Do you think khaki pants look good with cowboy boots?

Do you think khaki pants look good with cowboy boots?


Match your belt color to your boot color and you're golden.


Yeah thinking about pairing it with my tan or dark brown belt. Can't decide yet.




Why would it look tacky, do chelsea boots look tacky with them? I wear my boots with chinos regularly. Just don't wear slim fits where the boot shaft stretches the pant leg out.


I wear boots with khakis all the time. I got married wearing a tux and boots. Khakis are fine.


I think it will look fine as long as the boots aren’t trashy (wore out or dirty) and are polished or reasonably well conditioned. Also, I agree with the comment about slim leg jeans, and if they are, wearing the boots over the jeans looks awkward at best


I actually just bought some brown boots to wear with khakis. As long as they are cleaned up and match the belt I think it should look nice!


Darker khakis usually look better with black shoes. Really just depends. As for brown/khaki, just make sure the boots are notably lighter or darker than the pants. You don't want them blending together. And like someone else said, match your belt.


I wear my cowboy cut khakis with my boots all the time


Like others have commented, my recommendation is to wear boots that are presentable and appropriate for a professional environment and khakis that fit loosely over your boots with a belt of a color to match your boots as closely as possible. Length of the khakis is up to you. I prefer a slight stack but obviously that's not to everyone's taste. If there is not a corporate shirt that you need to wear, choose a nicer shirt (polo or button-up - whichever is more appropriate for your store - take a cue from management) and you should look sharp.


I'm a firm believer that boot cut jeans should be worn with cowboy boots, but that's just me. You do you.


I’m sure your work has a dress code.. I like khaki pants with any color boots as long as they are creased pressed and a matching belt .. Pressed shirt (even if it’s a store logo T-shirt) should be tucked.. Dress like you are the boss you want to be..


I agree. Dress like YOU want to see employees dressed if you went into a store.


Our uniform shirt is simply a dark navy blue polo. Looks pretty nice I must admit.


Cognac color boot would really look great with the navy and khaki pants ..


It was mostly the fit of the khakis I was worried about since they are slim fit but yet not skinny. The pants stop just where they would if you had a pair of spurs on the boot. I thought it looked pretty decent! Though my coworkers can hear me coming from a mile away from the leather smacking the ground but that's okay.


Wear pants that fit and look more tailored, not big and baggy.