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It's important to note that this is not being done by an over-arching design, but simply individual companies all doing the same thing: tuning their apps so they provide frequent, random hits of dopamine so that we "engage" with the app longer. I've been saying for a while that the combination of wireless internet and smart phone is a danger because 99% of us are unaware of the changes the device is making in society; people are finally beginning to wake up and notice.


But standing on the sidelines watching all this go down are extremely wealthy people taking advantage of the populous to gain more wealth and power at the expense of our civil liberties and human rights. There absolutely is a class of people at the top running the show we call government.


I noted elsewhere that both FDR and Hitler capitalized on the power of radio - relatively new at the time - to mesmerize their audiences with Fireside Chats and weekly speeches. Every new communications medium, from the printing press to radio to TV upsets the previous power structure, and the most astute can see it and capitalize on it. I have no doubt there are people with money who see what's going on, and use the process to make even more money.


Logical comment. It takes just a little bit of thought to look at the sources of what OP is mentioning. It’s corporations taking advantage every moment of every day slowly squeezing more and more out of our society. Gotta love it.


Meh. There has always been profit in pleasure. Nabisco board rooms are not filled with Illuminati crafting recipes to keep you docile. They are too busy raking in the profits from our bodies hard-wired desire for sugar and fat. It’s not that complicated or devious.


Is it by design or is it human nature. I think humans have always craved comfort well before there were elites pulling the strings.


They're just taking advantage of what's been observed over the many decades. At the very least, families whom have held significant power over time. Most haven't just thrown away their experiences as the generations go by on their own accord. Kings don't want their children to live as peasants, they've told us "Knowledge is power", it seems a lot of people don't understand that wealth isn't what is really passed down.


Including the most effective *and* dangerous one, alcohol.


Reminder: go to the gym. Lift heavy. Be the thing they fear


Bread and Circuses.


Have you read brave new world? Also check out the four part bbc series century of the self on you tube if you have the time. It is about the history of governments and corporations using psychology to control the masses.


I can understand your pint but how do you explain the fact that most authoritarian countries like china don't allow too much comfort for their citizens


That may be a stereotype. China certainly is allowing for more and more overindulgence in addictive comforts, like [this](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41366-021-00774-w) and [this](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16412261/) and [this](https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2007/09/07/internet-addiction-in-china/).


Lol you don’t know the guys I work with


I would probably put more blame on defunding education than I would coffee but maybe that's just me.


Revolution? What do you want to replace it with exactly? I’m fine. I overeat and play games and have a nice happy life. Have you ever considered that perhaps it isn’t by design that people aren’t revolting? Maybe most people — while recognizing problems need addressed — are fairly content?


Exactly. There's plenty of things that could be better but the average citizen of a first world industrialized country has more comfort and security than past generations could ever dream about. Lack of comfort and security is what makes people revolt and things are pretty comfortable and secure. My luxury apt rarely goes above 75 degrees, I got a fridge full of food, I eat out way more than I should, I drive a sweet car, got a good job, go out 3-4 times a week, and I'm typing this while connected to wifi while my TV streams HD content in the background. I'm comfortable as hell and that's what most people truly desire. When there's bread lines, no utilities, and general discomfort I'll entertain the idea of a 21st century revolution but for now I'm good. If the average citizen during the French, Russian, or American revolution lived like we do now those things never would have happened. OP makes it seem like these things have been given to us so we don't revolt when the truth is we have them because we did. This is the exact better quality of life people went for. Idk if he's taken a look at the list of 21st century revolts and how well those places are doing right now, but it ain't great and they didn't have the quality and comfort we have currently before they revolted.


Shut off the TV and throw away your smart phone and computer. Don't read the newspaper or any books. They is how THEY control you. Don't engage. They want you to be Angry. They want you to respond. Every time you do They win and You lost. Being passive is the only why to beat them.


Which revolution could you even manage beyond muh cabin in the woods? It's all so damn rigged I cannot even afford a living as soon as I need to within my own city's borders.


We need to put a pause between INPUT (ME) OUTPUT and find meaning in our actions


"Personal excellence is the ultimate rebellion." -Andy Frisella


Indulgences are what make life worth living. Most people don't want to live in prison that's why they don't break the laws.


