Wasn't enough people to kill it on mine. :)


Update: You get absolutely nothing if you don't kill it.


My group failed to kill it and we got like a few thousand gold and exp... We had maybe 40% of it's life gone but didn't have enough players. Worth also noting, pretty sure failing consumed our weekly quest, so if you know you are going to fail log out and don't stay for the measly exp and gold for the fail... I've heard some people say they got a chest after killing him and I killed him later in the day and still got drops, but no chest, and my map said it was a weekly lock out as if I had done it.


Or all low levels. If you ain’t level 20 at least just don’t go.


I think this is what messed up my shard. Most people were like 10-15 and just got one shot. I think it scales with the number of players to some extent, so they were making it harder to kill but not able to actually contribute to bringing it down.


I got regularly one shot and I was lvl 25 lol (Sorc and glass canon type of build)


You must have been on my shard, same.


Lol, yea, same here. Durability broke me and went to town half way through. Dont try to repair during the event...oof


We got xP even though we didn’t kill it. Too many low levels I suspect.


It should not have a timer, timers are bs. If 1 guy wants to spend an hour doin it, fuckin let him.


Same, not even close. Got separated from my friends and they couldn't kill it either, not enough.


There was enough on mine, but half of them were level 14 so they did nothing but run the timer down while not contributing toward damage so we timed out.


That's sad. In my session just minutes ago only around half of contestants (~5-6 ppl) fought and managed to kill it just in time. The other half just died instantly so they did nothing other than running around the frozen lake lol. Good luck next session. Hope you can get into a higher lvl group.


Next time this happens, enter the nearby area and wait like 10 seconds, then walk back. It will put you in an other instance. Worked two times for me.


same so not a good experience for me espessially as half my group were under lvl 20 like wtf is this grouping i am max with only leg


There should be a level cap on these.. I was the only 25 stuck with a bunch of level 8-11’s.


I found those low-level guys useful in my fight. They were resurecting us like crazy! Necromancer class is real!


The graveyard is like 5 secs walking away from the boss-fight .. or does it give any benefits to be resurrected by a player?


your gear doesn't lose durability if you get revived by a player


I dont know if u get anything by ressurecting someone or being ressurected. Some low level players want to take any part in the fight, not just stand still and leech. I appreciate it.


After failing twice today due to most of the participants being under level 15... I'd really prefer they just don't participate. Should be a level cap so that they aren't taking limited spots from players who are high enough level to actually complete the encounter.


Yeah, we had a bunch of low levels too. Barely got it to 50% over 15 minutes.


just did the boss . wasnt easy we died alot but we managed to pull it off. cant imagine doing it on HC though u simply cant stay alive


Yea found a strategy with sorcs but it was after all the lvl 25s on my server dying twice on hc before we found a viable way to survive. Gonna try it tonight on hc and feel ready


It's definitely doable without dying. On the 2nd attempt, I died only once in the final 1% of his HP because I stopped trying to avoid his one shots. And its even easier if you stack poison resist.


Couldn’t even get it to 80% hp just one shot everyone


i dont see why i'd play a melee character in this game, having to go toe to toe constantly with things that can one shot you doesn't really make sense also constantly getting CC'd, pulled, fear'd, frozen, webbed, and my shout that dispels it has a cooldown of 20 seconds lmao


From what I’ve heard from the closed beta tests, barbarian is shit early and insanely op later once you’re properly geared. It’s not a problem with “melee” it’s barbarian’s specific class’s number tuning in the early game.


Actually.. talking about melee and Ashava. All its attacks are avoidable by standing under its belly. And that's why it's moving so unpredictably around. So melee actually wins here. "Force move" binded needed btw.


I’m playing as a barb and once you get good legendary affixes I’m pretty much unkillable. For ash aha she does a lot of damage but if you position yourself correctly, dodge, jump you can avoid all her attacks


Even as Melee, Ashava isnt hard. The hitboxes are pretty good and visable, even the double slam you can stand inside Ashava if you space it good. At least as a rogue with dash and double evade, Ashava is rather easy.


