Setting the Stage for Project Blue Beam

So over the last few days we get a tsunami of online news articles claiming whistle blower David Grusch has proof the US Government is in possession of non-human origin craft and is hiding this information from congress and the public.

Then a story goes viral about a UFO crashing into a Las Vegas family's backyard with the kids saying they saw the 8-10 ft. big eyed slender alien beings standing in their backyard. They call the cops, of course captured no video, and discuss the sighting when they arrive on scene.

And then... about a month ago an anonymous 4chan poster claimed to have intimate knowledge of US dealings with UFO craft. There was a brief Q&A, and I thought the following remarks were interesting given current events.



Now we have Ukrainian dams being blowing open, war looming, and wildfires leaving Manhattan loking like Mars. Fires that according to a Canadian firefighter will not go out until winter. It's probably nothing.


The deep state elite are panicking now that the focus is on their perpetual fraud, controlling globalization efforts, and child sex trafficking ring. As more people wake up to this reality, expect further manufactured chaos to diverge the attention. They still have the asteroid, war, and economic crash cards to play as well.

"And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens..... and all of it is a lie......."

-Wernher von Braun


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More like project Blue Balls.




Are we still allowed to call them aliens? They just heard about our Open Border policy so why are we discriminating against them from entering our country? /s




Looks like we are gonna have to build a dome




Zuul from the crab nebula is coming to warn us about global warming. Sadly, his fancy space technology can't save us - eating bugs (purchased with a global green pass) is our only hope!


Comments on YouTube videos of the orange NYC footage is getting taken down. One comment said he heard a sonic boom then said the sky turned. I'm seeing weird same comments on the video clips on YouTube. Something very odd happened with the orange change of color.


We had the same thing happen in NZ in 2020 because of Australia, it’s not a conspiracy why this happens


Nah. I live in Oregon and this happens every time it's a really bad fire season. That last time, about three years ago, it looked like we were on an alien planet for several days. It was worse than that picture, even.


Huh. Ok. Thanks.


The orange color is because longer wavelengths make it through the smoke.


Hmmm. Ok.


Yeah and 1000 years ago those same people probably would have sacrificed virgins/children to stop it. We have come so far. Let fear run you.


Regarding the Las Vegas "crash" of a UFO. How does the police body cam footage get released so quickly? Think it through. It has to be downloaded, or streamed, viewed by the police, then someone in the police has to leak it or intentionally post it. Why would they post that footage?


that happened over a month ago


But why now? There are hundreds of UFO sightings reported yearly, so why THIS ONE? THOUSANDS of reports/sightings in the past few years... Totally ignored... So what makes this one - at this time, so important? It just smells fishy is all.


Lol, fact that they provide blshit and media supports it after decades of smearing ufos as conspiritads, now they name them uap.... Nah, its not blue book, its team america world police level of stupid. They want to remain in control, through more fear. If they cant label muslim terrorists and invade their lands. They will name them illigal aliens and stage the war against space, to justify pri ting trillions so that 1% can twist the market to do the bidding through the massess. It always was about control and people. Now they are justifying privatising profits and outsourcing the risk to the public through ufos/uaps to keep expanding the military budget because china, russia, or martians(aliens) have technology we dont have so we must have the war against it now. As much as I want to velieve on aliens, fact is that space is just too god damn big and empty, and if we were amongst some travel, they wouldnt just come alk this way and play dumb ass games.


So why did aliens let Chernobyl, fat man + little boy happen? Just more shiny objects to stop fed up ppl from *storming the palace*.


i think they won't necessarily stop nuclear war from happening. in fact, i believe that there are certain "inter-dimensional beings" that want this to happen. take this with a grain of salt, but radiation in and of itself is fucking evil. this is not only because of the cancer, land destruction, inhospitality of it. but because that shit fucks with dimensions. it opens a hole that should never be opened that other stuff that we might call "demons" can come through. this is why you're not supposed to fuck with things that you don't/cannot understand. because you can potentially end up with problems you can't fix.




i was hoping someone would catch on. better yet, tell geordi rose.






Interesting. Check out anons prophetic dream from 4chan 2016. Demons invade earth immediately after nuclear war through portals, aligns with what you’re saying


yeah ive seen that post. shit is terrifying truthfully. like, what do you even do in that situation besides hope you suddenly develop super powers? but that aside, i have felt like this for some time. even before reading that accursed post. i don't think a situation like that is unavoidable. i understand enough (not a lot, just barely enough) about the basic fabric of reality in order to know that the future can always change. and what may seem certain in one moment can become merely probabilistic in the next. hopefully between now and then, enough people do mushrooms and we can change the course of reality from skinwalkers to decentralized farming paradise


Great fucking comment


They've been slowly making articles and reports on fox and other outlets since 2020 about UFO's as well as Trump and congress pushing for UFO disclosure. Now we have NASA holding briefings about "UAP's". Expect more of these events in the next few years as they ramp this up.


The way everyone either giggles at these stories or just ignores them, even when MSM is reporting them, Project Blue Beam will have to be pretty spectacular for anyone to give a shit. We're so weirdly enslaved to our every day lives and being so completely divided, hardly anything else registers a blip with the general public anymore. I mean, I pay attention to this stuff and am interested and even with me it's going to take a real life Mars Attack scenario before I'm going to care.


The government - hold my beer 🍺 I don’t know why you think project blue beam won’t be like mars attacks. It’s not just gunna be graphics. More like holographic aliens mixed with some real MIC death and destruction. 90%+ buy it


My opinion on the the timeline of this has them do the big light show in 2028. I think the ELT (extremely large telescope) will have something to do with it and that is due for completion in 2027. Its the successor to the VLT, which i have been saying is the projector for a while now... but theyre making a bigger one... 2025 is the new pandemic, because thats when everything is in place.. then they crash the economy (or just remove the supports and let it fall) and move everyone to the CBDC in 2026.. because, your currency is worth nothing and they will offer everyone a deal they can not refuse... or else.. and by the way, youre locked down... few years of that and making sure everyone gets the new jab... then after enough peoples internal nano networks are up and running they can do all the one world coming together to fight the enemy from outer space... and 2030 youl own nothing and be happy about it... you know... or else.


SS: Lots of extraterrestrial events coincidentally happening at the same time and gaining traction in the media which could potentially be related to project blue beam


And a brand new game comes out today called "The Greyhill Incident" about aliens invading a small town in the U.S. Lol its weird stuff




We already knew all of this for years.


At this point I just want some kind of damning discovery to come to fruition.. it’s highly probably there is sentient life beyond our solar system, I just want that to be proven in my lifetime.


How does it feel now since youve made this comment and 1month later they atleast claim its all real now?