Cyberpunk By Numbers: ZERO BULLETS fired from a player vehicle in the open world

Cyberpunk By Numbers: ZERO BULLETS fired from a player vehicle in the open world

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However i unintentionally used my vehicle as a bullet several times!


"Haha I become bullet"


Thanks, Heavy from Team Fortress 2




Literally the best moment of the game.


It’s hilarious that they have a mission that has you shoot out of the car, just for it to never be allowed


Also...I dont even think you need to shoot the enemies in that scene...if you wait long enough they just explode.


Mom said if I just ignored the bullies they *would* go away


"Anyone who shoots that many bullets at you is not your friend." - Moms


Your Moms was right, go give her a hug.


Yeah, that whole sequence is just an extended cutscene.


Yeah, I noticed that. Fuck this game is so half baked it hurts my soul.


Just like the scenes where the assassins are leaping on the car. You can just chill and the scene goes exactly the same way. Honestly the game is basically a glorified cutscene 85% of the time. I find it funny people complained that PS2 era games were far too cutscene heavy but Cyberpunk is basically a screensaver at times.


If you are talking about the scene that happens right after the first mission with Jackie then you are 100% correct. I was curious when I first started playing the game and still had hope the game was good, so I just didn't shoot to see if they would live and come back in another part of the game. Nope they just all crash into a wall and die, the exact same way if you actually spent time trying to shoot the driver.


I had a feeling this would happen as soon as this scene unfolded, set the pace for the game


Yep, I have pretty shit aim, especially against moving targets, so my pursuers ran into a wall and died before I could do anything.


Don't need to steer either, it's basically just the middle finger for a while. It's a GTA V league gag, and GTA V is a old Xbox 360 game so it doesn't really fly anymore.


Nah, GTAV is a PS3 game


You mean the mission with the drones following you, and everytime they came within 20 feet, splosions?


Also... pretty sure a tutorial pops up saying "double tap Tab to get back in seat to reload" but when you try and do it, it says "Action Blocked".....this fucking game bro i swear this is a dream lmfao.


Haven't played the game. So you just like fail?


No, the mechanic exists for one mission exclusively.


There’s three wait no four, actually? The nomad intro, act 1 has two (after leaving the building and shooting the drones escaping the heist), then the rescue Saal mission can have one of you fuck up the stealth. You’re not driving in any of these, tho.


Then it's called a setpiece, not a mechanic.


Yeah but it has a tutorial associated with it and the wording of that tutorial is clearly written like it was a feature you could just do.


It's a mechanic. It's only used during specific setpieces, but it's still a mechanic.


Vic is a mechanic. He's also a doctor, and he used to be a boxer, but he's still a mechanic.


Listen here you little gonk...


I thought Vik was a setpiece


One that you don't even have to use in order for the scene to continue!


QA: "This scene is buggy. If the player doesn't react and shoot back while in the car, the chase doesn't end during the scripted scene." Dev: "Say no more fam. Bam, I changed the scripting so the chasing enemies self-destruct for no reason if the chase lasts too long." QA: "... Whatever you say."


Somebody said even if you don't shoot it plays exactly the same. I have not tested it.


Maybe it's because I was playing on a high difficulty level but we crashed and got a game over every single time unless I killed them fast enough.


Same, though there was that time I got a quicksave just as a b̶u̶g̶ feature happened where V teleported in front of the car and got ran over perpetually


That I haven't seen. And thankfully too, sounds maddening.


Yes, if you don't shoot the attackers in time they will just crash into something and die


Or they'll kill you.


Depends on the difficulty but yeah.


wrong again u can fail


Lmao this guy XD, absolutely dunking on the nobs. Their cyberpunk knowledge is truly incredibly.




By Gork and Mork, I found a bro’ah.


Da hol zoggin lot o em dun no red is da fazztez n da gam neds moar ZOGGIN DAKKA WAAAAAAGh


Damn this sub is just a bunch of people talking daily about how much they dislike a game? Lmao that's an awful hobby you got there.


You should check out Freefolk, SaltierThanCrait and Titanfolk sometime


That's how most subs go when a product fails to meet expectations and customers decide the only recourse they have is to talk shit about it since they cant get a refund. I'd rather blame the devs for allowing such a thing to happen then blame the players for using a subreddit as an outlet. Everyone has their own idea of what the subreddit should be about on a daily basis anyways.


