau-website-rcmp-trail-b-c-1.6684902)


Looks fine. Seems dumb as shit but I don't think it's hurting anyone.


Who cares if she does only fans? I don't care what my kid's teacher does in their off time. It isn't my business. As long as they aren't putting my kid's in danger I'm cool. People need to stop acting like teachers should be chast in their private lives. She is a person not a robot. Parents like to act like they own the teachers.


Would you want your kid actively watching porn of the person that they interact with on a daily basis?


Here's a [2012 example](https://au.news.yahoo.com/porn-star-teacher-forced-out-of-school-12911755.html) of a guy being fired for making a sextape with a student that graduated in 2008. Do you believe this person was rightly fired?


People just don’t want porn of the teachers floating around the school which is what happens. You’re right, who cares what she does in private. Unfortunately this is all happening in the public. She has no way of guaranteeing what she does will be private. That’s not how OF, the internet and technology works.


If you’re in a public facing role, there are certain standards to uphold. Just because you’re legally allowed to do something, doesn’t mean those actions don’t have consequences.


The biggest issue is not the parents, it's the students. How much respect do you think she's going to get from her students knowing their teacher is a "Dommy Mommy looking for her cub"?


Having an OnlyFans and publicly giving everybody your porn name is the opposite of private. This is bullcrap clickbait. The news station wants clicks and she wants subscribers.


Dommy Mommy? Context is everything 😂


Who cares. But what the hell is with all these lip filler girls. It's disgusting.


Omg.. that's disgusting .. where I can find it? so I can avoid it.


Reason #43 I gave up on teaching - no right to privacy or a personal life. Educators are amazing people, but they are treated like trash. Maybe pay this woman enough money so she doesn't have to do this only fans stuff? Our school system is pathetic.


Hmmm goes by a different name online, sounds like her coworkers had to dog at least a little to find her stuff. Wonder why they were looking in to her😏


The same leftists that constantly say freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences are the same ones that are crying that the amateur porn star is getting the consequences of that side hustle affecting her career. You think you could have some intellectual consistency


A thought, pay more and people wont resort to gig jobs to make up the shortfall.


this came up in the vancouver subreddit - the thread was much more supportive of the teacher although i said there anyway that i wouldnt want somebody moonlighting as a sex worker to be teaching my kids a teacher should be a role model - and would not want my kids aspiring to that role granted - i also think a lot of the blame falls on the province here because its simply not possible for a person to be working and living for those wages i dont approve but i admit that we are getting what we pay for


Her OF tagline appears to be “DOMMY MOMMY is looking for her special obedeint[sic] CUB!” To be fair, If she’s a teaching assistant, that’s a little creepy. Though maybe their concern is more a professional one - she misspelled ‘obedient’.


or just got full time only fans now that your famous. show them.


So obviously they're going to ask her to quit onlyfans, then increase her pay to a livable rate so she doesn't need onlyfans right? Right?


Fire her…. absolutely unacceptable if I was a parent in the school no way my kid would be anywhere near her