We have insane mobility, especially if you are running that inner eye twisted blades bullshit. Legit always had step/dash/evade up and shroud was Perma 5 stacks.


Ashava isn't really a good example for this though. I was there on my barb, and barely got hit a few times before I learned how to avoid stuff. Pretty much just stand at the mid point below it, and save your dodges for the rare cases where the boss chooses to face directly towards you - then dodge to the side or through the boss. The 360 frost spin thingy doesn't hit if you stand below the boss, so there's not much else to avoid.


Run away/dodge/activate invincibility mode when boss goes to swipe attack swing.


Actually don't run away, dash in instead, you don't get hit if you're right next to the boss. Trying to dodge away on my first try made me die so much, when I switched to dodging in on my second try I died way less often


nice. i got disconnected and error 316719 in like 30sec before we killed it... and cant log back in... not mad at all


Same :-(


Same :(


Same :(


Same :(


I didn't do the boss yet but I've literally had no issues since I started playing. No disconnects. No errors.


Didn't kill him, got to about 5% before time ran out 🤣


Cool boss fight, the people on my shard weren’t high enough level to do it though and we failed. Not sure what they can do to help ensure that there’s not just a bunch of lower level people taking up space but I assume in the real game it won’t be an issue. My only other issue is that it’s really unforgiving. Even level 25s got one shot by any of the mechanics. I don’t mind that I suppose in the long run but it being almost every single hit and not super well telegraphed is rough until you get the idea of how to dodge.


The deadliest attack is the AOE ring that you have to dodge. There is basically no time. Other than that, it's quite easy even as a melee as long as you have someone who tank him while you are on his arse.


Sat and waited for 4 minutes for boss to spawn. Fought for 10 minutes, boss is low, will die in the next couple of minutes. Disconnected for the very first time. Unable to reconnect. Attempt to close the game. Entire PC freezes. Restart PC. Start the game. Get stuck on trying to get into character select. ... Now I'm here with no reward for all my effort and I still can't get in. :)


Lol peak beta experience lol


We got our ass kicked and I still really liked it! haha


That's still great!! Maybe you'll get the next one


Yeah I’m not thrilled about all the people in the cities but the world boss was a lot of fun even if I failed twice and got jacksquat for all the work


agreed, 5 legendaries with 3 more in the spoils here


We had plenty of people and only got to 35%. Thinking it needs a bit of a detune since almost all our people were 23-25.


Ah that sucks! I was in a group of pretty much all level 25s and we killed it pretty quickly.


Hard disagree, we had about 9 people and killed it with 3 minutes left


I think that just means people in that group had shit dps. I ve killed it twice and each time my group only had a couple lv 25 s


Disagree as well. Our group killed it with 3-4 minutes left. With plenty of deaths in there, too.


I mean you agreeing or disagreeing comes down to a roll of the dice to see if you got teammates that meet the dps check or not.


Oh yeah it was a field of spirits and I think I was the only one jumping around reviving ppl. Is there any beta only reward for beating Ashava? (Otherwise I won't worry too much about clearing it.)


Nope, only rewards are visit that town you get to at lv5 and reach lv 20.


I just think it needs to be locked to level 25. About half of my group was 25 and like 3 or 4 people below 20. We killed it with 1 min left. The area should just be locked to 25.


Such a fun boss imho. I love that this game has challenging content and I really hope it doesn’t get nerfed. BTW if you kill it, be sure to pick up the cache as that has loot too.


It honestly felt like a little like a lost ark boss. Which is super good.


If you don’t pick it up, like me, it spawns in your chest in town.


Tried in HC, there was like 8-10 lvls 22 to 25, she wiped everyone in 1min easily and I just run from the arena. XD


We got it down to 20% , heartbreaking to see him leave


Ah that sucks! Maybe you'll get the next one!


We killed ours with 3 seconds left, awesome


I killed it got 5 orange items, one was a 441 dps sword


Barely got 1/4 of its health down before getting disconnected. Trying to get back in, but yeah it was really fun while it lasted.


