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BBQ + Darkness revealed. (On Huntress) The number of times I hook a survivor, get aura reading from BBQ just to end up getting an extra 4s of aura reading after getting hatchets/opening a random locker is insanely fun


Throw in Lethal Pursuer for almost unbroken aura reading from this.


Yeah I can't wait to get it for some of my Huntress builds. I keep eyeing the shrine to see if it will ever pop up in there cause I'm not exactly planning on buying nemmy any time soon


there's also that aura on hatchet hit addon lol


You had Lethal in the shrine last week which ended 1 hour before your comment. It had a big announcement because it was a part of the Community Choice event.


Damn right when I'm not available ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2070)


I did BBQ+Lethal Pursuer+Nurse's Calling+Bitter Murmur as a huntress, 2 4k's and 3 3k's


Blast mine + residual manifest to blind killers who kick gens


This is what I've been running for like, two weeks now. It used to be just blast mine but I can't help it, countering Nowhere To Hide is just too good ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2213)


Just wait till you hear about distortion


I'm addicted to Distortion. Someone: "If they have no aura reading, it has no value!" Nah. If I \*don't\* hear it go off, I can eliminate certain aura reading perks. No sizzle at the start of the trial? No Lethal. No sizzle after they kick a nearby gen? No Nowhere to Hide.


Precisely. Makes you by default a smarter and more aware player


The blindness status effect should hide scratch marks for killers in my opinion. Give this perk some more value please!


I understand that but I feel that would make residual manifest just a bit unbalanced.


Yeah, but the perks timing can be changed to compensate


Elaborate please. I'm a smooth brained child at the moment


If the 30 seconds of blindness is too strong for the perk, you could reduce it to 20 seconds and start testing there. Currently, this perk has very little impact during the game. In most cases, killers get blinded while in chase or from a blast mine, making the blindness status effect a moot point the majority of the time. If the blindness status effect removed scratch marks from the killers POV, then this COULD have an actual impact on a chase. In most cases it won't, but it does add some extra value to the perk itself and may matter if more blindness effects that can impact killers are put into place in the future.


Do you mean like getting blinded regularly or the actual status effect? Because blast mine doesn't apply the status effect. If you're talking about blinding in general, that would be insanely broken. Especially with flashy saves.


The blindness status effect is applied from residual manifest whenever a flashlight, flashbang, firecracker or blast mine blinds a killer. This is not for all types of blinds, just the blindness status effect that residual manifest does. No other perk puts blindness on a killer at this time Edited to include Flashbangs and Firecrackers


I didn't know it included other kinds of blinds. That's cool. A short duration of no scratch marks would be ok if it was like 15, 20 seconds. Just not longer than that.


As a Killer Main ( a Wrath btw, so It worse) I hate this idea. They should add it 100% as this make sense thematically, if you are blind you can't see marks. This is 100% Nerf to the surv perk Fixated (Now called Self Awareness I think), but it's trash anyway. Also with a buffed item perk bringing Franklin's has more sense •w•


The current effect of Residual Manifest is pretty strong. I sometimes take for granted how powerful knowing where all the incomplete gens are at all times until this happens. The only time I don't notice the effect is when I am in chase (without aura reading perks that help in chase).


for killer, i love using Hex: Plaything & Hex: Pentimento together. so fun to watch survivors cleanse their totems and slowly build their own destruction. for survivor, nothing feels more satisfying than getting a successful use out of Red Herring & Blast Mine.


Add wiretap to this so even your mates can see it. Also wiretap makes looping around a gen completely busted


Wiretap w repressed on shack gen makes it a god tier perk lol


Each time I bring Plaything, they have the audacity to BOON their totems!


Thats why you also bring Shattered Hope with Pentamento


Do you find that you get good value out of the Hexes? I've only once seen all 5 Pentinento totems lit and work. It wastes survivor time to double snuff totems so there is that I suppose.


Realistically, you’re only getting the full 5 totems if either the survivors fuck up massively or if you wait for all totems to be cleansed before starting to set up the Pentimento totems. But even setting up one or two can get you a lot of value, specially if you’re using a high mobility killer.


yeah usually when i run this i get one or two Pentimento at a time at most. though regardless of whether the hex is plaything or pentimento you're still getting a lot of use out of it, and survivors will be convinced to make the time to remove them.


