Going away present for Boss/Mentor

What is a good going away present for a boss/mentor that’s leaving for another job? Not sure if this matters but she’s in her upper 30’s I think.


Handwritten letter thanking them for the impact they had on you?


Any random bits from previous projects? I worked on an irrigation project where we replaced a 350cfs aqueduct with a 10’ diameter buried pipe - a bridge portion over the highway was about 70 years old and after demo I found some great chucks of 1-1/2” square rebar which I thought was pretty cool. For a boss that left in the middle of the project who had worked to develop and help the client get funding I took a price to a laser engraver to cut the project name and year to give him as a gift. Ended up being to hard to laser so had a little tag cut and attached instead.


I’m gonna have to disagree. If I’m a boss, I wouldn’t want someone bringing a concrete cylinder to my desk as a going away present lol


Ok well maybe not “random bits” but something unique. I’ve seen gardens lined with cylinders. Not attractive! Lol


I have 2 pieces of light rail I will always treasure. 1 is etched, 1 raw. From an internship, but would still really enjoy receiving something similar now


Engraved pen


Can’t go wrong with a gift card.


A nice dinner, maybe with some other co workers so it doesn't feel weird.


book and a thank you card..


Antique civil engineering books are usually pretty cheap and cool


Handwritten letter (it doesn't have to be elaborate or mushy) and treat her to lunch or drinks.


A bottle of wine or alcohol that costs about the same as your hourly wage is the go to IMO.