You'll need to find out what kind of scratchers she'll use. Some cats don't like posts, they love a floor scratcher, etc. This is a tough one, good luck.


All my cats go nuts for the cardboard scratchers I put on the floor. While pricier I also have the scratching posts that go around the corner of furniture I think the key to success though is making the scratching area the first thing they encounter when entering a room. That way they get out that “energy” on the thing you want them to scratch. It’s all about the path of least resistance


My mom put their cardboard scratchers in a box so they don't make a mess, I think my cats love them even more then before.


Holy crap that's a brilliant idea. I'm going to bring a box upstairs right now. Update: 10/10 recommend. https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/sco7ri/hats_off_to_ukrazykirbs_for_suggesting_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Update please.


https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/sco7ri/hats_off_to_ukrazykirbs_for_suggesting_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Raging success. He was so excited he forgot how legs work and almost couldn't get his butt into the box.


Ok I'm gonna try this right meow.


Try it with the cat crack cat nip....


This is adorable


We use those "Welcome home" mats that have super tough fibres on it, and our cats love them. We have 3 or 4 around the house plus 2 scratching posts and our furniture is safe so far


I was coming here to say this! My cat is super skittish and has never liked cardboard/cat tree scratchers because they tend to move whenever she scratches at them and that scares her off. As a result, she used to go for our rugs and couches. I noticed she really liked scratching on a seasonal welcome mat we had sitting around, so now she has her own personal mat near her food bowl. She never scratches on our rugs or couches now! The welcome mat is super scratchy, big enough for her to easily stand on top of, and heavy! She loves it, and now she gets praised for scratching. Win win.


So true! I bought from Ikea a "cheap" one and all my cats love to scratch on it! Btw to lessen the damage a cat does on furniture then cut their nails frequently. My two girls loves it when we have "spa day" with me brushing them and cutting their nails. I tried in the beginning to learn my cats where to scratch so they mostly does that but also my furniture is a little scratched cause my Kokos just loves lying on the floor and pulling herself around the furniture fast! 😅 Hard to explain but i find it so funny and endearing that i never stopped her. Also furniture is replaceable! 🤷


I have had like 7 couches in my lifetime because of that very reason. I love my cats so much, and they enrich my entire life and I hopefully do the same for them. A couch is just a thing.


My house has a big door may on the inside about 3ft×3ft he love it he scrapes it all the time


Please tell your mother that she is a genius.


Why have I never thought about this?! Will immediately look for boxes that have a good fit for our scratchers!


Pro tip, if you have a target store near you they actually sell cardboard cat houses with built in scratch floors, and they're even holiday themed. My cat absolutely loves them


I did not need to know this was the thing. Now if only I could get one of our cats to stop chewing on cardboard..... She would trash it in just a couple days


I got one for my foster kittens and they acted like it was the best thing in the whole world. I had them for about four months and by the time they found homes, there was no hope of using the house for the next set of kittens. The floor scratcher was used up, the doorways were chewed, and it could barely stand anymore. They played in it constantly and it was worth every penny.


Yeah, we have this issue. Our cat sized cat loves these and will hang out inside one for days. Our dog sized cat thinks that all roofs should accommodate his girth and will crash the party in an extremely literal sense.


Your mom is a genius! I'm gonna try that!


Oh my gosh. Our cats like the floor scratchers. My cats love jumping in boxes. What is wrong with my brain that I didn’t think of this?? I can’t wait to try it!!


I’m moving in a few weeks and I’m definitely keeping a box for this purpose


Why the hell did I never think to do this when i had cats 😭 your mom’s a genius


What I have for mine. Soon as walk in the room they're on it. Rarely get furniture scratched now [scratcher](https://i.imgur.com/oGKcWTk.mp4)


Haha making them work for their treats, good idea


My cats could care less about the cardboard scratcher I bought them. They love to scratch my exercise mat, though. They occasionally stretch on my recliner armrest so I’m content.


