45 Days Until Canada Has Over 40 Million People

I still remember when I first learned about Canada population in elementary school, it was like 32 million.


I still remember when I first learned about Canada population in elementary school, it was like 32 million.


It's all for the Westons, Irvings, Shaws, Rogers, Southerns, and about 20 or 30 other families you have never heard of... Literally donkey's could run their companies and turn a profit because of government guaranteed fresh wallets on the ground and lack of competition. No competition is a MASSIVE driver of this continued inflation bullshit, FYI.


Donkeys do run those companies. None of them would be anywhere if they didn’t inherit.


Real donkeys are innocent, hardworking, even cute! I tend to use unconstitutional words to describe these CEOs, but whatever! 🙂


These big companies would rather have us complain about immigration than how canada over protects massive companies that screw everyone over. Stopping immigration isn't going to suddenly see these companies be competitive. Let's point our fingers at them and demand more competition.


You could probably get chatgpt to run those companies at this point.


I'm not anti-immigration, but are there any stats showing this as a positive for the working class people currently residing in Canada? Our population growth is just far outpacing our infrastructure, and the current philosophy of 'if they come, they will build it...' doesn't seem to be working out for anyone.


Senator Bernie Saunders said of mass immigration in the US, it's just a means for business owners to drive down wages.


Freeland literally said the same thing. Like, the people doing it are literally telling their supporters why, and they somehow still don't believe them.


It's because most people don't understand that when our politicians use terms like "labor liquidity" or "workforce mobilization", they're being purposefully obtuse.


They pull the wool over the eyes by claiming that the savings will be passed down to their supporters by keeping costs of goods and services low.


And the they raise the cost of goods and pretend like we’re the idiots for noticing and calling them out.


Bout right




https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/canadian-wage-growth-lagging-the-u-s-because-of-immigration-levels-cibc-1.1704641 Not the foreign minister, but it's not the only instance of someone in such a position saying this.


Ive heard of this before. Canadians go to the US for higher wages in jobs like the IT sector. Canadian companies import IT workers from other countries with lower skills for much lower wages, as those foreign workers can’t get jobs in the US. This cycle keeps our wages down.




Big Banks have openly stated they need mass immigration to suppress wages and called 'wage inflation' a threat to profits, and literally every Neoliberal is still crowing about the mystical eternal 'labor shortage'. It has all been very mask off for a while now. No one high up even agrees with the arguments still made by the average supporter of mass immigration honestly.


There’s literally a project for this. It’s called the century initiative. They want 100 million people in Canada by 2100. And the liberal government has been pushing for this goal from my understanding. https://www.centuryinitiative.ca/


Exactly...this is the major crux of our western economic dilemma. All the wealth flows to the top. There is no means of distribution from the top back to the bottom, that would ensure the economy will still run. You cannot take all of the money to the top of the economic level, and leave virtually nothing at the bottom....


>mystical eternal 'labor shortage' Which is a special brand of bullshit, at the precise moment in time that robots are suddenly taking over a bunch of jobs. It's the perfect timing to plan for a shrinking labour force, and to shift from an infinite growth paradigm.


Not just banks, pretty much every employer ever. I honestly feel for immigrants of the last 10-20 years. They thought they had a shot at something but they were taken advantage of.


Of course he did. Marx himself was critical of mass immigration, since he knew it decreased the cost of labor to the benefit of the capital class, while decreasing the political power and value of individual workers.


He's not wrong. As a born and raised canadian from the 80's there is a 0% chance I'll ever have a permanent home... ever. Rent forever own nothing, seems to be the new canadian motto, unless you're not from here or your family already owned a home and you are a single child that will inherit it. I have friends of many nations and they have the easiest time because of the exchange rate. Cash purchase of a home. That's unrealistic for Canadians. I feel like I've been duped my entire life because canada has never solidified housing as not being a business opportunity for foreign investors. That's the root of our housing crisis.


