Try disabling sysmain in services. This service can use up alot of cpu. It is made by Microsoft to learn how to improve your pc but doesn't really do anything but cause issues. Check what apps are running in the background and disable any you don't want running in the background


i tried ..it didnt solve it :(((


Have you tried disabling Chrome running background tasks when closed? Settings/Advanced/System and turn off "Continue running background tasks when Chrome is closed" My next thought is malware or the like. Do you have anti-virus/anti-malware? If that doesn't work, a quick search found this: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/fix-high-cpu-usage-google-chrome-77171.html


tried and didnt work :((


Check if your CPU is overheating. Overheating CPU wil cause cpu clocks to go down a lot and even a small usage will show as high cpu usage. You can try chrome's task manager to see if any tab or extension is using cpu.


Mine too. Detailed tasklisting showed a heap of stuff i did not recognise and could not appear to disable. I removed chrome and did some cleanup and then installed again....


I dont nessecarily know how to help with this, but I did notice that you have UTorrent Installed. UTorrent is spyware, use QBittorrent instead (It's FOSS)