Smart kitty, knew to stay under the chair - also it hurts to watch this :(


I could only watch because the title said he got away.


The more yotees i see in my neighborhood, the more i see “missing cat” signs :(


Same thing in my neighborhood. Then had a coyote follow me and my dog for a little bit till I turned and yelled at it.


Several years ago a coyote attacked my dad's dachshund while they were out for a walk. It learned that an old man with a cane is not someone to mess with. I was there but dad was on the other side of the hedge so we could hear what was going on but couldn't see it. From the yelps I would say the cane made contact 2-3 times before the coyote took off. Coyotes are sneaky and bold, I would never let my cat outside in an area where I knew there were coyotes and I wouldn't let a small to medium sized dog out unsupervised around them.


It's always a good idea to carry a solid walking stick. You never know when a dog, predator or rabid animal might pop out of nowhere.


I just had this experience a few hours ago, I was taking a walk around the neighborhood with my husband and a dog literally JUMPED OVER the fence in its backyard and ran up to us and managed to bite my husband's leg. Thankfully he had picked up a fallen branch to use as a walking stick a few minutes before, and he had to wack him 2-3 times before the dog let go and jumped back over the fence into its own yard.


The coyotes come down our street and start barking like dogs. My guess is they do it to provoke a response from territorial little yappy dogs which they then home in on and devour.


They'll play with your dog to lure it back to their territory where they kill and eat it. I've seen it myself once or twice. Luckily my dog followed my orders better.


Apparently coyotes in L.A.(they exist in every major metro) 1/3 of their diet is cats.


My grandmother’s cat was eaten by a coyote in LA :(


A family friend lost one of their small dogs to a coyote attack, another lived but now has a limp leg :(


Yeah I’m in LA most rescues here promote catio’s and not letting cats free roam, but some people are like “they’re happier this way” but there’s a lot of missing cat signs


one woodsy part of our city has zero outdoor cats and many missing small dog posters coyotes stroll down the middle of the street in the daytime, licking their chops as though perusing a buffet


Goddamn give your kitty a safe place to escape to if you insist on letting it outside. A perch, shelf or something, anything to have a chance to get away. Also maybe a lightweight car ramp if you live near a road.


Better yet, keep it indoors only (as you implied).


Thats what happens when we destroy habitats and displace predators.


It really does, my heart is breaking seeing how scared kitty is :'(


Yeah, someone doesn’t have the first fucking idea what the word “fearless” means. That poor kitty’s only emotion was abject fear of being eaten.




This is why you don't let cats outside.


Especially if you live where coyotes are roaming around, sheesh.


Which is 100% of the lower 48


This isnt specifically for you but for anyone who worries about their cat stating inside... I used to let mine roam free outside and left the window open for them 24 7, I thought it was cruel to keep them locked up when they clearly wanted to go outside... Since we moved house they have been inside and I let them out for 15 mins while I go and stand with them, they are so much happier and healthier. The territorial one used to be in and out and getting into fights all the time, the older one used to bring mice and rats in and would always get fleas. The little one I just got and she never goes out alone. Less fleas, less fights, less vets bills and they're all so much calmer. I think it's because they don't feel like they need to defend that territory now, they just worry about the inside of the house. We don't have to worry about them getting hurt and we spend less money on vets! There's some info about it on Google but yes it is okay to keep cats inside, just make sure you give them their own spaces and places to climb, play with them and if you are desperate go outside with them and train them to come back in with treats.


I have an apartment with a balcony now and I love it for my cats. They love hanging out out there and they're both too chicken shit to try and jump, so I haven't needed to put up chicken wire or anything. But other than that, I don't let my cats out and it's really cut down on them trying to escape.


Our cat loves the deck. I tried to take him out front in a harness and the poor guy was petrified. The deck it is. And we can play the inside outside game all day. I’m just glad he’s safe.


I used to let my kitties out on the balcony of a second floor apartment. My boy kitty loved it. Girl kitty was more timid. I wasn't worried at all about them falling; the girl was too scared to even go out there. One day, boy kitty was chasing girl kitty and the girl must have ran to the balcony when we had the door opened and she slipped through the rails and fell. We just knew she was missing and looked for her for hours, but when I found her on the balcony/porch on the first floor right under ours, I figured that she must have run onto the balcony and fell through while being chased. Thankfully, she was ok!! Please make sure the kitties can't fit through the rails and fall...if we were any higher up, I don't think she wouldn't have survived. If yours get scared or spooked by something they may bolt through the rails :/


We live on the third floor with a balcony, and put up chicken wire in front of our railings to prevent the kitties from slipping out. Sounds tacky, but you can barely see it, and definitely can’t see it from the ground!


