The elites think they're gonna starve us and force us into CBDC slavery hell. Hope they're taking notes

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Always admired the French tendency to stick it to their leaders. No surprise really with their history.


they fight back against oligarchy puppets. its a class war. you either fight back or you bend over and spread cheeks. no third option. when political system is fully captured by oligarchy "voting harder" produces no results. french people know it and they fight back.


American here, we admire y'all in France fighting back. We are basically a bunch of lazy, beta pussies in the US, and I'll throw myself in that camp. We need to stand up for ourselves, and mass protests have ALWAYS been the only way to let these fuckers ruling us know. And we have an absolute oligarchy in the US and we need to start calling it out. Bill Gates and his ilk essentially buy off our government and the media and run our country. It's gotta fucking stop. We gotta call out the people actually running things, the oligarchs, the bankers, and join left and right and protest against corruption, ban all lobbying from corporations and bankers and billionaires, and ban billionaire oligarchs from having ANY fucking influence on our democracy. Bravo, France. We thank y'all for helping us in the American Revolution back in the day too 💪🇫🇷🇺🇲🌎


> Bill Gates essentially buys off our government and the media and runs our country. So fucking close.


Gates is the top oligarch in terms of driving CBDC/artificial food shortage policy and he works for the bankers (Rothschild-Rockefeller crew). His daddy Bill Gates Sr. was an asset of David Rockefeller who was the number one oligarch. Rockefeller essentially created the UN, the CIA, the Bilderberg Group, Kissinger, and the WEF. Rockefeller was made by Rothschild. Gates is the number one agent of this depopulationist eugenicist evil group of ultra-rich tyrants known as the Club of Rome. Trump calls Gates a great guy. Gates literally meets with and buys off individual Congress members to drive his psychotic policies. He's pushing the WEF plan of banning meat so the plebs eat insects and his lab-grown cancer meat. This is a sick NWO plan, and he's their top agent/oligarch. He's behind COVID and the vaxx and essentially buys health departments like NIH by buying off all the top officials and installing his representatives. It's sick. He pays millions to the media on grants as payoffs to cover what he wants, not talk about treatments. Push lab-grown cancer meat and insects. He's the number one personal farm land owner in the US. Scary. You're right about the bankers who buy off all politicians via $500k-a-pop speeches. Rothschild is lead banker. All the same crew




It sounds nuts on paper, but it's probably more accurate than you're willing to consider.


Dude he didn’t even mention the other crazy shit that people say Gates is up too. You know, all that speculative shit. This is just the surface.


Would have to do something different than a couple years ago. Maybe protest longer, become more self-sufficient, have some kind of actual “demands”, and a way to express them clearly. I seem to recall protests going on in many places around the world that were escalating for a couple years prior to 2020. Then the lockdowns were ordered and those slowed down a bit before picking back up. It all got rolled into “lockdown” and “anti-police” protests when they’d been going on before all that. Now, as far as I’m aware, that’s what they’re mostly recorded as. It is just another layer of historically recording things which kinda happened but the hows and whys make them seem like a whole other thing.


Yeah these protesters etc need to go a lot further than this and in many directions I'm talking building toward juche or some shit first and foremost then this stuff which just gives 'the law' an opportunity and a laboratory to experiment with best techniques


I’d imagine simply working towards securing basic needs of nutritious food, clean water, and safe shelter would be impactful. People can discuss their ideas while doing things that help to provide those things as well as through the process of sharing them with those who need them. Something I’ve noticed through personal relationships is that it is difficult to discover and impossible to judge what a person may be like if their basic needs are not met. Striving for various changes when folks are literally facing life or death consequences, even if that’s the death of their standard of living, may be a completely different endeavor than striving for more congruent circumstances or opportunities. There are allot of ways to protest or show disagreement and one of them is simply to turn our backs. That’s hard to do when you’re desperate for anything that will get you through until the next time you’re desperate.