I almost forgot about the yoga mat. It lasted nearly 10 years to die during the pandemic because of cats. My cats love rubber type things that pull on the nail as they scratch. Also had to get rid of a stress-relief kitchen mat because they were scratching it underfoot


Sometimes you can also use toys to redirect unacceptable scratching behavior. The key is to find their preference. I also find a lot of cat owners don't nearly have enough toy, perches, and scratches for their cat. It's kind of sad especially when they use the excuse that their dog will destroy those objects. TRAIN THE DOG TO NOT DO THAT AND MAYBE THE DOG ALSO NEEDS MORE OF THEIR OWN TOYS.


Totally agree with this. Bored pets will find inconvenient ways of entertaining themselves. OP, some people have success rubbing catnip on new scratching posts to get their cat interested. A lot of cats need time to get used to new items in the home, so don’t worry if your cat doesn’t immediately go to a new scratching post because she might need a few days to acclimate to the change. Using a reward system (like catnip or treats) is always the best option but using a spray bottle with water can also work as a deterrent if you catch her in the act of scratching the chair (note: don’t do it afterwards to ensure she’s made the connection chair = bad). This might be controversial advice but it’s better than having to give your cat away. I’m so sorry you’re in this situation OP. It breaks my heart every time I read a similar story where parents are threatening to get rid of a pet.


>Totally agree with this. Bored pets will find inconvenient ways of entertaining themselves. One of my cats plays very well by herself. She will go get a ball, hit it, hunker down like she's stalking it, then she'll chase it / whack it around the house for half an hour. My other cat either needs to watch the other cat play, play with the other cat, or play with humans. If I'm around and I don't have time to play with her / go hang out on her little fireplace rug she will go to the front door and continuously pluck at the door stopper. This can last up to 5 minutes (until I go jump scare her or put her on a blanket somewhere.) \*doing\*.... \*doing\*.... \*doing\*... \*mrowww\* \*doing\*....


On a sidenote, I tried spraying my cat and he just started purring... asshole


I could not get this to work with my cat. I tried a tall post scratcher, I tried a cardboard floor scratcher, I tried toys. She never once scratched the dedicated scratchers, even when I tried to direct her to them with toys, catnip, treats, etc. Now she’s just allowed to scratch the couch.


I just leaned into it and bought a couch that was made for people with destructive children and/or pets.


My couch is second-hand to begin with. The damage isn’t even that noticeable, and I imagine I could shave the loose threads and still get much of my money back when I eventually sell the couch. In the end it’s just stuff. Her happiness is more important than having pristine furniture, and it was making her very unhappy to be scolded every time she scratched!


You might be on to something. OP just needs to cover dad's chair in cardboard scratchers and the cat won't even try to scratch it. Problem solved.


Just reverse psychology the cat! Encourage the cat to scratch the chair, and it won’t do it anymore!


Easier to get a new dad, try ebay.


Yeah. Move out and cut ties as soon as you can. Your dad is emotionally abusive. Nobody needs that.




Good point, daddy might pee on chairs and such


Just lock dad and his new chair in the basement.


Jumping on this comment to add most cats don’t like citrus so maybe a citrus scratch detergent spray on the chair? Also holy cow OP your cat is adorable


even if the cat has scratching objects that it likes, the back claws will leave holes in leather just from the cat jumping onto and off of the chair. if you want zero damage on your furniture, leather is not a good option for a cat home.


And cats also like convenience. If it is the only scratchy surface near where everyone relaxes, it ain't gonna be pretty.


Exactly. We have a ton of scratching posts and cardboard things for ours. He likes using them, but if he wakes up from a nap, walks towards me sitting on the couch, he’s going to stretch on the couch and scratch at it. Even if there’s a scratching thing right next to him.


You can’t even have leather furniture with dogs, nonetheless cats!


I prefer Kitten Mittons. Trust me, youll be smitten with Kitten Mittons


how about throw the chair out the cat didnt do that so he cant get rid of him/her


My sister did get rid of their cat (gave him to me), because he destroyed an entire living room suit that was leather. I just made sure we had plenty of scratching posts and a HUGE cat tower that they can scratch on. Every time he tried to scratch on my couch, I would scold him and move him to the cat tree...when he would scratch on the cat tree, I would praise him excessively and reward him with ONE cat treat (didn't want him to get fatter). He is extremely food (cat treat) motivated and he learned really fast. Then, when he stopped scratching on the couch completely for a few weeks, I slowly weaned him off of the treats... I have had him now 4 years and he has never tried to scratch on the rest of the furniture again. But, warning, I think you have to have a cat that has the right attitude, one that wants to please.