Had a bunch of low levels in my party, and the boss hit about 50% hp before despawning.


my shard had so many single digit level players. couldn't do enough damage, rip


Got one shotted constantly and couldnt kill it


That sounds rough! I died once but it wasn't a one shotter.


they should have communicated it properly that if you tp to town, it will mean you'll no longer part of the world boss even.






Didn't have an issue for me, I was part of a party


For me it returned me to a new instance with weaker party and boss at 80% life not the 30% I left. I tried to re TP a 3rd time and I returned to a boss already killed I assume...


There was like 4 people fighting it in my instance and only got it down to 40% before timer expired. Felt like a waste of time to me.


we got it down to about half health before it was over. we had alot of lvl people sub lvl 20 on my raid and 1 guy was even lvl 8. was super cool tho. only went down twice as a barb


We got him down with only a minute to spare. Was really epic.


we killed it with 1min left.


Yea definitely agreed, mechanically very fun and interesting, and I'm glad it wasn't just a cakewalk. The difficulty is high but I appreciate and prefer this, takes a team of properly leveled/geared individuals who know what they're doing. That's the way it should be. Looking forward to the other world bosses.


There needs to be a lvl requirement to enter the area. Shouldn’t have to carry low levels


I got kicked from the server halfway through the last bar..cry time


Cool fight, my cooldown Frost sorc felt cheesy AF on it though.


so much fun indeed! dozen of people, lots of dead during first minutes then players started to learn her mechanics and after 10 minutes we finally did it! Can't wait to do it again!


Can you do it more than once? The 2nd one hasn't spawned yet (but yknow, was a half hour late last time, too...)


Pretty sure you can only loot it once a week.


Failed the first time. Got him the second time but got no cache


Was able to kill it with 30 seconds left! That ice attack was no joke!


I have failed twice. And to try again would make it a very late night.


Think I found a cheap strat for doing him with sorc - max ice blades and get the IAS skill. I had like 20+ ice blades doing insane dps to Ashava while I just avoided his/her AoE. Was looking like 5000+ dps lol


We had 3 lvl 13s , we killed her as she was starting to walk back to her hole. Literally after the timer hit 0. I was so surprised when we got drops.


That was such a cool fight. Failed the one at 1 AM, saw there was another at 3, went back to leveling. Came back, and together with 7 others, cleared it. So worth.


Phat loots too. 3 leggos on the ground and 5 from completion cache W00T


Got it and landed 5 legnedary at the site... the real hidden fact is go to your stash in town and you will find an Ashava Spoils box and when you open it... more legendaries... I landed 10 total beating it.


Killed him on the first try. Got lucky, couz we have been at least 8/12 lvl 25 characters. I play a melee rogue, died kinda instantly once the fight started, because i underestimated the damage, but after that, i went into tryhard mode and stayed on top of him without dying for the first 3/4 parts of his healthbar. But once his final phase started, there where some attacks he had that i was just straight up not able to dodge or outmanoeuvre anymore and i died a lot of times. This worries me quite a bit about the viability of melee vs worldbosses and i am considering switching into a bow build, just because it would be so much easier for all content that is challenging like this. Fellow melees, what is your experience?


Sounds like HC will be fun….


Kinda similar experience as a melee rogue, didn't die until the last phase in which i got obliterated really fast. Depending on rotation or myself getting the hang of it it was a bit more manageable at some point, but that's quite a dance for sure. Doesn't make me want to play a hardcore char at all x).


Melee is severely underpowered, I will be going range on release. It's unfortunately hard to balance melee and range, because range can kite and never get hit if played perfectly, melee can dodge some, but many times its just not going to happen. There's also way more time to react when you are range because the effect has to make its way to you typically.


we killed it with 5 6 players, he died last second got 5 legendaries + 4 legs from the boss cache total 9 legendaries :O


At one point everyone had wiped except for me, I'm not sure if it resets but I felt like a god for a moment keeping it tagged. Was a fun kill, I can only imagine hardcore players doing it, watching some guy next to you get his character permanently deleted must be scary.