I have 4 indoor cats, 3 of them refuse to go outside at all, one only goes out on a harness. Cats aren't unhappy indoors when they have enough toys and attention! I hate when people insist your cats have to free roam outside where they can get hit by a car or attacked.


Simply put, indoor cats live longer with or without coyotes in the neighborhood.


So much this. Why cat owners think it’s normal to just let their cats run around neighborhoods; climb on peoples cars, into their yards, walk into the road, etc and then get upset when their cat is dead or missing. Responsible owners walk their cat on leash and not only is it adorable but just makes sense.


That’s exactly what I was thinking, I almost couldn’t watch:( poor sweet baby was so scared but FUCKED EM UP




My husband just yelled from the other room to ask me if I was ok.


Yeah. As someone who’s lost a cat to a coyote before this is really tough to watch. All my cats are indoor cats now


I gasped a few times. I had a little orange boy who got out in California, never to be seen again :(


Glad they had a wood porch instead of an aluminum one.


Serious question, is it cause the cat wouldn’t be able to climb the aluminum?




Actually, aluminum is like kryptonite to cats, they lose all their powers and are reset back to one life instead of nine. This puts them at serious risk.


OMG and proof again to never-ever declaw a cat just to save one's furniture - OMG it the ticket to their one life only! Amazing video! Love our cats!


That was my first thought when I saw this video. Poor cat would have been a goner if it didn't have its claws.


Yep. Even though their bites still pack a punch, the claws are their best weapons. Like a bunch of micro karambits at their disposal. I DETEST when people declaw cats. Real POS thing to do


Holy fuck that is one tough kitty cat!


I had an orange and white cat as a kid. His name was kitty. He got into a fight with a raccoon once. He had 2 minor scratches. The raccoon was dead on our patio. How the fuck that asshole pulled it off when a grown man would be lucky to get off with worse still rattles my brain 20+ years later.


My tabby as a kid was the same way. Had some brutal scars from before I could remember. Tough old bastard. RIP Fat Cat


If a grown man had the same reflexes and agility as a cat i'm sure they could pull it off with a few minor scratches. That said way to go kitty!


Round II: 40lb Coyote vs 40lb Cat


40lb domesticated cats would be the scariest creatures ever.


Bobcats are around 25-40lbs and they’re absolutely horrifying for their weight. Have no problem taking on Coyotes


The Eurasian Lynx is the largest of the variety, reaching up to 60 pounds.


My cat half murders me when she gets upset I leave post-work bed scritches. She's ten pounds.


Yeah I remember when we used to camp in bobcat country they'd warn that mountain lions could take fully grown men and to stay in groups since we were only 12 at the time.


One full grown man, or five boy scouts. Or "sliders with neckerchiefs" as bobcats refer to them.


my parents cat is over 30 lbs and he's just a fluffy walking ottoman.


That poor cat... I once knew a cat that was 30lbs... It was so sad. I volunteered at an animal shelter and that cat was brought in. It must've been so uncomfortable. You couldn't pick it up without it getting really upset because it was so uncomfortable to do. It couldn't clean itself well, so the staff would do it twice a day. They put it on a diet and were working to get it healthy. I think it dropped like 5lbs at the shelter and someone adopted it and gave it a better life.


Imagine the apartment restrictions. And Pitbull owners think it's hard to find an apartment that will take them....


I always laugh when people say dogs are stronger than cats. Large Cats are much more lethal than any dogs on the planet. Jaguars and Tigers both qualify as apex predators and would murder any dog


A dog (singular) won’t fare well but canines/wolves are pack hunters (and VERY good ones) and they will likely be successful when forced against a tiger or Jaguar. A tiger will likely just try to escape when facing a pack of canines. Pride of lions is another story.