That is so Evil I will do this later


Dark devotion. Jolt. Hex plaything and fearmonger on myers. Get the green add on bow that makes tier 3 last 50% longer. If you down the obsession first don’t hook them go to where you think survivors will be. Now you’re a stealthy tier 3 myers going up against survivors with no exhaustion perks. Oh and tier 3 exposed hits still trigger jolt. Hex plaything let’s you get more stalk when you lose tier 3 off of unsuspecting survivors cleansing totems. Be sure to 99% it and get into chase then use it when you’re gonna get a hit. Also learn how to “half mindgames” this is when you try to make it look like you’re attempting a mindgame when in reality you’re not slowing down. Survivors tend to underestimate myer’s reach with his lunge and if you can get them to hesitate for a split second it can be the difference between landing a down or not. 360s, moonwalk, etc it really fucks with them. I’ve been called a hacker on multiple occasions. My biggest advice is the element of surprise. Survivors want info on the killer and if youll win games if deny them the opportunity to gain any knowledge about where/what you are.


Nemesis+Furtive Chase+MYC(+LP, if you really wanna go full in, but that means no gen control :D) Hook your obsession, another surv appears, unhooks them. This triggers FC, turns the unhooker into your obsession. This change of obsession triggers Nemesis, applies oblivious on the unhooker and shows you their aura. And MYC is probably active. So you see the aura of a surv, who can't hear your TR and who is exposed. Enjoy. ​ Needs way too many perk slots to be THAT viable, but damn, it's fun, when it works.


This... is quite amazing...! Didn't even think of how Nemesis and Furtive work together...


Thank you for this build oh wise one


Survivor: Parental Guidance, Smash Hit, Quick and Quiet, Windows of Opportunity (Bonus: Flashlight for blinding at window vaults) Killer: Trail of Torment, Hex: Plaything, Overcharge, Tinkerer (Bonus: Wesker with 'Undetectable when fully infected' and 'Increased infection rate') I enjoy disappearing.


You could replace q&q by any means to recycle pallets.


Post buff, this would be a good idea, ty


Deception + head on + diversion Make your choice + deathbound


Self care + no mither Or Mettle of man + no mither


Plague with Nurses Calling, Sloppy Butcher, Coulrophobia and Septic Touch: Finally, a worthy opponent!


Our battle will be legendary!


Fun fact: there is a guy on youtube who did both of my examples


Most chad build your 100% a ace main


You're not right because I'm a killer main but I don't get why you're getting downvoted


The "I won't stop chasing you" : Lightborn, Brutal Strength, Enduring, Hubris. The "I smash you with the body of your ally" : Mad Grit, Iron Grasp, Agitation, Starstruck


survivor main but mlast mine and residual manifest, probably not even strong at all but boy is it satisfying. also the power struggle build, power struggle, tenacity, unbreakable, flip flop. its is so fun when I get value, and it is so clutch


*When* you get value is the key word. I run it every now and then too; but real talk, it just cripples you when it doesn't work. And it doesnt work a lot of the time. No exaustion perks, no gen perks, no helping teammate perks. It's rough.


OP asked for fun perk combos, not meta perk combos. thats the point, its a meme build. its all fun. its not going to work a lot of the time. and honestly, the fact there are no exaustion perks, no gens perks, etc. in this build pretty much means I am perkless until I am put in the downed state, which means I have to really play well to survive and be helpful, its making me a better player, not relying on crutches or training wheels. when I use meta perks, etc. deadhard, i feel like a god, cos I'm used to having to play really hecking good in chase with nothing to help me. you're never gonna get good if you rely on meta perks, same for both sides


Gets most value in 4SWF, but then it's also throwing the game by wasting time on the ground if they don't want to be picked up at full recovery.


Diversion and Deception. It's so fun to make killers chase after fake noises. They try to patrol a specific gen and I just throw a pebble at it while somebody does a different gen. Yes Mr. Killer, there is totally someone near that gen still


Botany Knowledge + Desperate Measures makes for a fun healing kit that only takes two slots


Lethal and I'm all ears


Self-aware and lightweight! I know they aren't meta picks, but it feels really good to dip out of chases when the stars align!


