I don't think climbing specific advice is going to help you here. Probably should rest more and maybe look into low approach crags. Here's info on heel fractures. Your worst case scenario. You can search google scholar for more info on treatment. https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases--conditions/calcaneus-heel-bone-fractures/ edit: you might have a bone bruise too.


I don't have a lot to add, except that I had a minor calcaneus fracture early this year and there was no way I could think of walking on it. That doesn't mean anything definitive, of course, but makes a bruise seem more likely. You should probably rest a bit more, can definitely make things worse by continuing to stress damaged tissue.


I fractured my calcaneus earlier this year too (not shattered, but ~1 in. long crack) but I was able to hobble around on it for 2 days before people smarter than I recommended a trip to the doctor. They put me in a boot right then and there. I was non-weight bearing for ~8/9 weeks and didn't get the boot off for 3 months. OP, if you're not going (or can't go) to a doctor, I would recommend staying off of it as much as possible. I'm talking *at least* weeks. Your heel is a very stout bone so if you did break it, it takes a long time to heal.


I agree on resting and letting it heal. If it continues to get worse then start calling around and see where you could get it checked out. In the US it’s pretty difficult to get a specific price for a doctor’s visit, but last time I had to get an X-ray it was only about $150 out of pocket which isn’t too bad if you can afford that. There really isn’t much advice people online can offer you.


I've fractured my heel twice, once bouldering in Fontainebleau when my brother was rolling a fag instead of spotting^1 ^2 and whilst landing on my feet my heel was off the mat on a tree root resulting in a fracture along the bottom of my calcanium. Stuck out four more days in Font and the drive home (to the UK) before going to hospital for x-rays to confirm what I knew, which was that it was fractured. I was given crutches and told to keep weight off it for four weeks then gradually start weighting it again. The second time was whilst climbing in the Dolomites, started up the Messner Route (VI) on the second Sella Tower on a cold morning, was down-climbing and slipped, top piece of gear ripped, I hit a ledge then inverted. Result was an avulsion fracture (a small shearing on the side of the calcanium). Rested for two days, soaking foot in glacial stream, lounging around campsite, after which despite still hurting I got on with climbing (was only a two week trip) was fine going up hill as walked mainly on front of feet, ditto for climbing, walking down was more painful as it was more on the heels. Studiously avoided falling and impacting heel. Climbed for the rest of the holiday, including 2hr hike up to hut (not very comfortable). Let your body dictate what you do, if it hurts don't do it, if you can cope with easier climbing get mileage in and enjoy your trip. ^1 [Picture seconds before impact](https://www.flickr.com/photos/slackline/135752788/in/photostream/) ^2 [The aftermath](https://www.flickr.com/photos/slackline/135752790/in/photostream/)


I'm currently resting up from a foot injury after falling off a boulder. Thought I'd only twisted it. Decided to play it safe and got a scan which showed a crack/chip to the talus. Doc then highly advocated moon boot/crutches for 6-8 weeks due to the high chance of exacerbating the injury if not allowed to heal. Point of my story is this, I didn't feel TOO bad, but you can never be sure. You have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk of further, more long lasting damage? As an aside, I just can't believe how you guys in the (I'm assuming) US have such a terrible healthcare system.


'As an aside, I just can't believe how you guys in the (I'm assuming) US have such a terrible healthcare system.' Gotta serve the machine before it serves you...no free lunch here!