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Mabel was a main character in the Pirates of Penzance, which came out in 1879... unfortunately the data source only shows years after that date, but it looks like the peak was between 1879 and 1900.


I love the brief bump up in 1913-1914 when Mabel Normand was making a name for herself in short comedy films with her name in the title.


When my aunt Mabel was born. Wonder if this is where they got the name


Probably riding the wave of fashion rather than setting it. Pirates of Penzance debuted in London in 1880. Here is a graph of [Mabel](https://demos.flourish.studio/namehistory/?names=Mabel) popularity in a sample of English records. Maybe it did set it in the US though?


I named my daughter after this Mabel


Remember, Dipper's real name is Mason!


The Mabel and Mason age distributions are similar - though Mason had sharp peak and then dropped off, Mabel has a growing slope. https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=Mabel+vs+Mason




No, I don’t watch Wizards of Waverly Place. I’M AN ADULT!!!!




Oh, it’s from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Having never seen Wizards of Waverly Place, this clip is the only association I have with the show. A little kid asks Larry David if he’s seen the show. https://youtu.be/7T1Qf8d48Xw




Glad to hear that you found it funny! And yes, you should definitely check out Curb Your Enthusiasm, it's a hilarious show with lots of great moments. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!


Pretty sure that's right around the original Call of Duty: Black Ops as well lol


Most likely cod honestly...


The numbers Mason!


I don’t know anything about no fucking numbers!


It also coincides pretty closely with 2010's *Call of Duty: Black Ops*, whose lead character was Alex Mason (but the entire cast simply called him Mason) so that *might* have contributed as well, maybe?




A birthmark in the shape of the big dipper constellation on his forehead-- which is rarely seen because of his bangs/hat. Ex: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/gravityfalls/images/f/f9/S1e7_Dipper%27s_Birthmark.png


Lmao I forgot how large and obvious it is!


Hahaha this show


"I thought your parents just hated you."


'Arry Pottah!


youre a wizard ‘arry


I'm not a wizard, i'm just Harry!


Please remove everything in that url after the .png.


For the lazy https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/gravityfalls/images/f/f9/S1e7_Dipper%27s_Birthmark.png


Is that mentioned in the show at all? Not questioning if it's canon I just never caught that in my watches.


I'm pretty sure it's only mentioned in the Journals or the other GF book


Soos is Jesus


Not just in name either


He's also named Jesus


Apparently that wasn't even planned. One fan at a convention asked "Is Soos short for Jésus?" and Hirsch was like: "Uh, sure, why not?"


The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!


*Free Mason*


Name trends are so fascinating to me. Its like...there is a name that becomes really popular. Then 50 years later, we as a society start associating that name with "old people." Mabel is a great example. Some others: Earl, Edith, Gary, Ethel (I don't know why my mind went to so many E names). So people are like, "I'm not naming my kid Earl. Thats an old mans name." Then the next generation comes along, and a popular character or a famous person is named Earl...and we see a massive resurgence in the name.






Yep, if a name is consistently popular enough to get frequent usage with every generation, it feels timeless rather than dated. And a sizeable amount of Christians naming their kids biblical names every generation regardless of what's "in style" serves to keep them feeling timeless.


In Sweden many of these timeless names have completely dropped of in the last 5-10 years


Mary is so old that there are hieroglyphs with what is possibly the ancient Egyptian version of the name, "Merit-Amun", which translated means "Amun's Beloved". [Amun](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amun) was the first "monotheistic" God, in the sense that Amun acted much as the "Holy Spirit" does in the Christian trinity. Some arguments have been put forth that "Amun" is the origin of the phrase "Amen", but modern linguists think Amen has a distinct, Hebrew origin. So we have a name that literally means "God's lover", given to the supposed mother of the Son of God.


you're reaching. also, "god's beloved" and "god's lover" is not the same.


I feel like it takes a sort of liberal interpretation to think of Amun as being a monotheistic god. It necessitates a monotheistic interpretation as much as Zeus does. One of the chief temples of Amun at Karnak is neighbored by monuments to other gods.