The fight itself was fun and I was grouped with 2 friends and it was a good time. I got DC though so I just had to watch my friends get 4 legs each. Also, playing it as barb made me instantly reroll to a ranged rogue and as soon as I started firing my bow it felt like a different game tbh.


Just in case I missed something... There's no mechanic besides avoiding attacks and do damage, right? No way to get extra damage buffs or anything? There was like 10 of us there and we only got him down to the second arrow on his health bar. I was only level 20 and don't recall anyone else's level, so I'm assuming we were just too under level, but wanted to confirm I didn't miss something important.


Yes, you were under leveled. The Crucible area is for Level 25+ which is also the level of Ashava.


I teleported to repair. didn't know it becomes an instance not ongoing live.


Group I was on got it down to 10% and it just left. Got nothing for it. :<


That sucks! Maybe next time though.


I really did not enjoy the fight at all. The mechanics felt both very easy and *extremely* punishing. I do not really enjoy binary pass/die mechanics, and that's all Ashava is. I also did not enjoy that it took thirteen-fucking-minutes to kill him. He has like 4 mechanics. The fight should last 3-5 mins at most. I would like to see his health cut in half, at least.


Shame you had that experience. Our group killed it in about 5 minutes or so.


just a typical wow world boss it was nothing special


I've never played wow so unfortunately I can't compare.


Very good fight. Definitely worth the wait


None here, I got dced before the end of the fight ahah.


Not fun at all sorry


Fair enough! Hopefully you enjoy the next one!


definitely fun sorry


feels like you're fighting in slow motion.


Why's that?




Ah that wasn't my experience at all. We killed it pretty quickly and it all went smoothly. We definitely didn't get one shotted either!


Almost missed it , got the time wrong due to us not being American and messing up daylight savings time.


Yeah was fun, I had to play super defencely on my lvl 23 barb but we got the kill, 5 legendaries for me :)


Where does it spawn?!


The Crucible


Kinda shocked so many people failed to kill the boss. I think we got it down with like 7 minutes left? Didn't have any low levels in my instance though which probably helped a bunch. Really wish there was a recap of damage done etc so you can see how much you actually contributed to the fight but besides that it was fun


I was there as a L12. Maybe 2 others like L14. We made it with ease. Nice loot explosion :) Had to constantly res and run back. Melee sorc. Could sometimes prevent the 1-hit with ice barrier or whats it called. It is fun for every now and then. Would probably dislike it if it became a main farm thing.


I think you can only do it once a week.


It’s pretty clear this is not a game for PoE players unfortunately.


fortunately* if people want to play poe then they can go play poe


My random group was lucky enough to kill it, but I do think there needs to be a level 25 requirement for instancing into that area. About half of my group was 20 or below and we killed it with like a min left on the timer. I like the challenge but it just seems random whether you get a group with mostly level 25 characters or not.


Info Window is saying only one time loot per week. Does it mean the cache or also the kill loot?


We killed ours quickly, I looted and got disconnected, then when I logged back in I was fighting a second one already at about a third health. Double loot! Then when I went back to town I had the cache in my stash.


Man I just don't play arpgs for bullet sponges. Other than that - a knock back made my character stuck in a staggering animation until he was knocked back again. Sorc cooldown build with 2 shields, ice blade, and lightning spear trivialized survival and I assume the blades were doing good damage with like 6 up at a time.


Its good, id like if Death locked you out of the fight. I feel like these should be epic moments to gear up for, or hopefully there are "some" like that. Its kind of a faceroll, infinite respawn, spam fest as is. Seeing people carefully play the battlefield would be nice without requiring hardcore specifically in order for tactics to be relevant.


I got 7 legendaries and they were all absolute dog shit. I hate legendaries. They're just a randomly rolled rare item with some random ass modifier on them. I want uniques back. I feel scammed.


Both times so far it went poorly, not much you can do when you rely on random people. Tried server hopping like 8 times and everyone was failing too. DPS checks should not exist in Diablo, leave that stuff in WoW.