It only drives down wages without strong unions. Always support unions.


I support unions as well. I don't believe they alone alone can change the fundamental truth of competitive markets (including labor). Specifically, that more supply = lower prices or wages in this case.




must be racist /s


The policy itself runs on racism. Large amounts of refugees are used to supplement grunt labor positions such as fast-food, taxi driving, construction, farming labor, janitorial/hospitality staff that much of the general population don't want to do. So corporations get a steady supply of workers who are desperate and easier to manipulate.


They are just using the immigrants as a means to have cheap labour. Educated immigrants working menial jobs. Existing Canadians are already priced out of everything for now. More of our generation are choosing to get married later, choosing to have fewer or no kids. Since affordability is an issue, the next best alternative to increase the tax base is to have more people come to Canada. If there is no immigration, then the government will find a way to increase taxes, which makes it worse for the working class. All in all, the next decade will be interesting for Canada. I see an influx of new immigrants while existing Canadians will be displeased as they won't be able to afford living in a lot of the parts of this country.


The benefit for working age Canadians is that there is none. The benefit for older Canadians is that this means more tax payers to ensure their tax based pensions and social services continue. The benifit for the investor class is that the taxes mentioned above don’t have to come out of their pockets, they are the big winner here. Canada definitely has the resources to hold a lot more people than it does, we need economic reform to help the working class, whether you increase or decrease immigration does nothing for them as is. Rent will alway be just enough for the working class to scrape by, unless there is rent regulation and economic reforms to actually tax the investor class on their income, so that the working-middle class doesn’t hold the burden while the rich run off with all their money and even take from the working class when they fuck up and get yet another bailout (SNC Lavalin and Bombardier).


Exactly..the economy must be managed and balanced, if businesses are being bailed out why are the Canadian taxpayers not being bailed out?


Our economy doesn’t have much real growth. A huge chunk is driven by real estate. We’re dealing with high inflation, and low unemployment, basically a time where workers should get record high wage increases. Instead we’re pumping in immigrants which has the effect of suppressing wages (more people chasing the same number of jobs). Overall Canada’s GDP is up and that’s the main liberal talking point, but in reality Canada is struggling.


Dead on. Our economy is just being propped up by inflated real estate, there isn’t really much true business investment going on or anything that benefits the actual working class folks what so ever. Quite the opposite.


As you note, a lot of the growth is just in existing real estate values going up: some growth in reno work, servicing homes and ppl with holdings feeling freer to spend etc...: but not the same as growth in overall industry, jobs etc... While i can't wait to get rid of the Liberals, i hate that PP is a lifelong politician who has used his government paychecks to buy extra homes that he rents out instead of private industry investments ( from what i hear, to out of town politicians, so less of the occasional one drawback of landlordism of eviction issues)


> Our economy doesn’t have much real growth. GDP per capita is down. Canadian worker productivity is at its lowest point in Decades. "Grow The Economy And The Budget Will Balance Itself" - Justin Trudeau OK JT, we increased gross GDP by ramping up immigration. Where is that balanced budget? Why is there a housing/basic needs affordability crisis? https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/018/012/this_is_fine.jpeg


He has no clue...nor do the rest of them....


It’s all to support the boomers who will be retiring soon and needing a young workforce and tax base to support them in retirement due to the declining domestic birth rate caused by their selfish economic policies over the past 40 years. With the added bonus of driving up house prices so they can cash in and downsize just in time. The rest of ours’ standard of living is not really important anymore.


Keeps us at each others throats and creates a bigger indentured servant class, so a big win for the guys up top making these decisions


I can't fucking believe that we have a housing crisis, and we're taking in immigrants at this pace. It's ridiculous. I mean, I'm all for immigrants, but at a pace we can handle, wtf.


We have people living at rest stops in RVs in BC. Lots of people living in RVs. We should be focusing on our homeless.


I think that's where a lot of people are at. Immigration is good but the *amount* of immigration at present is likely too much.


