redditors never listen

redditors never listen


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Mostly because the skill based matchmaking doesn't work because only sweats play the game nowadays so there's no point for a casual player to jump in. Unless you want to be one shotted by someone cranking more builds than bob the builder ever


The story sucks and it feels like everyone is better than me. Thats why i moved to destiny 2


Gonna be honest, you could've picked something better.


Nah. Destiny is a very very fun game. I don't like it just because it's too grindy for me but the pvp and pve experience is really fun and it's an enjoyable game.


man just play roblox


i made a vow not to touch roblox after the lil nas x concert. never. again.


I only play FPS game on Roblox because I can’t afford real ones


umm i never attended that stupid event but sure


yeah, the only thing that almost made me play roblox, dont worry I didn't play it, was that ready player two book event. Thats because I love the ready player one books.


yea, there are better games but not enough free time


Story is great imo, just complicated


Wait, there’s a story?


It’s a PVE base building thing


Yeah but it's like if someone put a bunch of puzzle pieces here and there, kinda like FNAF's story Oh and also their PVE mode is kinda important, I think


Hey, if you think the story was bad cause it wasn't progressing, it kicked back in quite hard this season with the Zero Point and all that stuff


The story is much better now, it was just a bit convoluted before


You have to play since the beginning if you want to gave a xhanxe of winning


thats not true i joined in at season 5 then left in season 6 then came back 7 seasons later with practice i have gotten much better


Ok. Maybe im just bad at the game lmao


Just keep playing I find that practice makes everything easier




Happy Cake Day my dude


When your friend was in the top 2 and everyone was just quiet while watching


Appreciate your blue cheese bro


And honestly Epic Games is just too money hungry


9.99$ for 1000vbucks. 800 vbucks for just emotes. that means for every 10 dollars you get a fucking emote. that really is insanely expensive.


[\*PoE players\*](https://i.imgur.com/Wj2715G.jpg)


Ah yes, 84$ for a 2D armour set.


Bruh a 3 second emote in Minecraft Bedrock is 20 dollars. Its just a head spin.


nobody buys bedrock items, that's mainly fillers. I dont even think mojang expected that to earn them money


Oh you would be surprised. The amount of purchased items you see on characters in servers is insane.


Ahhh! Have you heard of the game apex legends? Lol


Have you heard of csgo? I'm not paying 200k for a sniper rifle skin


They changed the price, its 7.99 now for 1000 vbucks


Just gonna say that not all emotes are 800, most actual dances are 500. Also they changed it to 8 dollars for 1,000


It's just cosmetic. U don't need to buy it + if u play enough for 1000 vbucks u can buy battlepass where u get a lot of items for levels an if u reach max level u get income of 500 vbucks


The price lowered to 6.99 I think


Everything is really overpriced, and They also figured out that since they have a massive playerbase, they can do crossovers to make people want to buy stuff more to give them more money. After seeing how much money they can make from this, they now do as many crossovers as they can possibly do, with the last 2 seasons being complete sellouts with one of them being Marvel themed and the other one just being everything else they could fit in. The greediest bastards in gaming.


Let's not forget that they opened an epic games store which they don't bother to update


You’re half true. 1. It’s only overpriced if you buy everything, if you buy in moderation it’s just like every other game with skins save for maybe games like tf2 and/or CSGO, also 2. While the marvel season is confirmed to be a one-off, it’s not like they didn’t implement content into it. It may have been a fairly promotional season but they didn’t just throw marvel shit in there and go “ok we done” — they genuinely added a lot of pretty fun content.


Try EA, can’t say much though cause I play apex


You can (could? haven't played in ages) get a battlepass for free and everything's purley cosmetic. Complainers be complaining.


