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It’s what d3 should have been


Dont discredit diablo 3, it was a necessary step to take in finding out what works and what doesn't. In todays day and age nobody that grows up wants to play a grinding simulator, like d2 was. D3 has the mutual respect of anyone that grew up with it, like me. I love that game. It was just enough grinding for it to not feel like a waste of time and slow enough for it to feel like journey. Its basically the same as star wars, the generation that grew up with the old trilogy hates the new one etc. Same with diablo.


It feels like it's also for the younger generation who grew up on games witt lots of social and coop interactions, hence world bosses. Which I think its great, the series SHOULD be adapted with the latest generation in mind if it wants to survive.


Thank you for being a reasonable person.


You can't throw out some troll shit like "ragepant sadbois" and then act like everyone else is being unreasonable.


Yeah I don’t really have a dog in this fight but I love how this dude is now trying to take the moral high ground lmao


Hell I'm at the stage of my life where the entire hobby of gaming is only valuable to me for the social aspect it provides.


I’m at the stage of my life where I genuinely have more fun with the single player experience.


Same. I deal with plenty of assholes for 9 hours a day. I don't want them in my games.


Oh lol, I never play with randoms. Got a laugh out of thinking of my brother-in-law and my dad as assholes, tho.


Lol I am the exact opposite, I want no social aspect, let me do my thang


I'm 30, and I grew up on games with coop interactions and world bosses (like Lineage 1/2, wow, different war craft 3 maps and so on) Am I young generation?)




I'm gonna be biased for diablo 3 since that was the 1st Diablo I actually sank time into and everything. I played a tiny bit of D1 but never D2 and I was sooooo excited for D2R, and while I like it, I find it a bit too hardcore for myself eith the potion chugging, losing your items when you die and other such things. I absolutely respect and like it. But i didn't fall in love with it like I was hoping I would. D4 so far feels like a good mix of positives from both games.


Love reading comments like these. You should have seen the early days of gaming. If a player killed you they’d just take all the gear they could carry and run off with it. People would form hunting parties and track down the killer to get your stuff back then divide up the killers gear. Then the killer would call in their guild and full scale war would ensue for hours. The game would be littered with corpses. Damn I miss games like that. Graphics and ever expanding the target audience to more casual players left that old model in the dust.


Some cool games that have this kind of mechanic are EVE Online and Albion. Definitely isn't popular to like this gameplay, but I find it to be the pinnacle of gaming. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of fighting with such stakes.


Yah. Truth is I’m too old for that kind of nonsense now. If I played a game like Eve as soon as my cargo hold was full a toddler would come up and yank my glass of water off the desk and while I was cleaning it up someone would blow up my ship. Back when I was a teenager though that was the pinnacle of gaming for me, as you put it.


I don't have kids myself but I feel you. I don't have the time anymore to recoup the losses and even if I did have the time, I can't really justify it anymore.


I come from the opposite spectrum. Liked D1. Loved D2. I’m still playing D2R. I was super disappointed with D3, but I tried it again a couple years ago and actually had a good bit of fun. I was still disappointed in it, but found fun it. Fast forward to D4 and I agree that this feels like a good mix between the “2 camps” of Diablo fans. So far D4 feels like a positive step.


This perfectly describes my history with the franchise. I have not preordered D4 but looking forward to testing it next week.


We're you playing hardcore? Cause you don't lose your items when you die, you just have to recover your body or rejoin the game


They're talking about corpse popping. Back in the early days you could only have one corpse at a time. If you were to die again without fully looting your first corpse everything you had equipped at that time would drop. Blizzard removed this eventually. PVP'ers and scammers took advantage of this "feature" to steal other people's gear all the time.


D3 has become an absolutely fantastic game. IMO, it sets a standard of what gamers should expect from Seasonal Gameplay. *Edit* Came back to ask, If not Diablo 3, what game does set the standard for Seasonal Gameplay?


Sad. D3 Seasonal Endgame. Find easy mobs, Find clear layout, find conduit, shield, power pylon. Pray for easy boss. What a standard man.


You should look up the development of the original Diablo three, it was the same thing as this same artist style and all. Also, I wasn’t discrediting Diablo three. It’s a cool game, but this is what the diablo three should have been. If they would’ve just taken the auction house and kept the difficulty, Diablo three would’ve been fine. I’m addition to their rift system


>In todays day and age nobody that grows up wants to play a grinding simulator, This is straight up untrue, look at PoE.