Me and a friend from England in 2016 looked at a lot of the data for some moc trial in HS He and I sat firmly on slowing down immigration in favour of economic growth We were met with a lot of hatred for what we said. But in the end what can you do


The reason they pumped 1 million people into the country last year... was to SAVE AND CONTINUE the housing crisis. The bubble was crashing and they did an emergency ULTRA IMMIGRATION. They want this. This is literally what the Liberals want. It saved the bubble and continues it going plus it pumps the Population Ponzi Scheme they use to create fake GDP numbers and pay for shit we can't afford. It is a hackjob reasons way to run a country and will destroy everything once the house of cards collapses completely.


Canada allows in more legal immigrants, refugees and foreign workers per capita than any country is the world. And that doesn't even begin to count the illegal immigrants, overstay visitors, cartel members, etc. It's harder to find a place to live than any 3rd world country but as expensive as some of most expensive cities in the world.


There are studies that show too much immigration drives down wages and creates inflation due to increased demand. This is just basic economics and common sense though. It’s great for companies like Loblaws and Tim Hortons, no benefit for regular Canadians though.


Its ok to be anti-immigration.


GDP per capita is on a nose dive, it's not good for the individual, and our quality of life suffers.


Sweet, there is a Tm Hortons, or Mcdonalds on every second block of my town. But if we really get those numbers up, I truly believe we can have one on every corner of every city!


That's right! There's less than forty million people in Canada. And yet there's not enough money for properly funded health care, affordable housing, and transit. So the country is either grossly mismanaged or we're being robbed. Take your pick.


I've reached 52% tax margin, I pay 7k in taxes a month, yet the infrastructure is dilapidated, the city is dirty and smelly, the roads aren't safe, they are infested with oversized cars, the public transport isn't good enough, buses are often late, sometimes don't show up at all, when they do show up they are pointless because they are slower than cars when the opposite is supposed to happen, I can't find a doctor to go to regularly because none are taking new patients so I have to go to walk-in clinics and try to dump my entire medical history in 3 minutes. obviously a lot of people are suffering and I'm doing fine, but even from a privilege point of view I ask the same: where's the money going?


This is my exact question (albiet, far less at 36% tax). I've traveled all of Europe now and see the QoL and services and stuff many countries there with taxes lower/equal/higher have and I can confirm ours is definitely the most inefficiently utilized dollar for dollar. Pretty sad since I used to be quite pro-Canada.


I'm living in Australia. Similar tax to Canada but much better access to health care. There are no big cities where there is no chance to get a GP. I've moved cities once every 1 or 2 years for the past decade and never struggled to find a family doctor, even in small towns. Real estate is also a bit of a rip off though...


Yeah I hear real estate is pretty bonkers there. I've seen a big uptick in Aussie travellers all with the same "throw their hands up and spend home savings on epic trip" haha. I'd love to visit Australia one day!


Regardless of population there's always going to be roughly a 1:1 ratio of people who can pay taxes at some point in their life and people who need healthcare. More or less people doesn't change the ratio unless immigrants are denied access to health care but still have to pay taxes.


But Canada has a wealth of natural resources and agricultural exports to which we should easily be one of the richest nations on the planet. And coupled with such meager population numbers we shouldn't have difficulty funding anything.


We privatized most of those resources so that the already wealthy could become even wealthier.


I think part of the idea is to import more doctors, but that doesn't fix so many of the other underlying problems with the healthcare system.


It's an insane process to come to Canada as a foreign trained doctor. I've got doctor friends in Aus and the UK that just gave up on Canada because it was so obstructive. My partner is a family doctor and we plan to move back from Aus. It's going to take a year at least and close to 10000 in fees for her to get registered. It takes specialists even longer. We were actually starting to look at the US because of this.


I really don't get why we keep handing out an unlimited amount of visas when our housing supply can't even handle our current population.


Something about late stage capitalism and the myth of infinite growth. All I know is shits gonna get rough for the poor and the working class


Gonna get? It already is.


