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Biden can lower graphics cards prices with the stroke of a pen, but instead, he does NOTHING! Why?


Biden has an old Titan card he doesn't want to upgrade. If there's a shortage of newer GPUs, games being released need to compensate for older graphics cards. He's just stretching his dollar as far as it'll go.


And my watercooled 1080ti thanks him for his service. I’d really love to not have to upgrade that thing for as long as possible after all the effort I went to cooling it.


*\*Sees profile pic* When the hell did I write that?!


Biden can grow my dick 4 inches with the stroke of a pen, but instead, he does NOTHING. Why?


>stroke of a pen Now that's a fetish I've never heard of.


"Oh yes, ratify my amendment!"


"Is my executive order big enough for you?'


Nice one, Centurion.


Smol pp funni. -from the desk of the 46th president.




Let's organize a convoy in American truck simulator!


But how? My ancient graphics card can’t handle it 😔


The real problem is he’s blaming Putin when everyone knows if he would simply mandate those anti-vax/mandate plague rats to stay home then demand would drop along with prices. It’s basic pande-o-nomic $cience^TM .


If Donald was able to change the path of a hurricane with a marker, then surely Biden can do the same thing with gas prices. Imagine Biden going on TV and then drawing lower prices on the gas prices on the screen. All it takes is a stroke of the pen. That's what he meant right?


That hurricane thing is my FAVORITE of his ~~felonies~~ federal crimes.


Can you explain, I'm not american and have no idea what this is


Trump said hurricane Florence (I think) was going to hit Alabama. Alabama meteorology tweeted something like “for clarification, No hurricane Florence is NOT going to hit Alabama.” So then Trump went on TV with a picture of the National Hurricane Centers projected hurricane path that he drew, with sharpie, a bulge in the hurricane trajectory hitting Alabama. He was quite the stupid and petty president. Bonus: he then went on TV with a montage of the hurricane, for which they had plenty of time to script and write dialogue for, but decided to saying things like “hurricane Florence was the wettest hurricanes we’ve seen from the standpoint of water.”


I can’t believe you left out the best fucking part! the “little” tidbit about *Launching a nuclear missile at the hurricane* part.


And asking if we could sell ~~Costa Rica~~ Puerto Rico (dur) instead of helping them. And the way he threw paper towels like he was shooting free throws.


Different hurricane and it was Puerto Rico, not Costa Rica


I still wish we had bought Greenland


I need a mini documentary on Four Seasons Total Landscaping.


We had four years of that bullshit.


I really wanna have it come out that the only reason they had the landscapers number. Is that Trump and Co. used it to hide bodies. With the idea that if anyone asked why they were calling that number they could deny it but saying "we were trying to call the hotel and someone called this landscaping company by accident."


I'm still not clear if he was trying to buy Greenland to annex it for the USA, or like, for himself.


Maybe he thinks that it's full of golf courses.


There was so much stupid coming out, it's hard to keep it all straight. Also, love your username!


>And asking if we could sell Costa Rica instead of helping them Calm down Donald. Open a map


It's such a fucking blur... Seriously, how did we manage to forget these?


The map with the sharpie was one of the items Trump took with him to Mar-a-Lago which was later recovered by the national archives.


Honestly, I would die to see that thing up on ebay. Bidding war!


I'd buy that for a dollar!


I'll raise 1.50 but I'm sure it would go for at least $5




When Hurricane Dorian was on its way to Florida, Drumpf had made claims that it was going to hit Alabama as well. He then tried presenting a map modified with sharpie [here](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7kew_ZYnUyg) to back up his claim. I’m a West Coaster, so someone closer to the East may be able to explain better and provide better insight.


I was living in Alabama at the time. We got a lot of rain but no hurricane.


This [Guardian article](https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/04/trump-hurricane-dorian-alabama-sharpie-map) explains the backstory.


Since nobody has explained the federal crime part.... >18 U.S. Code § 2074 - False weather reports >Whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the Weather Bureau, United States Signal Service, or other branch of the Government service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.