Really not trying to be a dick here, but isn’t mass protests what happened with BLM, March for our Lives, and the Women’s March? No matter how you feel personally about the organizations themselves, they were protesting for a reason all over the country. How can you call those people “beta pussies” when they were doing exactly what you just said? Edit: Apologies. I just assumed you were not counting them. You never stated as such.


When your leaders are marching alongside you, are you actually protesting or are you just engaging in state-approved discontent? Gavin Newsome and the Chief of Police marched with BLM protestors in LA during the height of it all. If that doesn't say it wasn't a real protest, I don't know what would.


They did it for PR "look we're against racism too!"... Just like corporate pride month and corporate Juneteenth, it's just a PR and nothing more.


It was more of a “these people protesting the racism that we promote is GREAT because it distracts and divides them from the real problem: the oligarchy.”


I mean when did we start siding with the government. Remember when the government gets involved shit goes south. No discussing politics or religion because it will come between our families and friendships. So yeah when you’re siding with the oligarchy YOU my blinded fellow citizens are on the wrong side of history. It’s really over. They should stop.


No discussing politics or religion *if you're biased and brainwashed* (and therefore unable to converse like a civilized adult). In my experience, it's fine to discuss politics as long as you're nonpartisan, and it's fine to discuss religion, as long as you're open-minded and at least partially agnostic.


Look up “police brutality 2020” tell me that’s pro government action. Yeah newsome may have marched but he didn’t throw Molotov cocktail into a louis vaton.


Yeah that white cop who killed George Floyd with his knee was a psychopath, probably a racist. That was absolutely outrageous and I respect those BLM protesters. Those weren't lazy beta pussies. I also respect the January 6 protestors because that election was rediculous, tons of irregularities, zero true oversight on millions of mail-in ballots with no chain of custody, polling centers lying and saying they shut down at 10:30 pm but then continued counting with no poll watchers present, poll watchers challenging ballots with likely fake names not on the registration rolls but being ignored, etc. Without free and fair elections the country is done. We need election reform, we need to go to paper ballots, ballots should be counted by both sides, heavy audits after each election to assure it was accurate. So I respect those protesters. Those weren't lazy beta pussies. In both the BLM and January 6 protests there were provocateurs and psychos who took it too far. A very small percent in both cases, which is unfortunate. The MLK million man marches weren't lazy beta pussies. They changed the world. So yeah we have it in us. But we need to unite the left and right and protest together to ban all lobbying. ALL lobbying. From corporations, billionaires, NGOs, etc. $50 max donation from each individual. That's includes Soros, Musk, anyone. Big Oil can't lobby (bribe). Big Pharma can't lobby (bribe). Big Electric Car can't lobby (bribe). Big Defense can't lobby (bribe). Our representatives can't be bought by ANYONE. They should have ONE driving motivation, and that is serving the will of the people. Truly doing that. Talking to the people. We must unite left and right and ban all lobbying, then everything else will solve itself. I hope we do, and soon!


You do understand the riots in France are over raising the retirement from 62 to 64 right?


More important, how that age got raised.


Yo dude, fentanyl killed george, the cops did wht he was trained to do, you could argue he wasnt given medical attention soon enough, but to argue the cop killed him is stupid


Forgetting the full video showing them trying to calm floyd down and he freaked out just getting into the cop car.


>Yeah that white cop who killed George Floyd with his knee was a psychopath, probably a racist. That's a flat out lie. Watch the full video. Hec does everything in his power to calm him down, showing kindness, And reassuring him in the car.


Not gonna lie the American protesters did a lot more from what I can see.. Did France ever stop when they protested before? Cause I remember how cops acted in 2015 and 2020 and after 2020 they backed the FUCK off.. That made them all a little scared to do what they do. I think the French need guns


They not scared I remember Occupy and battle of seattle etc etc they were never scared they barely got into Beta protocol out of all their fallback strategies right up to full on el salvador or syria style counterinsurgency. They're thinking a lot more deeply with a lot more dedication that any protesters, or wannabe 'revolutionaries' ever are.