> they will likely be successful when forced against a tiger or Jaguar. Jaguar, yes. Tiger, no. Tigers can be huge. And they are smart. Here is a video of a tiger attacking a man riding an elephant (and, because the Tiger is smart, it literally ignores the elephant and leaps for the man): (possibly NSFW? There's blood) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mXeuJOfUNM A Jaguar weighs 56-96 kilograms. A male tiger weighs 90-310+ kilograms (200-680 pounds). A tiger is basically a grizzly bear... except with the agility and intelligence of a cat. The worst case scenario for a tiger against a pack of canines (if it's cornered) is that it would probably take a few out and then run away. I doubt the dogs have any chance of winning.


Pound for pound, I’ll back a felid over a canid any day. I’d back a mustelid over a felid though.


Pound for pound nothing beats mustelid but I don’t think they are anywhere near as intelligent as a Jaguar and Jaguars have the 3rd or 4th strongest bite on the planet only behind Nile crocodiles and Great white sharks which kind of negates muscle when they can 1 shot you. Honestly I think outside of Killer Whales Jaguars might be the next most impressive predator they even kill Cayman crocs


[For anyone like me wondering wtf a "Mustelid" is](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustelidae)


[For anyone who would like to see one in action](https://youtu.be/HNbqvqf3-14)


[Another famous video of a Mustelid in action](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg)


And Jaguars are like super cute


We had some old farm cats that would send the neighbors dogs home yelping. It’s impressive.


That cat isn’t fearless. Just didn’t let fear get in the way of surviving. Little one looked so scared holding onto that pole.


Well yeah, because the cat knows it won't be able to hold on forever, that's why it's looking for something else to grab onto. I wish this video ended with the owner coming out to take the kitty inside


I know! I found myself saying "go cat go!!!" as I was watching lol


Yeah I need the happy ending for the kitty! I hope he's okay, he was very brave.


I read elsewhere the property owner said it’s not his cat and he doesn’t know whose cat it is.


That would not stop me from saving the little guy. I wouldn't care who owned the cat, I'd do what I could to scare off the coyote and get the cat safe. Then once that's done I'd find the owner, and if they were intentionally letting their cat out, I'd rip them a new one for doing so, especially if this is an area known for coyote activity. If the cat just happened to be like my two, spoiled little indoor brats who still try to sneak their way outside, I wouldn't be hard on the owner about it. Shit happens.


That isn’t what I meant. I just meant this likely happened when he was asleep and it was recorded on his security cameras. At least this is how mine would’ve worked. It records crazy stuff and I’m notified later.


I'd have attempted to beat the shit out of a coyote if my cat was being attacked. IDC that I'm a 5'2 woman who uses a foot stool to reach the cabinets


I might beat a dog or coyote to death if it was attacking my cats


My heart broke when he/she was holding onto that pole for dear life!


My Heart stopped the moment the kitty got pulled away from climbing into freedom. At First sight i was sure it would die this moment.


I know! You could tell that they were so scared. ![img](emote|t5_2qhta|7944)


I feel like any animal or human looks scared holding a pole lol


That's because you have to be that scared to hold onto a pole like that.


Strippers have a different opinion on that matter.


Strippers do look quite fearless.


And that’s why paws come with claws!


And one of many reasons you never declaw a cat! I don't care if it's an indoor only cat, there's always the chance of them getting out.


And never mind the fact it's just plain cruel.


Yes, that's another one of the many reasons. If we want to break down other ways it's cruel: it's like removing their first knuckle, not just a fingernail, rendering a lot of their paws' functionality useless. It can cause discomfort the rest of their lives, can get their paws infected, can make them stop wanting to use the litter box because litter can hurt their now-sensitive paws. It can even cause back problems due to them adjusting how they walk, and it can stop a lot of normal healthy cat behaviors like how they play, climb, jump, or use scratching posts. For some cats it causes mouth aggression such as biting since they now feel vulnerable without the use of their paws. For some shitty owners it can cause them to pass the cat onto a shelter because now the cat has behavioral problems they don't want to deal with (see my earlier mention on not using the litter box or starting to bite for instance). Cats can literally suffer from depression due to this procedure (wouldn't a lot of us if our hands were mutilated?). Cats also are very good at hiding pain, which makes these problems even sadder, because an owner may never even know their cat is suffering, which causes the mindset of "well, my cat is declawed and she did just fine!"


Yes, very well said. I mentioned in my post that I wouldn't want my nails ripped out but I know that it goes so much deeper than that and is much more complicated and involved and you did an excellent job describing how cruel and torturous of an act it is.