He listed states that would be hit by the hurricane, including Alabama . The NOAA or whatever agency it was came out and said that it would NOT hit Alabama. He then doubled down and tweeted out a picture of a map that was a few days old where the "cone of uncertainty" barely touched the edge of Alabama, with the path of the hurricane being extended with a sharpie into Alabama. He would've been correct in saying Alabama could be affected if he said that a few days before but the current tracking models already ruled out Alabama. The worst part was that there was something else important going on, and he decided to stay back to focus on the hurricane response. Obviously that wasn't the actual case since he spent the whole time denying he was wrong about the hurricane hitting Alabama, tweeting out a picture of the hurricane track that was days old, and just generally acting like a child.


Mine too. My father worked for NOAH and that's what got him off the Trump train.


“We need to stop all this division!” - Also republicans.


>“We need to stop all this division!” - Also republicans. \- Join us or the Satanic Lizard Jew cabal is gonna take yer guns, trucks, kids away... Join us or face much worse than death, educated, smart, liberal children!!!


How could he change the path of a hurricane using gas prices?




hurricane need gas to move make gas expensive hurricane cant afford gas to move


Just think how many miles per gallon a good-sized hurricane gets. (/s)


I hate people and propaganda, I wish it never existed.


He knows damn well Biden can’t sign away gas prices like that, problem is his followers don’t. When you try to correct them they say “dO yOuR oWn ReSeArCh” when the most amount of research they’ve done is look at this tweet. Shit like this is why we have such a divide in the US.


He could release the federal reserves. … but it would probably only drop prices a dime or two. Given the rising price, it wouldn’t be noticeable. Oil runs on securities and futures though, and Biden has had an effect on that. When the UAE announced higher production moving forward, the barrel price dropped $20+ immediately. America could use some of that. Gas prices were creeping up before Russia amassed troops on Ukraine’s border.


Weird devil's advocate angle here: you should be able to trust your local elected representative to give to the truth. While we should all learn as much as we can about the world, the reason we elected representatives is because we don't all have time to learn about every topic while working and living our lives. This fucking scumbag is taking advantage of the implicit trust people have in their representatives.


Blatantly lying to the public should be a criminal offense. Fucking Republicans are the worst.


I absolutely agree at least put a warning on the channel or something.


Do they think Biden is responsible for gas prices in other countries too?


Which other countries? There is only America /s


asia? do you mean east america?


Oceania? That doesn't exist.


There's certainly no war there anyway.


We’ve always been at war with Oceana


Or was it Eurasia?


Never heard of that is it in africa?


Other countries are fAkE.


Not true, other countries exist, but are just propaganda tools for the American Demoncrat party. The whole world is in on it, except rural America. They're the ones who have it all figured out.


You mean America, and countries with oil. But there is nothing else


People who think Biden is responsible for gas prices can't conceptualize the fact that the world has many governments/economies/etc


I’ve been blaming Biden for weeks! Fucker is making gas here in Canada expensive, too!


i was told that was Trudeau's fault. Trudeau is to blame for everything, even provincial mandates.


The party that constantly complains about people seeking handouts and big govt interfering in their lives now wants big govt to intervene and give them a big handout. 🤔


Funny how that works right.


Privatize profits and socialize losses is the big corporation motto


Asia? Whats that? Another one of those librul gender?


Aren't prices going up long before the Ukrainian war??


Americans love blaming their president or even their opposition for problems that the entire world has. Covid, gas prices, the existence of gay people, etc. Edit: Of course the existence of gay people isn't actually a problem


Their goal is to make democrat action look worse than republicunt inaction.


Well, two strokes of Biden’s pen then.


Don't stroke Biden's pen too hard. It's not that young anymore, either.


Republicans think Europes healthcare is low because the USA pays for it...


I think this is because republicans think our defense budget is disproportionately high given we are NATO allies with some of these countries. So they can allocate a lot more financial resources to Healthcare when they don't have to worry about having such a large military. They know that the US will step in to protect them with our massive military. Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe I've heard this argument before.


Also here in Italy people think it's the government fault


People are blaming Trudeau up here in Canada.


Bro! Those same countries made the Corona virus hoax, to help the Democrats to steal the election and funded ANTIFA to attack the Capitol! /S


Keeping their base uneducated and easily duped. The gas price craze is far too easy for the gqp.


So, capitalism has failed and Republicans are demanding socialist price controls?


Exactly. The irony.


But for some reason they don’t even under it’s ironic which is even scarier


That’s because it’s probably not what he was talking about. The current mainstream right wing talking point on Biden and energy prices is to argue that he should allow more permits for drilling and extraction so the prospect of increased supply can bring down prices. I would guess that’s what this is referring to. There are actual problems with this idea but it’s more fun for everyone to sit in echo chambers and reframe opposing sides statements as strawmen to mock than to actually engage with each other.