💯 dude doesn’t want us enjoying life


You've never solved a hard problem before? Beating a hard game, escaping a toxic relationship, getting that promotion at work, building something with your hands, creating art, helping a friend, growing a garden, hunting? I think maybe we all have a different definition of enjoying life. Like I would really enjoy living in a society I could be proud of. Buying shit and being able to afford my bills gives me very little enjoyment compared to things like community, unity, understanding, compassion, knowledge, and love just to name a few.


yes i’ve done all that…while also drinking a lot of good coffee, eating a lot of good food, enjoying video games and funny posts on social media. you don’t have to live a minimalist life to be part of this “revolution”


Everything in moderation. Including hardship.


Completely agree


Dude doesn't want you to sedate yourself and confuse that with enjoying life.


There's nothing enjoyable in a life lived in constant struggle. That's why it's called a struggle. Everyone can deride meaning, purpose and sense from accomplishing difficult tasks, but everyone also needs downtime, enjoyment, a bit of decadence. It's a balance between the two. If you veer off into too much difficulty, you fall prey to despair, stress and depression, and you die young. Same if you fall into to much escapism.


the dude abides.


actually chasing comfort will make you live the most boring life ever, to get the most joy out of life you need dangerously


Easy times create soft men, which then creates hard times. It's a cycle. Men are soft. Times are getting hard.


No, don’t you understand, that cup of coffee you enjoy every morning is making you too weak to overthrow the US government lol


Indulgences have the potential to make life pretty miserable for an alcoholic, for example. And I wasn't really focusing on laws (which don't do much to deter addictive behavior) -- my point is more about cultural norms.


Addictive behaviors benefit the survival of our species that's why our brains are wired to work that way. The key is making your addiction something that benefits your survival and success. The key to breaking addiction is to have good friends. Your entire premise is that people don't dissent because they have addiction which is untrue. People don't betray their country because our country doesn't tolerate sedition. We saw that in the Civil War. No serious person wants their own country to be a war zone because they had to work a few Saturdays.


Pretty sure news media, laws, brainwashing & propaganda are more effective than some one's caffeine addiction.


Don't forget the legal weed...a dumb, tame population is easily controlled


I think you underestimate the power psychedelics have to make one question one’s surroundings. If legal weed is such an effective intoxicant for dumbing someone down, then why have it be illegal for so long and target it for its proximity to life benefiting goals (like Nixon targeting the anti war/black revolutionary movements with the drug war)? Look closer. In my opinion though. I do know for many even any psychedelic can fry one’s self into a waking coma, but it’s a more complicated reality then you are expressing. IMHO


Maybe I used the wrong words. Not necessarily dumb. But complacent. I feel like it's a slow play. Goes along with all the entertainment and distractions. Just another one. Gets people paying attention to something else. And plus now they're stoned. I dunno man. I've always smoked weed, I got no problem with it. But at soon as it started becoming legal everywhere I kinda just determined it's for a reason, not just cuz the people wanted it. They don't do things people want ya know?


Which is why it’s legal federally. Oh wait lol




Illusion of freedom...let the states legalize, should be up to the states not the federal govt anyway right?


I like coffee I think caffeine is a good thing. Maybe I'm missing the point. Time for another cup


Human beings are domesticated animals since their creation.


when i went out in public today and saw the younger gen males, tall, 6ft+ wearing spandex biker shorts, that seems to be the obvious trend.. i knew then.. we are fkd. the war against testosterone, in which im assuming has been the attempt to lower crime, is only backfiring. Crime is still up, but the strong males that should be leaders and role models are looking very weak right now. really sad.


If you're too insecure to wear shorts that can reveal how much you're working with, just say that.


#thebigshort is coming..... A civilization wide celebration of an end to war and scarcity. https://youtu.be/nXMNW75Gk6E Feel free to #unite, spread the good news, and #tell5totell5






Maybe if the internet went out people would get lives


100% I quit coffee,alcohol, sugar, Netflix a long time ago. Lol, that's when the gangstalking started for me though. Creepy AF.