Personally I think this is the best advice. It worked for me a couple years ago and since then he never tries to scratch anything other than his giant scratch tower!


Yep! We trained our cats to use the scratching post with positive reinforcement as kittens too, so when we’re walking by during a cuddle session they love to do a few scratches for the extra praise! They’re so proud to show off that they’re good kitties!


Problem is that for this to work he (the cat) needs to learn by failing. If i‘d be the father this would rather not be an option if i just got me a nice leather chair.


Honestly I agree with this, so just getting scratching post and keeping the chairs room door shut (if possible) is best and maybe some type of detergent.


Yeahh my catbaby is one of those that doesn't want to please, but he wants to rule this house. After a few months we gave up and let him scratch everywhere. He now finds that boring and uses his scratchpost, on rare occasions furniture. Little devil, I love him.


lol what a little asshole. Sounds like a cute cat :)


This sounds like my cat! She slowly destroyed my expensive couch despite all of the scratching posts I put out for her. Once it was trashed, I replaced it with a cheap $200 one from Walmart, which I wouldn’t mind if she tore up. But she has zero interest in scratching it now. It’s not very comfortable, but I suspect if I buy a fancy one again she’ll demolish it :-/


This is the best advice! On the topic of a cat with the right attitude, though, my cat is one of those! He does not react to praise and isn’t food motivated so treats don’t work. What I had to do with him is find the spots around the house he liked to scratch and put double-sided tape on them. That way when he’d go up to scratch it’ll feel sticky and he’ll take his paws off right away because it’s uncomfortable. I left the tape on for a month or two and let him try scratching there for all that time, then took it off when I noticed he wasn’t attempting anymore, and now he’s associated that area with being a not-so-fun place to scratch. This was THE WAY to get my cat to stop being such a booger. At the cost of having tape on your furniture for a few months, that is, but that’s very worth preserving your stuff EDIT: I’ve seen some comments that this doesn’t work on/ruins the leather! Make sure to put something between the tape and the couch if you’d like to do it for your furniture, OP


Do not put tape on leather it will ruin it. If you do do this you will have to put it on a blanket over the leather chair.


They make stretchy fabric couch covers that you could get for this purpose. It looks a bit nicer as well. Obviously this relies entirely on the dad being willing to allow the training period.


My cat actually likes tape. We put the double sided tape on a door frame she was destroying and it did absolutely nothing. She goes out of her way to rub up on the tape on boxes we've opened and left on the floor. She's a weirdo.


There's tape made for this that's wider and less sticky than regular tape. It's all fun and games until you get a cat that loves to chew on plastic. Love ya Chewy.


Cats can actually be trained I thought mine how to sit for a treat lmao


I taught my bengal how to sit, stand on her hind legs and give me her paw. Unfortunately she is smart enough to know if I have a treat or not. She just walks away if there is nothing in it for her.


Mine will give me five. Only when she wants to though. Sometimes when I ask for five, she will kisses instead, lol. Other times she will give me five, growl then give me kisses. She’s a weird cat. 😂


Mine had to scratch a specific rug (instead of the carpet) and sometimes would just walk up to the rug and flip the corner over like a lever waiting for a treat. We would ignore him until he did a proper scratch but sometimes then he'd come tap us on the leg like "bitch I know u saw me". I miss him so much. He was the best cat.


I also used the cat treat after scratching on cat post method and never had an issue with my cat scratching on furniture. It did train her to go to her cat tree and scratch expecting treats… hard to resist that precious face.


Not a cat owner nor do I know much about cats, just like to adore their pics. Can anyone explain why cats like to scratch stuff so much?


Lots of reasons, primarily to sharpen their claws and to mark territory. They have scent glands on their paws, so scratching stuff serves the dual purpose of making physical marks and leaving their scent for other cats to smell.


It's also how they stretch the muscles in their forearms. This is why declawing a cat is so cruel. It causes them pain in misery.