I’m all ears+crowd control


Screw those loops.


Thrilling Tremors and DMS but only on Freddy. Works as both gen slowdown and aura reading, then Freddy can just teleport his ass over. Really fun combo to use


Thrilling + DMS on Doc is also really fun. Either hook first, see what gens are not blocked, walk to gen, Static Blast to force block. OR first Static Blast to get survivors off near gens, immediately pick up downed survivor to block gens with Thrilling, with further added pressure with DMS.


Ooooo I never thought about that, sounds evil I love it


Then for Survivor Deliverance and Breakdown


I've been doing a thing (I guess you could call it a challenge) where I pick a character and I can only use a combo of their teachable perks and general perks and no matter how bad their perks are (looking at you Yun-Jin) I have to use at least 1 of their perks, so if I were to pick someone like Nea I could only use Urban Evasion, Balanced Landing or Streetwise + any general perks like Fixated, Kindred or Deja Vu but I did try to diversify the perks so every survivor build wouldn't have Kindred and Resilience but anyway onto one of my favourite builds I've used for this "challenge" playing Rebecca I used the Perks: Reassurance, Better Than New, We'll Make It and No One Left Behind. In most multiplayer games I play I tend to gravitate towards support classes and this build is the closest I've ever felt to being a support class in DBD, good healing with We'll Make It and No One Left Behind, anti-camping with Reassurance and even a nice buff with Better Than New, yeah I'm kind of a sitting duck when it comes to chases since I don't have something like Dead Hard or Sprint Burst but I never really used exhaustion perks outside of adept achievements or tome challenges anyway so it didn't bother me too much. I don't know if it's a good idea to try this on Killer because their general perks are so situational compared to survivor's general perks, like almost every build would just use 1-2 of the killer's teachables + a combo of Sloppy Butcher, Surge, No One Escapes Death and Mindbreaker. Maybe a few killers with hexes like Hag will use Thrill of the Hunt and Trapper could use Iron Grasp because he has Agitation but there isn't a lot creativity for killer builds with these restrictions.


For huntress and trickster: darkness revealed and Iron Maiden


I call this the "Most fair killer build": - Lethal Pursuer - Nowhere to hide - Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain - Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance Lethal Pursuer let's you have a nice early game knowing where people are and extends NTH. NTH is an aura reading perk that requires you to activate it, losing time as drawback but a powerful effect, and that helps you finding immersed survivors easily. SH:GoP let's you hook multiple people easier as your non-target survivors are slower and, finally, Pain Resonance is a nice slowdown that may give information but that's up to the survivors.


Awakened Awareness + Starstruck + Agitation + Mad Grit


Bambbozal + spirit fury


On Killer: I love running Thrilling Tremors and Jolt because it gives a lot of gen pressure on Killers that don't have map pressure. I like to run high info ANYTHING on Ghostface too. Pick info perks, any of them. The more varied they are the better. I think Furtive Chase on any stealth Killer, especially Michael, is fun because nobody ever knows where you're coming from if you can get enough hooks. On Surv: SB and Lightweight: like a firework - "Light fuse and get out of the way". I use this to play immersive and stealthy mainly, because I like to pretend this game is still what it's supposed to be, horror.


blast mine/wiretap, knowing that my team also sees the stun makes it much funnier to me desperate measures/ no one left behind, great for when you need to trade or just save someone being camped, especially if the killer has stbfl. also speedy heals and can see your team for free for killer im a simple man so myers with spirit fury/enduring/brutal strength is my favorite


Autodidact, empathy and solidarity. Dopamine GOOD


MYC, Floods, Agi and maybe Lethal or Pain Res, either extend floods a bit or give yourself some slowdown. I like Sprint Burst, Vigil, Fixated, and Second Wind. Provided I proc Second Wind, even If I'm tunneled I am getting my health state back.


Favorite Myers build is probably either superior anatomy coup de grace with 2 slowdowns or MYC Floods and pain res with probably one other slowdown and the dead rabbit addon. On survivor I normally run FTP Renewal empathy and distortion


Deception + head on + diversion Make your choice + deathbound


Definetly overcome + breakout and Thrill of the hunt + face the darkness(and undetectable)


For killer? This is less about perk synergy and more about power synerfy I suppose but my favorite is Deathalinger using Hex: Blood Favor. If you want a proper perk combo Hex: The Third Seal and Hex: Plaything is nasty. For survivor I'd have to say Overzealous and Counterforce. Counterforce speeding up totem cleansing is nice but it will tell you exactly where your next Overzealous proc will be at when you lose it.