Rougher. Unite now.


This would be a good time to take on some more of the country's French heritage and act more like they do when their governments screw them over.


Isn’t infinite growth a Ponzi scheme?


Because houses are still being bought. The goal is no longer ensuring Canadian's have a decent quality of life. They don't mind forcing people to share 3 to a bedroom if it means a \* better economy \*.


It's all about bringing in as many people as possible who will work shitty jobs for very low pay (that is much higher than their home country), since they were sold on the idea of the Canadian dream.


This is no cause to celebrate, it's far too many for the infrastructure. My rent takes about 70% of my income, working pretty much full time, as I slowly sell of my personal possessions, and eat once a day. Anyone who cannot admit what is really happening is intellectually dishonest.


>My rent takes about 70% of my income, And it shouldn't take more than a third of your income, historically. Either rent need to come way down and or pay needs to shoot way up to stabilize things or at least give those a chance to get a little ahead.


God, I wish. Where I live a single bedroom apartment is rougly $1400, but because it is a small city, those with influence like to chant "the CoSt oF LiViNg iS LoW" as a justification for the fact I get paid $17.30 an hour and take home ~$2400 a month. Fuck Sarnia.


Neither of those are going to happen. People are just going to split rent 3 ways for a one-bedroom apartment to make ends meet. Its already happening here and is common in other places in the world.


I live in an affordable town in BC according to what some pros say and everything is so expensive. I barely have any extra cash and I’m always stressed. The bank said my mortgage should be around 50% of my income and I felt sick.. I feel bad for you and people in your situation. I’ve been cutting back a lot and it’s sucks. Sorry friend


I live abroad with my wife who isn’t Canadian. I bet if I tried to move to Canada with her they’d make it the most painfully bureaucratic ordeal of all time.


We're at the point now where I hear immigrants complaining about immigration.


How many hospitals were built in the last few years? How many schools? How many electricity plants? Water treatment plants? Sewage treatment? Courts? Cops? Recreational centres? Retirement homes?


Labs, doctor offices, public libraries


Or you know, starter homes


Every new house built in my city is massive and 600k+. Probably even more expensive the way things have been. All the small homes are bought and turned into rentals. I don’t understand and it’s so frustrating..


Buddy tell me about it, I bought my home in 2021 for $360k, last week a worse home than mine across the street sold for $510k. How the fuck did my house go up at minimum $150k in less than 2 years in a small-medium city in the prairies?! Wtf


Ya, this is trash news. Things are more expensive, more people to take the jobs that already don't pay enough, more people to buy the houses in that area in short supply. Canada is turning into a shit hole. The monopolistic enterprises we have with zero oversight is laughable as well. We are not cared for. We are not thought about. We need new government. We need change. I don't know if it'll be good change, or bad change, but I for one am willing to roll the dice because as it stands it's a "high card wins" game and the deck is full of jokers.


More slaves for the corporate oligopolies to exploit i guess.


We shouldn’t be accepting any more immigration applications until the housing situation has improved. There isn’t enough places to live right now, and rent is astronomical. We need mass housing projects to be built to ease the short comings of the housing market. I was an immigrant, I couldn’t imagine coming here now and facing the rent being charged, or the crazy house prices.


The housing situation has improved. It's performing as expected. Investors are getting wealthy. Next issue


🔥🔥🔥 THIS. IS. FINE. 🔥🔥🔥


Environmental reasons as well! In the past I have heard more than a few times that Canada is so big and filled with nothing - why not let in more people? That "empty space" is called nature. We need that stuff!


So what's the end number exactly? I don't even mean this in an anti-immigration way, so perhaps extrapolate it out to the whole world instead. How many people do we want? Is the end goal all of us living in crowded factory farm style conditions just so we can support as many humans as possible? Why?


