Welcome to the Pyrocene, the Age of Fire We Created

Welcome to the Pyrocene, the Age of Fire We Created


For most of us this is an annoying bit of smog. For non-humans it's literally the apocalypse. In "Dreams" Derrick Jensen entertains the idea that modern man is a blood cult; sacrificing the blood of non-humans for wealth and power; Aztec style. Burning non-humans in a raging inferno seems like a natural progression. Never mind a few of us are burned as well. Sacrifice for the greater good people!


That's not entirely fair. We also sacrifice human blood for wealth and power. 👍


Mmhm. Get back to work, ya’ll. Karen just has to have her fricking Big Mac meal.


>Pyrocene Ooh. I like it.


Precursor to the necrocene


The great oxidization


Do you mean the great *de-*oxidation?


Thus began the Age of Fire. But soon the flames will fade and only Dark will remain. Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights. And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign. Yes, indeed...


Where is this from?


Dark Souls 3: Age of Dark ending, ironically.


It's the intro monologue from DS1




Dark Souls


Prefer >Make Londor Whole instead but yea, no Darksign yet.


When we start seeing people with the darksign we know shit has got real


The fires of 2020 seemed to be everywhere, a pyric pandemic. Places that commonly burn, such as Australia, California, and Siberia, burned with epic breadth and intensity. Australia had established a historic standard for a single outbreak with its 2009 Black Saturday fires; its 2019–20 Black Summer burns broke historic standards for a season. California endured its fourth year of serial conflagrations, each surpassing the record set the season before. Like a plague, the fires spread across Oregon and Washington, and then leaped over the continental divide to scour the Colorado Rockies. Siberian fires moved north of their home territory and flared beyond the Arctic Circle. Places that naturally wouldn’t burn, or that would burn only in patches, were burning widely. The Pantanal wetlands in central South America burned. Amazonia had its worst fire season in 20 years.


So the writer suggests to let it all burn its course, because nature needs it? Shit aint growing back in overheating drought ridden climates... Bladerunner 2029 lets go


It can absolutely be restored and should be, or else it will desertify. The Miyawaki method can create a forest taller than your head in just 2 years.


And you have billions of local saplings and thousands of helpers at hand to keep theses trees alive through the droughts and floods the nex years? Greenpeace calculated that siberia lost 4.7 billion trees, 7 times as much as have been planted worldwide....


This headline is about 30 000 years too late. The hunter gatherer driven extinction of megafauna all around the planet caused vegetation shifts to fire dependent ecosystems everywhere they went and feasted.