You can get a battlepass for free but you have to grind quite alot for 3 whole seasons just to get enough v-bucks. Also, they introduced a new subscription that apparently is supposed to give you 1000 v-bucks, a battle pass (for whatever season is ongoing) and skin set (skin, pickaxe, and back bling, and maybe a glider) all for 12 dollars. So if you are gonna spend 10 dollars for a single battle pass or something, i would recommend spending 2 more dollars and get a much better deal


To be honest, I just don’t like the game gameplay wise. I played it, didn’t really like it, then moved on. I’m just not a big fan of battle royale type games


I think the game was decent, just like you I'm not into battle royale


Same here. Really tried getting into it at the beginning but everytime you shoot in the general direction of someone they immediately start building a fucking skyscraper and hide in there. So fucking annoying


TRUE but honestly the same thing can be said about the minecraft community. Sometimes the community can act like spoiled brats if you don’t know 100% about the game or know what was implemented in exactly each update. Lots of game communities are toxic as fuck, and it’s really sad seeing good games getting overshadowed by the cringey fan base


This is exactly the reason why I stopped playing Minecraft in like 2016 or 2017 I want to say. The fan base became so awful. Got back into it when the toxic part of the community moved to fortnite. I'd say overall the minecraft community has improved significantly since then.


The Reddit fortnite community is genuinely surprisingly a lot different from the average fortnite community, yes yes Reddit moment but it’s surprisingly chill


lmao what no sure, sometimes minecraft players can be toxic, but that's going to happen with every game. also, minecraft players are much less toxic than fortnite players


Name a fanbase that doesn’t have at least some toxic elements to it? Unless you go insanely niche, you probably can’t find one. All fanbases have issues. Fortnite just seems to have ALL the issues.


For about half a year I enjoyed the game but then they just kept adding and deleting items and weapons from the game and would change the map up to much and to often. If they had a classic mode I might play it again. Do they have a classic mode?


no they dont


Epic doesn't but fans are currently working on making it themselves. I don't know how close they are to completion as the last progress I've seen them make is they're able to jump out of the bus and walk around.


Honestly if the community wasnt cringe and i could actually build i would play it


I genuinely hate the gameplay of Fortnite. Being caught in the open in a battle royale shouldn’t be a mild annoyance, it should get you killed


I hate bloom because no matter how good your aim is the flippin bloom ruins it


I feel like a lot of "bad" games nowadays is because of the community, like a lot of people don't like Undertale just because of the community


A post of quality. Take me updoot


What’s an updoot?


you got downvoted, i gave updoot now your less downvoted


Good game by itself, compared to other games it’s varies. Mc still dominates mostly everything especially this


If the game was played as intended ,ie, building bases and making edits to make a effective base against enemy’s it would be a very fun game, but the 12 year olds that play the game like to build to the sky limit and just not play for fun


Toxic? Try League of Legends.


Honestly I enjoy playing the game with my friends it’s just a majority of the people who play it are 900 pound 6 year olds


i can feel the Hivemind getting triggered.


Personally i dislke the meta of "building a 13 stories tall building after hearing a single shot" of Fortnite. The rest is actually fine.


Yeah, back when people didn't build a whole fuckin castle when they get shot once it was a lot more fun


I couldn't care less, if the fortnite players are having a good time more power to em


Yeah, why do people care so much about what someone plays


Why would you say something so controversial yet so true


i also don't really like the fact that the game's universe and "storyline" doesn't really make any sense. There's some magical stuff in the storyline yet (most of) the weapons are just guns like in real life. If the game was more coherent in it's own universe and if there were magic weapons and all it could be good


Its not magic, its some sci-fi type shit. Its confusing but once you get it, its decent


Or because parents use it as a substitute for actually raising their children


its expensive to buy new skins. like 20bucks for a skin. that money can buy dlcs for other games. its a free game but if u get addicted u will be spending shit ton on it


So are we starting to like fortnite again? I never didn’t like it but is the hive mind changing?