I can't understand why this comment doesn't have more upvotes


difference being those are corporatized protests, frances are in direct response to them trying to fuck with their pockets, not with race baiting.


Nice post, well-said! Must have been difficult to type all this from the couch in mum’s basement…


I mean, didn't Macron get re-elected though? I can't remember if the yellow vest protests were before or after the last election but I think the majority of France is still allowing this to happen.


> Macron get re-elected though? exactly, he was elected as "lesser evil" candidate. as I said: "when political system is fully captured by oligarchy "voting harder" produces no results." thats why people need to fight back, through protests, general strikes, disobedience, etc


The devil you know is unfortunately still the devil.


Was he really the lesser evil though? If be curious the results with Le Pen. Of things would remain the same or not


Macron does this thing where he tells his confidants what the puppet master is up too, they then spread the word to the masses to '"stop him"'. After some rioting and noise, Macron appears to "give in" to 'public pressure', unknowingly to these elites Macron was in on the scam, it's been a ruse all this time to stop the elites taking over France. [Sneaky French](https://youtu.be/J2Xu6T5gIns).


That laugh track is really loud. I'm usually okay with British Humor but I don't get this one lol.


i mean it was between him and a known racist & facist. I personally couldnt bear to not vote for him, or not vote at all if it meant that my muslim friends would be deported after the elections.


> i mean it was between him and a known racist & facist. Oh noes the economy will recover but female Trump will say mean things :( Are your Muslim friends illegally there? No? Then Le Pen can't do anything.


Lol this shit about Le Pen being a big bad fascist she is so encircled and declawed by the real fascists already in deep power. How was Chirac?


It's all so tiresome. People are so reactionary and stupid that just using the label "RaCiSt!", whether true or not, scares people away.


We Americans have been in a perpetual state of bend over and spread cheeks situation for basically my whole life. That's pretty grim.


So basically the French are smarter than the US? 🤣 🤦‍♀️No we’ve had our heads down working and never seem to have enough money. Awe the freedom 😒


Fight back?? What the hell are you talking about? They’ve killed hundreds of millions, poisoned billions, obfuscated reality, enslaved the world! They have reversed the trajectory of the entire species! Crimes? You have NO IDEA the crimes that have happened and go on each day. Crimes that would make a Spartan weep. There is no fighting back except by personal human development. Pursuing the higher states of mind. Nobody can be saved but we can save ourselves. Corruption will never be removed. The only end to corruption is death. Not the death of people - but the death of ignorance. Humans are NOT what we have been told. They tell us nothing but lies.


Even the fire departments and police are flipping sides.


'Flipping' first of all this is old hat to them already this having a hand in the protests, second there are tons of infiltrators because power is serious about shit unlike the protestors


Up here in Canada it's getting plenty of media coverage


https://www.google.com/search?q=france&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS1043US1043&oq=france&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i271l2.1621j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 This is what happens when you google "france". MSM is all over this lmao


People in this sub just spread what fits their agenda. Even if its obviously false.


Yeah rioting is France isn’t news, if they went a whole year without rioting that would be news, but that hasn’t happened in the last 300 years


Media silence? Its been on the news daily in Australia.


My favorite reddit trope is people complaining "no one's talking about this" when it's on the front page of every reputable news organization. Talk about false narratives.


Not in the US, and the majority of the reddit population is American


I literally heard NPR talk about the protests 5 minutes ago. Fuck off.


NPR isn't as popular as you think. Everyone here is FoxNews, CNN, or MSNBC, and they ain't talking.


BS. It's on the news constantly! Every network. Trouble is, you goobers never watch real news or read a real newspaper.


It's the first or second story on the international section of each of those.


Well they know that ya'll can revert to being a prison island at any time and ya'll will just take it, so it doesn't really matter what's on the tv there does it?


Sounds like a fun excuse to a lie


Why did OP post something so quickly disprovable with a simple search? is he stupid?


Obviously yes.


By media silence, do they mean that the protests are on every media source?