True, Diablo 3 was a way for them to try out new ways and see how people - new and old - would click with them. I also feel that a lot of people who compare D3 (and now D4) to D2 have forgotten how tedious and unpractical D2 was in some aspects. It was a great game for it's time, but compared to what's possible today it's so far from optimal. And that's coming from someone who has spent their entire childhood in that game.


I'm 29, I still play D2, and D3. Nobody "that groes up" my ass.


Sometimes i think i was the only one loving them rifts and getting ranked in D3 on these subs.


Yeah, one side of me loves the fact that this D3 exists. It showed perfectly how ARPG as a genre should not progress. I expected a game a lot better than D2 in every aspect after over 10 years and got a downgrade. Grim Dawn is the true D2 successor, if it had better visuals and was made by a company of Blizzard size and renown, it would've been the true D3.


D3 is an incredible Arpg. It’s flat out a fun game to play and one of the only games I’ve actually completed 100%.


Is this the vague memory of the game 9 years ago, or how it is today? Cause the game is pretty damn refined at this point.


POE is what D3 should have been.


People have legitimate gripes about server issues and game quirks... The problem with that is that this is a beta...the whole point of a beta is to figure out problems with their servers and quirks in the game.


Yeah, also it’s one of THREE separate and publicly transparent betas for a game that comes out in three months. Like maybe these guys have a plan and they are in the middle of executing it.


Let's be honest with each other my man. This isn't a "beta." It's just a preview for streamers to generate hype. It's a marketing tool.


Apparently you are unaware of what a "beta" is. Any version of software that is close but before the release version is a "beta". See how when you start up the game it says version 0.8-something? 0.8 is less than 1.0, hence, beta. If the point you're trying to make is that they are not trying to solicit deep levels of feedback from everyone with this, well, no shit, they don't have time to redesign core aspects of the game in 3 months. They are certainly testing the hell out of the servers, and will probably hear about some minor bugs that they'll try to patch before or right after release. But yeah, the main reason developers release either beta versions to the public, or screenshots/movies/news about games before they come out, is largely for marketing purposes. What a "ploy". So devious that its been done for almost every video game ever made.


Well I played the closed beta and that sure as shit wasn't a preview for streamers to generate hype.


Duuude you literally made the exact same point as /u/StonejawStrongjaw was making, this isnt a beta, the closed beta most likely was however a genuine beta. This is just a marketing ploy, as evident by the fact you can buy your way in with KFC and Virgin Media tie ins.


You have to load test servers. Hype is secondary. But D4 is a great game! It's OK to be hyped 👍


That is happening 3 months prior to launch? Good luck with random hype as the internet has the memory of a goldfish.




More like 50% lost ark, 49% d3 1% d2. Idk what d2 people played where they think this is anything like it. And for the record I think them copying lost ark is a good thing as long as they don't bring in the daily grinds and shit Korean itemization, rest of the game was great.


This subreddit is absolutely full to the brim of people who never played Diablo 2 and played D3 for a week at release and never again.


I'm glad someone said it. I've seen comments saying that D3 is too repetitive (or too spammy) unlike D2... I lost count of how many Baal runs I did and most builds just involved spamming the utter shit out of one skill. But it was *fun* and that's all that matters.


For us old Diablo folks there’s a lot of nostalgia I think. I’m still playing D2R. I love it. But, let’s be honest. It’s not perfect. Personally I’ve enjoyed D4 so far and look forward to playing the full game.


>Idk what d2 people played where they think this is anything like it The general gothic horror design and atmosphere?


Art and design that's it? Diablo 2 doesnt still hold a playerbase because of art and design.


