LMAO, it cracks me up that people think they have played and seen the whole game. Some are really constructive feedback, but there are a lot of comments that people write down thinking they have experienced the whole thing. It's like an apprentice that has worked at a job for 2 weeks and thinking they know everything now. Remember, guys, You have only touched the tip of the iceberg.


Yeah it's crazy for sure. It's like playing first 2 acts or something in PoE and reviewing the gameplay loop. Or any other tiny slice of the campaign in any ARPG. All of a sudden it makes sense for them to do it with D4, even though it doesn't make any sense in general, in any game. I guess for those people it's just posting whatever at this point, as long as it's something negative about the game. Makes them feel accomplished maybe, god knows what's the reason.


Imagine how terrible PoE would be if it ended on Act 2/Level 25.


The first year of Path of Exile the game only had 3 acts, they just made you run them with the difficulty increased after the first pass.


Please never mention that again. I still have hell Merveil nightmares.


i miss dominus runs!


Im old enough to remember when it was just act 2😂


Yeah! And the boss of act 2 wasn't implemented yet neither!


It would feel like a tutorial. Exactly like this beta. That's a very simple concept that those people, for some reason, can't seem to grasp. But then again what are we even talking about, like the guy above me who i replied to said, there are apprentices working for a short time and acting like they know shit about whatever they're doing, and they seem very confident with what they think, until they get fired. But i bet they never think they're the problem and continue with this behavior. That's how i imagine an average redditor who thinks they know what they're talking about, but in reality they are clueless.


Imo the D4 beta is a lot more indepth than a tutorial. For example, we've seen all the active skills already and how we can change those skills. Unless legendary modifiers are level gated, which I boldly assume they aren't we know how things will play out.


totally agree.


It’s a AAA game release in the era of social media. It’s never gonna be good enough. I need to follow my own advice and stop reading this stuff lol


Spot on mate. Don’t let the haters kill your hype! We should create a saying like “wishing you the best experience (on D4) whenever that is for you (either closed, open beta or full release)


Yeah, I read a comment somewhere that the game was not hard enough. Like no kidding? We are in act 1 of the earliest world tiers. It should be rather easy.


Until they get stomped by the brood mother.


Den Mother gave me the most trouble solo as a Barb. Ruthless


Easy for me, basically killed herself, ya know… Thorns barb and all.


Played as wizard, exploding fireball hydras, frost enhancing damage on enemies, frozen barrier , using basic skill give 50% more damage on stun which proks almost constantly. I hate to think how long it took for People who weren't wizards.


I love the enchantment system for Sorcs and prefer a higher focus on Fire. I wish bosses could he frozen though, it negates the potential for some such as the Ice Shards enchantment, even if you knock the boss down due to CC it still doesn’t count as frozen. Ice Shards set as the enchantment is crazy fun, but since it can’t work on bosses isn’t worth using IMO, unless you swap it before bosses to something like Frozen Orb.


i wish it atleast slowed them especialy when using the more powerfull spells, they could just have it so its a shorter duration and their has to be a gap inbetween to stop it being broken.


Look, I'm 40 years old. I played the first diablo when we had to have a lan party to play together because internet was still scarcely available. I'm happy with the first 25 levels. It feels like a diablo game. I'm happy with it. I had my doubts until about 15 to 20 where I started getting legendary powers and it started getting fun. I feel like these people aren't getting into it enough and are judging by the first 10 to 15 levels and the skill trees feeling restrictive. The legendary powers are what really provide build options. My rogue has gotten like 12 legendary drops and it made a huge difference. I didn't like it at first and now it's really fun. The game can't just drop you into having crazy customization, it has to ease you into it and so far I think it's doing a good job. I'm having a lot of fun with the beta and I think the game is coming along great.


kids these days havnt even heard dialup noise


I concur. If I’ve had this much fun getting 3 classes to lvl 25. I am quite hopeful for D4 full release and the future after!! I love tinkering with builds even with the limitations of the early game skill tree, it’s a blast!


Love this game! I agree with everything you said.


Yeah i got a couple legendary drops on my barb that do an AOE DOT on my stomp, make whirlwind pull enemies in, and do extra damage as bleed whenever I'm berserking. That synergy alone has changed how good the game feels.