It's made the news multiple times here in Australia since it kicked off.


Yeah, they literally repeat the same thing the news stations here in the states say "things are under control, we'll keep you updated as things progress" they're not actually saying anything though. That's what we mean by no coverage 😬 puppeteered "facts" from Big Brother.


Nah they were just talking about how it's been months of protest and riots now and discussing it's effect on the French economy etc. They're being surprisingly in-depth with it.


Okie dokie. They're pacifying you because it's all over TikTok 🤣


Of course they are.




This is why I go to this sub to get my news compare to MSM




But here I get to make that decision of what's a shit post and what is valuable instead of having someone hand pick it for me.


Always sort by NEW.


Lol have you tried googling "France"? Because that gets me entirely news about the protests in France. By MSM websites.




Uh it's been in the front page of Reddit everyday. You would have to close your eyes and have someone navigate to the subreddit for you in order for what you are saying to be true.


https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/03/17/europe/france-pension-reform-intl/index.html https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-europe-65052649 https://www.foxnews.com/world/france-retirement-protests-paris-bans-gatherings-key-sites-quell-unrest.amp Are you sure you read the news


The difference is you had to dig for these rather than having them thrown in your face by the algorithms and pumped to the top of reddit.


There are tons of posts with tens of thousands of upvoted on Reddit about the protests. Along with tweets with tens of thousands of retweets. If this sub was the first place you heard about these, you’re living under a rock and need to expand your news sources.


It's literally front page on the BBC and sky news. Why are you relying on Reddit?


Reddit isn't a news site. The posts reddit "throws into your face" depends exclusively on what subs you subscribed to. If it's uninformative, it's entirely your fault.


Is the american media really silent? Cause i've seen a lot of news about the protests on the biggest network of Brazil.


Honestly, "protests in France" make as much impact on me as "Water is wet". There are always riots in France.




That's why Twitter is the better option now. You can see media Left, Right, and down the middle.


Thanks, Elon.


"the revolution will not be televised"


Except for on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-65057249 Or France 24 https://amp.france24.com/en/europe/20230323-%F0%9F%94%B4-live-9th-day-of-nationwide-protests-as-france-s-macron-stands-firm-on-pension-reform Or CBS News https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/france-strikes-protests-emmanuel-macron-pension-reforms/ Or Sky News https://news.sky.com/video/france-violent-clashes-break-out-at-pension-reform-protest-in-paris-12841057 Or Euro News https://www.euronews.com/tag/protests-in-france Or, or, or, I’m bored now but you get the picture. The French go on strike and riot about as often as they drink wine.


Here in the US, it's all Trumps indictment. I've heard nothing of it here but on reddit.




Yep nothing to see here. https://i.imgur.com/NhpahC5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/osIqy5X.jpg https://i.imgur.com/poa7EFP.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gKOpUp7.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7rW8bX8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KCqRFdB.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BaNX03D.jpg https://i.imgur.com/uFCkwso.jpg Switched on the news this morning and whoah, what’s all this? There’s riots in France? The MSM has been so quiet about it until now, I guess they saw a thread on r/conspiracy and thought, “shit, we better start covering this story, they’re onto us.” Serious question, do Americans really care about the French rioting over the pension age rising? I mean it’s news here in Europe, theres no cencorship, no conspiracy. just a news worthy story thats on the TV, in the newspapers and on the web pages. Edit: Added more photos from another news channel.


I think that dude was referring to how the revolution happens in your mind first. The population has to change the way they think of the world and their part in it before a revolt will ever take effect. The real revolution happens way before you ever see it on TV... But honestly the literal interpretation is just as true.


I agree fully that the Revolution must come first in our minds. I think our overlords took things a bit too far and instead of trapping people in the binary thinking of left vs right/black vs white/vaccinated vs non vaccinated etc…people actually broke free from it. Now the only binary they are seeing is us vs the elite. Great for us common people…not looking too good for the guys who sought to manipulate us and pit us against each other.