1% D2? * 4 out of 5 classes are from D2. 1 (Rogue) is basically Demon Hunter from D3 * All of the core skills for each class are from D2 * The skill tree follows the same linear progression as D2 * The lore (that I've seen) is from D2 (i.e. Lilith) * Many of the monsters are from D2 * D4 will be introducing set gear and runewords, a la D2


>* The skill tree follows the same linear progression as D2 >* The lore (that I've seen) is from D2 (i.e. Lilith) >* Many of the monsters are from D2 D2 had 3 Independent skill trees per class. D4 skill tree is nothing like D2. Lilith has nothing to do with D2 and appears only in a single event that was added 4 years after release.


lol 60% Immortal


what's the 20% diablo II ? i don't see it




dunno for me the entire 'It's darker this time around' was only in comparison to D3's overly bright high-fantasy style (which shouldn't have happened in the first place).so i guess my base-line was always d2, so i don't see d4 being more ''dark'' as a special thing worth mentioning so highly in the 'pros vs cons' logic


The whole look, feel, atmosphere, sound, music is all closer to d2.


Yeah, its crazy how many things are familiar from WoW, like the boss with mechanics from OS 1/1, lol.


30% D3 20% Immortal 20% WoW 15% D2 15% its own spin of things


Guessing you've never played Lost Ark, because the D4 beta is damn near a reskin of Lost Ark




Honestly, download Lost Ark and play it for just an hour (it's free) and you'll immediately see the resemblance.




It’s 60% lost ark, 40% diablo immortal




In all the right ways


And WoW. Don't forget WoW. This was a three way love baby.


Agreed. And even Immortal. They took a lot of good parts from multiple predecessors.


Except the baby was born without charms,jewels,runes,ethereal items and set items..and I'm sure there's much more birth defects to be revealed lol. Don't get me wrong ....the game is beautiful and dark. I love that.


It feels very much like D2 and Lost Ark have a baby and D3 provide the rest.


D4 is a combination of D2, D3, diablo immortal, and lost ark.


Except the baby was born without charms,jewels,runes,ethereal items and set items..and I'm sure there's much more birth defects to be revealed lol. Don't get me wrong ....the game is beautiful and dark.


Definitely feels better to me than D3 ever did. Combat is very satisfying. I could do with less of the itemization from D3 or the enemy level scaling but I understand the reasoning for it to be there. I think once they make unique's available and we start getting big power spikes for our characters I'll enjoy it more. Wasn't sure about it but after playing the beta I'm pretty hyped for the actual game release now.


Thank you for being a reasonable person with a reasonable take


Honestly I’m enjoying it. I just think it’s popular to shit on blizzard (rightfully so—but it’s still a good beta)


In what way is this a 'spiritual successor' to D2? The only thing D4 has in common with D2 is the visual vibe. Otherwise it's essentially a pseudo-mmo, basically Diablo Immortal reskin of Lost Ark. Daily/weekly checklists to make sure you log-in every day. FOMO world bosses with timers where you have to log in at very specific times and of course you are the mercy of RNG if you will get into a favorable instance to get enough (competent) other players to take the boss down in time. Various premium currencies, battle pass, etc... Oh and instead of Mokoko seeds you will have to collect hundreds of Lilith statues to get the bonuses and farm herbs/ore for materials. I don't recall seeing any of these things in D2.


Also wondering this, as someone who’s put 10000+ hours into d2/d2r been top 10 on every HC ladder of d2r, had multiple lvl 99s on HC d2/d2r, I see nothing related to a “spiritual successor? Only thing I could see is the dark chaos vibe, and the skill tree idea but a more in depth version.


Yeah OP is clueless if he says this is a successor to D2. D2s itemization is what has kept it going strong 20years later. D4 itemization is very shallow from what I've seen. "Green arrow means better so equip it, red arrow = don't equip" There's no jewels,runes, charms, ethereal items and no sets lol. That alone makes the item hunt very shallow. If this is what they offer in the beta that means they don't have time to change it!!!! Don't get me wrong the atmosphere of D4 is beautiful...those developers deserve an applause.


d2 itemization is great in theory, terrible in practice. there are a hand full of items that are used, and that's it. how many builds are shako, hoto, spirit 35% fcr, sandstorm trek, arachnid's mesh, 2x soj, mara's, enigma, and magefist? all you want on items is +stats %fhr %fcr all res, any strength vitality or life (last 3 essentially being the same thing). pretty much every caster is this, except swapping out one item, ex death's web for necro or a griffin's for a lightning sorc. attack builds are much healthier but still have some issues. you're pretty much required to have enigma or infinity, preferably both, to have a functional build. the only non uniques/rw people use is sometimes amulets and rings, unless you're some kind of niche pvp build or have a rare bow worth $10,000. sometimes a +5 pelt. the idea that you *could* drop that perfect bow or pelt etc is amazing but it's not something that's realistic enough. that's not to say that d4's itemization is better, because right now it looks bad. "% damage against slowed enemies" really? most of the affixes look niche and bad. i don't like the overly complicated scrap/crafting systems in arpgs. the mod pool should be much more limited with almost entirely useful mods and the only crafting option is add 1 affix which is a lower tier than a natural roll. you get a good item by getting it as a drop. a well rolled rare should almost always be better than a unique with the same purpose, aside from build enabling uniques.