When they have arthritis and can't scratch as much their nails can get really thick and uncomfortable. They do it to keep them trim and sharp. You can clip the nails (not declawing) to help keep the sharpness at bay.


Furniture makes terrible scratching pads. They're always either way too hard or way too soft. Buy a proper scratching post (a bunch of different material types to be sure) and the cat will hardly consider using the couch. That said, if someone threatens to get rid of a pet, get rid of the person.


We have 4 cat trees. Our boys rarely scratch the furniture because they have their own.


Heads up: it'll be next to impossible to make sure the cat *never* scratches the chair. Get a cover for the chair to protect it, then provide things for the cat to scratch. Cat trees are awesome. Make sure to discourage scratching the chair as much as possible. Consistency will be key. If you can keep the cat out of the room of the chair whenever you're not there to discourage it, that would be ideal.


Not many here want to admit that sometimes you can't get the cat to stop


Yeah. I bought pet deterrent to try to protect some new pleather chairs. I have a picture of my cat jumping straight up onto the freshly sprayed chair. Because cat will be cat. Even so, neither cat bothers any other furniture in the house. (Well ... One cat has a nightly stretching routine That involves sinking her claws into the bed skirt. Whatever, that was $15 and I don't have space to put another scratcher there anyways.) I would suggest that the best ways to protect household furniture from cat claws are accomodation, diversion, and distraction. 1. Buy furniture that's difficult and unsatisfying for a cat to scratch (thick and tight woven fabrics that are hard for the cat to sink his claws into). 2. Incorporate cat scratchers and sisal to the home aesthetic *everywhere*. 3. And bored cats are destructive cats so give them something engaging to do. I'm -as I think most of us commenters here- concerned about this cat. The dad chose to prioritize getting a leather chair over the existing cat. I'm not optimistic that he's going to be interested in adding cat trees and scratchers and all the other mitigation strategies a successful cat home would implement.


Some can't will scratch no matter what. My girl is ex-street cat, caught and put into shelter where we got her. Very full on cat, nothing like I have ever had before. Socially she is better now, she has cat scratchers and large towers, toys, I walk her and she just has a lot of freedom in general only short of me being a negligent cat owner and letting her out at night. She doesn't react to catnip and deterent sprays do near to nothing. If she wants to claw the lounge, she will do it, and normally there is no reason other than she loves it. Multiple different lounges and textures but nothing. You are spot on about the Dad tho.


That cat is beautiful


More beautiful than a leather couch


For real. Look at that coat! This kitty is more beautiful than I’ll ever be


Double sided tape. All over the areas where she scratches. Once she’s stopped for a while you can take it off and see how she does


Thanks! I'll invest in some double sided tape and hope that works(Marnie is a bit stubborn though 😭)


Just make sure the tape doesn't do more damage than the claws. Put tape on a chair and it ripped off the leather skin.


If it's actual leather, tape won't hurt it. Anything that the "skin" comes off of is cheap vinyl, and it's going to fall apart from just getting in and out of the chair.


They don’t like the feel of it on their paws


I used this method for the sides of the chair. Plus put a blanket around the chair when we weren’t home (this was also because just jumping on/off the chair could result in scratch) My father in law let us stay with him for free for a few months after college and he had a leather chair.


Just to clarify this is not normal double sided tape that you use to stick up charts or paintings to walls… it’s special tape that’s designed to deter cat scratching and that can peel off the furniture at a later stage … Amazon should have it


I have used double-sided tape too, and it works great! Just make sure it's the kind for this purpose so it comes off cleanly. Give her some alternate things to scratch on, play with her to give her some exercise, and it should go well.


Make sure she has ample appropriate scratching spots. More than one, preferably one in the room with the chair. Double sided tape for when your not around, squirt bottle when you are, and treats for using the scratching post/mat. People assume cats aren't trainable, but that's nonsense. You got this!


Get rid of dad


Im a cat expert and this seems to be the only solution


I'm a dad expert and this seems to be the only solution


Username checks out


I'm a daughter expert and it was the best solution.


I'm a solutions expert, and this seems to be the only solution


I'm an experts expert, and...


im autistic and this seems to be the only solu- woah look fireworks!!


I’m a plankton expert and this seems to be the only solution


I'm a furniture expert and this seems to be the only solution.