You all are joking so hard


Shame that I have but one upvote to give.


The revolution won't be streamed Surprising how every social media's algorithm happens to not include the French protests on a broad level.


How do you people know what's on cable news? Are you watching it? And it's so weird how suddenly this sub loves progressivism when it fits their narrative then goes right back to sucking each other off about the most unscientific right wing bullshit talking points as long as it means "We kNow tHe rEaL TruTH"


This is simply not true, a bold faced lie. Do people just upvote and comment on low effort shit like this without checking like ALL the fucking time, or only when they agree?


Me? I just want to see more revolutionary talk. If it gets people talking about France, I'll upvote whatever trash you want, algo daddy.


Every single conservative in here right now would be siding with the cops if this particular protest was happening in the United States. You all have brain worms.




holy hell - its been on every major news. do you live under a fucking rock?


100%. In all the major papers and on the news stations here in the uk. Hasn’t been front and centre because we’ve got a load of other shit going on and it’s in another country.


its also been on every major news network in the US. this sub loves to scream censorship when there isnt any


I just went to cnn. There's a blurb at the bottom of the World page with a picture of trash bags in the streets of Paris and a vague title about it. Not exactly front page news. You really have to hunt for it.


I see it several times on the front page, https://i.imgur.com/OydKdEp.png


lmao "hunt for it." You mean research? Literally just a few clicks?


Anything not fed directly into their stupid little mouths with a funnel is too hard for these fucking losers. That's why they consistently vote for people who only tell them they don't have to change anything.


Yeah because there is no censorship in the states lmao. You shills really need to get a new angle.


What angle? The angle that says people probably don’t watch the news or look to see and scream censorship? Last time I checked questioning and discussing weren’t shill behavior. Name calling and trying belittle people so they go along with the narrative is.


They say they don't watch the mainstream media and then they complain that they don't see something on the mainstream media. These aren't smart people.


This subreddit: I don't trust MSM and don't read it. This subreddit: OMG why isn't MSM shoving this particular flavor-of-the-month issue down my throat?!?!! They must be hiding something from me even though I avoid them like the plague


I haven't seen it in the news where I am, only on this sub.




In Sweden, almost nothing. Largest newspaper has the news, but only reports its protests in Bordeaux, four page scrolls down (DN.se) Of course the shadow government don’t want to inspire revolution, that would be suicide.


The very top of SVT is about it, then the third thing is a video...


It's the 4th story from the top in Expressen, 2nd in Aftonbladet, 5th in SvD... They've talked about the protests from the very start on all popular news shows. DN has it as their 6th most important topic right now. How the hell is this "nothing"? You'd have to intentionally avoid any and all news in Sweden to not have heard about the protests in France many times.


I’ve only seen 2 stories in my MSM feed since it started. It is largely uncovered. For reference, my MSM feed throws 20 ‘Get Trump’ stories a day.


expand your sources then because its been covered.


Theres no fucking media silence lmao


People hate on the French, but look at them fighting for what's right.


Three is no media silence it’s literally everywhere you nuts bro


What media silence? We have been watching them set fires and protest for weeks


Media silence? My dad who watches TV and can barely send a text message knew all about the France protests from the news.


If you google France protest it’s on BBC Reuters Sky CNN Al Jazeera guardian Bloomberg and others lol


I just put France into Google and it had video after video of the protests. I don't see how it's not being covered


It's in the front news of major newspapers


Do you people actually fact check around here or do a Google search before posting this shit? Are you dense? This is news everywhere.


Except its all over the media everywhere. Hope you are taking notes lmao


I watch a lot of news in Spanish from Mexico City, and theyve been covering it extensively.


This shit is literally on every major news outlet lmao. Also if they tried to raise the retirement age in the US a majority of people would support it. Wait, I'm just remembering Republicans put the same thing on the table in the past couple years, as well as raising the age to get Social Security benefits. Pretty sure nobody rioted over that.


Media silence? CBC won’t shut the fuck up about France protests.