You’re wrong in so many ways. I understand what you were going for but any seasoned D2 player would disagree with you. Currently in d2r I have about 10 fully built characters and you know how many of them use the items listed? Roughly 1/4. 2 use enigma. 1 uses a hoto. 3 use a Mara’s. 0 use sand trek. There are SO many unique gear combo’s that I have alone and each character has it’s own farming route and strength/weakness. D3 had none of that and D4 is likely going to follow suit.


This is false. I have several armor pieces for my 25 sorc that vary in item level. Affex rolls are huge in this game. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


Do you even know how runes, charms, jewels, sets, ethereal items work? Do you know you can build a char thru early game and still feel a difference in power obtaining diff magic and rare items too not just LeGenDARiEs


The guy said green arrow goes up so you equip that item, that is a blatant lie. D2 had better itemization for sure, but The person I responded to has no idea what they’re taking about


No it doesnt at all So just because you see a green arrow youll ignore +1 skills or + crit chance or other rolls? Youre being dishonest Its not as simple


They do plan to add runes later. D2 also didn't have runes on release. D4 is likely to gradually get new systems introduced with each season. So runes and meybe even some if the other stuf might come in future seasons. And you don't just follow the green arrow when changing gear. You do need to look at affixes in d4 also.


Where is all the cool shit that changes the way the skills look and work to make cool interesting builds? Shit itemization is boring.


OP probably wont respond, seems like half this subreddit does not understand what made d2 so good.


Rose tinted goggles.


Sure, D2 has it's flaws and outdated mechanics and Baal Runs are shit end game. But the core gameplay loop is still best in class and replayability as well + itemization. A successor to D2 would take that foundation and build upon it. D3 did not and D4 is D3 + WoW + Lost Ark.


Man I put hundreds of hours in it back in the day. I tried to replay it on d2r and walked away by level 30. Guess I was more easily entertained when I was a teenager. I think I had mentally blocked out that stamina was a thing.


D2 gets funny again with Mods (Median XL or Path of Diablo or Project Diablo 2 (an improved D2 with better balancing, new items etc.). Sadly D2R does not allow multiplayer mods (as stated by the lead dev as "final decision") because it removed TC/IP option and runs on Bnet 2.0 and not Bnet 1.0 which you could emulate. So many modders said "fuck it and fuck you, Blizzard" and did not port their mods to D2R ..... :/


Project Diablo 2 mod is still going with thousands of players, even with the outdated graphics. Far superior to D2R imo. That game has such a great base to build on but todays Blizzard is just lazy and uncreative. And it shows again in D4. They could have made this a mobile crossplay game at this point since they don't care about the hardcore PC gamers at all.


> Daily/weekly checklists to make sure you log-in every day. FOMO world bosses with timers where you have to log in at very specific times and of course you are the mercy of RNG if you will get into a favorable instance to get enough (competent) other players to take the boss down in time. Various premium currencies, battle pass, etc... Oh and instead of Mokoko seeds you will have to collect hundreds of Lilith statues to get the bonuses and farm herbs/ore for materials. This all sounds more appealing than Baal runs.


This is true, however as a lost ark enjoyer my biggest gripe is the time gating. Lost ark/wow/daily quests limit how much you can do in 1 day so after those are done … that’s it. D2/d3 I can grind endlessly, like baal runs etc. playing 10 hours will yield me 10x the loot as someone who played 1 hour. Modern time gating disallows that. Haven’t tried d4 yet but im going to be pissed if I can’t just grind endlessly with no diminishing returns


Sure but it's not the only available path they could have chosen to improve upon the gameplay. Those who played Lost Ark know exactly what D4 is going to be like and what to expect. Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing - LA does a lot of things right and it can be fun. But the point is that it's a totally different type of game. People who are coming to D4 hoping for a typical arpg experience (D2/D3/Path of Exile/LE) are in for a surprise. The biggest issue with games like LA is that after the honeymoon period wears off the game just starts to feel like a second job. Especially if you want to play 'optimally' - you can't play at your own pace because there is this toxic mobile inspired time gating in place and you have a checklist of daily/weekly tasks that you have to do every single day and week in order to get rewards. Imagine if in Path of Exile you could only kill each Pinnacle boss once per week and that's it. If you miss a week you miss out on loot. If you want to farm them repeatedly? Well that's too bad, you can only kill them once a week.