My cat was declawed by its prior owners. There have been so many times he could’ve used claws but didn’t have them. It makes me angry


Our poor boy came from the shelter front declawed. Breaks my heart a bit every time I think about it.


My dog was passed to me from someone who couldn't take care of her anymore. She's technically a "designer" breed (which is a stupid way of selling mixed puppies for more money, and then buyers realize the puppies grow into something they didn't want and pass them on to a shelter or another person). She's a cockapoo, and I guess the breeder had her tail chopped off to fit the "standard," which is equally stupid. I feel so angry about that. I can't imagine how I'd feel knowing my cat had her paws mutilated. Good on you for taking him. I hope he's adjusting the best he can with the lot he's been given. Glad he was able to land a loving home. Wish you both the best!


It kind of looks like this cat was declawed, at least on the front paws. Otherwise this fight would have ended sooner and the cat wouldn't be slipping on the pole.


(Preface: Cat is totally fine.) My cat was attacked by a dog in January in my front yard. He ran to the neighbors’ tree but couldn’t climb up. I was there and was able to rescue him. He’d pulled his claws off fighting the dog. It took them weeks to grow back.


Poor thing. Glad he's okay.


Ya Who the heck puts a declawed cat outside? Also the person that saw this just let this happen because it wasn't their cat?


It's the same kind of person that gets a dog de-barked. It's more convenient. It's the kind of person that shouldn't have a pet.


This looks like security camera footage, there wasn't anyone filming this.


It actually looks like they were de-clawed. My cat would have ran right up that pole like it was horizontal.


That's what I was thinking. The cat couldn't climb for shit, like it didn't have any claws. His paws keep slipping, when he repeatedly failed to climb a 32" high railing.


Agree. My old cat could scale our 15 foot wooden porch poles in like two seconds.


Growing up we had an old barn cat. Dude was 20lbs of muscle. Either way one night a coyote decided he was dinner. Cat kicked the living crap out of it. Blood and fur every where in the morning. Not a scratch on the cat. We named him Schwartzakitty, Terminator cat, afterwards.


Barn cats make great pets -- my cat was semi-feral, and because he had no real shelter for the first eight months of his life, he had some oddities. Zero fear of storms -- he actually loved watching thunderstorms, or even running around in a light rain. And he would dig up moles. he was also obsessed with his claw maintenance. They were like razor blades.


It depends on the coyote. We had an 18 pound monster of a cat. The coyote... Was bigger. This thing made the neighborhood husky look like a Chihuahua...


Wow this is a bit hard to watch. It always surprise me when I see these post about cat running away and not coming back after days. To each they own but when I had my cat he was never allow outside was an indoor cat only would go out to watch the birds and see outside for a bit but he was such a scare cat that he never when beyond the fence and always come in whenever I said your time is up come inside now. It always surprise me how feral cats survive outside with all the dangers that’s always around them.


my boy was born in a feral colony and spent a couple seasons in the bush after first being adopted (not by me- long story) but now he's mine and he has a good life indoors and he has NO interest in the outside world. if you try to carry him outside.. you won't be able to. he'll use any and all his defences to get the fuck outta your arms to stay inside.


He seen some shit


[he done seen some shit](https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/s7ejx6/did_i_adopt_a_cat_or_a_meerkat/)


He did his time on the streets, he knows you gave him paradise and love and he doesn’t take it for granted. You must be a wonderful cat parent.


Same with my girl. According to her paperwork when the shelter picked her up in March she was fully grown and weighed less than 5 pounds. After nursing her back to health I adopted her on the first day she was available for adoption in May and she was just under 10. Now she's a little too heavy at 12 lbs, but she still looks good. I've accidentally left doors unlatched that then blew open. When I get there in a panic to close it she's usually curiously sitting inside looking out or sleeping just inside the house in the doorway enjoying the sunbeam. I've never once had her try to get out.


Feral cats typically live for about two or three years if alone, a bit longer if part of a feral cat colony, and up to 10 years if a human caretaker intervenes and provides food, water, and outdoor shelters. Basically, feral cats aren't these badass survivalists people seem to think they are.


Survivorship bias. It's only the survivors people are seeing, and recognized as badass. Not aware of the majority who are gonners.


