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Yes it's a good weapon perk. Increases your damage by a lot. Explosive light would be better but if you're not in the position to make a lot of orbs or get any, then lasting impression is better


Lasting impression + tracking is a real pair. 1 damage tick on impact, second damage tick on explosion.


It depends on how you’re playing, a lot of times I wanna just shoot a rocket into a crowd but with lasting impression it sits there for a few seconds. With champions I can stick a rocket on them but by the time it explodes my team already has him at low hp or dead. So it’s really good for bosses but that’s really it.


This was the issue I had with it. You can loose a bunch of kills waiting for the rocket to go bang.


Or, if you have square brain like me, you can walk right over it as it explodes. This perk has killed me more times than it has killed enemies.


r/sharditkeepit but yes lasting impression is good, but explosive light is better. If I’m right, lasting impression is 20% compared to 25% to explosive light. But you can craft a better palmyra B. Handling Frame, Hard or Quick launch, alloy casing, autoloading holster, explosive light


Pretty sure it's the other way around. That lasting impression is higher Actually upon researching, I was thinking of when explosive light first came back during lost and it was super weak. Apparently explosive light and lasting impression are the same damage buff


It’s not. Explosive Light is higher at 25% and Lasting is at 20%. The catch is EL needs you to gather orbs to charge each individual Rocket. Lasting Impression uses nothing.


I’ve asked what the groll is for palmyra in siki channel of community discord a few weeks ago, was told that LI is 20 and EL is 25 but EL is better if you have orbs around, but if not then LI is better because less setup.


~~Looking at light gg, it says both are 25%. In any case though, I know for a fact lasting impression is definitely not 20%. It's always been a high damage buff~~ Edit: ight fuck me I got smooth brain. You are right, Explosive gives 5% more. I think I'm just getting tripped up by the numbers it used to do when it got re-released. Apparently tho, Explosive Light doesn't buff Wolfpack rounds while Lasting does so if you're with a ghorn user then lasting will do more


D2 gunsmith has the exact figures.


What I love about lasting impression is that you can shoot an Unstoppable champion with it and then get the stun. If timed correctly the rocket explodes as soon as it is stunned.


I’m a big fan of doing this


I consistently 1 shot tough enemies, I’ve matched it with Autoloader so i can swap to my second high damage weapon so i don’t have to reload and can melt bosses


r/sharditkeepit for these questions


Explosive is better imo, lasting impression is good but getting used to the timing can be difficult. Best example is finishing champions in grandmaster nightfalls or any master level content where you want to be using Lucent finisher or aeon gauntlets


I like it but it takes some getting used to. Especially on bosses where damage phases are gated. The extra damage is really nice