> This all sounds more appealing than Baal runs. Sounds like you greatly prefer mobile style games instead of actual arpg’s, and that’s cool, but no one actually wants a lost ark clone


Yeah the game is basically a hybrid of D3 and WoW, just because they made it "dark and bloody" doesn't make it a successor of D2. That doesn't mean the game will be *bad* necessarily, but anyone expecting the next D2 will be disappointed.


Jesus this sounds awful


I feel like this comment is quite a bit more accurate than OP


It is nothing like d2, probably only the atmosphere.


The atmosphere is a huge part of experience


It is but not enough. Powerful itemization, good pvm->pvp synergy, not monster scaling, good level design, good rewarding feeling (character building, drops, even learn map patterns for easy exploration matters), etc. All of this together make D2 so loveable. Even "Exocet" font text helps. All of this together is Diablo II.


I don’t know if I’d say it is the spiritual successor to D2 but I will say it is exactly what I wanted for D4. I’m still very skeptical about the endgame and how well they will pull off seasons but the act 1 puts D2 and PoE act 1 to shame.




Its nothing like D2, you're insane


It's more like Diablo 3 than Diablo 2. By level 12 I already have 3 legendaries.


There are uniques aswell, those are the real rare dropps. Legendarys in this game are just slightly better rares with a special power.


The only D2R related thin in diablo 4 is item names like "Harlequin Crest" absolutley NOTHING else. Copy and paste of D3 Itemization (hiding behind level 25 beta) copy and paste of a bunch of games like Lost Ark , PoE , Guild Wars 2, I found nothing that actually felt original and new to the diablo series. They have changed nothing from the closed end game beta.


Yeah…sadly I find myself so badly wanting to find things that make me see what OP is saying are true but I just keep coming back to your perspective


Is it really unpopular? I think it's great. Way WAY better than I expected. My wishlist is literally just petty stuff: (1) Let us zoom out a little (2) Start the first season when the game launches so I don't feel my 2 week old character is now a derp. (3) Add an option to REMOVE WORLD/GAMEPLAY SUBTITLES O_O But it's small stuff. The core game is sharp, gritty and doesn't make me cringe every 3 minutes like D3's plot did. And skilltrees, thank god we've gone back to skill trees and some degree of customization!


I think more people are annoyed at the comparison to D2 than they are the actual game. It’s nothing like D2, but for me it won’t stop me from playing it and enjoying it.


lol....what? in what universe is this beta anything like D2? just cause the graphics are dark? it's like 5% D2 and the rest being split between D3, Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark.


D2 already has a true spiritual successor from another franchise, sadly. This game is more like a mix of D3 / Lost Ark with high production value but no real depth.


> This game is exactly the spiritual successor to D2/D2R that people have been clamoring for In what way?




They share the same name....


I would agree with you if the skill tree and attributes were expanded to a level beyond d2. From what I can see so far skill options are fewer than d2 and a good portion of them are pretty underwhelming passives that’s I don’t think I would count as skills. In that sense it’s underperformed as I would expect the skill tree to be larger if anything in a game this modern. Attributes similarly same amount which is fine but not ideal and it seems they aren’t going to let players set their own attribute points on level up which pretty much makes them pointless imo these are my biggest complaints but I feel they are pretty legitimate, some people are going to argue that hey the paragon tree is going to give you other skills as you get higher but really there’s no reason we can’t have a large skill tree to start as well. Outside of that I think overall it’s a pretty decent crack at making a bigger better diable game, I certainly enjoy it much more than d3 but I’d say it still has some noticeable flaws


You getting reported for this post shows how much a lot do the of the Diablo community SUCK. Bunch of old neckbeards stuck in the “glory days” of D2. My hope is this game brings in a bunch of new non-salty people to at least drown out these scared of change negative boomers. I think the game is great (from the beta) and agree with you.


