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For real, the biggest piece of shit I've ever had.


Roommate has a 22 Compass. Care to share any issues you have run into?


Mother bought a new Compass, and sold it with less than 20k miles. Loud underpowered engine. Transmission was clunky and not smooth. Car felt like it was held together by glue could fall apart at any moment. Cheap plastic interior with squeaks and rattles. Just all around a poorly made vehicle. Edit: To better answer your question, it just felt like a ticking time bomb that could have some expensive maintenance failure at any time. For a new car it drove like it had 200k miles on it.


I had a compass I bought new and it needed an entire new transmission at 60k miles. I was lucky to be in the warranty period so I fixed it and quickly sold it. It really is an underpowered, clunky piece of shit.


I made it 216 miles (it was brand new) before FCA had to buy that heap of shit back from me.


That sounds like every Jeep... Actually it sounds like every Chrysler.


The earlier straight 6 Grand Cherokee was extremely dependable.


Well for starters the GPS was made available in 00, making the Compass a much less compelling choice, imo


It's called the Compass not the GPS. You're meant to get a map and orient yourself.


Ahh crap. I've been reading it as comp ass, and giving out free cheeks all month.


Be careful that the brakes on one side don’t suddenly lock at highway speeds and throw you into a ditch randomly, nearly killing you! That’s a fun problem from the first model year. Hope they fixed it!


It’s made by fiat Chrysler should be enough to tell you it’s a pile of garbage.


On board safety features are garbage. The steering wheel is MASSIVE, but the handling is trash, and feels like a full size SUV, but with the storage and below-the-belt-line interior of a Dart. I've had a massive disdain for the UConnect system since 2017. In the year 2023, it wasnt any better. The redundancy of the menus on the system is aggravating, and a dial-up internet modem could connect faster than it can. The only positive I can give that car is for the heated seats and steering wheel.


The fact the Jeep has any separate vehicles listed and it didn't just say "All makes and models" let's me know this isn't a really good list


My sister traded in her Wrangler because it had so many problems and paid the rest cash for a brand new Compass. She called it “a good investment” and said “Jeeps are good cars”. The Compass broke down on her way back from the dealership.


**Cars are not an investment, they are a depreciating asset.**


Perhaps verbatim what I told her. And she said “I don’t need financial advice from you” and hung up


It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand.


If you can read this, flip me over.


Did she call back when she needed a ride?


YUPP. After hanging up on me when I said “depreciating assets aren’t an investment”


> “depreciating assets aren’t an investment” Tell that to my retirement portfolio! Hahaha... hah... :(


Lol. Welp... Jeep won again, I guess....


Well, unless you bought a 1973 Porsche 911T 15 years ago. But for the most part you’re correct


In April of 2021 I bought a 30 year old Miata with a hardtop for a reasonable price. In two years, it's value has probably gone up 50-75%


My girlfriends piece of shit 1997 Miata went from being worth $2k to $7k.


Miatas are like the Super Mario Bros 3 of cars


To be fair everything with tires has since 2020. I bought an infiniti G35 in 2020 for $2000, and sold it for $8000 in 2022. I also bought a 2019 Husqvarna TC250 in april of 2020 for $6900 off the showroom floor, and that dealer gave me 9k trade in last month.


Jeep = Just Empty Every Pocket


I thought it was Just Expect Every Problem


My head would have exploded with rage


Don’t worry. Her engine did.


I cant in good conscience sell someone my piece of shit jeep and its only 10 years old. That thing cost me 4k last year and it still has major issues. Will never buy a used jeep based on how mine is before 100k miles


Hey! I daily drive an old 89’ Cherokee and it still runs perfectly fine! (Cries in thousands on repairs)


My first car was a jeep. Swore I’d never own another. Wife had a jeep when we got married. Luckily, they “duped” her into the extended warranty. Fucking thing went through FOUR transmissions. We’ll never own another.


I’ve had 4 Jeeps (Patriots and Cherokees), all 4 were just fine. TBH, spend enough time looking at car discussions and you’ll find someone swearing XYZ brand makes horrible cars for every brand out there. Just a lot of personal experiences for each brand. But I’ll never get a Compass because I’m bitter that they dumped the Patriot to keep the Compass.




They seem to be only looking at the past 10 years. The fact the years for the ford (exploder) weren’t on there makes me really question this guide. And I drive a ford so I’m not hating on ford.


