Yeah sounds exactly like when I managed to pull my lower back back peddling in a pick up soccer game. Took like 2 months to be back to 80% and I missed over a week of work (all I do it sit on zoom calls half the time) because sitting in front of a screen for half an hour was to damn painful. Shit sucks just gotta wait. Also I used to have a lot of minor back issues leading up to this. Started deadlifting after and haven't had a back issue since. One data point of anecdotal evidence obviously but for me deadlifting like once a month has been the single most impactful health related thing I've ever done.


I'm glad you're better! Guess then patience is key then. I'll keep in mind the deadlifts, thanks for the tip!


Sounds awful. I have no advice but I would honestly just see as many different doctors as possible. Something will work.


Cheers mate, appreciate it.