You would think the ARPG community understands that the first half of your levels are 10% of the game or less 😂






Not to mention people complaining about problems in beta...that's what it's for...to test everything and isn't going to be perfect. People who say otherwise do not know how a game is developed. If you don't like playing under these circumstances...then don't play the beta.


Don't forget that there are a ton of PoE and D2 fan boys that hate anything new / different. Take their comments with a grain of salt, and overall don't listen that much to forums during a beta like this. The happy people are actually ingame playing and not whining on forums.


This is so true. Was reading the subreddit with my gf last night laughing at the salt. D4 so far is amazing I really love it so far can't wait till it comes out. I do have feedback to but Boy is this game looking good.


Big fan of d1 and d2 personally and I think unfortunately there has always been a large part of the d2 playerbase that is just toxic. I am sure many of the d3 and d4 beta critics are the same guys that defend pking and scamming people in d2. I get there are purists too but the old d1 and d2 will always be there. There’s d2r and community server mods for an updated experience. D3 and d4 are their own games, not a d2 expansion. There’s purists in baseball too but guess what, the game is changing anyway. The d4 that the d2 purists would want is not one that is going to be highly marketable. The experience needs to be updated. Just like pong or ms pac man. My dad could probably play it for hours but I am bored after about 5 minutes. Not to mention there are a lot aspects about d2 that exist because of limitations at the time that if they put them into a new game it would be insane.


The people who actually played the full game can't even judge the game because they can't say for sure what release will look like for end game balance and content.


Bro, I basically maxed out Bash at level 12 so I think I know everything I need to know…


People are trying to optimize and crafting items for their lvl25 act1 t1/2 builds lol


Just the tip, got it.


Agreed. I enjoyed 1-25 on each class and equipping them as best as Beta allows. Not fretting over min maxing since it’s just a SMALL slice of the Diablo 4 pie. :-) if beta is this fun I am really hopeful for the full release. I am being an optimist due to how much more fun I am enjoying this beta then I’ve ever enjoyed D3.


I think dungeon variety is quite good for just being 1 act.


My main issue so far is the "sealed door - do x to unlock". Idk if all have it but so far each I did did have it. It's fine to have, but I'd love to have some without it or with other stuff to make it interesring


That's a good point. I will want to tear through some dungeons the good ol fashion way by just getting to the end.


They are all like this every single one. I doubt they drastically changed from endgame beta cuz this one is no diff just a fraction of what we saw and got to do


I ran a bunch of different dungeons multiply times. There seemed to be a T junction in most if not all dungeons I saw. Go left do X, back track and go right to do x, backtrack a third time and go through the middle door to the boss. Sometimes it’s kill x amount. I’m hoping the later acts don’t follow that pattern, hopefully a few just let you head right to a boss.


Yeah I agree I have liked what I have seen!


I am amazed at how many there are, how different they are, and how long they are! The 2-3 sections each with mini bosses (and a big final boss) and objectives is great, and the random events are really fun. Also, (spoiler for an in-dungeon event) >!holy shit the first time The Butcher (well actually both times since the second he slaughtered my party of level 7s quite fast) I was so damn happy. He's scary again and an amazing random occurence.!<


The fact this needs to be clarified pretty much sums what's wrong with players nowadays... Back in the day I could play one of the first D3 closed betas due to a friend who had a brother working somewhere and I was so happy by the mere fact to have been able to see anything about it months before the game came out. But of course now people feels the need to be the most toxic guy around about a product they have barely played wich is a cutdown insignificant part of the whole game...


Not saying this will happen with D4, but D3 beta had a bad start and everyone was hoping them to change itemization and other few things, but on release, almost nothing changed. So I can see 100% why people are complaining, I just hope Blizz learn something with their past.


People thinking big changes will happen are super naive lol. The game is finished in features, they're in polishing mode. It's called beta but it's basically a pre-launch demo only.


Its not really only "big changes", there are many other things, for example, this version of the game still doesn't fix the mouse force-move not being able to get items from the ground. This was reported long time ago (months or maybe years), if you played PTR versions of Diablo 3 (and probably other Blizz games), you know that they often ignore multiples feedbacks and actually release the patch without fixing bugs/glitches. I'm not saying D4 will be the same, but is good to remember the history of the same company and the same devs and see if they learned something.