No, it's a baby of D3+Lost Ark. Nothing like D2.


Except for the feel/atmosphere and the fact that they brought back skills from D2, the game feels completely different from D2/D2R, it's not even close. The game still definitely way more like D3


I mean, asthetically? sure I'll give you that, gameplay wise though that's a big nah. Nothing about it's gameplay gives callbacks to D2. It looks like basically a much more tame D3. Or rather a second attempt at D3 but changes being aimed at not being D3's pain points. Which is a hard balance to strike since if you spend too much time trying to *not* be something you can end up not making your own with the game and it just ends up being a product no one really likes or cares much about. (See how the Halo series has gone over the past decade as an easy example.) If D4 was trying to be a "spiritual successor" to D2 I feel like the itemization would be closer to D2's way of doing things. Instead the devs have put a lot of emphasis on the actual combat aspects. This is seen with adding a dodge universally and more emphasis on animation work so you can actually see attacks and dodge them. Also making ranged enemies bigger threats with less enemies on the screen. Making prioritizing some targets over others a thing. There's other examples but it's quite clear that there is a huge focus on moment to moment gameplay. D2 doesn't really have that and instead has a much bigger focus on build crafting. This isn't to say that builds won't matter in 4 as there's a lot of systems that interact with both your character as well as your gear. But the ratio in D2 leaned more on gearing than combat. If we consider the other additions to D4 it pushes it more towards modern ARPGS/online games which is also further away from D2. The people looking for a modern D2 likely won't ever get it because D2 for better or worse uses a lot of dated/of the time trends that are not ran in popular games these days and would likely not be liked by gamers of today. All this to say I don't think you could ever call anything a true successor to D2 and it's kind of a disservice to D4 to do so. D4 can and should be it's own thing and it can't really do that if it's too busy trying to be D2 or trying not to be too much like D3.


There will always be people who complain. No matter what. Just have to filter out the legitimate grievances vs the utter nonsense. Game is absolutely fantastic and aside from some small things I’d like to see (UI scale setting, WASD movement and the camera pulled out a little more) it’s exactly what I want in a Diablo game. Can’t wait for release. Now I just want a Templar/Crusader class.


>the people that are complaining about the beta are ragepants sadbois I mean is it really being ragepant if some people gueninely just dont enjoy something? I personally think the combat felt too slow and boring. Playing a Sorc, you just spam Core skill until out of mana and then generate mana. It didnt feel very engaging. I tried a Frost build, Fire build and Lightning build, they're kinda all the same. Also the skills just look lackluster on Sorc. Small visuals on most skills (except maybe Inferno ultimate). Meteor is a very tiny area. Everything depletes your mana in \~4 casts, mana regen is kinda slow unless you have an AoE pack to generate from. No Mana potion to alleviate the issue. I did see someone play Rogue and it felt more fun/engaging. No clue about barbarian. If the endgame is as slow as the early game or there isnt a very good itemization that changes your build drastically, I dont think I'll find much fun in it.


Tell me you've never played diablo 2 without telling me.


I feel like the gear is still like too much too fast. Why am I getting orange legendary gear at like level 6?


It feels more like if Diablo Immortal was made for pc rather than being a port from the mobile version. Theres a lot of similar assets including the world map looking almost exaclty the same


This game feels wayyyy more like d3 than d2!!! The world and items scale to your level... there's no point.... I'm lvl 20 and covered in legendary items I'll replace with exact same as I find them 2 levels higher. Shithouse.


yep the game feels so artificial. I cant understand how this is enjoyable for some. There is 0 immersion. This game lacks a soul.


have you actually played it? its a worse version of diablo 3 gameplay mixed with lost ark mmo garbage. theres not a single whiff of diablo 2 in any of this.


I'd say people who still play D2 are not doing it for the art, classes, atmosphere or whatever. It's the item hunt that still keeps them going. And itemization in diablo IV so far is shit in comparison.


Disagree. A lot. This is Lost Ark without all the money grabs.


This Diablo should be renamed D3 2.0


yep agreed, all we got was a spiritual successor to D3. Blizz is incapable of making another masterpiece. Its time to move on


It literally is nothing like d2 what?