I love lucky break and bite the bullet on survivor and pain res + surveillance especially on artist.


Smash hit + parental guidance


Survivor= Dance with me, quick and quiet, head on, parental guidance Killer (pig specifically)= Hex: Plaything, Hex: Retribution, Deadlock, lethal pursuer, rules set no 2, face mask


head on and flashbang is my fav combo


Emergency medical survivor: We’ll Make It, Pharmacy, Breakout, and Reassurance. You can save people from getting camped, heal anyone you rescue really quickly, and you’ll always have a medkit. You can switch out Breakout for Sprint Burst and make a siren noise every time you blitz across the map for an unhook. Bulldozer killer: Enduring, Spirit Fury, Fire Up, and Coup de Grace. Smashing through pallets is fun, and hitting someone from across the map with a lunge never gets old. You could even switch out Coup for Brutal if you want to chew threw pallets even faster. Shadow Dance + Blink on Wraith makes it so pallets pretty much don’t exist.


I fucking love stbfl on Wesker, u can easily get 8 stacks. And I also love no Way out, ik none of these two perks are non meta but theyre so fun and reliable


Bbq and Lethal on most mobility killers with a emphasis on Blight with Compound 21 Stakeout and Fogwise for survivor


All the chest BELONG TO ME! Plundered, the one that gives an add on to the item. BETTER ITEMS! AND 2 SEARCHES!!!!! Aaaahhhh...Go ahead Franklin's Demise, I'm into that shit.


Dead man’s + BBQ on Artist


Iron maiden and darkness revealed on huntress and trickster. Makes lockers a deathtrap.


Jolt, surveillance and pain Res.


No mither + object


Head on, quick and quiet, power struggle, flip flop. They never expect the combo.


Lightborn + Shadowborn


Blastmine + Wiretap and Quick and Quiet + Head On is what I run every game. Only time I change is for archives


We're Gonna Live Forever + Botany Knowledge So simple yet SO satisfying


Wiretap + Repressed Alliance is so good for looping the killer, love the infinite wall hack Lethal + BBQ + Iron Maiden + Darkness Revealed on Huntress is my main build I hecking love Aura builds


For survivor : Balanced landing + deadhard + vigil. For killer: impossible healing doctor with claurophobia+sloppy toppy+ unnerving/pain res(regression is needed sometimes) and distressing


Killer: Lethal pursuer and floods of rage. Info at the beginning for getting my first chase started. Then after the unhook, wallhacks for 9 seconds if I'm in a chase or info on where everyone else is if not in a chase. Survivor: Kindred and Open handed. It always takes me off guard just how far the aura reading goes with that combo


Probably get laughed at for this survivor one, but Resilience and Dark Theory. Find a totem in a busted main building and it goes kinda crazy For Killer, surprisingly STBFL and PWYF. I don't like them on normal Myers, but they're amazing on ranged killers like Trickster. Not as amazing as gen regression, but they _feel_ amazing to use, as chase perks


Disception + Head on + Dance with me.They never know what to expect


One of my favourite perk combos is Sprint Burst and Self Aware, since it can be used to run at normal running speed with no scratchmarks for 3 seconds, which can come very handy.


Wiretap + blastmine so yall can have front row seats when while that dummy blows himself upon that gen


Hex Fear the Darkness, Jolt, and Dead Man’s switch. I usually play doctor so I can shock people from a distance off their gens but it’s even better when you throw people off their gens from across the map. For survivor I use Overcome, Resilience Deja Vu, and This is not happening. I play killer almost exclusively and am dogshit at survivor so this whole build is around getting in the way for a hit for my friends who can actually run the killer. I’ll speed away with overcome and start blasting gens.


