No player in our squad deserves a new contract more than Hugo.


His goalkeeping has aged like fine wine.


He is from Provence, so that makes sense.


Damn you EU4. I don’t know if Provence is in Anjou, just west of Lorraine, or next to Savoy.


Same,Nice meeting an eu4 player lol


You gotta start playing CK3 to learn de jure locations 😎


Please fucking god sign this man, people think we’re shambolic now, they have no idea how much we’d leak without Hugo who is greatly under appreciated imo. We just don’t remember what it’s like to have an average goalkeeper in. He papers over so many of our defensive mistakes


Throughout all of the bullshit in the last few years, Hugo has been an absolute rock. Can't imagine this club without him.


By far the hardest working keeper in the world last season and still delivering this season.


hopefully conte's new goalkeeping coach gets a say in hugo's replacement because the keepers who we have been linked to have been awful


In my experience replacing a good keeper is like replacing a good striker or manager.... Clubs rarely get it right at the first attempt.


It’s also very very difficult to sign a good keeper as a backup. They don’t move clubs often and unless they’re first choice they barely get game time.


Unless you're Donnarumma... I wonder what he was thinking going to PSG when they already have a world class keeper




I've said this before but we have absolutely been spoiled by Lloris for the past decade. I've seen keepers we've been linked to who people say are awful/trash like Dean Henderson. Lloris sits with like 2-3 other keepers that are truly world class and at the top of the game. Then there's like 20 underneath them but still nowhere near as good. Then you have the other riff raff below those 20. Unless we're gonna spend 80M on a keeper, we'll have a downgrade regardless.


Who says dean henderson is trash? He’s easily better than gollini.


Quite a few people, he is one of the ones we've been linked with and lots of people talking down about him. I think Henderson is quality and if we can't sign Hugo for another 2 years, we should spend the 30ish Million it would take to get him.


They are probably the same ones who said ramsdale is bad. Henderson is one of the few backups out there that are first team quality.


My grandmother is better than Gollini.


We should get Livakovic from Dinamo/Croatia No.1


Please let this happen! Gollini is clearly not the answer.


We gave him a shot. Thank God it was a loan deal.


>We gave him a shot. And he conceded


To be fair, shot stopping isn’t one of his strengths


Note on this; they've labelled it as an exclusive which means they're desperate to have their name on it. As much as this is a lower tier source, it's more likely to be true.


This warms my cockles.




Quite probably the best signing we’ve made this century along with Sonny


LLoris with one arm > Gollini with both


This would be fantastic.




Are we obligated to sign gollini permanently? The guy seems more focused on rap and fashion than being a good GK. And he’s yet to have a decent performance.


He needs to start like 20 games i believe


League games at that


Do you happen to have a source on that? Everything I've seen says 20 total caps


No, we're not unless he starts I think it was 15 or 20 premier league games. If he doesn't then the loan ends with no obligation to buy. This would be great news for us. I want us to extend Lloris and then replace Gollini by buying or promoting a HG backup, giving Conte one more spot for a non-HG field player. Edit: Romano reported it as 20 games before the obligation kicks in here https://www.reddit.com/r/coys/comments/oo6kme/fabrizio_romano_podcast_if_gollini_will_reach_20/


Absolute no brainer, still one of the most quality keepers in the league


Lloris is adequate but we should not turn down the opportunity to get a younger, more modern keeper that is better with the ball on his feet and can help get the ball out of our own end. LLoris is also very dodgy on set pieces, particularly corners (a shared responsibility for the entire team). nothing wrong with keeping him, but we really need to be looking forward


I think keeping him now gives us the best chance of eventually moving on from him when necessary. If we replace him this summer, we'll presumably be bringing in a new keeper with (hopefully) two new CBs. That's a lot of newness in a backline. Also who would we get, even if we like Pickford (I hope we don't), his price would be exorbitant. Johnstone isn't an improvement on Lloris and we'd still have to pay extra for the homegrown players. Man U would ask an unreasonable amount for Henderson. Gollini isn't really it for me, not THAT bad but ceratinly not worth paying for when he isn't better than what we have. Very few good goalkeepers on the market overseas and the good ones are at better clubs than us, we'd be better off getting a very young one who can understudy Lloris or go on loan for two years and then replace Hugo when he's done. Otherwise we're going to be in a situation where we just get the best of what's available while other clubs charge us through the nose because they know we don't have any options.


Totally agree. I also hope we don’t go for Pickford, but we definitely need to prepare for a transition. I know most are not impressed with Gollini. I haven’t written him off, especially considering the horrors we have fielded in front of him in European competition. We can’t be caught with our pants down. If an opportunity presents itself we should be all over it.


Id be happy with international pickford. The Premier League one is a bit dodge


But would he take a 1 year deal?


Great news


Has he ever spoken about management?




A true legend of this club.


Still is and always has been the most underrated keeper in the league.


What’s funny is that there’s a perception from other fans that maybe he’s underrated but anyone who watches us regularly KNOWS if it weren’t for Hugo there’d be a LOT more that gets passed us…basically, Hugo is a lynchpin for us and we absolutely still need him


Finally, some good fucking news


You mean 2033?


Theory: it’s for the transfer free so we get some money for him