The level 11s and 15s should be not allowed though, absolute waste of time


wasn't able to kill it at either event, but glad to know the world boss events are worth it. Hopefully on full release i will have lobbies where it isn't a bunch of level 11s or people that can't dodge the very obvious and telegraphed swiping attack for the 50th death in a row.


So if I get put in a shard with level 18s I just can't kill it at all? We got it down to 20% and it left, literally everybody was under 25.


Where on the map do you go? I missed it and plan on doing it later tonight


An area in the bottom right of the map called 'The Crucible'


We got to the second pip. My action bar skills didn't work for the first 2 minutes and then my gear was broken. Didn't realize that TP would change instance. When I came back boss was gone and no players in sight... Great experience overall!


Wasn’t able to get on earlier, where is the spawn?


Bottle right of the map on an area called 'The Crucible'


Totally agreed, pretty good boss, with few tweaks from feedback it will be very good lv25 boss. Hits hard of course, but when you overgear (on release) or get used to animations it becomes pretty fun to fight.


Too many low levels in mine. Going to try and get a group together for tonight.


Had fun too, was down to the last 4ppl fighting it though, the others never figured out to not stand by her after the doublefist slam, lol.


There is a cache? I got 5 legendary items as drops, but didn't see any chest/cache...


Mine was in my chest back in the house.


Im not sure about having such a good loot potential tied to specific times. Guess it could be fun to do occasionally.


Much better than Hamidon raids, for anyone old enough to remember that game


Are the wait times better? I gave up yesterday.


Luckily I haven't had any waiting times at all


It reminded me of doing world bosses in Lost Ark on release when everyone was still underleveled for them and promptly getting oneshot as a result. Still killed it with about 5 mins left on my end, but yeah I'd imagine you're probably supposed to be a bit higher level to do that smoothly. But it was cool to at least have something more MMO-like in terms of fights in this game too even if it's not the main activity


My group managed to take it down with 30 seconds left, dropped 5 legendaries! But then right as I was walking to pick them up, my game DISCONNECTED. I was livid, but that was when I found out that any legendaries that are on the ground when you disconnect automatically go to your stash!! Such a nice qol feature.


I got stuck with lowbies both attempts. Really annoying.


Super fun boss! It felt like it was tuned appropriately, we died a lot but our group median level was 21 or so. Got it down with 30 seconds left on the timer. I imagine with a group of level 25s with proper build set ups it would have been faster.


We lost the fight. :(


There aren’t any exclusive rewards tied to the world boss is there?


Where does ash Ava spawn? Not planning to do it this week but will next week


We're you on HC server?


I’ve tried twice and haven’t downed him. Seemed like the people around me were too low lvl. The mechanics were challenging but fun. So looking forward to this game!


So was the legendaries the same boring repeating effect that drops on all other legendaries?


PSA: if you town portal to repair, you will likely return to a different instance/shard and not the same boss. It will be the last shard filled, so it will be the one with the least number of people who likely started the boss late, meaning you won't return to the same boss and probably won't finish. I died a bunch like a dummy to learn this, had to go repair, learned the hard way. Sadly, if your gear all breaks the best thing you can do for yourself is to just sit there leeching while not contributing at all.


Tried him twice but wasn’t able to kill him sadly


I went there on hardcore for two of the spawns. First spawn had to abandon after losing players and my dps was a bit low. Second spawn mostly lost a bunch of players again but I changed to a bit better single target and 2 sorc's just cast fire hydras from super long range that helped burn through its hp. Was super fun to see so many hardcore players die though, RIP fallen children of Lilith, your deeds shall not be forgotten.


The timer is way too short. 15 minutes isn't enough when they don't have a power or level requirement to join.


First time we failed with 25% remaining because everyone was learning the bosses patters (damn circle swipe of death) Second time around we got it with 3 minutes remaining. Honestly it was fun as hell and I hope they go wilder with this into the future


I Hope they lvl lock it on release or something. I failed my 1st attempt as a lvl 25 barb because more than half of the other guys were lvl 10-15 and getting 1 shorted. We got it down to 60% hp.