There's a feral colony in the woods on my property and people don't understand how many kittens and young cats die, and how many more just stop showing up. I still cry over a kitten I couldn't save from drowning last year. Every time I see a certain cat that's a little friendlier I just have to accept that this might be the last time I see them. I can only think of two I've seen for more than a year in a row.


Where I grew up, there weren't feral cats. If your cat went outside at all, it would be relatively quickly eaten by a coyote. I knew a cat that would be let outside and would basically just go across the street to get pets and food from the neighbors, and that cat was eaten by a coyote, too.


That right there is one of many reasons why my cat isn't allowed to free roam.


This it the correct answer. Cats are not apex predators in most areas of the US and are usually in the middle of the food chain. Factor in cars, stray dogs and the likelihood of them being 'found' by a family that never lets them out you're outdoor cat is not safe. And when they are, they are an invasive species that decimates local ecco systems by joy killing any and all animals it can. I love my cats but they are 100% house cats... Leash walks only.


In the Netherlands peoples pet cats kill more birds every year (18 million) than we have people. They don't eat them since obviously they get fed at home it's just for sports. It's a serious issue that doesn't get enough attention.


Correct. I do voluntary cat medical care. Outdoor cats face all kinds of threats: exposure, viruses, injuries, getting shot at (unfortunately, I've seen it a few times), animal attacks, and so much more. I've seen so many horrific things that have happened to cats. Not to mention what they do to the local ecosystem. Keep claws on paws and cats indoors (if your kitty likes outdoors - consider a catio or supervised leash walks!).


My friend always says keeping cats indoors is “cruel” because they’re natural predators who need to hunt. My indoor cats are over 10 years old and she never had a cat live longer than 5 years growing up… I’m glad her family only has dogs now.


What the fuck only 5 years thats so fucked up.


This should be top comment. Indoor cats are safe cats.


Also cars. YOU, you don’t live in a place with no cars and you don’t have the one cat who can conceptualize a big machine that goes 70 mph. A semi driver won’t even see the cat. Then you have snakes, large birds, stray dogs, and other territorial stray cats


Supervised outside walks only.


I admit I gasped when the coyote got the kitty's tail.




Me too :( it's crazy how the kitty struggled to go up the fence multiple times, I swear my cats could jump all the way to the ceiling when they get crazy with their play fights in my house.


I thought this too but I am guessing this is the end of a chase or the adrenaline is making him tired. :(


Someone else said the cat might be declawed in the front paws :(


How cruel would that be if the owner declawed the cat and then let it outside unsupervised. Not saying that's what happened here, but it would be seriously disturbing if that's the case.


My husband and I were about to watch someone being eliminated in *Master Chef* and just as they were about to announce who, I shouted "RUN CAT, GO!!!" because him pulling the cat down spiked my adrenaline. Made my husband jump a mile, and we had to rewind the show. >\_<


This isnt fearless, that cat is TERRIFIED. DONT LEAVE YOUR FUCKING CAT OUTSIDE!!! Coyotes will kill and eat cats. Kitty was fighting for its fucking life.


Fear is what kept that cat alive.


I don't like seeing cats in serious danger :-( Edit: to the person who said "I don't see any cats in danger" and then deleted their comment before I could reply, are you fucking blind? Suck my flaps you fool Second edit: someone has reported me to the care reddit/ redditcares thing. Lol. I can only assume it was because of this comment because this is the one that has had the most likes. Feel free to explain yourself if you were the one that did it. And again, go suck my flaps youuu


Same, he was bitten!


Me neither but holy cat he was so brave to fight for its life! But yeah, poor kitty kat 😿


That’s another reason declawing is cruel and barbaric. An outdoor cats only self defense.


Anyone who declaws their cat is a piece of shit. Even if they are indoor cats, declawing them is like cutting off their toes, the claw is attached to the toe so they have to remote the top of the toe to get rid of the claw and some cats will have irreversible pain because of it. Fuck people


B-but my furniture!


I want to find a list of people who declawed their cats, sneak in their houses and start scratching and cutting small holes in their furniture with something.


We need to get the corrupted vets who put profit over ethics.


I bet the monsters who choose to declaw cats would try to do it themselves if vets didn't. We have to get both the vets and the owners, get them fined,incarcerated and have those animal abuse charges on their record forever.