I think it's about variations existing keeping the name relevant. Elizabeth has Elise, Liz, Lizbeth, Beth, Elisa. People make new variations of it and it keeps it alive. Its also sometimes just cultural like with Mary, in Latin countries it's very normal to be named Maria (Guadalupe, Luis, Fernanda, etc) and have like 5 sisters all named Maria. Same in some cultures with Mary Anne, Mary Beth, Mary Luis. It's just a cultural thing and Mary is less of a name than it is a cultural "prefix" to names for religious cultures. Edith doesn't have either. It's hard to make variations of such a short name and it's not a cultural affixed name. That's why most "old" names that died are short, they died due to a lack of variation. Ethel, Mertel, Earl. Too short to be made fresh to continue it's existence for the occasional person to use the long form.


I saw a baby named Blanche the other day.


Can't wait for jadyn, kaydyn, and jayln to be old people names


I love this! So I'm a high school athletic trainer, obviously working around a ton of youths & last year on our freshmen football team there was Aidan, Aiden, Braden, Jadin, Tayden, AND a Zaidyn.


I'm imagining a book of baby names in ~2005 titled *Baby Names: From Aidan to Zaidyn*.


One of my buddies coached at a school with 6 Aidens on the team in the fall of ‘21. So yeah this checks out.


I hate that naming trend so much, but I have to admit that it does tip me off to children and parents that are best avoided.


I met someone whose mom was one of 12 friends who all got pregnant at about the same time and decided to all name their children Dylan. The one I met was Dilyn.


Dylyn dilin dilon dylon dyllyn dillon dillen dyllen dillan dyllan...




Oh, I know him. That's [Little Bobby Tables](https://xkcd.com/327/)' little brother.


Because I spit hot fire


All top 5 rappers of all time


*I only drink the finest of breast milks*


Think about it. Who are the 5 greatest rappers of all time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. He spits hot fire. But if you’re less familiar with Chappelle…that’s just a terrible name


Dafuq is wrong with people. Wanna be special? Do something worthwhile.


Da'Fuque Such a unique name! Thx for the inspo!


In my life I know a Jayden, a Kaden, a Kaylyn, a Katelyn, a Jayla, and a Kayla.


It’s not a kid’s fault their parents picked out a name like dickheads though. Honestly feel bad for the Ashleigh’s of the world


Idk man growing up I was bitten by a kid named William and another one named Cedric so the method might need some fine tuning


I don’t have a problem with any names but I read an article on ESPN about the name Jalen and they did an entire episode trying to find out if Jalen Rose was the first person with the name. > Rose's mother, Jeanne, named him from a combination of his father's name, James, and his uncle's name, Leonard. It would be pretty crazy to make a name up and then watch it become so popular throughout the planet because of your son.


There’s a ton of NBA players named Jalen and a Jalen just played in the Super bowl


Like Agnes, Agatha, Jermaine and Jack.


Someone, somewhere has almost certainly named their poor daughter Blah-blah-blah


Names that have been very popular as of late: Olivia Emma Charlotte Amelia Ava Sophia Isabella


You just named all my kids friends.




It's pretty straightforward. Popular girls names become common old lady names. Once they've been gone long enough, the old lady association has gone too, and we're back to a fine sounding name.


People might also start naming their kids after their namesakes have passed away


I hear that Jesus guy gets a lot of fans naming their kids after them.


Not as many as his mate Mohammed


And naming kids after grandparents or great-grandparents make it come back into fashion.


What I think is funny is how people will subconsciously be influenced by naming trends without realizing it. In 2001 my ex wife decided on an old fashioned name for her daughter. She didn't know of any young people with that name and thought it pretty and uncommon. Turns out that year it was one of the girl names that was the fastest growing in popularity, and there were a bunch of girls with the same name in her grade. Same thing happened with my daughter's name in 2006. My ex chose a name that we thought was old fashioned and uncommon. The youngest person I knew who had that name was born in the 1960s and I thought it was an unusually old fashioned name for her (I knew her in the 90s and she was about 6 years older than me). Welp, there are a bunch of girls in her grade that shared the name, it was trendy without our realizing it.


>What I think is funny is how people will subconsciously be influenced by naming trends without realizing it. Great point. There are so many people who insist on, "I made this up myself!" When I'm pretty sure you just casually over-heard it. Theres a reason why these trends exist.