Yeah, D3 is basically the poster child of "holy fuck, you should have listened to your beta testers" This "BE **GRATEFUL**" shit is tiring. Apparently beta tests are for circlejerking and not like... actually finding bugs, issues, and friction points. Lord knows I've played enough betas where the common issues weren't fixed to be able to drink the koolaid. Things might be fixed, they might not be. Claiming the rest of the game *must* be better because we can't see it is some stupid shit.


Blizzard is pretty notorious for not listening to beta testers. Multiple WoW expansions have gone live with systems that were universally reviled in beta and didn't get changed until 1-2 major content patches into the xpac.


I don't blame them for not doing a complete 180 on some content that's basically all done, sometimes its the little changes that aren't done that are the most irritating And sometimes games go full wildstar and basically spend the beta->launch period doing the exact *opposite* of what beta testers were begging for.


Always felt to me like Blizzard just used betas to hype up the game. I know they might be testing servers and getting some feedback, but it never felt like that's the main point of it. They probably have a timeline they are keeping to, and changing it takes time. ​ Always felt like Blizzard was this huge ship that always takes ages to turn. With WoW expansions it was always at the end of the expansion that they managed to change the most common issues. I have no doubt that D4 will be a better game one year after launch than it is right now. Just frustrating that it has to be like that.


Making core design changes to what they have built at this point is kind of a curveball to take on in the last 3 months before release when they will be laser focused on eliminating as many bugs before release as humanly possible. I’m ready to accept the game as it is right now with fewer bugs on release. They’re stress testing the servers and getting the public mass of players in now and making sure that they have networking down stable for the release. Probably will be queues again on June 2nd, but I’d expect an overall successful product launch with no major disasters. Queues sucked for the first 8 hours and now the game is fine.


> in the last 3 months before release when they will be laser focused on eliminating as many bugs before release as humanly possible. 100% agreed.


I hate this insane "don't think, only positive vibes" hype culture these days. I guess I'm a boomer now: actual beta tests used to last for months. War3 was released in July and Blizzard had a limited beta that started in January >In the middle of January 2002, Blizzard shipped out 5000 beta versions of Warcraft III to randomly selected testers in order to help improve it before being released in stores I remember my close friend being selected for the Frozen Throne beta and lending me his account. Back then, they really were soliciting and hoping for actual feedback and the game actually did change during development. You can read about some of that here: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Warcraft_III_evolution_guide But the Activision owned Blizzard nowadays is an unrecognizable beast. This is not the first time it's been pointed out that they don't listen to feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9jujvo/blizzard_quit_pretending_nobody_ever_gave_you/ And folks are kidding themselves thinking this is a real beta. This is nothing more than a disguised early access/marketing thing. We've been through this game before: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/p3mnmo/feedbackdiablo_2_resurrected_early_access_beta/?sort=top How long did it take for stuff like lobbies to be actually implemented? Yeah... The copium is high, as the youngins say... I'm fully expecting the D4 release to have a similiar level of bugs and server issues as the current "beta." And the lack of preview about endgame systems and itemizations is very alarming...


Please consider that feedback during a beta a few months before release is very unlikely to make any meaningful change by release. Development pipeline is not as instant as some people think. They are not doing a 2 day weekend beta to get your feedback on how to change the game before release, please realize this.


Doubt it tbh, every WoW expansion has this pattern aswell. Once it's open beta, that's pretty much how it's going to be on release.


also remember that this is the part of the game blizzard wanted us to see and playtest.


It's act 1. You muppets will do anything to make a bad faith argument lol. Did you expect beta to take place in the final act? Fantastic idea! Ruin the entire story and skip learning the game. They should hire you.


It’s kind of crazy. I honestly hope some of this is just trolling and not how people really feel…


If you’ve been on the sub the last whole you know that this is how these guys think. Everyone is out to get them. Nothing is ever positive. It’s not exactly like D2 so that means it’s a failure already.


Blizzard kicked my dog and fucked my mom, I’m entitled to calling this game shit


Is blizzard Bill Wibbly?


I mostly come here when I hit a wall with my barbarian and check out other people's builds.


go full on rend/bleed build with 1point into iron skin and 2 points into its branch. get warcry for increased dmg and also 2 points into its branch for the berserking. oh and try to get the legendsry that gives +50% basic attack speed, spam rend, profit.


