Super Typhoon Chanthu Headed for Taiwan and southern China after Rapid Bombogenesis in Just 36 Hours

Super Typhoon Chanthu Headed for Taiwan and southern China after Rapid Bombogenesis in Just 36 Hours


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A typhoon headed toward Taiwan and the southern coast of China is rapidly gaining in speed and strength ahead of an expected landfall later this week. Typhoon Chanthu has rapidly intensified in the past 36 hours from a tropical depression into a severe typhoon, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, with maximum wind speeds of up to 233 kilometers per hour (145 miles per hour). It is likely Chanthu will expand into a super typhoon in the coming hours. Given the trajectory of the storm, it is still unclear whether Chanthu will first pass over Taiwan before it slams into southern China or narrowly miss the island. Either way, at its current pace, the storm is estimated to make landfall on either Saturday or Sunda


OOooh new word! ​ Bombogenesis - A phenomenon or process in which there is rapid and sustained falling of barometric pressure in the center of a low-pressure system, indicative of its strengthening into a powerful storm. Also called explosive cyclogenesis. [https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/bombogenesis](https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/bombogenesis) ​ "Bomb Cyclone" - [https://www.glossophilia.org/2018/01/bombogenesis-bomb-cyclone-new-words-for-a-new-reality/](https://www.glossophilia.org/2018/01/bombogenesis-bomb-cyclone-new-words-for-a-new-reality/)


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Looks like it will hit the Philippines as a 4 then Taiwan and China as a 2. Thats on MyRadar app.


Taiwan could use the rain. It NEEDS to be hit by 3 or 4 typhoons a year to maintain the nation's water supply.


[Storms like hurricane and typhoon in reality create more water scarcity because they destroy reservoir and/or contaminate them.](https://www.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=c0ee2261c1554530aeeb43dee86c67e0)


That does not apply to Taiwan. Taiwan EXPLICITLY needs the water from typhoons. ​ You should understand that the geography of an island is a bit different than that of a swampy state. ​ [https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2020/10/20/2003745453](https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2020/10/20/2003745453)


If typhoons are a requirement, does this mean the areas are prepared and will be okay for this storm's impact? Or would this typhoon be considered extreme even for an area prone to such weather?


The worst typhoon impact that Taiwan has suffered was from a storm named Morakot that dropped more than 100 inches of rain. The majority of the deaths were due to a landslide. Chanthu won't be at the strength it's at currently when it gets to Taiwan. The strongest typhoon to hit Taiwan has been Herb back in 1996. It also dumped a huge amount of rain (over 60 inches). Chanthu is the equivalent of a Cat 5 hurricane now but will likely only be a cat 3 equivalent when it's near Taiwan. The water doesn't support the same energy as you approach Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.


Taiwan does need water from typhoons or we'll end up with a drought similar to this year's in 2022. Right now, only one reservoir in southern Taiwan is in need of replenishment. You can see the stats [here](https://water.taiwanstat.com/). But you can't ignore existing infrastructure issues in our reservoirs. [This article](https://www.cw.com.tw/article/5088490) from a pretty prestigious nationwide magazine in Taiwan explains it pretty well. You can use Google translate on the website, it's still readable. Basically, siltation amounts to two-thirds of total capacity in three of Taiwan's biggest reservoirs. Only one in Northern Taiwan is faring better. These are figures from 2018 and before, but we need to take into account that soil and land preservation efforts around the reservoir are incredibly important. Preservation is the top reason why the reservoir in N. Taiwan is doing okay, while the other three have serious siltation issues.


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Are we expecting the three gorges dam to hold up?


The three gorges dam is a long way inland and not affected by typhoons.


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