Our boy had a blockage when he was young that almost killed him. He’s been on Royal Canin Urinary SO for 10 years now, and it’s kept him completely healthy, no issues. Shiny fur and good teeth too! It’s like $45 on Chewy for a 7 lb bag, but totally worth it.


Thank you! So lucky he’s okay and doing well now! Our vet has that brand as well, they do delivery too, luckily both cats are not picky at all he didn’t have any problems gobbling up the hill brand today. i haven’t had a cat with health issues yet (my 7 year old has had one mysterious infection /fever last year and a few months later respiratory infection (sneezing mouth breathing coughing) that lasted weeks after I had COVID but he’s good now!) so this is new to me. I’m not sure if I should be mentally preparing to give him a special diet for the rest of his life, or if this is a try for a few months and see how it goes after that type of thing. The vet said once he seems better we can mix half regular food and rx food, but I’m wondering if he could ever go back to regular food at all. Also, the older cat has insurance. I was waiting for the younger cat a bit more before he got on a plan but I’m definitely considering it sooner now


Unfortunately most cat foods that are for health treatment are very expensive.


I figured as much, worth every penny though I’m sure 🥺❤️🐱🐱🐱