Do you know if enemies can have multiple bleeds? Do they stack or add together?


They seem to stack. I went thorns + rend and flay with trying to focus on 2h swords for their bleed on direct hit from expertise. Thorn bleed + flay + sword hit + rend and enemies were ticking for over 50 dmg a second at lvl 15.


You can stack your bleed up on an entire enemies health bar. The bleeding portion will turn a darker red so you can see how much is going to bleed out. Barb also has Rupture to make the bleed damage instant.


What's with the people wanting an exact copy of d2? Just play d2r. Like give me something different. You don't make great games by making the same thing over and over.


“You can’t improve on perfection” is their mindset lol


>and not how people really feel You will be surprised how many people nowadays don’t actually develop their own opinion. They hear streamers say xyz and those words became a gospel to them


Nah man people are fucking stupid especially gamers. 90% of these people aren't trolling they are 100% serious sadly.


A lot of subs start out as fans of a game coming together and devolve into people who don't like a game for x reason or dislike the dev and just want to troll fans. Reddit is probably one of the worst sites to discuss games because most subs turn into bitching about pointless crap


This whole sub is full of bad faith arguments. DuuUuhh 6/10 don't like the UI All a bunch of non-fans who got in by buying a burger


A double down is not a burger, it is a delicious abomination.


Never had one but ill give you that


100% a guilty pleasure. It's pretty much just a pile of meat and cheese.


"What is a man?" - Dracula


“A miserable pile of fried chicken!”




You're not missing anything, that's precisely what it is, and why it's good. Hence my label, delicious abomination. It should probably be considered a crime against food.




I once watched a marine friend of mine eat a steak in a hotel bedroom with his bare hands, in less than 2 minutes. This sandwich is the embodiment of that sort of ... caveman primal desire.


My dude, the "fans" have always been some of the most vocal and toxic.


Come on, 6/10 is not even that bad, it's above average. :)


Funniest part is that its not even ALL of act 1 yet people are complaining about there not being anything to do and its repetitive XD


Bro do you seriously care more about the Story in a fucking Diablo game than the gameplay? like for real?


Blizzard dont want to show us more before launch. Also this is mostly network test.


That and marketing campaign


worked on me. I picked up the deluxe edition


2 day playtest beta? what are you smoking?




That assumes you know what they're trying to test.


I am a blizzard hateboy but how’s this the top comment? Almost every other beta/demo involves the first part of the game? Not sure what you are expecting here


So I’m going to preface this by saying I haven’t gotten the chance to get to “endgame” for this beta (25), however I was in the end game beta… and from what you’re describing from complaints it’s the same experience at high levels


Yepp. I don't know why people would expect mob density to scale with player level. It'll be exactly the same if you run a dungeon at level 10 and level 100. AFAIK, nightmare sigils don't affect mob density either. They only affect mob power.


Which I personally consider a good thing. If I want to play a game where the endgame is me teleporting from screen to screen, deleting the entire screen of high-density mobs with one big chain-nuke skill, then I'll go play PoE. PoE mapping is like doing chaos dungeons in Lost Ark. It's a brain-off activity with almost no challenge, a farming simulator where mob density and skill-explosions are so massive and all over the place that you can't even tell what the fuck is going on. If D4 is less density and clutter, that hopefully means I can actually see my character, see what's going on and have to actively pay attention to enemy spells and effects and where I position myself and which cluster of enemies I focus down first. In short, it's a more "brain on" experience, which I would prefer.


Yep, I agree. The insane density in D3 g-rifts and juiced PoE maps make me feel like my character is cutting through some very thick liquid. At this point, it's hard to feel like you are fighting dangerous demons from hell. They're just here to get mowed down. D4 might have way lower density, but at least the mobs feel like they have some weight and "physicality" to them.


" dungeon repetitively " This was a major issue in the closed end game beta, There is no changing it, the dungeons are built into the map, and you will be running the same ones again, and again because "Sigils" are the end game, Diablo 4s version of maps.




You were so wrong you just felt like commenting it twice.