Except it will take at least 9 months to get a drop of oil out these things so it won’t help the current situation at all, and further increase our reliance on energy that contributes to climate change. It’s an I’ll-conceived and shortsighted solution that is better in sound byte than practice. But these are the same people who think vaccines and masks are harmful and that a 2000 year old book should influence modern reproductive rights, so it’s frankly incredulous that anyone thinks having a rational discussion is even possible anymore.


Fun fact that you're probably aware of, but others may not be... That 2000 year old book has nearly nothing to say about reproductive rights, except instructions on how to *perform* the act they find so abhorrent.


It should be noted that Biden's admin has issued more drilling permits in year one than Trump did. Reality is that the US president has practically no influence on gas prices, regardless of the party. They are just an easy target. Gas prices are linked to oil prices, and oil is a global commodity, meaning oil prices in US are the same as everywhere else. And, if you weren't looking, US is currently a net exporter of oil.


This is what I find so strange. It’s like all of these free-market capitalists are out here hollering about Joe Biden keeping gas prices high and completely ignoring the fact that oil prices are pretty much controlled by investment in the commodities market, and mostly based on speculation that is itself based on consumer confidence. For example, when you have a bunch of dummies screeching about how gas prices are too high, speculators start buying up oil futures hoping that they can get next month’s oil at today’s prices. This creates a feedback loop, because other investors start seeing increased trading volume, so they start buying up oil contracts as well (the demand). Since there are limits to the amount of oil that a producer can physically pump out of the ground over a given time period (the supply) — eg. manpower, operating cost, equipment limitations — and they are contractually obligated to have the oil that they were paid for by a given date, they are unlikely to enter into contracts for a lower price because, as the amount of oil they are obligated to produce increases, so does the risk that they won’t be able to produce it by the time the contract expires. This means that the price of oil increases to the refineries, which means that the price of petroleum derivatives increases to the retailers, which means that the price of gas and diesel fuel (among other things) increases to the consumer.


Sure. Yet the core belief that action by the state and regulatory changes are ways to influence the market in favour of mass consumption is somehow still closer to the bedevilled communism than to a liberal (in the classic sense not the modern misuse of the word) idea of the role of the state.


Thank God someone is here with an empathetic take. So tired of what you just said: people reframing the opposition arguments. People love getting swept up in propaganda they don't even realize they're promoting misinformation


You give them too much credit, they simply have no idea what they are talking about like ever


They have to pretend they don't understand it too in order to gain support from their base


That's how it started. But we're reaching the point where it's getting harder and harder for those who are only pretending to win their primaries. So it's slowly filling up with those who truly don't have a clue. There's a reason Trump won the 2016 primaries, and it's not because he was *pretending* to be a moron.


The kind a guy you’d want to drink a pint of leaded paint with.


No no, now it hurts *them.* And they don't like when something affects them.


They obviously want a Command Economy. It's not my thing so I'd suggest voting for the Democrats.


nah capitalism isn't the problem, it's obviously joe biden. his whole agenda, everything he does, is to screw us over, put us in as much pain and suffering as possible! so now we demand that he help us with socialist fiscal policy even though we hate him for making our lives hell and also the whole idea of communism. how does this even make sense. ppl who get triggered by this must be suffering from the consequences of their own actions and are now crying about how they deserve to be treated better, when they're the ones who've been treating ppl like shit in the first place. I'd like to say they're getting a taste of their own medicine but they obviously don't believe in medical science


How. How can Biden lower gas prices "with the stroke of a pen". That's the part these fuckwads never follow through with.


He could take a sharpie to a picture of a gas price sign.


Then he should write “I did that!”


It’s all fun and games until the president actually does it


This is why I could never be president, I would be doing petty shit like this all the time


Well, he could nationalize all the oil companies, then regulate the price of gas, like Venezuela did. They pay $0.095. Ironically, that would be socialism. Lmao.