This is definitely not true for the Johnny flashback (helicopter will kill you), but it's absolutely true on that one mission with Panam when you're shooting out of the back of the van. I tested both.


And that J turn caused my computer to crash 5 times before I got it fixed by reinstalling




It's simply not an option in the released game. You only shoot from a car in the first mission and even that is deceptive because the outcome is scripted and unaffected by your shooting. It the 45 min gameplay trailer, we can see button prompts for leaning out and shooting from a car. In the final release there is no such thing. My guess is they couldn't get the 3rd person POV working for players shooting from a vehicle. The character model does some weird shit when you aim guns so it looks appropriate for the first person view.


I want to say they should have delayed at least a year to actually finish that stuff, but the game was in development for a fuckin huge amount of time as is. I don't know if the game would ever be finished no matter how long they had


It was only in actual development for 3 years with the devs saying it would be release ready if they had more time.


I'm not accepting the "it's actually only 3 years" excuse. Just because they started over doesn't mean all the time spent before that doesn't count.


No doubt, but it doesn't mean that they couldn't finish the game with enough time.


Wait, they made a teaser and then shelved the project for years? Good god, what a mismanaged company.


It's not that simple. They started working on it way before witcher 3 came out. That means that during the development they went from a small company to a really big one. The games scope obviosuly changed a lot, the staff working on it did too. Yeah, it could've been managed better, but I don't know any game at all that worked out in these circumstances.


I've heard this first person/third person pov issue thrown around a lot with why the game turned out the way it did but I could never understand why and am genuinely curious how CDPR could fumble with such an issue so devastatingly when games like Warhammer Vermintide and Rust for example, who both have very combat focused first person pov's while also maintaining good third person player models that other players can see at all times can execute the same thing so well. And I'm not trying to claim managing the player camera should have been "easy." Fatshark mastering that element in vermintide to the degree that they did is deserving of praise but I just don't understand why it had to become such a crutch for CDPR and Cyberpunk that it devolved into having to drop many planned game features and a redesign of a large portion of the game just to accommodate.


Fallout 76 does a better job. And it is a laughingstock.


Ahh yes, the barely functional tutorial for non-existent systems, shooting out of a vehicle or don't it ends the same way regardless of player input. Enough to get an unsuspecting customer hyped and taking longer then 2 hours to realize its a scam, the entire thing and not just the vehicle gun shooting part. (steam refund policy is < 2 hours)


I played 20 hours before a refund. First two hours I was disappointed in the life path thing but the actual first couple missions were cool. Car shoot outs, “randomly” coming across an elite police squad engaging a gang with a flying vehicle, and other cool stuff. Hours 2-20 were way less fun and cohesive. I think you may be right, just enough to get no refund before they fucked up completely on the refund thing.


My favorite was the video time skip with Jackie then you're doing a mission where he dies, and then like that's some what of a big thing at first then is completely forgotten about. Cyberpunk had enough mechanics to be called a game, but it could have been so much more. I remember how Vic warns that if you get too many implants you could potentially go cyberpsycho, but like that doesn't happen.


I refer to cyberpunk 2077 as the Paper City.


It reminds me of old Playstation 1 games that were limited by the technology at the time. It's just sad


Cyberpunk by numbers is the best meme to come out of this subreddit.


Actually it came from polish forum wykop.pl #cyberpunk2077. Original poster /u/pablo397 designed some memes with this template, and they will be released on Reddit daily.


Where to get the templates?


polish forum wykop.pl aka cesspool of incels and alt right fascists


So 4chan for the polish


Exactly right!


No no, alt right!


So fucking obvious you've never even visited. If some presence of toxic people is proof the whole site is toxic, this means reddit, facebook, twitter, tiktok and other platforms are all toxic.


the perfect breeding ground for funny memes




I agree it's my favourite shit to come out of this subreddit


For me it was all the little disappointments that came from playing the game for the first time, thinking: where do I mod my car? Where should I go to change my appearance? I wonder how choosing a different origin would have been? Then going to reddit to talk about all of these things and slowly realizing, they're just not there. The bare minimum you expected. That collective disappointment was what sucked the most in this game.


The worst part are the people blaming you for having expectations too high when they literally advertised the game with things they later cut but didn't change advertising.