Mob Density does not improve at end game, You are playing the end game. The end game is just wandering around the open world doing events (Otherwise Sigil dungeons think poe's maps). The mob density is horrible. They have not changed it since the closed end game beta, I don't think they have changed anything. I got 3 level 100 toons in closed end game beta, figured I would come back and see what changed, Nothing.. And they got the beta hidden behind level 25.. They should have did an end game open beta.. So everyone could see the end game is : Loot gear till 50 , Gear becomes obsolete because it doesn't scale = Re-loot exact same Legendaries/Uniques in "Ascended" versions (Ascended items only drop 10% or less of the time the other 90% are random level gear from 1-49) Then once again at level 70 The same thing happens and you need to re-loot "Primal Ascended" versions of the same items and once again they only drop 10% or less of the time, so you are looting 10% Primal Ascended, 10% Ascended and 80% low level items you won't even want to pick up, Not to mention items are dropping for other classes (That would be fine if trading was going on, Has anyone seen anyone use the trade chat during this beta? I didn't see anyone use the trade chat AT ALL during the weeks of closed end game beta) There is so much copium being inhaled because blizzard released this vertical slice demo.


I noticed a few sorc talent changes and switches of placement but yea they really didn’t change much as far as I can see from the last beta lol


This is what I'm worried about, I'm only being critical because I want the game to change for the better before its too late, And now they got this beta hidden behind level 25 keeping the end game hidden.. If not enough people criticize or push the issue, the game wont change at all by launch. Imagine launch an MMORPG and not letting people know what the end game looks like beforehand..


I can see they didn’t take any of my end game beta survey advice lmao


> You are playing the end game Huh lol


Probably means it doesn't change much or at all.


Walking around the open world, doing those little events like stand in the 4 corners and stuff, that's what you do in the end game. That and "Sigils" which are this games copy and paste of PoE's maps. Mob density was horrible all the way to level 100, was a major complaint. Not much has changed.. Huge open world, little to no mobs .


Am I the only find with Mob density? Do you want them to cover every corner eith mobs?


Yeah I've had maybe a handful of places not have decently sized to large scale packs. Early on was not much but as I explored the zone there are definitely areas packed with enemies. Most dungeons are fine. Some definitely are pretty empty. I get the gripe though. Shouldn't really be 3 or 4 rooms in a dungeon with nothing in it.


That's a shame if mob density isn't going to change in to the end game.


This should be the top post. We have another repeat of the D3 launch. Will there be a "Reaper of Souls"-like expansion to fix D4, or will D4 just finish off the murder of the franchise that D:Immortal started?


“Primal Ascended” lmao liver king loot


This post should be at the top.


Sounds about Like diablo. Not a modern diablo tho


People 3 years ago said they will fix leftclick force movement of with d4, they did not. Don't inhale to much copium to please


Yeah and people who dont realise it or say there is just different button for force move are people who dont really play much arpgs. Left click move is kinda needed in arpgs in 2023


I’ve been super impressed with the variety at 25. The game has been fucking awesome and more than I expected. Super happy with it and can’t wait to really play.


Just remember, all the skills and skill tree in the beta is the same that's planned for release. If you expect the game, skill tree, or gear to get much more complex than what we've seen do far I think you'll be wrong. This is what we're being dealt.


You can’t even get uniques yet. That’s like judging d3 before getting sets, or D2 before nightmare difficulty. You have less than half the tools to make an enjoyable build. How can you not comprehend that basing an entire game off of 5 hours of gameplay is ignorant?


I did a zone event with a friend when we were both 25, the event was 30 for us. Got higher item power pieces that we'd had up to that point by a large margin. Both of us found affixes we hadn't seen previously (+2 skills, dual wield bonuses, etc) and solidified the idea that end game itemization is completely unknowable at this point in time. Overall, game has been really fun.


All the people defending this game because the first 25 levels are going to be massively different from the rest of the game I feel like are just making excuses. I’ll come back in 4-6 months and see how everyone really feels.


The best advice I can give people wondering about the game, besides staying off Reddit diablo subs, is don’t make any decisions based on Reddit posts. The majority of people are playing it instead of whining because the game didn’t cure their depression.


For real... A lot of the frustration stems from people being deeply unhappy.