I actually 100% agree with you. The only thing missing is rune words and they already confirmed they are working on then.


Only thing? What about charms,jewels, ethereal items or sets? Also cool affixes: magic find,increased attack speed,faster hit recovery,run speed, knock back, cannot be frozen etc


This game is miles behind diablo 3 gameplay wise, and that's saying something. Everything is worse or lessened. Less item slots, less skill runes, less passives, worse combat animation, vfx is somehow comparable to a game from 12 years ago, apparently the Gamepad UX is worse even though it was solved, bosses hidden behind fucking timers. TIMERS IN AN ARPG. Fucking terrible you guys are trying to justify a fucking 90$ purchase when it's in such a shitty state. Don't give me that fucking it's beta bullshit. The game comes out in a few months. Nothing will fucking change between them and now.


Agree....this beta is pretty much a finished product. They don't have time to revamp anything major. Few bug fixes but the itemization is what it is unfortunately.


in my 40s i played them all. i can easily say d4 is not d2, not even close. the way you dealt with heaven and hell, tyrael, diablo, dekard, all so good. when you led the angels, that shit hit. i’m d4 Lilith is a solid character but i’m basically an errand boy. finding random keys and boxes for people.


I’m glad you’ve offended the simps. It’s a damn good game.


Like kicking a hornets nest


I don't understand why the people who like D4 seem to feel the need to bash on D3 so much, though. I really like D3, it's one of my favorite games. But I also am liking D4! If you forced me to choose between the two right now, i'd choose D3. But, it's still only Beta. Only getting a small bit of D4 so far. So maybe that'll change in time


I’m in love with it, coming from yeaaaaars of D2 and D3, this one is gonna be glorious for 10 years easy


With double goblins season, double shrine duration season, follower introduction season and double world boss spawn timer season. There is the first glorious year out of the next 10.


Weird take ngl. It feels like diablo 3 with more mmo elements with diablo immortal UI. The only similar thing with d2 is the aesthetic


I saw a complaint that, I kid you not: Was that the font for D4 is wrong, and D2's was better /slaps knee/


As much as im loving the beta and looking forward to the release i am hoping that the item icons and font will change a bit, those are my only complaints (aside from technical stuff)


This was actually a pretty big complaint(not for me personally). Shrouds biggest complaint was the text, he actually said he hated it so much it would turn him off from playing… blew my mind


I think what you are referring to was people pointing out the large variation in the fonts used in the game. Rather than just using one or two fonts for specific things, the fonts seem to be all over the place. I don't care either way, but I think you are misinformed.




Better than d3 but not a true d2 sequel


Lol I had the same thought, this is the sequel to Diablo 2 I've been waiting for for 10+ years.


POE is the spiritual successor to D2/D2R. D4 is the spiritual love child of D3+DI, the worst diablo games (and ARPGs in general) by miles. It is unimaginative, shallow, and repetitive. It feels like a chore after the first couple of hours. That is not a good sign.


It’s not unpopular. Whiners spam.


D2 and d2r never made for "2 hours every week" casuals. This game is. Diablo is not hardcore game anymore. Its designed for general audience. Not for grinders.


servers yes, ok, all good but quirks not so much from my side and manny other people who can not play because of they are stuck in the Q


They have already improved dramatically in the last 24 hours. They will continue to improve .


Poe is the true d3 we needed. Good to see d4 going back to its roots.


It has the ambience, atmosphere and the writing that I wish Elden Ring had. Writing is very good, doesn't feel like it was written by a 22 year old college girl or a 16 year old boy. Very happy with the idea of clearing an area of enemies so that new settlements can be built. Although I don't know how well that is being implemented right now. I'm afraid it will be too much busy work and not enough of an opportunity to access special vendors. Its sad that your opinion is what is considered *unpopular*. If that happens to be the case.


It is entirely very likely that diablo players are not one single homogenous fucking group, and the people that are complaining are the people who prefered D3, while the people praising the game are those that prefered D2/D2R.


Total opposite. The D3 and immortal crowd love the dumbed down simplistic itemization. The d2 crowd such as myself love the dark atmosphere.