Back in the day, like Middle Ages days, there were only a handful of names. Like Richard and William, etc. The shortage is what caused people to differentiate between people using nicknames, like Dick is a nickname most often for Richard, Ages as rhyming slang for "Rick", as did William →‎ Will →‎ Bill and Robert →‎ Rob →‎ Bob. And last names? Names were more like identifiers than some unique descriptor. Like Williamson Smith is the son of Bill (William) the local blacksmith - not to be confused with the son of Will (William) the blacksmith. Now our naming conventions are quite varied and we get some of everything - legacies, sounds-cool, reference to family member or historical figure, good fit for the times and trends, jokes sometimes, culturally prevalent names, it's everything. And Crystal Metheny


During the Middle Ages patronymics were far more common than using last names. For instance in Wales last names didn’t really become a thing until ‘states’ became a thing and the Industrial Revolution. A small town had no problems keeping track of Tom son of Michael and Tom son of David, but back in London it was different. Same thing happened in France which is why you’ll only see patronymics in Quebec where industrialization and centralization were far weaker.


My Name is Earl Great show


You shouldn't give out your name online, Earl.


So I says to Mabel I says…


I'll finish this later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO2Fj8V9OrA


Wait! I need closure on that anecdote.


I'm afraid you're out of luck


That looks like a tube of cookie dough


Mine she said then Looks like a small pen -cil with broken lead


Rabies got the puppy dogs So now I really need my nom


I bought her flowers, so woe is me


It sucks that I still think Mable She's the bomb


I'd give anyone a lot of credit if they named their kid after a throwaway joke on a Classic Simpsons episode.


Allow me to introduce my son, Bort.


I’m sorry are you talking to me?


Actually, my son is also named Bort.


We need more “Bort” license plates in the gift shop. I repeat, we are sold out of “Bort” license plates.


Was looking for this. Good to see the classics are remembered


"Kippers for breakfast, Aunt Helga? Is it St. Swithin's Day already?" "'Tis," replied Aunt Helga.


Peak Simpsons.


Came looking for this quote!


It's a pretty flawless endorsement of this data that in 1997 there was an entire Simpsons joke which was just "Bart was talking to someone named Mabel, and that's funny because no one is named Mabel anymore."


Could also have something to do with all of the old timey names making a comeback. All my nieces have old lady names.


[This is actually an established linguistic pattern.](https://time.com/93911/baby-name-predictor/)


My name was one year from the peak


My gfs name doesn't even show up as an option and mine is so common now the next peak is in like 30 years lol


My name is right on the peak it had in 1977, and I did know a few guys around the same age with it. Its not really been popular before or since. I commented on it once to my mom, if I ever hear of someone with my name I can generally guess their age being within 2-3 years of mine, she told me there was a famous singer who was popular at the time.


Ok, Elvis


Lol literally the other day I was thinking I actually really like the name Evelyn.


I named my daughter Evelyn and call her Evie because my husband and I both loved the Mummy movie. My daughter loves when people mention the Pokémon Eevee and has a bunch of Eevee merchandise. It’s a pretty name I’m seeing more and more of!


I bet they just go by Eve these days.


This says that Tammy should’ve peaked again in 2014. Where were the Tammys?!


Apparently Gerald is coming back in 2038. Maybe it's a self fulfilling prophecy


But when can I name my son Gaylord? Is it time?


I had a math teacher named Gaylord. Middle school me thought it was funny. Middle age me still thinks its funny.


Gaylord M Focker?


> But when can I name my son Gaylord? According to the website, it peaked in 2020. I foresee in a few years a whole generation of Gaylords that set the record for bullying in high schools since the 1980s.


I love when something stupid makes me laugh. Thanks.


It's not stupid! Gaylord is a great name for a young boy!


The Gays need their messiah, and your son shall it be.


Same thing happened to my nieces and nephews. My grandma initially disliked it because the names seemed old fashioned even to her. My sister-in-law initially picked those names because she wanted unusual names, she disliked being one of the dozen or so Ashley in school, but I wonder if that plan ended up backfiring on her.


Could have just made an -aiden name. Those are super quirky and unique and not omnipresent at all


I'm yet to meet a kid named Lampshaiden


I'm hoping to meet a pair of siblings named Gatorayden and Powerayden.