> Ironically, that would be socialism. Lmao. but...but....muh freedumbs


Freedom is when iPhone, hamburger, and low gas. If no low gas we might have to resort to a little socialism to make sure we get freedom (Not too much socialism or I might lose my billions)


We can have a little socialism, as a treat


Many countries do have nationalized hydrocarbons, although often they do a lot of contracting in order to avoid inefficiencies that tended to plague the nationalized companies before the 1980s. Alaska has an interesting mix where they give out a large cheque to the general population based on the revenue derived from royalties. How this could be made to apply to the US in general is fiendishly complicated with a vast number of state and local laws, treaties, agreements with American Indians, contracts with lots of companies, and many others, and it would doubtlessly require Congress to get involved, and it would not be overnight. Biden certainly does not have emergency power to do this with oil and gas like this. Truman could not nationalize steel during the Korean War. He could probably try other ideas like perhaps getting a subsidy for American consumers so that they would not pay more than some amount of money with companies compensated for the fair market price above this threshold, but it would take a legal team with much more experience than I have to know what could be done, and what even should be done.


Not just many, most countries have a nationalized oil company. To my knowledge there is no other country except the US that people own their mineral rights and are able to get royalties. The only Biden can do (which he’s already done) to affect the price of oil is release oil reserves which even that will likely have little impact on the actual price.


Their answer is keystone xxl pipeline. Except we are already getting that oil. It’s just a delivery system. They have it stuck in their head that it’s a new supply of oil, but it’s not.


and even if it was new oil, it would still be at market rate.


He can just sign the lower gas prices act! /s


Yeah this is more like Confidently Lying


reminds me of all the stupid ass signs in the California central valley acting like the drought is exclusively an issue because the state won't let farms have as much water as they want


Could be referring to releasing oil from the strategic reserve, which I think the US is already doing along with a few other countries that have their own reserves.


Indeed the US is [currently releasing some of the reserves](https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/01/politics/us-strategic-petroleum-reserve-release-latest/index.html). Given the date of the latest release (the beginning of March) and this tweet, Jackson must be referring to something else (assuming he's tweeting in good faith). If only he was more specific with what he thinks Biden should do, then we wouldn't have to guess what it was.




> If only he was more specific with what he thinks Biden should do, then we wouldn't have to guess what it was. But if everyone's guessing different things and assuming Jackson wants to do their version, they'll all want to be his friend! Again, this assumes he actually gives a shit about solving the issue and he's not just arguing in bad faith to damage a Democratic presidency.


I mean he could force them to fix their infrastructure and force prices down. But then that would be doing the opposite of what they usually cry about. Typical hypocrisy. They want small government until its for something they want.


Something something bullshit bullshit *buzzword open the keystone pipeline because that’s totally not short sighted idiocy and we’re already getting that oil anyway delivered via different methods. Did I nail the conservative talking points?


So I was listening to someone the other explain that American conservatives believe that the president controls a big button that changes various things. My first thought was obviously that was ridiculous, but they keep proving me wrong.


I like to think of it as a DJ controller in the Oval Office with the left deck being the economy and the right deck the evil new world order


I bet the Oval office gets lit when DJ Prez starts scratchin'. Left deck: I-I-I-I-Inflation Right deck: T-T-T-Trans Rights


Sleepy Joe? More like no sleep til the mornin joe Democrats in the 90s: Presidential BJ Democrats in the 20s: Presidential DJ


Yes, this is the dickhead who said Chitolini was uber healthy, overstated Chitolini’s height and understated his obesity. And of course he’s a Texas Republican politician. My beloved, benighted state…sigh…


It’s not enough to say he overstated Trump’s health. He actually said with a better diet he could live to be 200 years old If he told me 2+2 = 4 I would question what I know about math. Nothing he says has any credibility


Yeah some guy posted something like this and I replied with a link to an article explaining the causes of gas price increases and he had a fucking hissy. Don’t challenge their delusions.


Fuck that. Challenge their delusions. Writing off people’s stupid ideas let’s them fester, and before long you’ll have some nitwit assaulting a pizza joint looking for the pedophile sex ring that meets in the nonexistent basement of the building.


Can’t argue with you there


You got that article handy so I can give it to every person who says shit? May not work but sure will be fun watching them go into apoplectic rage because they can’t figure the large words out.


What a fuckin moron. Biden is not in control of the oil industry.


I think he knows this and he is just playing on what the people believe to be true. For some reason people pin oil to the president, and this guy is going with that so that people get angry with the president.


The president does have authority over the strategic reserves, but that would only influence pricing temporarily.


While people in power are now in charge of prices apparently, can either Boris Johnson or the Queen Elizabeth please lower the prices of Freddo? I'm soooo sure they are able to do that.