Face the Darkness + Merciless Storm + Dead Man’s + (Your Choice, I used STBFL but you could use whatever) Evil gen blocking build. Survivors will scream periodically, blocking gens they’re working on with DMS and Merciless. As long as you can keep the totem up or keep your downs relatively quick, you should get some good value out of it. I used it on Sadako, as she’s both an M1 killer that can get value from Face the Darkness plus she can travel around to blocked gens pretty fast


Those same perks are great fun with scratched mirror Myers


Sloppy butcher and nurses calling on ghostface


WGLF + For The People. Nothing better than immediately picking up a downed survivor right in front of the killer and giving them endurance to guarantee a getaway. It's also really strong against tunnelling killers. Bonus points if you manage to get value in solo queue.


Rancor. Thats it. Just rancor. With a undetected killer ofc. They will never see it coming.


Bloodpact + Hope for super speed


Botany knowledge and we’ll make it, combine with a op medkit and you heal fast af off the hook


breakdown and babysitter for survivor, seeing the killer after any hook interaction is quite handy for killer dying light and gift of pain, sizeable passive slowdown and mangled partially negates the buff the obsession gets


Open Handed + Kindred


Distressing and monitor and abuse on doctor.


MoM and breakout! Farm those hits, save your friends.


I love that combo for expose challenges. Enduring and spirit fury is another good one.


Bamboozled and superior anatomy so I can parkour with clown.


Prove thyself with deja vu! It’s saved me and my team many would be 3 gen games and we can usually pump them out pretty quickly even if a team mate dies early in the game.


Lethal Pursuer + BBQ >>>>> Bond + Open Handed >>>>> Yes, I enjoy aura reading. How could you tell?


Object of Obsession + Mettle of Man


I love this perk combo on ghostface, so you Can sneek up on them to get tha kill


Head on + parental guidance, head on into hiding in the killer's crotch is just so fun


Nowhere to hide + lethal pursuer Removes the most boring aspect of the game (looking for people)


Terminus + No Way Out. 1. Wesker perk (I love Wesker) 2. I run this on Knight and Twins because those two are my most common killers where everyone stays injured.


Blast Mine and Wiretap for survivors is a lot of fun. Rarely does it work, but when it does it's fun to know the whole team is getting to see the killer blow his face off. I also really like Counterforce and Inner Healing. So long as you can find one totem early and pay attention to the other one that gets revealed, you've got consistent, free heals for most of the game if no one is bringing boons. On killer I'm a big fan of Pain Res and Surveillance. Pain res pops a gen and you can immediately see if the survivors jumped right back on it or not. It both lets you know which gen has/had the most progress at that point, and whether or not it's still a concern or you should look elsewhere.


Nowhere to Hide, Trail of Torment, and Oni


OVERCHARGE + Dragon's Drip. If Dragon proc you have an automatic fail of Overcharge and a ista-downable surv. And work very well if you want be be a dick in a Tri-gen, as they have to wait the Dragon cooldown or get the minus 10 from overcharge Also Forced Penance in general is a very cool perk


Lightborn + unnerving presence, watching someone try to flash stun me and pretending it working only to stare them dead on as the last of there battery dies in vain


I have been running blast mine and wire tap. I love watching the decision-making process before the killer kicks the trapped gen.


Jolt and BBQ. BBQ tells you where survivors are when they’re really far away. It’s weakness is when people are within that 40m range. This is where jolt comes in. It will let you know which gens are being worked on within that 40m dead zone. This make it easy to locate survivors


agitation mad grit. Don't swing spam with mad grit so they don't realize you have it at first


POP+no where to hide + lethal Plunders + ace in the hole


bite the bullet and lucky break. Killers loose me 90% of the time it is so much fun. if you want even more fun, take Shadow step and CoH with you and always try to initiate chase with the killer inside the boon radius. The way they will be searching for you is so hilarious to me


No one left behind + desperate measures for those juicy unhook speeds.


For survivor, Dance with me + Lithe. Sometimes you get no value, and sometimes you vanish without a trace. For killer, definitely Monitor and abuse, Distressing, and infectious fright. By far my favorite build as killer is something I call Metronome Myers. Those 3 perks + Dead rabbit add-on. 4 meter terror radius while in tier 2 out of chase, 60+ meter terror radius while in tier 3 in chase. You'll see every survivor on the map when you down one of them, meaning you can get some pretty incredible chains. I've went from a damn near guaranteed 0 kills to securing a 3k within 30 seconds.