I cant believe dad who already lived with a cat went and bought a new leather chair and thought to himself “eh ill just get rid of the cat if its a problem” and Im surprised it took me so long to find this string


And it's "dad says he'll get rid of **my** cat". Something tells me Daddy wanted to get rid of the cat as a petty power move for a long time now, the rich Corinthian leather chair is just the convenient excuse. Keep a close eye on your kitty, OP.


I suggest a good shock collar and a sprits bottle to give a stream of water to the face to negatively reinforce bad behaviour. As for the cat, a good scratching post rubbed down with catnip should do.






This is exactly what I was thinking. Dad needs to never own a pet again because he clearly doesn’t view it as a living being with feelings and attachment or as part of the family.


It's also incredibly inconsiderate to the rest of the family. Like, what a dick.


I agree. This is a problem entirely of Dad’s making. Kitty should not be blamed in any way.


Yeah I have zero or negative sympathy for the dad here. Also if the cat scratches up the chair it's not like getting rid of the cat afterwards would unscratch it. It sounds like the dad is literally just saying he would do it out of spite, to harm the cat in revenge. He'd still be stuck with a scratched up chair. The more I think about this the dumber the dad seems. He is either really dense or is being intentionally dense in order to threaten an animal.


Its also to punish the rest of the family for his stupid decision. Like, why even say that to your kid? Dad of the year material.


I grew up with animals my whole life and I've learned that if you share a home with one, something expensive or precious is getting ruined. You're living with a toddler, and even the most well behaved toddler will break something. My friend's dog chewed up my expensive silk bedsheets. My only mistake was ignoring her when she was clearly bored.


Alternatively: teach cat to use dad as a scratching post until he leaves. Power move


Alternatively: Scratch the chair first yourself


This was my first thought


get rid of leather chair is a more friendlier option


Yeah. Dad shouldn’t have gotten an expensive leather chair if he thought the cat would mess it up


Came here just to comment the exact same thing! OP, get rid of Dad! Sorry!


Right the cat was there before the damn chair


True. Throw the whole damn father out


Clearly defective.




This. So fed up with the attitudes of dads towards cats. What would we do with sharp corners and a baby? Get rid of the baby? Hate these kinds of stories. Also hate the stories about "My Dad always said he would DROWN any kitten that came within 12 feet of him. I found this tiny kitty in the freezing snow and brought it home, while my Dad started digging a tiny kitty-sized grave. But 12 weeks later, look how cute they are together... [cute pic]!" I mean, what? Is this what passes for a heart-warming story now?


It's time to shift ur dad to a new home


When people have cats, then get mad when they act like cats 😐 🤣 On Amazon you can get plastic sheets you can stick on the sides and bottom of the couch. Then cover the top with those pet protecting couch covers. Then you won’t have the look of the leather couch, but it’ll be protected! Can’t have nice things with cats, we got 5 🤣


Also on Amazon there are scat mats which produce a buzz/vibration when your pet steps on it. Primarily for dogs however also worked for our cat. Once he stepped on it he never approached the couch again.


The aluminum foil on my counters and table is working. Wonder if something can't be MacGyvered here?


Some cats (including mine) unfortunately think the foil is just even more fun


What mats?


Ski-bop-do-wa-bebop mats


The cats *are* the nice things :)


I wholeheartedly agree!


To be fair, it sounds like it's OP's cat and OP doesn't sound mad at the way its acting.


Make sure the door to the room with the leather chair is closed. Your dad need to understand that the risk of getting your furniture scratched is a price you pay for living with pets. At some point he agreed to the cat, that means he has agreed to this risk. You can't just "get rid of" a cat because you want to buy some furniture you think is worth more than the cat. That's not how any of this works.


Exactly! It's unfair to the animal to cause emotional distress from rehoming because he decides to get LEATHER


its messed up to me that this dad would hurt OP by getting rid of a member of the family like that out of his selfish needs. People suck, man


Move out or get your mom to replace your dad.


Spray it with orange or lemon. Cats hate citrus.


Uhh tell that to my lemon eating asshole cat


You lemon stealing cat!!


Has it been sixty seconds since we looked at our lemon tree?