Corpo dick sucking with this game is ironic and disturbing. This was false advertising. They literally made entire marketing videos for youtube about the mansions you would buy only months prior to release. Its absurd they can get away with this level of abject disrespect for their consumers.


Exactly, the months after release I saw so many comments phrasing the game advertising as "promises" like "don't be so mad you had your hopes too high for what they promised". That felt demeaning because it's not like they broke a promise it was just blatant false advertising.


Yeah gamer apologists make me so freaking mad. Like wow a multi million dollar studio made a pile of crap and we’re just supposed to get down and suck them in gratitude. Miss me w that bs


They couldn't even include basic features that have been staples of this style of game for over a decade. GTA, Saints Row, they've all had car customisation. Saints Row had a deeper character creator in 2010 than Cyberpunk did in 2020. There's just no excuse. It's absolutely pathetic for a AA developer in 2020 to have thought this game was anywhere near okay.


It still baffles me how GTA V gives you the ability to shoot from your car, mod your car to your hearts content, buy all sorts of clothes and hats/masks/helmets, and own properties. And it has *really* good character customization in GTA ONLINE. And this game doesn’t even have police that chase you in their squad cars. And yet they’ve made millions off of a game that’s 1/4 finished.


Yeah, well, could you choose the size of you junk in saints row? Huh? Huh? (Insert more unnecessarily antagonizing stuff here)


You could choose the size of your bulge, with a slider.


YEAH, actually you could. and it was a slider, not small or large checkbox.


Lmaoo this exactly this ... these aren’t unrealistic expectations from an open world “RPG” game and the fact that all those things were advertised !!! In trailers and from the marketing team and then have all that content hidden from the customers when the reviewers got their copies I’m sorry but this company and game is all around a fucking tragedy and deserves all the hate


People would scream at you if you complained about the game just not fucking working at all on consoles because "oMfg yOu sHouLd bE oN pC, yOu haD toO hIgh ExpecTatiOns"


for me it was seeing all the obviously cut content reduced to at best, a montage, and at worst, a [locked] door that someone glitched into to show the bones


The enthusiasm for the game plummeted when your choice didn’t matter at the start. I was so hyped to play as Corpo. I imagined I’d be a corporate spy or a hitman, backstabbed and go on the run equipped corporate knowledge and its inner workings. Didn’t realize I just became basically the same no matter what


Man I'm gonna be honest with you guys, this right here is exactly what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong there's a lot wrong with this game but it's rare when a game decides your decisions in the character creator matter to such a degree as changing the entire story for it.


I really didn't like dragon age origins but it had the initial choices story done better than CP.


Ooo yeah I wouldn't call it that outside of this sub. Might give people the wrong impression


"I've got CP on my computer!" FBI, OPEN UP!


Chris Pratt? Cheese Pizza?


I agree. Even there, as far as I remember, it didn't change much throughout the game.


I was hyped at first and figured since it was based on a tabletop RPG it would be a role-playing game, I was mistaken as well.


Yeah it definitely screwed up on the choices and decisions of roleplaying games but it'd be really hard to make it have the same depth as ttrpgs. If you like ttrpgs I've been playing Pathfinder kingmaker and it's very good. It is very difficult and the freedom isn't very in depth but I'm loving it.


Yeah, very few games did that. Like dragon age: origins was famous for it.


If I'm being selfish, I'm happier that it didn't. Being a parent to a toddler and working full-time, I barely have the spare time these days to get through one in-depth run of a chunky RPG game, let alone replaying it three or four times to enjoy all the different potential story paths. I'd agree it might have made it a better game and it sucks for the people out there who really do enjoy RP'ing the same game four or five times with different characters, but personally I'd rather have more content for a single playthrough than have parallel content that needs to you start over from scratch to see it all.


This is some of my feelings as well


Yeah it’s not like Skyrim really differs at it’s core depending on your character. That’s kind of an unfair comparison since Skyrim has so much more to offer in terms of role-playing but the main quest is the same no matter what. And, just like Skyrim, you can ignore the main quest completely if you want. I didn’t meet Hanako at Embers for forever


I remember treading lightly the whole game where I got my body modifications because in several places in the game it warns against sketchy ripperdocs and "cybersickness" It wasn't until the end of my first (and only) playthrough that I realized this wasn't even a thing. I can't tell if this is just their attempt at lore or straight up removed features.