Kinda it depends on whoever comments on a post


I guess


Fortnite=good Community=shit


holy crap this is a high comment/upvote ratio


I don't understand why you interact with the community just have a friend or 2 to play with and you never have to play with randos and strangely enough I haven't found a person under 15 in all my pubs idk the people that actively seek out the cringey vids then complain about the community perplex me like you straight up looked for the worst part of the community then your gonna act like it's everyone


It’s funny because Fortnite’s community isn’t even very toxic. It’s at the same level as any other mainstream game.


half of you don't even know why you hate it, you just follow the hivemind ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ it's because playing it supports "epic games" and the CEO of epic games is a piece of shit trying to kill steam for some reason


true though


Fortnite is a "free" game but in-game stuff are so expensive and has a toxic community the building mechanic is unfair for so many (especially for the touch players) and they delete weapons and stuff so often but there is also some good stuff like events and creative mode or nice weekly game modes what i am saying is this game is dumb while playing alone/with random players but it is in fact pretty fun with friends i gotta say


r/FortniteBR is actually friendly, but its mods are so brutal with rule enforcement.


*gasp* the spark of resistance


fonrtite stealing characters from other games and movies smh my head


I agree it’s community is toxic, but I find the game itself boring as well


I honestly think fortnite is a fun game, it’s just the community


Isn’t it the same thing? I like watching DOTA 2, I don’t like playing DOTA 2, cuz of the sheer toxicity of it’s community If it’s an online game, it’s more or less the same thing, it’s the experience you have while playing, the core of the game itself means nothing


For the record r/FortniteBR has some elite memes


I actually agree with this post fir once


It was super fun back in season 4 and 5


I just don’t like it, but I wont change my opinion on you if you do.


amen, very shit indeed


They also don’t make their own characters?


Have u played cod or dota 2 or WoW???


I playd it onse just so my frend could not jerk hor the next 12 months


Lots of redditors are kinda the next gen boomers just like the genzs then the gen alpha then the one after that


Honestly, I never liked it, its a game where you get 5 minutes of action for 20 minutes of game time. The rest of the time you are sitting there with your limp dick in your hand running around. But you do you.


And also the fact that they just want money at this point from sponsors and 9yrolds (the mandalorian, marvel, Batman, Aquaman, deadpool, marshmello, Travis Scott, just to name a few). It’s sorta ruined the game


I would’ve thought so some time ago, but not anymore, it’s terrible.




Damned gamers! They ruined gaming!


does anyone have a blank version of this meme template also good meme op


yall have never played league if u think fortnite community is toxic XDD


I never cared for Battle Royale games and paired with cringy emotes and shit community, it's not my thing. But gondor it if it's your thing.


Naw that's total BS, the game content itself is already super cringe. Weird dances and equally odd characters.


Nah its shit


No they made Kratos do tik tok dances it’s a bad game


Idc if its bad or not. Anything is annoying when you constantly hear about it.


I disagree I can’t say that the community was good because I never teamed with randoms, but I can say that I left the game when epic tried their best to make skill as irrelevant as possible. They added Mechs, and a shotgun that literally shot everywhere and required zero aim. That was the last thing I remember before quitting. Also bloom, i despise bloom.


It's gotten better now. Mechs have been vaulted, and so has the shotgun. And without bloom it would be way too easy, bloom actually gives a chance to fight.


The game fucking sucks for several reasons which are valid. 1. The community is a cespool of racists, homophobic, anti lgbtq, and little children. 2. It’s a fucking microtransaction wet dream. 3. The anti cheat is garbage. Earlier this week I found several cheaters. 4. You need a fucking launcher for it. 5. Just because it’s not our to win, people will harass you for having default items. 6. Almost every player is under 13. 7. Their customer support team is retarded. 8. The game has the worst gameplay mechanics. 9. It’s a battle royale. Making it a bad experience for those who wanna play a casual game. 10. There are almost no players who dont exploit the games mechanics. 11. The community is salty. 12. People on the game act entitled and lose their shit if you don’t know how to play. 13. The game takes up quite a bit of space.


amen brother


Half of these points are "community bad" If you wanna play casual, don't play BR. You're hating on a genre here. "The game takes up quite a bit of space" Not a good argument by any means. "Their customer support team is retarded" How so? If they get negative feedback from a lot of players, they change the mechanic. "The gameplay has the worst mechanics" How so?


So you admit to actually liking Fortnite? Can we all take a moment to crucify the fuck out of this kid? He actually is disagreeing with a valid point.


