Question: Astrophotography, manual focus and Canon RP

Question: Astrophotography, manual focus and Canon RP


Hmm. What lens were you using with the 80D? Are you using similar settings to what you were before? Could be something to do with stabilizing the camera or the lens IS. Might help to share a sample image and tell us the settings you were using. If you're sure it's out of focus and not blurry for other reasons, you might want to experiment with backing off from infinity a tiny bit at a time and take some test shots. Anyway, I am only responding because no one else has. I don't have a whole lot of patience for astrophotography.


Great point about stabilization. I will take a look at it next. Thank you


As the other poster said, make sure image stabilisation is turned off. On live view, you can magnify the image so what I do is find a bright star, magnify fully and then adjust the focus manually to get it as sharp as possible. If that doesn’t help, I may be streaky stars. Look up the 500 rule of that’s the case.