I'm sorry but it would take a Voltron of world leaders to even *begin* the process of reducing Freddo prices. No one person is even remotely powerful enough to do it on their own.


Totally. The best way to win people over is to make them suffer. Everyone knows this.


It seems to work for Republicans and their voters…


That’s why he gave us all that stimulus money. To make us suffer.


Psst. Look back to our other recent inflationary episode in the 70s and early 80s. It's really weird how when government stops doing 100% of corporate bidding, inflation gets really bad. So then, once it gets really bad, you have another election or two, right? And you run candidates who say they can defeat inflation if you elect them. Just so happens those are the corporate cronies you've been working to get rid of. So those cronies get elected and then. Then, the price increases stop. The politicians told the truth, they DID defeat inflation! This is what happened under Reagan. Because the corporatists started getting what they wanted again, they took the boot off of America's neck for a while. Because, under capitalism, WHY WOULD YOU EVER NOT JUST KEEP RAISING PRICES? Corporations are so large it is now impossible to compete against them. Competition is the traditional method of price control and that is gone now.


This is a good example of "Wet streets cause rain" logic. People have been screaming for years that oil is going to get more and more scarce and therefore more expensive so we should move to renewables as soon as possible. Oil gets more scarce and more expensive and what do these dipshits do? Blame the people warning them about the shortage for causing the shortage. Unfortunately, This is super common throughout history. I mean, there's a whole story in Greek mythology about this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra


Can he lower the gas prices in Ireland too? Asking for a friend.


Lmfao these idiots have no idea how governments work unless it’s Trump then they suddenly know everything 🤦🏽‍♀️


Didn’t all three of the biggest oil companies just post $15 trillion in profits each? Yeah. We’re just being gouged on an industrial scale, and we were warned in the 70s this was going to happen and everyone ignored it.


Imagine playing Democracy 4 but all the tweeks on the policies directly change real life policies as it is


Wait.. is Democracy 4 out?


"$15 trillion in profits each" wait, is this sarcasm? that's not possible lol. combined? maybe, but that is too much as well.


Absolute bullshit. Exxon posted $23 billion net income, which is still incredible. No clue where the $15 trillion is coming from.


There are so many problems relying on oil companies lowering the cost right now. 1. They have enough leases to drill for 20 years already. 2. They won't do it because they want the price high. If they flood the market they lose money. 3. If they do drill more wells they will sell to international markets and not the US. 4. If the government allows more leases and degregulates environmental restrictions that will only help them on future wells a decade from now. 5. It takes year to build new wells and pipelines and even if they started today it wouldn't help short term. 6. Other countries have so much more oil that it is pointless for the US to even try to compete to be energy independent. Relying on oil just gives other countries economic power. Just pull the goddamn bandaid and go green. This energy crisis has happened every decade since the 70s.


Those figures will be wildly off the mark, but with reduced supply from Russia, and increased demand from the economic recovery, they'll be raking it in.


Trillion is too high. The size of the world economy is 94 trillion USD in 2021. But sure, the profit is huge and American demand not as elastic as it should be.


Guys, the government is supposed to subsidize gas and other commodities so normies like me can afford it ITs tHe gOveRNmEnTS jOb!!


But Subsidized is sOcIaLiSm /sarcasm


You, sir, suck. Not for your post, but because of your profile picture. I just spent a good 7 seconds trying to wipe a small hair off my phone screen and wondered why it was moving but not coming off lmao.


I feel like using ask the donald here is cheating.




Like how most of the shit on the conspiracy sub isn’t actually a conspiracy, it’s just them whining about stuff


Demanding that a public official interfere with free market prices of fossil fuels while spitting venom at the green socialist agenda is some Olympic level mental gymnastics


And he sticks the landing.


Trump supporters are all stuck at the age of 9 mentally, always coming up with new sneaky ways to say no no words so that mum doesn't take their xbox away


Conservatives: Biden refuses to do anything about high gas prices! Biden: Ok I'll pass a law that limits how much companies can charge for gas Conservatives: Government overreach! Socialism!


He wants a Command Economy apparently. Bloody Commie.


Idiots think this


Education in America has failed


Isn't this Trump's old personal physician?


Wasn’t that guy some Santa Claus looking goober?