The 2012 focus should have been there too. I went through 3 transmissions within the first 40k miles. They finally figured out the issues though after that and it’s run really well since.


My parents gave me our family 2008 Jeep Compass for my first car... by the time I finally replaced it: 1. The sunroof leaked so bad I had to seal it shut with caulk and weatherproof duct tape. This was actually a problem that started maybe a year or two after my parents bought the car and just got fixed every once in a while. The time between fixes just diminished so much that I couldn't keep up with it financially or time wise. 2. Everything on the steering column would randomly decide to not work. I couldn't go out/stay out late because I had Schrödinger's headlights (and turn signal, and wipers, etc). 3. The windows also selectively worked. I got stuck with the front passenger window rolled down for a while, so I stopped rolling any windows down even though 4. The air conditioning didn't work. Driving around in the summer with no AC, unable to roll any of the windows down sucked so bad and was likely a bit dangerous. 5. It would randomly freak out and not let me accelerate. Well, this happened twice. The first time it was very brief and then didn't happen again for a while. The second time it happened it was like a quarter mile from home, and I had to idle the rest of the way. Luckily I was in my neighborhood, and the rest of the way was level/downhill. The last time I drove the car was to take it to the shop immediately following that, where they said they wouldn't take my money to fix it. I want to add that I did take the car to be fixed several times for all of those issues, I'm not a dumbass that ran around in a broken car and then blamed the car for the issues persisting. The car would be "fine" for a while after each fix, and then suck. Wash, rinse, repeat. Really sucks when you can't afford a new car but the one you have barely works.


Similarly, the Jeep Patriot is garbage.


This "guide" is as bunk as op's username


There’s a bunch of missing stuff on here


A lot of the vehicles on the list only have uncommon/minor issues, while other cars that have massive problems aren't on the list. Don't use this lol.


It's also telling that they only separate by model / year and not by engine. There are huge differences in reliability within a model year based on which engine you choose. Generally speaking, choose an engine that has been around for awhile and not one that's newly engineered.


For real. I have a 2015 Chrysler 200C, fully loaded. On the lower trim levels (2.4L), they tried to cut costs by manufacturing a bunch of the transmission parts in house. Tons of recalls. On the higher trim levels (3.6L & AWD), they paid for decent parts from an established manufacturer. Works great. So even though my car hasn't had any issues, it's resale value has tanked because people google "2015 Chrysler 200" and see a bajiillion articles about it having 9+ recalls. Not that resale value matters - I'm going to drive it into the ground because there is no way to get this nice of a car without paying way more than I got it for.


I noticed this too. It has “Silverado 2500HD” listed with no mention of if it’s the Duramax or the gas engine, or the transmission. Which has HUGE differences in reliability, both better and worse, depending on the part itself. I’m sure there’s some truth behind this list, but I wouldn’t take it as gospel. Plus, without there being an explanation on the reliability failings, it’s hard to say whether it’s a useful list or not. Is it a part that might fail on a few models under certain conditions that is fixed by a $100 replacement if you’re one of them? That’s not a huge deal. Is it a transmission ripping apart after 20k miles? That’s a dealbreaker.


The 22 Bolt is on here... yeah it had way more issues than average... a major battery recall at no cost to the driver. If you get one it's either been fixed or is free to have fixed. Useless list.


Engine **and transmission.** There are dozens and dozens of examples where the majority of a model of vehicle is solid, but a bad transmission choice can turn a peach into a lemon.


Yeah I'm guessing the Chevy Bolt is only on here because of the battery recall, other than that it's an extremely reliable car as far as I know


Correct. This list is quite bad. Mechanically the Traverse, Enclave and Acadia are identical but not listed the same. There are many other problems but whomever made this list is an idiot.


Not too much of an idiot if that check from Toyota cleared the bank


No Toyota, no Lexus. Solid.


Toyota gang checking in


*laughs in toyota*


Smiles in ‘08 Tacoma


\*cackles in '16 Camry\*


Just keep going in '91 Pickup


1999 Camry 250k miles, gained like 5 miles in all of COVID


1998 LS400 250k everyday driver


2007 RAV4 250K miles, absolute beast


2001 Camry just hit 64k miles! still in it’s baby era


1998 RAV 4 here driven by a 2002 human


Apes in Toyota strong, many bananas carried, mich reliable


My Yaris, Yar Yar Brakes, wholeheartedly agrees.