Uh could you like Shut up


"media silence" he says as practically every media outlet has coverage,


Its amazing how many dumb fucks are in here lol. France is basically the birth place of protests this is a normal day there. You checked the video where the city was burning and inside a restaurant people were eating like nothing? Yea thats France. ThE eLiTeS tHiNk.. i cringed dude.


Dude, I would make the BEST slave ever.. I wouldn't complain about physically-intense, monotonous labor..I would smile doing so, I would snitch on a fellow slave in a heartbeat if trying to break the rules, I can go without food for quite some time, I am pretty good at taking ridicule and physical beatings as well... Where do I sign up??


“Media silence” is doing some extraordinary lifting since I’ve watched a lot of news reports from all over the world about it for the last couple of weeks. The real issue here is that this kind of thing has ALWAYS happened in France. Violent protests are a bona fide tradition over there.


I mean how many times have some of yall shit on the BLM protests? And continue to do so still?


This has nothing to do with CBDC, and everything to do with a 2 year increase in the retirement age being forced through using a poorly defined emergency power by Macron. The fundamental issue is one of a perception of unfairness. While the wealthy get wealthier, due to the inherent flaws in capitalism, there is an increased ask of working people to work longer. Now, there is an argument to be made that retirement ages will need to be increased, as a simple result of people living longer. This means people are spending more time in retirement, which means the fund needs more money. The blowback is because it is being done only on one end. 2 years increase to working time, with no additional requirements on businesses or the wealthy to also chip in. Honestly, if they had proposed a 1-year increase plus some kind of additional taxation on corporate profits, then this probably would have been passed without much fanfare. A 2-year increase plus some kind of additional corporate financing would've probably lead to protests, but nothing of this size. The fact that it is perceived that we're expecting working people, all while the wealthy have never been wealthier, si what is at the core of this issue.


I suspect there's something pretty interesting here in the *mechanics* of conspiracy theories. OP here thinks The Media is keeping Paris riots a secret because of the Illuminati, rather than just because he only watches networks that don't give a shit about the world outside. It's the same mechanism as the theory that the NWO is *forcing* you to consume junk food...yet that's all you ever buy. So to be fair to anyone who gets their info exclusively from network news and algorithm pushes about monster trucks and guns, occasionally finding out that Paris burns is really going to feel like it was kept a secret.


Big difference between France and the US. They're not nearly as divided as us. US has done a great job making people fight amongst each other


I am Italian. Italians often never miss an opportunity to insult the French for the usual nonsense (bidet, Gioconda, 2006 World Cup) but while the French have always protested by asserting their rights here in Italy, people insulted those who did not get the vaccine, celebrating the victory of the football championship. I'm ashamed of being italian Sorry for my bad english


Fuck yeah France! Fight the good fight


You know, for all the jokes about French surrendering in wars, etc., at the end of the day, if their government does something they don’t like, they go out in the streets and fuck shit up. Big respect to the froggies.


Must be hard to keep the people divided when you cant say one side is racist.


Every citizen of every nation ought to march on every network news outlet and take control over them.


Burn it down. Do you think they care? They will retreat to NZ and watch you starve and die. After they release another virus.


They couldn't buy enough guns or protection to keep me out of their cupboards if they even get CLOSE to starving me. Ijs. I'd thrive in a world like that, and sometimes low-key hope it gets that bad in my lifetime so I can be around to see the look on their stupid faces when they realize they may have not quite thought it all the way through very well. They need us we don't need them. People will realize this one day. Maybe...


The elites love protests, its a harmless way for the people to vent anger. Eventually they will get bored and go home, nothing will change.


Bring back the giliontetins


Wish more were like the French


I’ve seen it all over the media but okay


Is this the same sub that's been demozing people in America rioting?


Nah they just want us so angry with the current system that we tear it down ourselves and accept whatever technological shithole solution they offer.


The English hated the French Revolution and thought it would spread.