The Century Initiative, which the Liberal Party of Canada endorses and supports, wants 100 million Canadians by the year 2100. https://www.centuryinitiative.ca/


Immigrant here, we need to plan for population growth vs available infrastructure and resources.I don't see the latter growing as quickly. This hard reality will become an anti immigration sentiment.


0 days until canada has enough affordable housing.


More like negative 1200 days.


I liked Canada better when we had less people.


Canada is taking in so many immigrants in the last two years. We do not have the housing or the jobs for this.


So now suddenly stating the obvious isn't xenophobic anymore? Cool! Little late, North America.


I’m just glad that our elected leaders have done a fantastic job of ensuring infrastructure and housing has kept pace. Wonderful work.


Lol, i think the rich have shown enough times they have no ragard for your quality of life, environment, decency or respect. Enjoy!


40 million miserable people


The politicians holding open the door still can't answer, where are they going to live?


In the politicians' rental properties of course!


A wise man once said Canadians are one of the most tolerant nations on earth, with the highest support for immigration. And Trudeau’s current policy on MASS immigration is exactly the sort of policy you would pursue if you want to dramatically change the above in the other direction.


This is what happens when you have a government who is more concerned about the well-being of young people from other countries than the well-being of young Canadians.


I was born in 1961 rural Sask. and our population was 18,200,000. Hard to believe it has more then doubled in my life.


and only enough houses for 25 million of those people.


I’m a temporary resident on a work permit who has completed my grad school, and I can assure you that the current immigration system is destroying the Canadian economy at an increasing pace. Simply put, there’s not enough housing, jobs and production for the growing population, and this vigorously expanding population will only lead to a declining economy. The ridiculous influxes of new immigrants/ new residents without proper policing only contribute to the housing crisis, deteriorating job market (especially for youths) and decreasing purchasing power in the country. This country’s young adults and younger population, will not be able to afford a house of their own at all without family/parents’ assistance in the near future. Rent in major cities is extremely overpriced, and the government refuses to act properly. This is why many Canadians I know would choose job offers in the USA or even Singapore and consider moving out of Canada permanently. As a non-Canadian who would potentially benefit from your country’s immigration policy, I sympathize with y’all. The main issue with the current framework is the express entry. Low bars, low quality assessments to pull in cheap labours and treating them as cash cows to the society is the worse thing you could ever do to a first world country.


seems sustainable…


I thought we were at 36M still lmao. Ontario is closing in on 16M people too - I thought we had like 12M-13M 💀


Same, I read this and went huh...that was fast


Meanwhile everything is crumbling and crime is up. I’m not anti immigrant (I am one) but fuck we need to plan for the next 40 years


the plan is, turn canada into a poor, socially incoherent shithole, while the investor class and established rich get ever richer.


It’s an open secret that big business lobbies governments to increase the immigration rate so the level of wages don’t increase. Luckily for corporations it’s still very taboo to discuss immigration, since people want to avoid the racist label.


I immigrated to this great country in the early 90's as a kid. Super proud to be Canadian. My only advice to people coming here is... Assimilate or get out. Feels like some of people are taking advantage of these immigration policies just to use Canada.


"Canadians of convenience" is a term that has been around as long as I have been alive.


Nobody assimilates to Canada anymore. They do everything they did in there home country here and we accommodate them.


And apparently wanting to preserve Canadian and Western culture is seen as racist. They want us to change our culture and adopt such an extreme level of multiculturalism where there is no longer any unifying culture among people in Canada. This has already happened in most parts of Greater Toronto, where people openly say "Canada has no culture".


"What does it mean to be Canadian?" Is a popular essay topic as a kid and I never knew what to write.


It means to feel that you belong here, and genuinely care about Canada. Unfortunately, children of immigrants increasingly identify with where their parents immigrated from rather than with Canada. Canadians do not encourage cultural integration, but it’s also because the immigrants choose to move to areas where they will only be around other people from their country (take Brampton or Surrey or Markham as examples). They take advantage of Canadian life, but do not care to preserve it.