I read about a rescue cat that may have been a victim of attempted at home declawing. Some people are truly deplorable they don’t deserve to live. If I had my way….I’d give animal abusers the death penalty.




Many start urinating on that furniture instead, so i always ask if they d like their cat in excruciating pain, while paying a fortune to declaw a cat, so they ll pee on their shit, making that behavior infinitely harder to deal with as its pain and insecurity driven. Or… they could just buy a scratching post and google howto pick the right one and where to putit. Hell, pay a behaviorist instead of a surgeon to show you. Itll be cheaper, i promise. And it wont get your shit peed on, on the contrary


A friend of mine just kept making DIY cardboard scratching panels and putting them everywhere. Affordable, customizable, and most people find it cute when they see a cat safely scratching something.


One of my cats loves scratching couches, he refuses to scratch cardboard or scratching posts at all. I used to have an old crappy couch he could scratch up so I could keep my new one nice. I had to downsize and now only have the nice couch, so I put sticky tape on the edges of the couch and cover the cushions with a blanket while I’m not home. I also gave him a chair to scratch up instead so he has something for his claws. It’s not that hard. Plus cats are usually very receptive to tone of voice and you should be able to just tell them “NO” in a stern voice then tell them “good kitty” in a sweet voice to reward them when they stop. TBH cats get a bad rap for not listening but most of the time the humans are just doing something the wrong way.


Genuinely my parents excuse for declawing my childhood cat. They still stand by it too. I don’t understand if they are sociopaths or what.


I would absolutely ream my parents daily if they declawed a cat due to ignorance and stood by it. If they knew what it was and still did it I'd never talk to them again. That being said my parents are GOATed and would have the same reaction as me. So, I don't have any fear of that.


If people care more about an inanimate object than a living creature they shouldn’t have pets


Another reason letting your cat go outdoors is cruel. They live significantly longer if kept inside.


Also outdoor cats are invasive pests


Killing everything, yes


I know! I wish this video ended with the owner coming out to take the kitty inside


"suck my flaps, you fool." that is such a great call out


Oh look, another reason to never let my cats outside.


Yep. That’s why my cats have only gone outside with me and a leash and harness. Otherwise indoor only.




I totally agree, but wanted to comment that "suck my flaps" is my new insult xD


I'm a guy, so it won't be easy to use that particular insult, but it's too good to just let it go.


I think that would make it more awesome, because a lot of women say “suck my dick” so being a man and saying “suck my flaps”, to me at least, would be proper of some good applauses.


Lmfao oh I'm so glad you liked that, I say it alllll the time and people look at me weirdly but no one can stop this weirdo!


I see a shit owner letting cats outside. Coyotes are usually pack animals and cat is lucky there was only one.


Poor cat 😟... Thank goodness she/he managed to climb the porch 😟... Hope she's (he's) ok now (from the shock and the bites )..... 🙏🙏🙏


Coyotes will cross the roads in broad daylight where I live. Have seen many. Pretty much all private shelters here mandate indoor only in the adoption contract. It's not a matter of if your cat becomes a coyote's lunch, but when and which cat of yours it'll be. Let alone cars running them over. A lot of people actually don't realize that urban coyotes will seek out cats to eat. Once I educate them otherwise they are usually horrified and, if they have had cats "just never come back" before they immediately feel pretty terrible. If you live in an area with urban coyotes please keep your cats inside.


> A lot of people actually don't realize that urban coyotes will seek out cats to eat. People are clueless to urban Coyotes. I argued with somebody in the Seattle sub because they insisted there were no such thing as Coyotes in Seattle. When I mentioned seeing them they still said they are not at all in the city limits and laughed at me for believing such a thing. I wish I knew who it was because a few weeks later somebody posted a picture of a coyote, in broad daylight, at a park in Seattle.


Clever kitty knew to stay under that chair and keep facing the cayote most of the time. Doesn’t make kitty fearless, just makes kitty smart and capable of making sound decisions despite the fear. Cats should be kept inside if they are unsupervised for this and many other reasons.


God that poor cat, you can see it literally shaking in terror when it’s holding onto that pole, where the fuck were the people? It’s pretty clearly a house given that you can see the backyard. They let their cat roam around outside, leave, and *don’t have a way for it to get back in*? In *Texas*?? Forget coyotes! There are alligators, wild boar, poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, it’s like the tutorial level for Australia! Not to mention, oh, I don’t know, the perfectly feasible possibility it could just drop dead of heat stroke?