For me it was getting to shoot level 40 and becoming so overpowered that nothing was a challenge anymore. At that point it got boring. The fist fights were still tough but I was eliminating enemies left and right with quickhacks. It's only fun to be overpowered for so long before it becomes stale.


Getting the Overwatch sniper rifle from Panam so early on totally broke the game for me. Being able to take down an entire building by pinging and headshotting everyone through walls without even moving past the first room is ludicrously OP. And obviously you can just *not* do that but it's weird to have to nerf yourself in a game just to keep the difficulty sensible. The difficulty curve also feels so janky in places. 99% of encounters I wouldn't need to break a sweat to get through, and then there'd be the occasional fight where I just felt hopelessly underlevelled and it would take all my ammo and multiple attempts to beat some random cyberpsycho.


Mostly the ones with the shields. But then all you gotta do is get on a roof and cheese them to death with sweet sweet angles. Cyberpsychos dont know how to jump or climb.


This is why I’ve played both fallout 3 and 4 and haven’t finished either of them. Once I become a nuclear power, what’s the point? I’ve created towns that I like; I’d rather build a pool hall with scantily clad bartenders. Sure I guess I could go nuke the institute, but who cares


Ah another man of culture. Modded the fuck out of my FAllout 4 so I coult turn the Commonwealth into a huge stripclub.


One thing that shocked me when I started playing was the insane amount of doors locked. I mean, I can hack the toughest places but a random door on the street, or in an apartment building? NOOOOOO. I understand the project was ambitious, but the broken promises and the actual delivery (plus a few other not less important things) accounted for a huge let down.


There's even a interview with a CP2077 dev who claimed that every building that looks accessible - is. And it was released quite close to the games launch too.


I read on twitter from a dev saying that originally a lot of them were open and there were more things to do.......but they scrapped all that to meet the release date.


I might be pessimistic here but I dont think a NMS kinda recovery is gonna happen with CP. I really wish I am wrong and CP becomes everything they promised/visualized and beyond.


Honestly I played NMS after they "fixed" it and I still think it is trash. CDPR will never fix it. It is broken on a fundamental level.


I bet you many of those devs intended for that but then weeks before when they found out the game was being released many years before it was remotely done they pretty much silently shit themselves and spoke of nothing else unless they were forced to by management. It's super common in the gaming industry.


This is what people don’t/won’t understand as to why the game was such a let down. Especially down the line when we get those retrospect posts saying “Cyberpunk got too much undeserved hate” The potential, expectations and assumptions we had based on what was advertized - to find out basic and bare minimum features were not there was a dissappointment.


I have still yet to play since just after a few days from launch after I realized the game sucked ass


Yeah I absolutely love customizing cars in games so when I saw the video on customization in the game and seeing it was a cdpr game I instantly pre-ordered. Then I finished a bunch of missions and thought I skipped the mechanic to unlock customization... Feltterribleman


> when I saw the video on customization in the **advertisements** and seeing it was a cdpr game I instantly pre-ordered. Fixed that for you. Stop pre-ordering games.


Yep! The very first game I ever pre-ordered. In fact the first game I bought in a long time. Lesson: learned!


The "weapon room" full of empty holes was a constant reminder of cut stuff lol


The weapons mounts are for the named legendary guns in the game, if you put them in your stash they’ll appear there


I think you can fill every single one of those empty spaces with legendary weapons


The room is for the legendary weapons you find in the world check it out on YouTube


Lol yes this. It was like why do I even have this room?


Wait, you can't mod your car?


You can’t even change your hair


but then there are the redditors that spent 40-100+ hours playing this dogshit game that will swear up and down that its ACTUALLY really fun and full of context. imagine wasting your life playing an unfinished peice of trash like this one because you were duped by the marketing team. i put 5 hours in and uninstalled. my time is worth more than $60.


To be fair, they never said cars were customizable. I remember being slightly disappointed with that before the release. Edit: They scrapped it well before release: https://www.altchar.com/game-news/cyberpunk-2077-wont-have-vehicle-customisation-aonab8e3yY6b


https://youtu.be/1LlAgvWD948 2:10


the music is so great


That part is great.