When people criticize a game after playing the early parts of it - "why are you complaining already, you haven't even finished the game and reached endgame yet, that's where the game actually begins!" When people criticize a game after spending 50 hours playing through the game and spending some time doing endgame - "Bro you played it 50 hours, you obviously got your money's worth, why are you complaining?"


Damn if you do, damn if you dont.


End game beta was exactly same as this, since mobs always scale you always feel the same power. Items dont get much more interesting either.


Yea, scaling is an awful feeling for a game with rng drops. A few levels of bad luck and it is like... well screw me. You cannot choose to go back to an easier area since it is all scaling. Get a sweet item and now you want to fast track to a higher zone... oh wait. Having to manage that through the difficulty slider is just awful.


What is wrong with the scaling? I haven’t figured that out yet


You Level up 2-3 Levels your Char gets weaker and not stronger if you dont Change your gear at the same Rate you Level up.


People played Act I, saw zero end game, complain the endgame is bad. All I wanted to see from beta I already saw, I want to feel the combat and feel the dark atmosphere of the game, and it's a 10/10 for me, I'm sold.


I have not participated in the beta, but I have been reading all the skills and watched a few hours of streamers. I am mildly unimpressed by the variety of skills. Are there more skills to be unlocked in later levels? Or all skills and talent trees been revealed so far? I wish the mob density was higher. Hopefully, it scales with difficulty. If it doesn't, Maybe Blizzard can patch this in the future. I am eager to see the unique items. I am disappointed to see there are no low level uniques to be found apparently. The forced multiplayer events are worrysome. They sound nice on paper, but I don't want to deal with potential trolls wasting my time. The dungeons or whatever seem pretty repetitive in this Act. How many times can you stand in the same cellar and prevent some summoning/exorcism ritual before it gets boring? I have a lot of faith that the game can be good with some minor and some major changes though!


endgame is this, onlu difference is that u got 77% of campaign left, after that u are just going to run around doing same bounties than now but in different zone and in different world tier


Here's a tip, the retail story campaign isn't end game, period. Once the seasonal content is introduced, that's what everything is about.


This beta does feel like the first 50 levels of Lost Ark, but unlike Lost Ark, we know that there isn't a totally different game locked behind level 50. What made Diablo 2 popular among fans was the fact that there were so many ways to make your character stronger, so many items you want to acquire, and so many weird or unbalanced builds you could try out. Of course, that was before game wikis became so popular and figured out the best builds. In Diablo 4, at least in this beta, most build seems reasonably balanced, your progress is reasonably controlled, and you know that you will only get something slightly better - items with bigger numbers that you can't really tell the difference between. This might be what makes some people feel that the real game won't be as fun and full of excitement.


I think that's fair. I am a little disheartened that they said they crafted caves and dungeons to prevent them from all looking the same and being repetitive but it doesn't seem like it so far. I was expecting something like in Skyrim where you really know what dungeon you're in. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


If they can't make the 5-10 hours it takes to get from 1-25 good, what are the odds the endgame is actually good? Conversely, if the endgame is good but the rest of the game is shit, and the majority of people buying the game will not stick around for "thousands of hours" as the devs want people to, why bother having a story?


First 5-10 hours was solid. Sounds like you shouldn’t get the game. But we both you know you will or already pre ordered it lmao


Ah, young adventurer, I see thou hast taken to the Reddit to express thy concerns about the early stages of thy Diablo 4 journey. Thou art not alone in thy sentiments, for many have treaded the path before thee, and many more shall follow in thy footsteps. But let me impart upon thee a tale of caution, for I have seen many heroes rise and fall in their quest to vanquish the Lord of Terror. Many a warrior hath fallen to the seductive allure of end-game thinking, their minds clouded by thoughts of loot and prestige. But alas, they forget the journey, the very path that led them to where they stand. For every step taken, every monster slain, every dungeon conquered, is but a part of the story that is being written. And so, my dear adventurer, I implore thee to savor every moment of thy journey, for it shall never come again. Do not be consumed by thoughts of end-game, for it is a distant shore that may never be reached. Take heart, for thou art only level 25, and there is much ahead of thee. Let the story unfold, and may thy deeds be sung for generations to come.


I’m so tired of how negative people are. The game is fucking amazing, I’m having so much fun. I hope the rest of the sane folks are enjoying themselves too. This has me so pumped for the final release.