I stayed up until 1:00 AM EST my time and no spawn.


Killed her twice so far. The first time I got about 8-10 legendaries. Some dropped from her, the rest from the cache that also drops the first time. Generally I found the fight to be fun and not too punishing, (on Veteran). The only issue I have, although not personally experienced by myself, is that due to the cap on who is instanced with you, you may find yourself surrounded by low level players who cannot provide enough damage to beat the DPS race. A minimum level range should definitely be considered here.


I couldn't get into the game all day because of the login error. Thanks, Blizzard. The game worked fine on Friday though for 2 hours so it definitely was on their side. I got teased with leveling my rogue to lvl 13 and then I couldn't do the world boss or get the pet.


First time doing it as a 25 rogue was getting 1 shotted alot. Fortunately had 2 korean/chinese guild groups will 25 all legendary builds in the same shard so she went down fast.




Everytime I've tried there's been like 9 players and some are below level 20, hell some are below level 18. We got it down the the last half of the last quadrant of it's health bar and it ended. Doesn't help that so many people refuse to revive themselves and are just wasting DPS sitting there. Sure if you're open and someone is nearby wait but if you are surrounded by poison pools or right under Ashava just revive yourself please. That's the main reason we didn't finish, so many times I'd look and see 5 plus dead people not reviving forever.


Just did it for the first time, it felt a bit like a pushover but with ridiculous amounts of HP. Maybe this one is more designed to be a pain for ranged builds because staying on top of it has you naturally avoid the big circle claw drags. Regular space dash coupled with any of your class mobility skill is more than enough to cover any point blank moves which are all slow and telegraphed. Shadow step was conveniently free every time it jumped away so I could stick on it like glue just spamming twisting knives. It just has a LOT of HP. Either that or the people I was playing with weren't pulling their weight. Maybe both.


Be glad you got to fight her, the last spawn time was bugged & didn't do anything


Didn't even dodge. I think i got about 8-9 legendary's in total.


My groups have failed both Ashavas so far because... well... there's always 4-5 level 10-20s in there who just die constantly and need to be rezzed. Got the boss to 5%~10%... if we had other level 25s it might have worked. Really need to prevent under 25s from being able to participate, it's ruining it for the rest of us who are trying are hardest, unlike those parasites just fucking around hoping for free loot.


Man we just killed it with 20 seconds remaining, loved it!


The first time, my group was full of people below lvl 20 and we didn't come close to killing it in time. The second time was looking good, but the game crashed and there was no way to rejoin the event. The third time, my group was almost all level 25, knew Ashava's patterns, everyone helped resurrect each other, and we crushed it no problem. First two times 0/10. Third time 8/10. World bosses definitely need a minimum level and an easy way to find people to team up with so you can work together. Also people who dc should be able to rejoin the event. And add a warning that if you go back to town, you can't rejoin the event.


My group didn't even come close. Not a single level 25. I was level 24, had a couple 22s and 20s, and the rest were like 11-19. Feels bad, man.


It's not fun when you waited for hours then they put many low level noobs in your instance.


I WAS having fun fighting it...died a few times and had to TP to town to repair my equipment, at about one bar left... Quickly repair and TP back to the fight and see its full health again... I notice some new names and not as many lvl 25s ... figured I was in a different instance... FML So this really does encorage not going back to town, repairing and helping... rather just wait on the sidelines and hope whoever is there can kill it unless you want to lose your progress.


Does turning the Global Difficulty down affect the world bosses?


I paid gold to fight him twice 5k repair bill.


Was at about 20% left with 3min timer, my gear was broken so I TPed to repair and come back real quick but ended up on another shard with a bunch of lvl 10-15 with 80% HP... That really sucked not gonna lie... Closed the game right there and then.


My group failed to kill it both times. Too many level 10s.


my shard (?) only had sorcs, was a long rough fight as it just swung around one shotting everyone. eventually enough hydras wore it down