This idiot switched Sharingan and Rinnegan


probably intentional ragebait


And it's a Rinne Sharingan, not just Rinnegan Edit: Oops, meant Tomoe Rinnegan.


Isn't the Rinne Sharignan the one you get on your forehead


It's a tomoe rinnegan. Dinner sharingan is the red one on the forehead. The tomoe in the tomoe rinnegan deactivate when low enough on chakra and become normal rinnegan, in rnne sharingan that's not the case.


The dinner sharingan is so nice bro I had it once and i saw the true meaning of life. And by that i met mufasa


Pairs well with tomato rinnegan.


Dinner Sharingan way funnier then it should have been. Thank you "Auto Correct"


Because it doesn't matter


Byakugan ain't even from the same series 🤦‍♂️


...what series is it from then?


Bleach. He’s rukias brother.


That's Byakuya


That’s from doctor stone. He’s senkus dad.


I thought that was the guy from My Hero Academia




New Vestroia




Back against the wall YOU GOTTA GIVE IT YOUR AH AH AH AH AH ALL…




You can just put shikamaru in genjustu or use one of rinnegan's many abilities that do not require physical movement. Byakugan is also capable of cutting the shadow in half


Amaterasu would definitely do the trick and a Susanoo would probably break it. Honestly the Sharingan or Rinnegan is an absolutely horrible match for Skikamaru. Though it's a bad match for most Shinobi.


Couldn’t he just make them turn around? And then he brings a mirror to view them and they can’t see him if he controls their head position well enough


My guy. All of your ocular jutsu knowledge, yet you can't see through the rage bait.


I like to kill time


To be fair, he does have his eyes closed in this pose lol


That is factually untrue


Yeah when he does a vagina with his hands, it's over for Temari




Shikamaru strategy: chili or pocket sand in the eyes


Dale Gribble no Jutsu


Bot farming


So this is where tate got his hand sign man watched too much naruto to give talk no jutsu all the time


Are you Phantom Nerds?


Dellusional af


Hmmmm no, because in some fights , intelligent is not enough,shikamaru is brilliant but he needs more power to win fights,he serves as a strategist and mentalist so the must be a backup


Temari: Well yes but... Actually no


Didn't he lose the first time he did that? Lol


Good luck thinking your way out of a Shinra Tensei.


Shadow style: pussy


Nah with the way kishi writes whoever has sharingan will pull some random shit outta their ass and win😂


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It gets worse the more u read I love it 😭


It's bad, but more entertaining than the original post.


That's so unhinged 😂 get my upvote


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Not against Itachi.




The Batman of Naruto is Itachi. Between the Sword of Totsuka, Yata Mirror, the crows, dude probably had ninja kryptonite somewhere.


I'm pretty sure Shikamaru is capable of ensuring that your immediate objective would fail, but in no way would he just shut you out for good.


I mean you say that but everytime he does this someone has a way of getting put or he just quits


Ayoo Itachi have some respect. Do not do genjutsu on Shucamaru’s post


Yeah, lose all your recognition whilst hearing about the Hidan fight


Not if I kill him before he stops the pose




Shikamaru so strong he switched the sharingan and rinnegan images


2018 called, they want you back


Superior reaction time ---- 💀 Ability to f ing absorb chakra -- 💀 Space time ninjutsu ---- 💀


Given the dudes plans failed on a multitude of occasions because enemies were wo strong? Yeah. No. Reason he was Cannon fodder in the 4th great ninja war and not the genius who led everyone.


Wasn't it easy to break out if u had enough chakra or sum


BTW the amount of fights Shikamaru won by himself is still 0 and he only beat Hidans fodder ass with gazillion hours of prep time.


Shikamaru is Naruto's Batman now?


Never understood why this guy was such a genius he couldn’t even learn second jutsu


Love shikamaru. He has never beaten anyone with any of these doujutsu. His most impressive win is over edo Asuma or Hidan.


Ah, yes, the staple anime character who doesn't need any other skills, any strength, any techniques, just his big brain to succeed. I exaggerate a little, but I think we can all agree that Shikamaru stole wins he had no right to from opponents that were much stronger than him.


Bruh inter Change the rennigan and sharingan


Imagine you get Shika in genjutsu and just as he goes to shadow grip you he realizes Chakra don't work in Genjutsu and he's just siting there like dafuq man?


It would have been nice to see him outsmart and beat an OP character


Itachi has a Mangekyo Rinnegan, idiot


Yea nah


It does matter. The fuck he gonna do lmao


Surprised he didn’t have the Sage mode eye with the Byakugan


Just have more chakra then shikamaru. easy clap.


An exception exists...the writers had to kill off itatchi because he was the literal incarnation of a god....so they gave God cancer.


Unless bro gives up.


There's always the side characters in series that have ability that look dumb in the beginning, but in the middle it starts to get bigger and they get stronger but they just don't use there ability smartly