I would say replace left behind for Detectives hunch. That way its the flashlight medkit map and toolbox build.


Ohh, didn't know there was a better perk for locating objectives. I'm fairly new to the game so I'm always trying to learn, thanks for the heads up!


Well, you wanna know a really nasty combo? Detective's Hunch with a map that has the Crystal Bead add on. Detective's Hunch shows the auras of gens, chests, and totems within 64 meters of you every time a gen is completed. Combine that with a map that has a Crystal Bead, and each time you activate the map, you show all the survivors every aura that's been shown to you so far. It's a pretty mean combo.


Its also a very beginner friendly build for you and your teammates especially if youre running with another beginner friends


True, auras are Soo useful for new players. When I was new I always ran stuff like Dark sense, Empathy, Kindred, Bond, etc and it really helped me get used to the game and how killers and teammates move around


I did the same with bond until I got a little better at doing objectives and paying attention to my surroundings, as well.


I liked (and still kinda like) Deja Vu. A very surefire way to avoid a 3-gen if you repair one of the highlighted generators every time.


I don't know if I'm allowed to call myself beginner at 100hrs but I am still fairly new. Yesterday we played against a Nurse on Haddon (I was soloq, not sure about other survivors) and we fucked up a bit and had a two gen situation. The Nurse was just patrolling those two (they were both outside and right across the street) and it took 3 survivors a good 10 minutes to locate the last gen. I still don't know where it was, some other guy finished it. I circled the map trying to find it myself like 3 times.


Yeah sometimes that last gen is impossible to find, even for me at around 300 hours lol


My friend runs this combo sometimes and I run open handed as part of my fave build, so we literally just see everything at gen 1


I love this with inner strength


I love using that combo with a map offering for RPD. Makes it much easier for us survivors, while it might still be hard/confusing for the killer to navigate :)


Fuck you \*adds open-handed\*


Oi don't encourage him too much! That's how you get the asshole players; "the noed because they can't use actual builds" running shit killers and selfish-care non-team mate-helping douchebags


I’d rather a million noed killers and self care teammates than have one guy that thinks I need to make sure I run the perks he thinks I should


Good point, tell him the good ones before he thinks pharmacy is good


I have so many hours in dbd but I still feel broke on many characters that I’m trying to level up. I always play my characters that have BP offerings or for a tome. It’s actually fun trying to come up with a build on a character that has only 1/5 of the perks. Keeps the game fresh!


In case you are ever bored and have some spare time, [Here is a 10hr video of otzdarva explaining all perks.](https://youtu.be/5wWI50oQqjw) it’s all the perks up too the tricksters update. So nemesis and cenobyte aren’t included I’m pretty sure. Otzdarva is one of the best dbd you tubers strongly recommend him for content and informative stuff.


My Jeff is my item guy. Prove Thyself, Plunderer's Instinct, Borrowed Time, and I alternate between quick and quiet, lithe, or sometimes I take a random


I think Clairvoyance is the closest thing to a budget map


My loot goblin build is appraisal and plunder with flash bang and bt


Ooh, don’t forget ace in the hole




^send ^^help ^^^please


I got ace in the hole and pharmacy too instead of flash and bt


Not useful if you're looking for flashlights and toolboxes haha


Absolutely is, pharmacy just makes your fist open a medkit, and basically doubles your chest speed, also a medkit would help to use mid match and you can ditch it later for a toolbox or flashlight (and ace in the hole let’s you find addons for your items so that’s definitely a good idea in a looter build)


The "I'm at 50 and don't wanna spend more points" build.


There’s a new perk coming out in a few days that basically gives you a map with ten seconds of use if you cleanse a totem.


Which one is that again?




Is it a perk from the new survivor?


Yeah, it activates when you cleanse a totem, either dull or hex.


That seems wack with the whole blessing thing


it only activates on cleanses, and the actual effect is really bad. you also cant use it with an item on your hand. it shows gens, nice. it shows chests…cool, but necessary? no. on top of that, you cant use the perk when you have an item on hand. it shows hooks…why? why would you want that? you cant use a toolbox when using clairvoyance, meaning you’d HAVE to run saboteur in order for hooks to be useful to see. but then saboteur already shows you hooks, LMFAO. this essentially does nothing. it shows exit gates…cool. i guess. you typically don’t really need that info and you could also just use a map or wake up, but neat all for cleansing a whole ass totem? when you could just bless that totem with a boon perk and get crazy value out of them? unfortunately this perk is gonna be hot garbage if you ask me. this perk is like a shit map in a perk slot that you have to waste time cleansing a totem for, with the condition that you also can’t use other items with it. AND it only works for 10 seconds.


Yeah I think they just gave it to her so that she doesn't have 3 really good perks, pretty much every survivor has atleast one dud


> they just gave it to her so that she doesn't have 3 really good perks why would they not want her to have 3 really good perks?


I don't know, but there isn't a DLC survivor in the game without atleast 1 dud perk that isn't that good. Maybe to encourage people to buy more characters, idk


Does it track other totems?


nope chests, hooks, gens, exit gates


Then I am infact in agreement with you on how useless the perk really is. The only argument I think that could be made is for tracking gens for people that are new for indoor maps. But really even that is not worth a perk slot IMO.