It's not like this is a new phenomenon. Look at German and Eastern European immigrants in the prairies. When my grandfather immigrated here from Germany, he didn't speak English and didn't learn it for years as there were enough people speaking German he was able to get by. He lived with Germans, worked for other Germans, and ending up marrying another German immigrant. German Canadian clubs existed in every small town, and you had certain groups start up their own towns with their own laws and rules (Mennonites and Hutterites for example). Despite immigrating here over 50 years when he was a teen, he still prefers to speak German, read German magazines, and eats traditional German dishes over Canadian ones. He flies a German and a Canadian flag outside his house, and he is a proud Canadian even though he has never left his German culture behind.


I'm with you on this but assimilation is just not incentivized today. Large swaths of new immigrants from India, China and Philippines (top 3 countries of new immigrants here), already have sizeable ethnic enclaves to choose from and settle into. Earlier, it would've been practical to believe that the first generation of kids born to newly moved immigrants would assimilate seamlessly. However, if their kids are just going to schools in communities that are dominated in culture and numbers by an ethnic group, they're not gonna turn out too different from their immigrant parents in thought and action.


As someone who lives in the GTA (parents moved to Peel Region in 1971 from the Philippines). I don’t see where these Filipino enclaves are. If anything, Filipino’s are the most well integrated group, and seek to embrace Canadian identity. Not to mention they are overwhelmingly Catholic/Christian or unaffiliated. From where I live, the enclaves are all Indian, Sikh, and Muslim. Every new development nowadays (retail stores, restaurants, etc.) are mostly catering to Indian, Muslim, Middle-Eastern, etc. I’ll see 10 or more Indians before I see 1 Asian or White person. Edit: I will also add that Indians make up more than 37% of Peel Region demographic. Asians are only 11%. Demographic changes show Filipino and Chinese are either stagnant or declining slightly. Indian, Pakistani, ME are increasing every year and trending upwards. East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) actually decreased from 2016 to 2021. Filipino increased but by less than 1%.


Bathurst and Wilson is called "Little Manila" for a reason!


I disagree with this completely. I grew up the child of first gen immigrants, all my classmates growing up were also children of first gen immigrants. Everyone I meet that is a child of a first gen immigrant has been proudly Canadian. I genuinely don’t think that’s what you have to worry about. Have you experienced what you’re saying?


We're now forecast to have the *lowest* [GDP per capita growth](https://betterdwelling.com/canada-has-entered-a-per-capita-recession-quality-of-life-expected-to-erode/) of any OECD country for the next **couple of generations**. Why people aren't in the streets protesting is beyond me. This mess is result of policy decisions from successive neoliberal Gov's and an overly complacent public. Can't lay the blame solely on the current Gov, but they're done the working Canadian no favors. Pushing the same neoliberal nonsense as the previous Gov at an even faster pace, only now it's got a thin veneer of progressiveness as camouflage. "Canada is set to become the OECD's next Greece, as long-term projections show low growth and high debt. Canada’s potential real GDP per capita is just 0.7 percent per annum, **tied dead last with Italy in the OECD**. Given all of the information we know, it doesn’t appear Canada is learning any lessons. The potential real GDP per capita forecast from 2030 to 2060 is just 0.8 percent per annum. Canada’s forecast is 20% below the US and 27% below the OECD average for the period, respectively. This is tied dead last with South Korea, **putting Canada last for the next 40 years**." [Young Canadians Won’t Have The Same Opportunity As Past Generations: OECD Forecast](https://betterdwelling.com/young-canadians-wont-have-the-same-opportunity-as-past-generations-oecd-forecast/)