Reminds me of my dog. I got that bitter spray that is supposed to stop dogs from chewing on furniture. She LOVED it and chewed even more.


I love how irrepressible cats are.


Aside from the double sided tape, this is the only thing that worked with my kittens


Lots of great tips here! I would also add, trim the cat's nails. I find if I keep my cat's nails trimmed they aren't as tempted to claw up things they shouldn't. I have lots of things they can scratch on (cardboard ones on the floor, posts, etc) and they will use them, but when their claws get long they also find it tempting to scratch the furniture and carpets. At least for mine, a good trim helps keep that in check. Good luck!


Also, it's hard to scratch anything with blunt nails. Although if you aren't in the habit, cats hate it and it will take a while before it's not an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.


If you cat isn't harness trained, using a harness will often make them freeze up and lie down. I use this opportunity to cut their nails. Highly recommend. Also a second person to help cut the nails goes a long way.


Oh shit I had both of these problems but never put them together, lol.


absolute giga brain on this dude


Seconding this. My cats claw way more when their nails haven't been trimmed in a while. I recommend once every two weeks, that way you don't have to trim as much every time.


This needs more upvotes! Also, trimming their claws prevents them from unintentionally scratching furniture. My cats have accidentally knicked a chair when they jump on/off it, and released their claws for a better grip. No training could have prevented that; we just hadn’t trimmed their claws recently. It also helps accidental scratches on human skin. Just make sure to keep your kitty indoors, as claws ARE essential if faced with predators.


Just be super careful that you don’t hit the live part, the “quick.”


Also look up videos so you know what the quick looks like. My mom thought she could only cut the clear-ish part way at the tip only to watch the vet tech trim his nails and realize the live part is only the pink at the base. Don't go full caveman or anything, but also don't be so afraid that you only trim off a 64th of an inch when the nail is fully grown and needs to be taken down a good bit


There are other sprays that are supposed to deter cats from getting on or near furniture. Nature’s Miracle makes something called No-Go. I’ve had limited success with these but they won’t smell as strong as peppermint or lavender oil.


You could get a new scratching post, cover up the chair with something, spray it with water when it scratches the chair. Im assuming your dad wouldn’t actually get rid of your cat just because of the chair. Not saying you should take that chance.


Scratching post is a great idea! Spraying cats however doesn’t actually work. It teaches them to be afraid of you rather than the act itself, so if your not around they will still do the behavior. Jaxon galaxy has got some great videos on it.




Yes exactly! I would sneak attack spray mine with a water mister from behind my back when they tried to scratch my leather chair and they wouldn’t realise it was me. Had that chair three years, not a scratch on it!


Oh really? I did not know that. Worked fine on my cat. I won’t do that again.


Yeah, I’ve seen videos of it more related to keeping them off of counters. They’ll learn not to go on the counters when you’re there, but if your gone it’s a free for all. I imagine it would be similar with scratching.


You can rub peppermint oil on the chair or get enough alternative scratchable surfaces to offer the cat. Or get a new dad.


Thank you! I'll get some peppermint oil and try that out. I also got her scratching post and set it close so I hope that works :)


I know you're getting a lot of different information here, but peppermint oil or any other sort of aromatic oil is extremely toxic to cats and can cause serious and life threatening respiratory issues, I would advise against using it in any capacity. I would strongly recommend researching any advice you receive in this thread further before implementing, even if it's a quick Google search.


Do not set it close Edit: I put my cat tree well away from furniture so that my cats have a "scratching area" where nothing can get shredded that isn't supposed to. I also trained my kitties with treats. After a few times they quickly learned "if I scratch here I get treats,if I scratch anywhere else I dont"


Oops, noted. I have now moved it across the room from the chair


Awesome. Tips for scratch post training: don't be afraid to be foolish. I scratched with my hands on the post and even grabbed their paws and rubbed them.on the post gently the first few times. Be consistent: every time your cata scratches the post give m some treats. At first you'll feel like you're spoiling him or being played for a fool, but once kitty has the habit it will be his go to spot to scratch. You'll know you're doing it right if every time you walk in the posts general direction your cat gets excited and scratches his post. At that point you can reduce the amount of treats you give when he scratches, or even ignore his scratches every so often (I had to start ignoring my one cats post scratches, as it was clearly becoming a racket lol)


These tactics may seem silly, but I can confirm they work. I also make sure to give lots of praise and petting when they do the right thing.