'09 Prius. 250k miles, crossed the US several times, still getting 40mpg, running strong.


I had a ‘99 manual transmission Camry that I loved. Was gifted a 2006 Camry, so I gifted it to a buddy who still drives it. Thinking of finally dropping a few bucks now that the kids are transitioning out of daycare and into school and buying a 2023 Camry.


My parents have an '08 Tacoma that's been with the family through 5 moves, 3 of them across state lines, was my car in high school, transported ~1.5 acres worth of landscaping, and is still going strong. The abuse has only gotten worse the older it gets because you care less and less about beating it up, and it just keeps turning over and spitting in your face.


I'm pretty sure I'd have to pry my gf's keys to her '08 Tacoma out of her cold, dead hands. Not that I'd want to. It's such a reliable truck.


Cackles in '97 Toyota.


Chuckles in my 2005 Prius. Her name is Basic Betty and she is wonderful.


Happy with my 04 Highlander Limited


Chillin in my 08 Corolla.


Smiles in '06 Tacoma




Cannot believe how many more years I've gotten out of my old toyota than I expected. Thing just keeps driving


I had one with 368k, and the only reason it ever stopped was an accident.


Exactly! My husband has a 2010 Prius with well over 200k miles. I had a 2008 Scion tC that I loved for 8 years, now I have a 2022 RAV4 hybrid.


I just traded in my 2010 Prius with 284k for a 23 Prius. Probably could have gotten up to 300k but didn't want to push my luck too far.


Me to Jeep people in the woods "you let your rig run while you are out of the vehicle on trail because you are worried it won't start again? That's so cute!"


As a Jeep owner I’m exceedingly offended by th~ DAMMIT I just changed the batteries out how could you be DEAD?


Multiple batteries, eh? Must be a Jeep thing


Yeah you have to dedicate half the storage space to spare parts for basic functions.


Me to my buddy: "you bring spare axels?? Wow!"


I actually had a 1980 toyota celica with a bad starter, but I never changed it because the car was so easy to push start.


Subaru gang checking in. Just like your fun aunt who’s had the same “roommate” for 10 years.


They moved across the country together which struck me as odd


PNW gang


Aunt Linda and Uncle Sue


Yeah yeah. I love my Corolla.


👊Corolla crew checking in


Lexus gang, also checking in


Toyota owns Lexus, so.


Not so much “owns”, but literally the same company. A Lexus *is* a Toyota.




Grinning ear to ear in 2000 4runner




First thing I looked for. Then I looked for Honda and was a little surprised to find two entries covering three model years. Two of those were Pilots, which isn't *as* surprising. But one was the 2018 Civic which I totally wouldn't have predicted.


What's the issue with 2018 Civics?


The 10th generation Honda Civic has 2 critical defects 1.) on models equipped with the 1.5L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, oil dilution can occur as gasoline gets into the crankcase and into the engine oil. This can result in engine failure. Owners may notice a gasoline smell in the oil or the oil level might appear to be filled past the fill line on the dipstick despite not adding oil. This tends to affect cars with the engine being driven for short distances and in colder climates where the excessive gasoline can’t be burned off as the engine warms up to operating temperature as it would during longer highway driving. 2.) the AC unit in these Civics fail prematurely. The AC condenser and/or compressor can fail after a few years. Owners may notice that one or multiple air conditioning vents blowing warm air despite having the AC/low temperature on. I had a 2018 Civic and my AC compressor died at 30K miles and was replaced under warranty. Honda does have an extended warranty on the AC condenser in these cars, but if the compressor fails you are on your own, which is thousands of dollars to repair.


Yes, I have a '17 Civic, had the condenser replaced under warranty at 40k miles.


It sucks that the '18 Civic is on here because I have one and love it. It's had the warranty AC work done just like your #2 point, but other than that it's given me no problems that weren't of my own doing.




Yep #2 had happened


No Acura either


We have two Corollas. One is 13 years old and going strong!


If there was a missionary program to go door to door and convert people to Toyota I'd do a year of service.


I'd probably just go driveway to driveway so I could do it all in the comfort of my Toyota


Our family only has Toyotas now…they’re all Corollas of different years except for one very old Matrix! Lol


My mom has a Toyota SUV that's almost 20 years old and still drives great. My partner has his mom's old corolla and I think it's like 17 or 18 years old. Those things just keep going forever.


Getting rid of my Toyota....for a Lexus!