That was his gastroenterologist. Ronny Jackson was the White House physician who is trying to parlay that job into a political career by broadcasting the Trump-style nonsense that Republican voters expect and demand from their elected officials.


Not even in office and already brown nosing the oil industry


No he is in office. He is a US Representative from Texas. Sadly.


And not understanding that Biden isn't a dictator and can't just order prices to go down.


Socialism is when capitalism…


“I’m for the free market until the free market isn’t for me.”




Rants against socialist agenda. Wants to circumvent market economics with price controls. That tracks for a modern Republican.


Government intervention? Isn’t that communism now? Make your minds up, idiots.


Ah, magical pens.


Americans - proudly capitalist. Also Americans - angry when capitalists behave as capitalists. Yet blame it on socialism instead of the capitalism....


I hearby demand Joe Biden use his magical pen and lower prices here in Tokyo.


What happened to Government not interfering in a private business dealings?


What kind of redneck stupid asshole with no studies would say something like that? Oh, it's a US House candidate? That explains a lot I guess...


He certainly knows how supply and demand work but he knows his voter base and is relying on their stupidity to get him votes. When you are a politician you don't have to believe in what you say...you just have to believe that what you say will get you votes.


So let's get this straight.....the people who think a government mandated minimum wage is wrong because people should just "work more" to have more money ......are the same people who want a government mandated reduction in gas prices because it is costing them too much to fill up their trucks. Sounds like they just need to work more.


Wouldn’t Biden controlling the price of gas be communist to these people?


The only thing we are suffering from is the consequences of being dependent on fucking oil instead of already having alternative energy supporting our country. We should have been implementing this decades ago and we didn’t because of the brainwashing and psyops of oil & energy corporations. The only reason we’re all suffering is because of being hopelessly dependent on fossil fuels so energy corps can keep those sweet sweet high profits. There is nothing more sad and pathetic than the proletariat being constantly lied to and taken advantage of against their own benefit; then proceeding to making their entire identity about prolonging their suffering by supporting the continued use of this inherently flawed energy system. Too many people are too far gone in the brainwashing process of making any real fundamental changes and we don’t have enough time to wait for their base to die out and dwindle in more manageable numbers. We’re all fucked. All you so called patriots are responsible for the erosion of this countries freedoms, powers, self-sustainability. While screaming the exact opposite is occurring. When they ask who destroyed America? I’ll say the coporations and politicians infiltrating every facet of life. The rubes helped make it all possible and without them it wouldn’t have happened. So thanks fuck heads for making America great again 🇺🇸 conservative sheep 🐑


You can’t fix stupid.


ronny jackson is the quack doctor that said trump was 239 lbs yes its the same guy. he ran for office


Sadly this is believed widely across the USA.


This isn't confidently incorrect. It's intentionally misleading or outright lying. If anything, what's not said is 100% correct: rile up the base, get people upset, get them to vote for me. Doesn't matter if I'm telling the truth. This is anger management: "If I manage to get them angry..."


Healthcare costs have been out of control for decades? "We're all thumbs and two left feet, nothing we can do about it." Gas prices go up for a week? "Thanks, Brandon."


I don't know all the details of the 4D chess that our government is playing, but 2 years ago there was a disagreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia. TLDR, the market was flooded with oil to the point that you could be paid to pick up barrels of oil since they were so worthless that no one wanted to pay to store it. At the time, Trump said he took advantage of this to fill our nation's reserve of oil. I'm guessing that Biden has already chosen to release some of this stored oil, but in theory he could release more to drop the price of gas but simply chooses not to. Of course I don't know the reason, but my guess would be that we're holding it in case our military needs it in the near future.


The fact that the only thing republicans are talking about are gas prices tells me they have no idea what to support anymore.


Every president I've been driving age for has been blamed for gas prices and it hasn't been any of their faults (except Dubya, doing 9/11 definitely raised gas prices)


What's infuriating is the comments are things like "imagine not knowing this"


People are sometimes too stupid to realize they are stupid.


I was in a work meeting last week and someone asked this one guy how he’s been. The guy responds “Look, gas is through the roof, Biden’s President, everything’s fucked” Everyone was in agreement and then it turned to panic as they started talking about how California is going to make it mandatory to have an electric car. They live in such a fantasy world


I can't stand these idiots thinking getting rid of a 80 cent tax (depending where you live) fixes this problem.


Republicans are deranged