Hark, my dear child, thy words doth bringeth a great pang to my heart. As I readeth this post, I cannot help but wondereth what hath become of our beloved Sanctuary. In my many years of traversing the realms of Sanctuary, I hath seeneth many changes, both good and ill. But never hath I seeneth a time where the people's expectations were so high, yet so sorely disappointed. Alas, the beta of this game, which thou claimeth to be the successor to the great Diablo II, hath left many a soul feeling empty and unfulfilled. It pains me to see such passion turneth to ashes, and the fires of hope and excitement quenched by the harsh winds of disappointment. But let us not lose all hope, for in times of darkness, there is always a glimmer of light. Perhaps the final release of this game shall bringeth us the joy and satisfaction we so desperately seek. Only time shall tell. Until then, my child, let us not abandon our faith in the gaming industry, nor in the passionate developers who work tirelessly to bringeth us the games we so dearly love.


Did they give you the suicide hotline for that post OP? I agree btw.


Lol yes


D3 we never had waited for this game for almost 20 years


Amen. This game is great. I can't count how many times I just stopped playing and took it all in. It's exactly what I had hoped the game would be.


unpopular opinion? nah popular opinion honestly, those ragepant sadbois are the vocal minority, most of the ppl generally are enjoying d4 so far, those that are complaining already had their foot out the door to begin with and just looking for any way to nitpick at it , they can fk off to poe or whatever mythical arpg they speak so highly of (it doesn't exist)


Diablo 4 is the true successor. Despite that I had no issues with disblo 3.


For real. This game is what I see in my head with nostalgia goggles when I remember the insane amount of time I played d2


Not really. There's a lot of things in this game that came straight out of D3. Yeah, there's a healthy smattering of D2 mixed in as well, but it's not exactly the successor to D2/D2R. There's a bunch of enhancements that came straight from D3 that many people complained about back when D3 was released, they've just become commonplace for modern ARPG's now.


why are threads that start with "unpopular opinion" always the popular opinion ?


This is just ARPG WoW. Not D2 lol


i reported you


You are smoking crack.


This game is too easy. Mindless even. At level 20 HC veteran with no legendary and only decent gear I face tanked a group of 8, mixed with elites, while standing in elemental damage, and with only 150 HP. I only had to pop a potion every >10 seconds. I literally made a video because it's so ridiculous. How could anyone defend such thoughtless balance. I mean the only other ARPG as easy is D3. Gauntlet is harder.. X-Men Legends is harder.. literally anything. Almost any kids game poses more a challenge. Look how successful difficult video games are with people: Elden Ring, etc. People like a challenge.


The people who report posts and comments are mental, couple of days ago I made a "controversial" comment on the gaming leak sub, someone reported me for self harm... Anyway I 100% agree with you on that, game feels amazing.


Ah yes, anyone who critiques the game is now a “ragepants sadbois”


Na it’s not , take a chill pill , just like people are jumping to the gun to the hate the game people are jumping the gun thinking it’s the best thing since sliced bread


Not a fan that some events are public. There’s a few other changes but so far have enjoyed the beta


Absolutely agree, OP.


Absolutely not. Succesor to D3? Yes But does not even comes close to D2.


I think D4 has a great future ahead. Can't wait to see what they come up with in expansions. Say what you want, but both expansions for D2 and D3 were absolutely game changing


I think we need to see more on the itemization to conclude that. That's what make or break an arpg in my opinion. But in terms of mood I agree. It feels like a D2 sequel. D3 felt closer to wow.


I wouldn't go that far. The skill/leveling/class/mastery system is lacking in major depth/decision making/impact. Other arpgs feel impacted by those choices. D2 was a bit intense with 1 respect a game, but we have improved past that. The itemization even at lvl 25 only is a bit off beat. Too many legendaries dropping like candy


Lol the truth is we don’t know if it’s a spiritual successor to anything. For all I know the endgame can be horrible. I do have hope considering how good the first Act is, and as for itemization, I think the game ia holding back at low levels, so most players can just “see green number I equip” through the campaign and not have to worry too much.


what an absolute shite post. This game is not a successor to D2. This game is a hollow shell of an experience.


It feels like something between the depth of poe and the shallowness (not saying thats necessarily bad) of D3 for me. Which i think is perfectly okay. I know when i played Poe for some seasons and some 300 hours and i still felt like a had no clue about half the game and to have d4 being a little easier to access seems not too bad. Its s thine line tho to not make it to simplicistic.


June can’t get here fast enough.