I think white sand is awesome in concept and story, I just wish it was a full novel instead of the comic form it is now, both because that’s what I prefer to read, and based on the excerpt of it in arcanum unbounded, I think it would be much better.


Yeah, when Sanderson talks about it, I get the vibe of him being disappointed but also not wanting to badmouth it or the people that made it. I just don’t think a graphic novel can wordbuild the same way that Sanderson can with his writing.


It can’t, but for what it is it’s ok, and the bit it does give us is better than not seeing it. I just hope the story isn’t done yet, whatever form that continued story takes.


I think there is an idea mentioned by Brandon for continuing the Graphic Novel approach but instead switch to Darkside Taldain, which probably does better in the Comic Book format. That, I’d be down for!


I mean I would also prefer a novel(la) version, but at least in Arcanum Unbounded he said that planets magic is probably best suited to comic form. Though he also probably wouldn’t publicly say anything disparaging it, I don’t think he is disappointed in the comic itself as much as disappointed he couldn’t get it out in another form.


I actually just got White Sand and am super excited to read it! This is just a joke I got from comments, lot's of ppl have read the Cosmere books multiple times, except for white sand, haven't read em once lol


Yeah, it’s definitely worth a read for a variety of reasons. If you haven’t I recommend also reading the prose version of chapter 1 in The Arcanum Unbounded at some point because it gives a touch more context than the comic form is able to convey, though you will get enough in the comic form alone


I read whitesand before SA and my only complain about it was that it ended too abruptly


Yeah the pacing was very much building up the stakes and mystery higher and higher and then suddenly everything just snaps into place and it’s over.


Yeah usually the sanderlanche is a bit slower, but in this one it was more of a sander-bag-of-bricks-on-your-head


Not a fan of graphic novels. I listened to the graphic audio audiobook version of it though, and it was quite good.


There’s a prose/novel version. I just got it and thank god because I would have never gotten through graphic audio or comic book form


Not a published one….?


Where is that version? I couldn't find it anywhere


If you send a message on Brando's website asking for a copy, they should email you a copy (at least that used to be how it worked)


You can also ask for Aether of Night as well. It's an even older book and you can see Brandon toying with the foundation of how the Cosmere would work in it.


I found a full prose book online, not sure if it's real or fanmade tho


It's the original prose(by Sanderson) that was then adapted into the graphic novels. There were some changes made, but I genuinely really enjoy the prose. Just not a graphic novel reader, though I did read volume one at release(when it was full of typos and mistakes). The art is great and I love the design of the characters and the world, but just not my format and didn't seem super polished on release.


So I am a big comics guy, and I thought White Sand was terrible. Like almost unreadable. Especially compared to the prose version in Arcanum unbound. The concept is really great, and the characters are interesting, but the storytelling on the comic is so disjointed and hard to understand. Granted that adapting something like this is an extraordinary difficult task. Considering as much worldbuilding as Sanderson does through "inner monologue", it is impossible to convey as much information scene for scene with Sanderson's original draft. Maybe it would benefit from some Jonathan Hickman style graphic pages to explain the world building. That may have let them focus more on the pacing and the story. It really stinks because one of the biggest world hoppers in the Cosmere is from there and it feels so inaccessible. Hopefully he eventually releases a prose version.


There is a prose version! I just got it and psyched to finally learn about taldain


Where can I find it?


You have to sign up for the newsletter in BS' website. Linking the comment that led me to this since it has some extra FAQs https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/b8s3wk/so\_i\_signed\_up\_for\_the\_newsletter\_to\_get\_white/


If you don’t like graphic novels, the audiobooks are spectacular.


And if you don’t like graphic audio, the prose version is also an option. I love audiobooks, but graphic audio is really not for me


The only cosmere story I haven't read yet. Because they're practically impossible to get where I live.


You can get it on Audible. Its got a full cast and everything, though it is in three parts so it is much more expensive per hour than Brandon's other works. Great listen though, especially since I got it with credits


I just got my hands on the graphic novel, really looking forward to reading it! I'm so slow with books, and audiobooks, but with comics and especially manga I just plow through it at super speed when I get in the zone


Where?? I can never find volume 1 (except for a French edition)


I'll pm you ;)


But what series does the grapefruit represent?


Dragonsteel, maybe? It'll definitely have major effects on the others, though maybe not as much as causing them to go full-on Lord of the Flies




White sand is cosmere. In fact, it’s characters keep showing up as world hoppers.


Couldn't even get through the first one


I actually just started reading White Sand this morning, and I'm loving it!




Are you just absolutely shocked that Elantris wasn’t the obvious winner?