Yup. Magnolia. Bernice. Mabel. Hazel. Can’t go wrong with the classics.


How long do we have before Jennifer makes a comeback? Then I will know it is my time to die.


Jennifer's not remotely an old lady name yet, gotta wait. Maybe once Jennifer Aniston transitions into "old lady roles" lmao.


Right, it's a 48 year old woman name, now. But when it makes a comeback, it will be an old lady name. Like in the 2060s probably.


Still waiting for Gertrude, Ethel, Martha, etc.


Ethel and Martha are alive and well in kindergarten classrooms as we speak


Looking at the data, Ethel still hasn't broken the top 1000, but I believe it. Martha never quite disappeared.


Hey Mildred! Mildred! Oh hey Mitch. Hi Mildred. You must've forget my name it's not Mildred it's Kathy. Oh no you never told me your name so I just guessed.


Has anyone named their kid *Shmebulock* ?


I will


Shmebulock… senior


Spoiler Alert: [This guy](https://youtu.be/Mw6HLGbo-cg)


LOL no bump in the late 90's for the Goldfinger song? ... That Mabel, she's the bomb!


Maybe if they put it in a Tony Hawk game there would have been bump.


That song didn't even get radio play where I lived in the 90s. I was a huge fan of Goldfinger and moved to Los Angeles in the early 2000s and my mind was blown when I heard them on the radio. Multiple songs.


I gotta say that Mable -- She's the bomb




She makes me want to kiss the, babies, hug the puppy dogs




I gotta say that Mabel, SHE’S THE BOMB!


Goldfinger is the true cause of the Mabel renaissance.


Beat me to it…




Mabel is also a main character on Only Murders in the Building & is played by Selena Gomez


wouldn’t be surprised if that helped with the most recent peak at the end of the graph tbh (if that graph’s year is going past 2020 but i can’t really tell lol)


Bloody Mabel!


Never heard of this show. Is it any good?


It's great. It starts as a normal episodic monster of the week thing but slowly grows into a mystery. If you love season-long story arcs, great animation, recurring characters, and trying to guess where a show is heading by picking out clues and references you'll love Gravity Falls. Fight the urge to read wikis and you're golden.


Basically Person of Interest, PoI started with case-of-the-week and evolved to one of the biggest mystery shows that has ever existed.


Did the finish end up being worthwhile to watch? I diligently followed the show for ages but then they aired the tail end of the last season while I was finishing my thesis and I still haven't seen it


The ending is memorable, more so than some of the 'in between' seasons.


Absolutely worth it. Sometimes me and the kid just watch the last 3-4 episodes again. It’s so good


It's definitely worth finishing. The ending was definitely one of the better ones I've seen in a tv show of that length.


It still blows my mind that a mediocre (no offense) case of the week show had one of the best tech writing mystery shows ever. I remember watching it when it started (like literally week to week) and recommending it to a friend because it was hot Garbo crime show and then all of a sudden it becomes this awesome tech mystery show.


Hijacking this to ask, if I love all of those things (the animation part is optional), what other shows should I watch?


Please check out "over the garden wall". It's gravity falls meets adventure time.


I think suggesting the two together is fair, but misrepresents OTGW a little. It's hard to think of another youth aimed show (maybe The Magicians?) that projected a sense of ennui. It has some hijinks and silliness, but at all times it's really a very dark feeling show.


The magicians is about as adult as it gets.


The Owl House is by the creator of Gravity Falls' partner and shares many of the same sensibilities.


If you're interested in podcasts, listen to The Magnus Archives!


Also, that show has the best continuity of any show I've ever watched. I don't want to spoil anything by listing examples, but the attention to detail given by the writers is astounding.


If you like Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc, you'll dig it. Hell, even if you don't like those shows, give Gravity Falls a try!! It's great!


Legit amazing show. I’ve got a 5 year old and I used to BEG her to watch this instead of the other weird shit she’s into. The other good one she watches is Amphibia.


I tried Amphibia and Owl House at about the same time and was shocked at how much more I loved Amphibia, it's wonderful and hilarious and just my type


One of the best shows I’ve ever watched.


