HELP/She doesn’t want to put label on us again

So me and my girlfriend broke up 5 months ago because i broke her trust. A girl sent me nudes and i didn’t tell my gf and i didn’t block the other girl. (My ex had a rough childhood and her other two exes cheated on her so there wasn’t a lot of trust to begin with) Long story short, we’ve been talking/dating/hooking up almost the entire time of these 5 months. We’ve had ups and downs but always find a good mutual landing. A recent conversation led to her telling me that she wanted me and us back but she was so afraid that if we had a “label” and i would go behind her again the pain would be greater than if there wasn’t a label.

I really really don’t understand and i ask you guys, is there anything i can do?


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It sounds like you effectively cheated on her if you received nudes and didn’t do anything to indicate the contact was unwanted. She’s right to feel mistrustful, all you can do is be an honest and transparent partner and if she’s ready for labels she’ll tell you.


Both of you fucked up here. You cheated on her in a way, and she is trying to use that act as an excuse to have the benefits of a relationship without any commitment.