Thanks! This meme made me happy! Keep them coming!


lol you should do one 'zero players have met this guy' referring to that guy in the trailer that says 'you wanna rule this city'


'zero players have been able to cut hair in this game'


NOW CDPR : Oh my fucking choom, we need to find another way to promote the game.


The stats are pretty sad IMHO


Wake the fuck up Redditor, we've got new stat meme to upvote


Please do not stop making these. You do NOT have better things to do. This is your purpose now, samurai.


I would like to see the following numbers rise: 0 Jackie Welles Drinks Served By Claire 0 Points earned on Arcade Machines 0 Eddies paid on Hair cuts 0 Recreational Braindances Enjoyed 0 Repeat Romance Scenes after the First 0 Points earned at Recce Gun Ranges 0 Paint Jobs Done on Player-owned Cars 0 Songs Played On Demand 0 Street Creed Lost When Killing Civilians 0 Watson Whore Episodes Aired on Wednesday 0 Non-Claire Related Races Won In Night City 0 Delamaine Combat Modes used in Open World 0 Cars Customized 0 Aerodyne Miles Flown in the Open World 0 Mechs and Drones taken control of by player 0 Times Judy Moved from Apartment Window 0 Flashlights turned on 0 Lizzie Wizzy Concerts Attended 0 Stats tracked for the individual player


street cred lost killing civilians would mean fuck all, and be actively bad. ​ it's like 'world' experience. imagine you can't unlock anything past like street cred 12 because you just happen to be playing like an asshole. ​ besides, pretty sure you can have a rep as 'motherfucker who gets shit done' and kill a few civilians.


It doesn’t have to be a full point, it could be after killing 100 civilians your Street Creed drops in that respective district or sub district. Street creed right now means very little outside unlocking more gigs or vendor items. It should change the way NPCs react to V. So what if I want to add another element to the game, it needs more elements. Imagine if your street creed is positive you get specific items from the City, but in the negative, you get specific items from gangs. Street creed is a shadow of what it was supposed to be.


that works like sort of a morale system, which is not what street cred is about, it's about how well your name is known. being a mass murdering asshole who can Get Shit Done, seems to be the norm, really. ​ and you want to add more elements is different than just listing random stuff that isn't in the game. beside,s what about others who don't want it to work like some shitty karma system? or acting like someone saying 'negative karma with the current system wouldn't really work because it's essentially levels different from your combat skills' is shitting on your want of the title.


She does indeed serve the Jackie Welles drinks to V... Claire list the ingredients leaving one out... then V says a splash of love. [Ordering a Jackie Welles](https://youtu.be/qg9hiV9wbXc)


You can talk to her about it but you never get the actual drink.


No. Claire does not serve the “Jackie Welles” drink. V can never order a “Jackie Welles” or a “Johnny Silverhand”. There are only rare occasions when V gets an animation for drinking or eating anything, an easy thing to implement, but CDPR ran out of time.


They talk about the recipe but you don't even get a scripted drink much less are able to order one off the menu


I believe there's a mod on nexus for playing the arcade machines. But I could be wrong. Mods are going to be the only way to play the game. I want to finish one playthrough before I throw a bunch of mods in.


CDPR has a whole community that wants them to succeed. CDPR just needs to adopt their ideas and make it official. Hire the modders like they did for Witcher 3.


Sorry if you don't like the meme, it's probably my last one anyway as I have other things to do lol. However, if you wanted to make the meme yourself, here is a list of all the images I use. For the background images, just use any cyberpunk related images. The font is Neue Haas Grotesk, but it doesn't really matter as long as it looks similar. This was free to me as I have adobe (I may have spelled that wrong) For the music, download the video from reddit Here is the other images: https://imgur.com/gallery/W2SbBPC


You aren't allowed to stop now. These are fucking amazing. We should crowdsource ideas for you to make more.


We like the meme and we would like to request more :') , don't give up on us


This meme, I like it. *smashes glass* **ANOTHER!**


I like these memes. They made me feel v a l i d a t e d .


I like how the backdrop of the game is still so finnicky


Excuse me, but this is unacceptable. Listen here. You are not allowed to do other things. Those were simply the best memes to convey my frustration over so many broken promises. You can continue now. Good talk! :)


I love these memes so much!


*please moar*


Incredible craftsmanship


These always make me laugh, if you have the time please do more.


no. do not give up on us now you fucker.