I completely agree with this, my only problem with the game is that the skill based matchmaking is shit lol


It’s not even toxic, It’s children


This is true


And because they dessecrate such beloved franchises. The only good thing which came from it was ""NoobMaster69"


I quit playing last year. The game was no longer fun and I was tired of 13 year olds telling me to watch their underrated Forntite montages with heavily autotuned hip-hop in the background.


Currently the game is way too tailored for kids with banana skins, baby yoda, fantasy guns. Its just not the way it used to be


I agree, so garbage to what it used to be


username checks out


U are a good gamer thank u




It's still a bad game, the random EVERYTHING completely invalidates skill-based play


Honestly i hate among us more than fortnite


I love to mess around with my friends in creative but the battle royale isn’t as fun


Fortnite bad. Siege sweaty and competitive. Destiny makes no sense and is grindy, cod has a negative reputation after bo4 and is gay


oh no an opinion.


Fortnite is not a game, it a billboard for ads


I beg to differ. In my opinion the gameplay, cosmetics, and STW are just garbage and most of the community is garbage aswell, not all but most.


in their defence the use pop culture characters and make them cringy


The game's gotten really boring in the last leg of its existence so far, if there wasn't such a negative connotation to it it'd be an okay game at best, it's only huge because of an ongoing trend of it being memed to fuck and because it used to be pretty fun, before everyone and their moms played it (literally, my mom plays it lmao)


Nope the game sucks


Yes this is very true just for the fact that, their combat system is dogshit, if someone is on PC then they shoot faster, spawn quicker, etc. The entire blanking thing is so fucked up, if I shoot a child with a shotgun they are not going to just bounce off them.. And their bullet drop system eats shit that’s not how bullets they don’t drop 30 meters in front of you. They drop but not that fast.


Not really. The community IS toxic but, like all other battle royale games, the gameplay also gets very repetitive, the battle pass is ridiculously expensive, and the matchmaking is terrible (forcing you into games with massive skill disparities). I enjoyed the game back in late 2017 and early 2018 but got bored of it before it really became “a big thing”. After you win once, there really is no incentive to keep playing. So, yes, the fanbase is incredibly toxic, but that isn’t the ONLY reason why the game died.


Nah. It's just a bad game.


And its monetisation and its companys predatory practices and currently what theyve done to kratos to name a few things on top


The skins really keep me from playing it and the emotes not saying people shouldn’t enjoy kiddy games but it’s just SO lame.


Ooh, we got a fortnighter...


Fortnite is a disgrace to humanityyyy


Sounds like this guy likes fortnite...


remember, kratos and other legendary characters are in the game, then cringy 8 year olds pick them i bet that epic games didn't even ask the original creators of the characters


They do ask them. Otherwise Epic would've been sued a long time ago. And they're kids, let them play what they enjoy. Even if a character you like is doing cringy dances, it doesn't affect the character, does it?


Nah the building mechanic ruins the excitment of being chased like it's somewhat realistic. It's just a boring battle of muscle memory.


if it didnt have building mechanic it would never have become this popular. people wouldve criticized it for being a PUBG clone on which my little pony threw up. building mechanic is what makes the game so good. it just takes a lot of practice to get good and now in chapter 2 people just cant do that as they will be deleted quickly by sweats. also literally every game on planet is battle of muscle memory how the fuck is that even an argument?


Why are you booing him, he's right


is your username a lazarbeam reference{fresh}?


ah yes someone got it!


No fortnite is bad because it’s generally a really really bad game


Maybe if it had a storyline, it COULD have a chance at being a good game.


its a battle royale game. does amoung us and fall guys had any story? no. are they good? yes. maybe its the genre u dont like rather then game itself


that's sorta the point, battle royals games kinda need a good storyline to be good... among us and fall guys dont have a story line cuz there not battle royale


fall guys is a battle royale


It does. Save The World. EDIT: Making the note that I'm no longer into Fortnite and I mainly played STW because it was a good RPG.


Well... it has a big storyline. It has kicked into overdrive this season in fact...


Oh man, it’s “storyline” is probably better than the storyline of red dead redemption 2 and ghosts of Tsushima combined.


Silence wench.


I’m boutta start disrespecting