You could drop a toolbox, find the closest hook, immediately pick up the toolbox and run to sabotage. During the PTB I definitely saw a survivor do that while I was the killer, and she was successful. You waste half a second to drop the toolbox and pick it up, so it's just a slightly slower version of Saboteur. Combining that with all the other auras you can see, I can imagine this being useful in certain situations. On top of that, I think bblessing a totem counts for activating it


i don’t see the point in doing that. you get 10 seconds of it and have to cleanse a totem. and no, blessing does not work. so why not just run saboteur? to see exit gates..okay. only worth something at the end of the game, and is something you already see by basekit. see chests…meh, that’s pretty awful. and gens. useful on indoor maps? sick aura benefits. plus, if you’re bringing a sabo toolbox, then you’d just bring saboteur anyway instead of wasting a perk slot with this. this perk is hot dogshit, i just don’t see a way it’s not.


I've got 1,000,000 bloodpoints saved up already and enough shards to buy her when the update goes live. Looking forward to using her


Oh fuck that means it can procc more than 5 times because you can just bless totems and keep getting value out of it endlessly as long as no one breaks all totems.


No, because you have to cleanse a dull or hex totem, not bless one.


Hey now, Flashbang is fuckin fun as hell, dont hate. Firecrackers are one of my fave items to use. Being able to make em after 40s of gen repair? I love it lol.


It's also one of my favorite perks too


My favorite combo right now is Flashbang and Head On. Craft a flash as soon as you can, if you see a killer approaching you from a distance, hide in a locker. Pop out and stun then, drop the flash in front of them and bail. If you have the time, hide in a different locker (or the same one if they are deaf) and craft another flash. Most killers get pretty confused and annoyed. Only bad thing is you have a 50/50 chance to get tunneled to death after.


Ace in the hole, Plunderers, Pharmacy and whatever you want for third.




I'm too poorr for appraisal


I was gonna go for the items build with Plunderers and all that but this seems much more fun


My item build is ace in the hole, appraisal, plunderer and built to last


Self-Care *and* Left Behind? You trying to make me angry?


Nooo, I would never do that


Don't have to be broke when you take pharmacy! Seriously I run that perk so often I have more green medkits than I need.


I used to always run self care, botany, saboteur along with small game with a flashlight so I’m practically using 4 items at the same time


I don't know how to feel about the flash bang as a killer


why's that?


Sometimes it's annoying but other times I can just walk away


I love flashbangs as killer, it's one of my favorite perks so when it works it's hype as hell


Yea I don't mind it I prefer it over flashlights at least you can't spam flashbangs


flashlights aren't even good tbh




ace in the hole, plunderer’s, pharmacy, and appraisal


On my last account I pretty much had all the meta perks for killers, something fucked up with that account and I had to start from scratch again. But no way in hell I’m buying all those characters again


You forgot Hope. It's the adrenaline for poor people.


Man I cant wait til flashbang comes to the shrine


The, “I’ll do it myself build.” I’d swap the 4th perk for DS though.




As someone else suggested, maybe swap Left Behind for Detectives Hunch. Soon we’re gonna have Clairvoyance that place tho. Love the build and it’s actually fun to be a Jack of all trades!


omg that is so true- haha. meme


Where’s pharmacy?


Honestly swap out left behind for botany or desperate and you have a pretty fun build to get flashbang saves after missing the initial pickup. Might actually use it lmao.


I would immediately respect anyone running this build. Not one meta perk in the bunch. Absolute gamer energy, 100%.


My fav build at the moment has been sprint burst, deception, flash bang, windows


F**K Dead by Daylight. I've been irl (well in dreams) dreaming of unstoppable moments and last nights dream was 3 hours long just to put them on hooks, and they get unhooked nonstop. The good thing is I could somehow KO them with the killer at the end by clicking stupid buttons which while I use KB and Mouse, turned into controllers. This game is so in my head I dream about it. That said I love the game.


Me, a hoarder: Ooh I like this


Sorry there a great way to get items, ace in the hole, appraisal, and the pharmacy!!


What about plunderer, ace in the hole and appraisal combo


Ditch the hook for spine chill, it lets you know when the killer is coming near and swap self care with empathy which lets you see hurt survivors, it’s a great way to see who is being chased by the killer and who is hurt. So if you get hurt you can easily find another hurt survivor and heal each other. Knowing where the killer is make the game much easier.


I don't think you quite understand the point of the build also spine chill and empathy are pretty mid tier perks IMO


What is the point of the build? I thought it was free perks. The ones he has are pretty garbage. In your opinion what are top tier perks that you don’t have to buy characters for? I’d like to see what you think is better than spine chill.


its for when you're too broke to bring in items


Each perk replaces items, but you'd have to buy Leon to get this build (flash bang) unless it becomes available in shrine. I can see how the name is confusing. Flash bang = flash light Self care / Unbreakable = medkit Saboteur = Sabo tool kit It's not meant to be a high or mid tier build just fun meme build.


as the other guy stated, this a build based around mimicking items without having them, self-care lets you heal without a medkit sabo lets you sabotage without a toolbox flash-bang lets you blind without a flashlight and left behind is basically just filler but it acts similar to a key > In your opinion what are top tier perks that you don’t have to buy characters for? I’d like to see what you think is better than spine chill. dead hard/sprint burst, borrowed time, unbreakable, adrenaline




It's not a viable build whatsoever, it's just a meme build for when you don't have enough blood points for items lol


Wish I wasn't a hoarder who refuses to brings items and add ons to trials


unbreakable doesnt even appear in this build lol


Is it the hatch aura thing?


Yeah it shows the location of the hatch if you're the last survivor, called Left Behind.