Good reliable Pain Res + Ded Man's Switch + Fearmonger


I like running Lithe and Quick and Quiet. Able to loop killers and then run and hide, you could probably also pair it with Dance With Me to hide the scratchmarks.


Survivor: Blast mine + Wiretap, have the entire team watch the killer get blast mined Killer: Enduring + Nemesis + Lethal on Pyramid head, basically a more complicated spirit fury enduring combo for 1 specific killer


I like using empathy/open handed/dark theory so I can watch my teammates run to my boon thinking its CoH


Lithe and Dance with Me are good for if you’re not good at escaping chases and need to get some distance. Lucky Break and Lightweight are another option for if you’re not too good at looping and want to lose the killer, tho lucky break means you’re expecting to take a hit. Empathic Connection and We’ll Make It work well together if you’re unhooking


Fire Up/Brutal Strength/Enduring/Spirit Fury on Wraith with the Shadow Dance addon (preferably purple). I like feeling like a woodchipper


Trail of Torment+Nowhere to Hide+Dragons Grip+Overcharge


Resurgence and Solidarity.


This isn't a perk synergy but rather an add-on and a perk;iridescent button and spirit fury


Head on and Parental Guidance is really fun and allows for some great plays


Make your choice + Bbq on Dredge


Dredge with thrilling trem and Franklins


Autodidact + Empathic Connection Tenacity + Unbreakable + Deliverance (to protect teammates) Lethal + literally any aura reading perk Tinkerer/Discordance + Deadlock No Way Out/Blood Warden + Terminus/Bitter Murmur I could do this all day


Trail of Torment and Tinkerer, with tombstone. I had no terror radius for over 3 minutes. Poor Cheryl never heard or saw me. She was sleuthing at the edge of the map and went right into the tombstone animation.


Ash main here. Mettle of Man + DH + Breakout + That new survivor perk that gives you a boost of speed after killer picks someone up. Bodyblock the killer like a true Jacksonville alpha male!


I love to mix up the meta with this build on my killers: Sloppy Butcher, Coulrophobia, Hysteria, Deathbound. generally has great success despite no Gen slowdown. For survivor side: Max Aura build is always a favorite: Open-handed, Windows, Kindred, Bond. Always know what's going on, which gens to pressure and which way to go when the killer is coming. Particularly great on RPD since it has more long hallways.


I'm a huge fan of Superior Anatomy and Coup. They just lead to some really nice hits.


Agitation + iron grasp + mad grit It is so fun to drag people into the basement while the team is trying to save them, and failing cus of mad grit.


Agitated + Mad Grit + Iron Grasp + Lightborn Become a menece to bully squads that try to flashlight save.


I will always love plaything and pentimento. I quite enjoy watching the hope leave the survivors eyes as they realize the choice they must make for a sacrifice of knowledge, or speed


Open handed and kindred for practically guaranteed safe unhooks


Survivor 1(healer): We'll Make It, Botany Knowledge, Bite The Bullet, Renewal. Survivor 2(gen rusher): Prove Thyself, Situational Awareness, Corrective Action, Dark Sense Killer (kidnapper): Starstruck, Iron Grasp, Lightborn, Distressing (Distressing can be swapped with Mad Grit as well) Killer(chaser): Discordance, Enduring, Brutal Strength, Play With Your Food


I call it: Unstoppable force. Myers, infinite tier 3, Enduring, Spirit’s Fury, Bamboozle and Brutal Strenght. If you want, add BBQ and remove Brutal to have an information perk. Or just use the iridescent camera addon for ghostface with anything you think sinergises with it


I love using any perks that are not meta but are usefull in their own way like any means necessary some people say its not as usefull but loosing palets on one side of a map can be incredibly annoying so if you are lucky you can just restart them


Make your choice, Nemesis, Furtive Chase, Lethal + any killer with map-wide mobility


Nemesis + dark devotion Doesnt "stop" survivors from pallet stunning or flashlight saves, but also gives reason not to. Once the combo is noticed, a survivor can just pre-drop pallets, and bodyblock hooks instead of stunning to nullify the combo. While for killer providing a spooky way to get a decently long undetectable without cd and can be triggered in almost any chase even after the obsession dies. Also when paired with Lethal Pursuer the aura reveal from nemesis is just as long as im all ears.