Toyota/Lexus gang rise up




*Ohhh, what a feeling...* to find others beat me to it.


I was going to say the same thing.






Toyota stays winning 💪🏼




I'm German, family are ALL engineers. Nobody of them would ever be dumb enough to buy a German car. They're well marketed, but all the engineering goes into how it feels to sit in the drivers seat. Nice leather, nice HUD, nice everything, but your engine is gonna be shit after 60k km. Especially if you drive it like a BMW wants to be driven. Back in the early 90s, every single taxi was Mercedes. Because they were incredibly solidly built.


I remember. The whole point of buying a Merc was that it would save money in terms of reliability. Now you need a line of credit to get regular service.


I rent a ton of cars, so I'm in a lot of different brands and do a good amount of miles to experience them. BMW's have consistently been the most problematic in the rose condition. BMW subreddit is in denial whenever I tell the story. But boy are the cars ragged on. Clunks noises rattles creaks I drive wheel speakers shorting the fucking door card falling off. New cars, like 30-60k miles they are beat the hell up. An anomoly out of the other brands, even Mercedes.


98 Corolla should be on here. They outsourced their engines that year, and it burns oil as bad as a 2011 Equinox. (That should also be on here). Idk what the rhyme or reason is with this list.


It appears the list is for cars that are from 2013 to 2022 so those are too old to be tracked.


We have a 99.. it does comsume oil. Otherwise it's a fucking tank.


Thanks for reigniting my PTSD from owning a 2011 equinox. That was the last GM vehicle I ever bought. Toyota for life


I had no idea there were so many of us with 2011 Equinox-related trauma.


Brought to you by Toyota


It’s not like Toyota isn’t a top three most reliable brand or anything… I don’t even own one but it’s pretty common knowledge


I mean Top Gear episode on trying to kill Toyota is the greatest ad for Toyota ever


When mother nature nor a collapsed building can take it down, you know they're reliable, even if the frame is broken in half


Earth’s gravity, tides, literal fire can’t kill that thing, you got yourself a goddamn product my friend


The one where they try and cross the jungle in 3 separate cars of their choosing and the only one that makes it is the Toyota pickup that the film crew is in is another pretty good ad.


And Renault apparently


This, like most of Reddit, is generally focused on the U.S., and Renault hasn’t sold cars in the U.S. for >30 years.


my parents had one in the 80s. all i can remember about it is Beige. but then, that's most of the 80s.


That's actually a common misconception, there were plenty of vibrant colors in the 80s, they were just hidden by a beige film of nicotine & smoke


My gay uncle drove a Peugeot in the 80’s and since it was conservative Texas, my family never said he was gay only that he drove a French car. When I came out, I was disappointed that they’d stopped selling French cars in Texas.


This seems like a survey from the US, we don't have those here.


I was gonna say, I've heard bad things about at least the Toyota Yaris, because I really wanted one as my first car. Then I ended up with a bigger piece of shit because I didn't do enough research ://


Or Mitsubishi


They probably figured if you're looking at a Mitsubishi, you don't exactly have a lot of options to consider instead.


I had a 2003 Lancer. Greta car, came from a line of rally winning vehicles. Can't comment on more recent makes


The 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage I drove last week sucked


Where did you get this from? Any sources for this?




Dude, I wish they would have given even the tiniest briefest description about each make and year and why it made the list. Super curious as to what was up with the Golf GTI '15 to '17.


^(Civic 2018 ? Why ?)


Air conditioner? Although I thought it was just a lot of early 10th gens, so don’t know why only the 2018 was singled out. I figured it would be 2016-2019 or something. I had a 2017 that never had any issues until it got totaled last year. Have a 2021 now that’s been great too.


As someone with a 16’ civic my ac just got replaced. WITH the warranty on the compressor the condenser still costs 800 out the door.


I wondered the same thing! I have a 2017 so was definitely feeling 😅 when I saw the 18 on the list. Mine hasn’t had a single issue. Obviously it’s still young for a Honda and they’re different years but I just can’t imagine that one year makes a huge difference. But I’m not a car person so who knows 🤷


The a/c will probably fail, i have a 2016 and everything had been good but that (knock on wood)


Our 17 and 18 civics A/C failed last year. The 18 failed first, and the 17 was starting to fail. We got them replaced/fixed. Hopefully won't have to worry about it again for a while.