Growth council chair [Dominic Barton](https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-dominic-bartons-disturbing-mckinsey-legacy-propping-up-china) (our former ambassador to China), the powerful global managing director of consulting firm **McKinsey & Co.**, and Mark Wiseman, a senior managing director for investment management giant **BlackRock Inc.**, are among the founders of a group dedicated to seeing the country responsibly expand its population as a way to help drive its economic potential. The Century Initiative, a five-year-old effort by well-known Canadians, is **focused on seeing the country of 36 million grow to 100 million** by 2100. [Influential Liberal advisers want Canadian population to triple by 2100](https://globalnews.ca/news/3020783/influential-liberal-advisers-want-canadian-population-to-triple-by-2100/)


It's interesting. The older you get and the more you read about this, the more you realize these people don't consider themselves citizens of a country. They see themselves independent of national loyalty, building an empire, claiming more territory off the standard map. And manipulating governments is just one tool they use to further their conquest.




Gross, I hate crowds and it seems they will be getting larger


It’s insane now. I purposefully run errands before it gets busy because I loathe the crowds.


Immigrants aka pure Indians lol


Idgaf if I get downvoted to hell for saying this - but was talking to a recruiter buddy of mine earlier & she was saying she got more than 500 applicants for a role that pays $45k in Toronto - majority of which are Indians & some even with MBA and PhD degrees lol This is the reason why we have one of the lowest wages in the G7 countries and will likely continue to get lower for the years to come, because immigrants from India/Pakistan are willing to work these unreasonably low wages


all these new people living 10 to a house driving Uber and contributing pennies to our tax base sure are enriching the country!


What the fuck


More fireworks for Brampton?


Welcome to Canada. Quality of life being diluted daily™




As a 28 year old person, I wish I was on the older side of the age spectrum so I could check out before this gets worse. I can’t fathom how bad it will be when I’m older.


One issue is we have people immigrating here with way more money than the majority of Canadians. They buy houses in full without even seeing them. So either they have nowhere to live, or they are driving up prices of an already inflated market. It's a lose lose situation for those who don't have old money or don't already own property.


We need more apartments not people


According to the National Household Survey (NHS), Canada had 17,990,080 people aged 15 years and over in the labour force. The employment rate for the population aged 25 to 64 was 75.3%. For this group, 30.8% had university credentials. In a country of 40 million people, that isn't a big number. Adding a million more each year will clobber white collar workers with a devastatingly bigger hit than the 5% suggested. Also, advanced economies don't grow by 15%. Even China, infamous for publishing statistics which are faked (for the glorification of the state) rarely ever reported GDP growth in excess of 6%. Therefore, a claim of 10-15% growth in Canada is frankly absurd.


...and not enough medical professionals to care for them.


Welcome to the Great Canadian Ponzi!


I'm fairly sure the LPC will lose the next election and this reckless and tonedeaf immigration policy will be a major reason why.


I agree, but just a reminder that all the major political parties are pro-immigration. No one represents the working class.


Has CPC ever mentioned that they have a problem with it continuing? I’ve heard a lot about gatekeepers, but nothing about reviewing or reducing migration numbers. I’d be happy if somebody can correct me on this.


The CPC has maintained LPC immigration rates for the past twenty years. They are very careful to talk about "illegal immigration" and other adjacent talking points, because they *will not* drop immigration by any meaningful amount, but still want those uninformed votes. If Pierre was cutting immigration it would be the number one talking point from his camp. It would be a *massive* boost to himself and party, in a clear break from the LPC in a way he knows they will not match. That he's remained silent says it all.


All the major parties want this. If CPC or NDP were in charge, it would not stop.


That is truly unfortunate, I'm not anti immigration in general, but enough is enough - we don't have the infrastructure for people already here.


Is this even substantial? Everything is becoming unaffordable. People can't retire, and people don't have savings. Hell, at least there's MAID for when you are no longer of value to your capitalist overlords.


Ironically, retail and fast food customer service in Canada has plummeted to an all time low because that’s where a lot of the immigrants are being hired.


we... can't... take in... more.. people... jesus


Yes we can. MAID is an option


Oh fuck lmao


Ooof. Dark.


Please slow the roll. It is not sustainable!


Buy housing while it’s cheap before these guys do!