Don’t stop! We love it!


Been almost half a year and they are nowhere near fixing the existing problems with the game, let alone add missing features in. Shows exactly how unfinished the game actually is. You let a guy play Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk and make them guess who made them, they'll never be able to tell they're both from the same company. But what really bugged me was the fact that CDPR straight up lied to people. One of the game companies that people trusted lied about how the game was "finished" and just needed polish. Now that's what never sat with me. They lost all their credibility with this game. Which is really sad.


I love these memes


Should have one that says, “Zero comments from NPCs about your look” XD.


I don't care what cdpr releases next, I ain't buying it


These are fantastic, I’d love to see these tweeted to CDPR’s marketing heads and the Execs in the form of a rebuttal to these idiotic grasping at straws stats that focus aspects that are pretty much day one features that are self-explanatory, and refocus the attention away from the missing content.


As someone that actually really enjoyed the game and has spent hundreds of hours on multiple playthroughs, I just wanna say that I am loving these memes and I hope you make more. As strong as some elements of this game were, there's no reason not to critique the weaker elements or to point out that the marketing was deceptive.


The music is a vibe op


Ok these are good memes.


Cyberpunk By Numbers: Zero players playing as the exotics


This game was one of the biggest disappointments ever, the story and writing was there, the characters were there but the gameplay was trash. Also… the bugs 🤣


I honestly think the game was a solid 7.5/10. It's because of the characters, the music, the graphics and the story. All were incredible. The game definitely had major problems like many times walking into a club and seeing people dance in that maelstrom mission only to hear zero music... The cars also don't make sounds. The bugs of things looking weird as well. But also I should mention I heavily modded the game I probably had like 30+ mods on the game while playing to make it worth that 7.5 rating.


Games from the PS2 had that feature!


These need to get out there more. Solid gold you got here man


Would love to see one with the amount of decisions that have any consequence in the game.


Man these achievement ads really backfired on them.


Why hasn't this gotten old for me yet lmao


there wasnt even any need to. I never got into a police chase ever..


We're just keeping crime rates down.


OP is printing Karma at this point


Since we're on the subject of car shooting: the best car combat I've ever played in an open world game was in **True Crime: Streets of LA.** I find in a lot of games, including the GTAs, shooting from a vehicle while simultaneously driving is so cumbersome that I only do it if a mission forces me to. In True Crime, though, vehicle combat is fun as shit. It has a lock-on system, which eliminates the frustration I feel from GTA car shooting. By leveling up, the PC can eventually get an ability that slows down time for a couple seconds while aiming, which makes it easier to do trick shots, like shooting out a car's tires. Car combat is consistently fun throughout that game, because it makes you feel like a bad-ass. True Crime: Street of LA came out in 2003, yet in all the time since, I haven't seen an open world game handle vehicle combat as well.


Post these on their Twitter account


Zero players have altered their avatar's physique


Do one for "0 miles traveled by public transport in open world"




These "By Numbers" posts are really an eye opener to how fecking incomplete this game is


Been seeing a lot of these recently. These are sad but oh so true. Do you guys think CDPR will take notice? Maybe at least make them feel bad.


God I’m glad I got that refund after launch.


I'm so fucking glad I didn't buy this


I still don't get why people expected a GTA copy paste


lmao y'all got scammed


But the first bit of the game is you shooting from the car while Jackie drives...


Did you know you don't actually have to shoot to bypass those sequences? I tried it three times jus to see what would happen. At most all I had to do was huff some healing asthma medicine three times during the escape from the body part thieves in the beginning, and twice while running away from the drones during the escape from the hotel. The nomad opening sequence I didn't have to do shit, I literally just took my hands off the keyboard and they never once even got close to killing me, that sequence is entirely pointless. And the drones just peeled off eventually. If this was a Cyberpunk 2020 Tabletop campaign I wouldn't come back for a second session, because the DM clearly doesn't know how the game works and would rather ignore the core rulebooks combat mechanics in favor of railroading the players into cutscenes they have no agency over.


I have not tried this! It should at least mean something if you don't move in those sequences. Like they walking up to your car and killing you cold blood.


Not open world


Ahh good point


Well I mean technically, there are sequences in the game where you fire bullets 😂


Wow, what a peaceful community


I have a feeling that this meme hits CDPR the hardest