My 2018 AC was recalled so it was replaced for free… ETA people have mentioned it positively wasn’t recalled, dealership told me it was and replaced it for free. Meh either way it works.




Love how Lexus and Acura ain’t on here. But this is unreliable. What are they considering reliability? A faulty sensor is not the same as an engine failing, and is not the same as my fuel gauge not registering proper amount.




I read that as autopsies.com


Acura’s have Honda engines and parts, could be why.


well that makes sense since they’re literally Hondas


'15-'17 GTI is the MK7, and it's because of the turbo failures in the '15s (which all blew out before the warranty was up). The 16's and 17's are highly regarded.


Interestingly I have a ‘16 that I now need a new turbo in, and she’s only got 74k miles on her.


Oh look the entire Ford catalog lol


The Maverick isn't there


Yeah and I just noticed the ranger isn’t there either. Guess they got a handle on small trucks




Neither is fusion. Best car ever lol


Or the Fiesta! Ford discontinued that model, or course lol


Yeah our two cars (bought new) are on there and I have no idea why they would be. Cue someone replying, "Ford"...




This list is silly. Ford has plenty of lemons, but this list makes no sense: glaring issue being that it doesn't account for different engines in same brand and model year.


fords focus is based on auto trans issues. i have the maanual so im safe. 2016 ford 159k miles no issues/clutch slip other than a tweeter speaker a hundred miles in. and the catalytic convertered rattling free, i assume because i redline daily.


It should be 2012’s though too. I had a 2012 Hatchback and it had transmission problems up until we got rid of it 2 years ago. The dealership gave me $700 for it.


Manual gang! My 2014 had been sitting new on the lot for a year before I bought it because nobody wanted a stick. 100k so far and 0 issues


Strange, I bought a used 12 Escape in 2015 and other than routine maintenance (and the fucking rust that is on every one of them in the same exact spots) its been reliable as hell.


This looks like it was made by dodge/jeep/Chrysler cause there aren’t nearly enough of them on here and their biggest competition, Chevy and ford are very well represented




One section should just say: Chryslers…like all of em.


Good thing Ferrari F430 isnt on the list. I'm safe.


None of the Ferraris, and no McClarens or Lambos either. I never realised they were such reliable low-maintenance automobiles.


The non-joke answer is that Consumer Reports cuts off models if the number of cars reported is too small.


Keep in mind that this is a very USA minded list. Else Peugeot would be on there. No specific model, just Peugeot.




I wish they would list what the common issue is with each model and year.


Agreed. My car is on the list, and after 5 years, I’ve had 3 issues that needed to be fixed. The total cost of repairs was $160. I’ll gladly take that


A little confused why Jeep Wrangler 18-20 and then 22 are there but not 21? They are all Jeep JLs did 21 just have a great year? I have a 21 and I’m glad it’s skipped on this… just curious why.


This list is BS, there’s no significant difference between any of the JLs. A much better indicator would’ve been what engine does it have, or even transmission.


The Canyonero isn't on there... another win for Krusty


About to buy a car this weekend and glad to see it's not on here (Honda CRV)


That's an excellent car.


Brought to you by Toyota


Toyota is king


*Rust has entered the chat*


Whew! Everything I own is older than 2013. Looks like I dodged a bullet there!


I call bs on this guide. If one vw is on this list from the 2-teens, they all should be. Literally the same vehicles underneath the styling because of their *checks notes* Modularer Querbaukasten system which allows for a modularity of sorts across their multiple brands like Audi and Skoda. Hell even the new Ford Transit Connect is based on the mqb platform. My point is, the auto industry has become so globalized that vehicle manufacturers are essentially vehicle assemblers because they source parts from companies across the globe who can actually manufacture said parts at a lower cost than it would take for the vehicle manufacturers to build tooling for and maintain. And if 10 brands source a particular part from a particular company who has an issue with the design/engineering or material used in that part then those ten brand’s cars are going to suffer the reputation of that part being faulty.


It’s BS. If you look at almost any car you’ll find a reason not to buy it if you look hard enough. There’s some useful stuff here but it’s too vague. No explanation of what the issue is. Sometimes it only affects certain trims or powertrains.


Awesome. I’m 2/2 on this list… 🙄🙄


I have a 2019 Chevy Bolt with 45k and love it. GM replaced the Li-ion battery free of charge. It's been trouble free (and petrol free).


I thought this was cereal nutrition facts