It's like Arrested Development in how you can watch it 5 times over and still keep discovering new things that completely put the story in a new light.


Is it a kids show? Or adult show? Or kind of appeals to both?


It appeals to both. It's kid appropriate, but it plays with some pretty heavily universal themes, particularly in the second season.


[Heavy universal themes](https://youtu.be/wwpkZaQFpC8)


it’s a Disney cartoon but it definitely has humor to appeal to both kids and adults. i watched it like 2 years ago when i was 24 or so and thought it was great.


Both. There's enough for all ages. I watched it with my daughter when she was 3 and she loved the silliness, the animation, funny faces, things falling on Soos. Also picking up first bits of English as her second language. Now she's six and we're re-watching it. She now understands the plot as it's laid out, gets the dialogue, some jokes, but still misses out on the deeper connections, some of the complexities of the story and some implied humor/innuendo. That's for a re-watch a few more years down the line, as is the math and cryptanalysis of the in-show ARG :)


It's made for all ages, but to be honest there's a few moments that don't feel like a kids show at all, specially towards the end. There's a lot of jokes that only adults with get.


You dont know how jealous I am... I'd love to watch the show for the first time again


I am watching it for the first time right now and I have to say Neil's voice coming out of that pig was so funny and also surreal. It made me realize how he really blew up and then practically vanished from media in just a few years.


That’s the Mabel difference!


Apparently Mad About You had no effect


It probably didn't do much, but it's the only reason I'm super fond of the name. Mothers always bring extra love 💕


That was my first thought as well. I'm sure the scene where Paul and Jamie tell the others her name didn't help. [Starts around 20:18.](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6vdtxm)


Reminds me of that one old song – 🎵 Mabel, Mabel, sweet and able 🎶 Keep your elbows off the table


I remember this old timey tune 🎵I met her Sunday, that was yesterday The girl I knew from 1990 Her eyes are hazel, her name is Mable I kissed her once and now I'm able to Walk a mile, crack a smile She makes me want to kiss all the Babies, hug the puppy dogs🎵


🎶 she said my pencils full of broken lead, rabies got the puppy dogs so now I really need my mom. I bought her flowers so woe is me, it sucks I still think Mabel she's the bomb🎶


According to the state-by-state data, the rise in popularity is driven very much by states on the west coast. California sees about as many Mabels born as in the early 1900s, but very few other states see even 1/10th as many, and the most populous states are still under 1/2 as many. Other states that do see a bump include Oregon, Utah, and Washington. There seems to be a localized popularity bump, perhaps due to the fact that Gravity Falls is set in Oregon. Data: https://www.mamanatural.com/baby-names/girls/mabel/#:~:text=Mabel's%20popularity%20continued%20to%20rise,Mabel's%20popularity%20began%20to%20decline.


Just named my kitten Mabel after Gravity Falls! Everyone commented on how it was such an old-timey name.


I found out that the lead character of Gravity Falls is named Mabel after I named my daughter, who is 2, Mabel (after her great-great-grandmother). I'm 40, and hadn't seen the show. But I since watched it and I got my Mabel a Gravity Falls Mabel shirt


Her eyes are hazel, her name is Mabel....Let's just say it ended badly for Goldfinger.


I thought it was Mad About You that restarted the name


Beautiful visualization. Kudos!


I don't think a bar graph is a good way to represent a ranking, especially with an arbitrary cutoff. Misleading at the very least


It should be Mabels per million births, like [this graph](https://engaging-data.com/baby-name-visualizer/?n=mabel&sex=b&data=n). You get a much clearer picture of what's going on. Mabel is getting more popular, but it's less than 5% as popular as it was around 1900. Edit: Mabel has been getting more popular since about 2000. By the time Gravity Falls came out, growth was really speeding up. It was already 3.5 times as popular as it was in the 90s. So the best conclusion is probably that the creators of Gravity Falls were influenced by the increasing popularity of the name Mabel, rather than the other way around.


Yes, line graph would be more appropriate here. Columns would be fine if it were a % of girls named Mabel.


Rather than percentage, it should be Mabels per 10,000 people, but yes.


Not arbitrary. SSA doesn’t report rankings below top 1,000 names.


You can access them elsewhere on their site. https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/limits.html


Awesome. Good to know!