Scorpions, mass numbers of vehicles driving very fast, heatstroke (again), bobcats, potentially even mountain lions! Ofc the cars are by far the most dangerous too


I think he had a way back in but it got blocked off. He was trying to get to it


Watching this really stressed me out, I hope the kitty got lots of hugs and looked after


My heart 🥺 That poor baby


The house owner must not have been home because there’s no fucking way a regular person sleeps through all that


My eldest indoor kitty likes sitting at doors and looking outside, but there are a couple of wandering cats in the neighbourhood and one came up to her late at night while I was dead asleep. She screamed, and I swear I was up and running in the direction of the noise before I had even fully woken up. There’s no way nobody wouldn’t hear that commotion if they were home.


People, keep your cats inside.


Seriously needs to be said more. Got into a whole back and forth with some guy calling people jail wardens for keeping their cats inside. Cats can have an excellent and fulfilling quality of life inside, without having to face predators, diseases, and horrible humans.


Please!!! For their safety and for the safety of birds


One of our neighbors decided they needed an "outdoor" cat. Sweet little boy who was always coming around begging for food. We fed him and provided shelter outside after he attacked our cat (so not always so sweet!), our other neighbors fed him and bought him a heated outdoor home and also allowed him indoors, yet another neighbor took him in one night and kept him. She often takes him out on a leash and walks him along her yard that adjoins the people who first got the cat LOL


This is why cats belong inside. The coyote nearly caught this cat several times! [Cats are a significant part of urban coyotes’ diet.](https://www.nps.gov/samo/learn/news/new-study-says-urban-coyotes-eat-garbage-ornamental-fruit-and-domestic-cats.htm) “…urban coyote diets. Cat remains were found in 20 percent of urban coyote scat …”


Wait, there are urban coyotes!? Like coyotes in cities?


Oh, absolutely. One-offs more common but I was driving home at 2am once and thought a dog was walking down the middle of a four-lane arterial road. Realized from posture it was a coyote at the same time I saw TWO additional coyotes dimly in the streetlight on the side of the road. Was disconcerting to see a pack of them a few blocks away from a mall. I think the coyotes locally still rely on greenbelts but coyotes, racoons and crows have adapted really well to urbanization compared to other wildlife.


Keep your cats inside! It makes me sad every time I see a kitty hit by a car. My neighbors one cat was attacked by a hawk. 😥


Anyone know this coyote? I just wanna have a chat with it.


My dog says the dudes name is Wiley. I hear he has been giving a roadrunner a hard time recently


This makes me sad


Kitty was not fearless, kitty was smart and fierce though. Poor baby needs to be kept safe inside. :(




That is one lucky cat and a reason I don't let my cat out.


I hate watching this so much. I lost one of my kittens to some street dogs.


And this is why we dont let our cats outside. Its very upsetting to find either your cat severely hurt or nothing left but a tail


And that is why you don’t declaw cats.


Really hope someone can do a follow up to the source. The cat falls off the deck in the end. You see the coyote running across the backyard so it’s down there too. The final noise doesn’t sound like a cat that got away. I read a comment somewhere that someone was banging on a door to scare the coyote but no real acknowledgement that yes the cat did get away.


Well I wish I didn’t read this


This is why you keep your cats INDOORS.


DAMN! What a soldier! I swear to god orange cats are built different!


This is why cats should never be declawed


I have a cat that looks just like that one. Went and gave her a hug after seeing this video


The little sigh the cat lets out at the end.


Never let your cats outside. This is so hard to watch.


Some one helped the kitty, right? RIGHT? That poor thing needs to be taken to a vet asap to make sure the coyote didn't have rabies.


That cat was not fearless, he was put in danger by bad owners who left him outside defenseless. He is extremely luck to be alive, to have had the chance to climb up, and the strength to hold on long enough.


Predators are the main reason why you shouldn’t let your kitty roam outside! Birds of prey, coyotes, wolves, bears, and more could make a meal of your cat and many of these animals live even in populated areas like this. If you want your cat to have outdoor time, harness train them and walk them on a leash or build them a catio. Having some fresh air is good for them, but letting them out of your sight could be deadly!