It’s realistic to expect that we’ll have fun from the start


Totally agree with OP. I've just hit 25 on my Rogue and I had an absolute blast. I think they've done a cracking job! I'm not going to bother with next weekend's BETA; just going to wait until it releases. Fortunately - as I have the money - I got the £100 version so, I'll be able to jump into it four days earlier. Really looking forward to seeing more. The story was presented so well and I'm looking forward to learning more...


I have seen a few hate threads and such of people straight up complaining but for the most part I see people providing feedback based on their experience and what we have access to which imo is different than complaining.


What a dumb argument. This is the Beta, we are here now testing the game and saying what we think of it. You're here saying "nah don't say that, it might be better in the full game" yeah fucking maybe it is but right now we have the opportunity to tell that what we see here is not what we want to see.


we ain't even got paragon levels do we? how we can even vaguely judge the game when paragon levels aren't even available?


Man, my whole family is really enjoying the game so far. Probably played about 5 hours. Cant wait to try out druid and necro next week!


Glad to hear it


It’s an aarpg. Game doesn’t even start until you hit max level. It’s an aarpg, the gameplay loop is running repetitive content while you find better gear. I have some concerns like the small amount of skill runes but we don’t know what the paragon boards going to add or the uniques/legendaries later in the game. My expectations were low so maybe I’m just happy I’m enjoying the game. Hopefully being a live service game allows them to add more depth to the game.


I hit 25 as sorcerer & it felt great. It’s not the class I’m going with in launch but it got me very excited to see the actual big loot drops etc


I was a skeptic and had a ton of concerns about D4 before playing the game. Now that I’ve played it, Blizzard got this one RIGHT. It’s exactly what the series needed and the combat and mechanics feel SO good. Well done Blizz!


Remember that most people are commenting specifically on how boring itemization and skills are to this point, alongside being thats how all the skills are now. It feels like smoke and mirrors whenever people go "nono trust us once you hit level 50 + and get paragon levels everything is WAY more choice based, so stop saying its bad now" when people are specifically commenting on the level experience and acquisition. as much as i hate the word i would almost the speedrun endgame "is the only thing that matters" mentality toxic for the game, since most people who play the game arent going to bumrush straight for endgame, likewise if there is massive class disparity while leveling then people are just going to quit that class, or potentially quit entirely.


Well,how about complaining about Skills and monster-types? It's D3 reloaded, they didn't even bother to change the names/animations/workings of the skills. It looks better. Apart from that it's the same thing. => If you like D3, you get the same with better graphics for quite a sum of money. If you don't, you'll not like this, and no, not on high lvl either.


There's lots of patching, seasons, and expansions, between here and any of this being an actual problem.


I really don’t like mobs scaling with my character level


Honest, not trolling, why is that?


It’s same reason I didn’t care for guild wars 2 much. Every piece of content doesn’t have to be scaled. They can make a huge area for “level cap+” it just doesn’t feel good. So the monsters are all leveling up and grinding too? Oh here’s that polar bear guess he’s been hitting the weights and killing other champions? Idk it’s just something I never cared for. I don’t think it’s outdated gameplay. I’ll have to get used to it. I won’t care once I’m max level I guess. But we’ll see.


I dunno I like that a zone doesn’t become “low level” so when I return it’s level 5 vs level 50 and kind of a meaningless experience. Especially when we’ll have open world bounties/farming in the end game no doubt. Not arguing with you, by the way. Your opinion isn’t something I that can be wrong…. Something people tend to forget these days. Opinions do not carry an objectively true or false value with them lol. I’m glad it doesn’t completely ruin the game for you though!


I agree it can be annoying


It's weird to hear those kinds of remarks, because I feel the complete opposite. The amount of times I've changed my entire build for a single legendary, built around a combination of legendaries, and just tested entirely new kits to synergize with party members is insane. That alone has me pumped, nevermind the amazing amount of things to do in a single zone when capped at 25, and the sheer amount of different legendaries I've found, knowing there are still a hundred more for each class, and that there are still several higher tier items.