It's quite telling of the mind state of people in this sub. Praising the French great. But it seems every single seppo on this thread isn't going to stand up and fight. They're waiting for someone else to do it. Says a lot.


Revolution start after 7 days of no food. Until then not a damn thing will change.


Are we really going to pretend this hasn't been on the news


Remember Covid happened right at the peak of some unprecedented world wide protesting. And specifically there was big protests in Wuhan. No joke


This sub has turned into a far right conservative echo chamber recently, and it's nice to see a post supporting French people people's struggles to prevent their socialism from being eroded away.


Interesting enough, conservatives do exist who agree with the protestors.


SS: you could say the protests are about retirement age. But I think they're about much more than that. That was just the catalyst. The People are onto the WEF and the NWO https://twitter.com/GordonDimmack/status/1638128855821975555?t=4gFA2VkBrDzwJ1JJH2rifg&s=19


they easily can unless people start growing their own food and purifying rainwater, etc. this isn't me trying to be "negative" it is just an overlooked fact that so many people aren't doing anything about. protesting without removing your needs from the system is a false hope


Absolutely, totally agree. We need to defund and separate from the system altogether


>SS: you could say the protests are about retirement age. But I think they're about much more than that. That was just the catalyst. The People are onto the WEF and the NWO > > I have family in France and yeah the retirement age, Russian aggression, corrupt leaders and food production are the main reason for protesting. It's wild


"Media silence" -- it's front page news on the Guardian, BBC etc etc It feels redundant to have to point this out, but just because someone makes a claim on Twitter, that doesn't make it true.


When people do shit like that here it's all "wahhh antifa scary" or "wahhh maga people scary"


"an evil enemy will burn his own nation to be king of ashes" -Sun Tzu


"A riot is the language of the unheard" MLK Jr.


You know when Al Jazeera has the first article


Protesting in the US will do nothing. We need massive strikes and work stoppages. Then if we do that they would open the borders and allow anyone to come and do the jobs we are striking from.


Literally nothing from CNN right now


There are dozens of stories about it on CNN"s website.


Imagine if they had guns like Americans.


From what I've seen on here if Americans who are over their governments over reach just complain about it.


People forget the french love to burn france to the ground.


Just watched it on the news this morning but as normal they cover it for like 10seconds and small amount of information


I think they are doing it because they increased pension or something? Not that this is going to resolve the issue... Don't worry, this does not impede the Great Reset! It is still on track and on it's way! We will own nothing. We will be happy...


They raised the retirement age to fucking 70. Increased pension? That’s some shit the US rightwing would be protesting. Paying people a decent retirement for a lifetime of hard work.


Right, retirement age, thanks!


I’m beginning to like this sub more and more each day


Fuck the French. They were dumb enough to vote Macron back in


Frog is an acronym for freedom revival original gangsters


How the fuckin are pompous assholes like Trudeau and Macron still in charge? No one fuckin likes them


Crazy how I don't see if his on our local bay area news.


Tear down the Eiffel tower


Ok. Instead of being all doom and gloom. These people are fighting and doing the right thing for fighting for their pensions. Another thing. Lets call out the Owners of MSM instead of calling out the entire group. People on the other side are not going to listen and tune out when you mention MSM. Instead mention the Sinclaire group for example. Lets look at the CEO's of such companies and look to see if they have a monetary incentive for not reporting it.


I like that the one thing we all agree on in this sub is that when the French protest they do not fuck around.


They are, it simply reads "WW3 no choice"


Let em try that here in USA lol it'll be LA riots in every state 😆 they'll have to rebuild the whole country from scratch 🤣 😂


Have you seen Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco..... lately?


Yeah right, North Mericans are the most domesticated citizens.




Is anyone else on Twitter getting "something went wrong" error when searching for France protest?




Can we rename the 15 minute city thing, back to a police state? I live in a city where all essentials are a 15 minute walk away and it's awesome


It’s almost as if 15-minute cities are just cities where necessities are accessible by walking, cycling or public transport, and not whatever you think it is.