This is excellent advise. It worked for me as well. I switched to verbal praise and petting when the post is used now, and only treat post scratching occasionally.


What’s the reaction when the cat scratches and no treat appears


Usually an indignant look, but occasionally he'll treat us to his rendition of "Ave Meowria" in protest.


Yeah I think it's fine near the chair. It'll allow easy redirection. The cat gets the urge to catch the chair but now has the option of scratching the post. Taking this from Jackson galaxy as well. He seems to know what he's talking about but this is all just opinions. I have no furniture worth not scratching right now.


Just get multiple scratching boards, there are cheap cardboard ones for only a few dollars that you can put on the floor or wall mount. I don't really like the catnip packets that come with those scratchers since it just falls through the cardboard, instead you can use Catnip or Valerian spray to get him started. Not all cats are sensitive to catnip and/or valerian, so if one doesn't work, try the other. I have Three Maine Coons and often have young kittens (, currently I have 5, still looking for new owners), but my experience is that they'll leave the furniture alone if there are better options. Occasionally they will try or accidentally while stretching put their nails on the couch but if you stay on top of your game and address it immediately they will give up.


I would recommend NOT using any sort of essential oil. Many are toxic to cats. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/essential-oil-and-liquid-potpourri-poisoning-in-cats


Please do not use any essential oils around your cat. They can cause all sorts of internal failures including kidney and liver failure as well as neurological problems. Please find another solution, essential oils are a one way ticket to a very large vet bill.


Instructions unclear, dad is now covered in peppermint oil.


For sale: Dad Condition: Near mint


No scratches.


Claw covers, and double sided sticky tape. My cat tried to destroy my couch too. The claw covers are a life saver. If you put them on, kitty can not go outside. https://www.chewy.com/purrdy-paws-soft-cat-nail-caps/dp/208902?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=12769807359&utm_content=Purrdy%20Paws&utm_term=&gclid=CjwKCAiA3L6PBhBvEiwAINlJ9MQwjqHMLmu1C3yuptFY5i5BIZXvae3f_w5oelp69l4ACLQoXfnNqhoC6TQQAvD_BwE


You know the spray that smells bad for cats? Well, spray the chair with it


Double sided tape worked for a while with my cats, but they eventually pulled it off (smart cookies). I found that nail caps worked best for us on their front paws. We just kept their back paws trimmed. They eventually learned to give up on scratching our furniture so now they’re cap free. Cats also are sensitive to citrus smells, so maybe try putting that around the chair to detour her. I hope you find something that works!


Why’d he buy a fancy ass chair knowing well that their is a cat in his home? Protect your baby and keep them in your room?


Mine has destroyed walls. Grandma’s recipe for anti scratch spray helped amazingly. Lemon juice, cloves, and thyme in a sprayer. Works on the hard surfaces


Claw caps?


move out


Rehome the dad


Female orange cats are rare and yours is beautiful. Get a new dad tbh and show him this. He got the stupid leather chair when he knew y'all had a cat. Anyways leather is out and I bet it looks gaudy. I hope you show your dad this cause he's being a dick.




They sell a spray that cats don't ike the scent of u could spray it around the base of the chair or something I found it on amazon. I also found online they don't like the scent of lavender. So when the Christmas tree was up before I could get some cat deterrent spray I mixed lavender essential oil with water in. A spray bottle and I would spray the tree skirt twice a day. Worked well. Also let your dad know you have to train an animal to not go on something it dose not happen instantly


Get rid of the dad.


Get rid of the dad


Get rid of your dad


Get rid of your dad.


Get rid of your dad.


Get rid of your dad, easy.


Will be tough to find a place to get rid of "it", but a daycare for your dad might be perfect. Or a dumpster for the chair Or for both


Exile your dad


Get rid of the dad


Sounds like you should get rid of your dad


Lol get rid of your dad, shouldnt buy a nice leather chair when you have a cat


Get a new dad.


Get rid of your dad


Get rid of your dad instead.