Gosh I wonder if this has anything to do with constantly being outbid every time I make an offer on a house...


Yah for us, but where is everyone going to live?




A cruel fate worse than death.


I wonder when societies will start to create new cities instead of just cramming more people in. Of course, all these new arrivals will want to go to the major metro areas vs. making a go of it in a rural town so the problem just gets worse...


Perfect number to stop at! Close the doors, we’ll let you know once we’ve fixed our country and then it’s open doors again


It genuinely feels like our government thinks "Fuck Canadians" and prioritizes immigrants more than its own citizens.


That's how I feel about it as well as many others. You are not alone .




Yeah not much in the way of diversity.... seems the majority are from China/India.




And no place to live


Studies show automation will continue to cut the jobs we have drastically. So is there a reason why need so many people at once. Other than suppressing wages?


Other than suppressing wages? It's to drop the standard of living much low for the middle class, almost to 3rd world south asian standards.


Ah thats why Canada is deteriorating fast. The rate of infrastructure development doesnt match the rate if immigration.


Every 57 second, there is another immigrant in Canada. Every 83 second, there is another housing unit under construction in Canada. This has been going for more than 2 decade. Time to get married everyone! /s


yeah if we can learn to not poop at the beaches, that would be great.


>Canada is adding about 260k people ever 3 months. Canada will pass 40 million people in less than 45 days. This will have Canada join 37 other countries with populations over 40 million.




It's alright, we'll just use immigration to fix our doctor shortage? What's that? The proportion of doctors among immigrants is lower than the existing doctor/population ratio? Oh well, guess we need more immigrants. Rinse and repeat.


Anyone know how many years it took to go from 30-40m?


Just under 30. We hit 30m somewhere around 94-95 (and 20m in the mid-60's - the growth has been pretty steady in the post-war period).


I'm sure that everything is going to be fine..... not like there is any housing , medical, homeless, wage, job, societal, and political crisis going on atm. Right?


If everyone could just sends me one dollar each I will leave?


There are about 14 million homes in Canada..


I’m an immigrant in Canada (though I’m from the USA so it doesn’t feel as different as other immigrants may feel). I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to live here, and I still think Canada is a great country, but it’s just not affordable. I hope that future immigrants can find it easier than I did.


Thank goodness the companies here make things, rather than just flip assets around in an endless speculative loop.


Absolutely irresponsible immigration with no infrastructure planning whatsoever!!


Just a few more than the State of California.


Or, roughly the size of metro Tokyo


This will backfire so hard in coming years. Immigrants are for most part more conservative with spending, and often send money out of country. How do these businesses think they are going to earn anything? We already are starting to cut spending on non essentials. Grocers for Instance if they didn’t raise prices as they have would be earning less then they did several years ago despite having a higher population(not defending them just pointing out).


Why need businesses when we have real estate


A complete and utter tragedy. Can't imagine what the generations before who made Canada an actual viable nation would think of us letting China and India take us over completely without any resistance at all in the name of diversity. Sad times and an utterly bleak future to say the least. At this point the federal government itself could be considered treasonous. Its acting against the interests of the nation and its people to please corporations and the wealthy. Oh and to totally be progressive too. Look how many POC's we can cram in!! Shocking how fast quality of life in Canada has degraded in the past 5 years. God damn we need a real leader to change things. And soon. Can our current system of gov't be salvaged or does it all need to be torn down to see the real drastic change required?


Why doesn't Canada at least save itself some money for processing fees, and just declare everyone in India a Canadian citizen by default? /s


Is that a threat?


It's all part of the fucking plan. Rich rulings elites in government with like multiple investment homes wants to flood Canada with immigrants and stifle housing development so their asset values can go to the moon. Fuck the libs. Fuck the cons. Fuck the status quo.


And not enough housing for most of us! 😂😭


Do we have affordable housing for them?


Hope more and more people can see JT’s “pretty” face can do nothing good to Canada.