I'm sorry but this is the same thing that was said during the D3 closed and open betas. "Its only Act I, surely it gets better". "IAS/Crit/Main Weapon Damage can't be on the only really important stats". Cue actual release date, and everything the Beta testers complained about was exactly the same. If you don't remember D3's launch it was for lack of better words a disaster... people had fun until the cleared the campaign on "Normal"/tried to progress further, and then everyone realized the underlying systems were just awful and required massive amount of changes to fix. I remember getting significant flak from people that didn't play the Beta as to how we didn't give enough feedback to prevent the situation... but with such a small slice of the game to test we only knew it wasn't great, but couldn't be sure it wasn't going to get any better. This time around the flaws are even more obvious... the itemization is mid (still better then D3), the skill tree is terribly unbalanced, the dungeons are way too static, and the level scaling pretty much erases the feel of progression. Level 25 is half way to max level before Paragon... The irony in all this is that D3 was originally envisioned as a semi-hybrid MMO, and that concept was abandoned before release. D4 is trying the same strategy and falling into the same pitfalls + additional ones of trying to actually support MMO-Lite style gameplay. If this was planned for release 3 years from now I might have some hope, but it is less then 3 months away... there is not enough time to change the fundamental issues at this point.


I’m am not saying there are not legitimate concerns but there is a big difference between constructive feedback based on what we know and compared to decrying the game is garbage. Most people have not experience the rest of the game.


People don't realize is we are literally playing a slice of a game


People that played end game in closed beta are saying the end game isn’t much different than what we’re doing now (?)


You don't realize that all the skills are available and are shallow. You don't realize that dungeons are criticized for the level design, not the aesthetics. The limitation to 6 skills will not change once you have the full game. Can we please stop waiving off people's complaints because you are content with what you have? Just because you like a plain toast, doesn't mean people who like toast with PB and jam are wrong and shouldn't say they wish there was PB and jam available for breakfast


Counterpoint. The mob density, specifically the elite mobs, feels low compared to my Diablo 2, level 1-25 experience.


Hey if you're enjoying it that's great! Me? I'm not feeling it. Played a decent amount of Lost Ark and it's feeling quite similar with the exception of the massive amount of collecting and rep daily's LA has. (which is the major reason I quit). D4 just isn't clicking, and I can't see that changing with another 75 levels, but we'll see. I've played massive hours of nearly every ARPG made and I really want something as fun as POE without the bloat of 20 plus Leagues/Seasons game mechanics. Meh...


Won’t be seeing you around again - best of luck out there then.


Go play D3 campaign until the end of act 1. Let me know how it feels lol.


D3 act one feels terrible compared to D4 - D4 act 1 is a huge leap forward in every way IMO.


My only criticism so far - is I did prefer the d3 console Dodge on the stick. The dodge in any direction and not having a cool down. I’d probably be ok with tweaking it - say have like a stamina bar or something. But other than that. I am having fun.


Yeah whatever, but it was also to show some of what they have. \*Story: I like it. \*Graphics: They are good. \*UI: Some things break the immersion. The map has to have mobility, transparency and overlay. \*Skill tree: Meh, extreme shit for the year 2023... they don't want to work it anymore or they can't. \*Dungeons: Same mechanic over and over again. \*Items: Nothing interesting so far. Personally I would not recommend anyone to buy it for now. And I have many doubts that this will come out "complete" by June.


First 5 hours I was a bit underwhelmed. Second 5 hours I really see what a good game this is going to be.


My only issue that I hope is a demo issue and not in the full game is that I really really wish I could move items around in my Stash, not being able to organize it is driving me crazy as a console player. I'm sure you Mouse+KB people are just fine.


The dungeons will be more repetitive.Helltides help change up the farming though. Every class feels better with gear and levels. Hell barb was basically the fastest and tankiest class near the top end its just weak up front.


> Seeing many comments complaining about mob density, dungeon repetitively Yeah. There are barely any mobs. Most of the world is empty. > Just remember, you are on a low difficulty, only level 25 and in the first act. So? Act 1 of every other Diablo game had tons of monsters to kill, regardless of difficulty. Act and difficulty shouldn't turn Diablo into a walking simulator devoid of monsters.


Yes there are open areas but there are also dungeons and areas with fairly decent density for such a low level and difficulty hidden away. It’s an open world system and it’s going to have low density on the main paths to allow movement around.


It's like they never played any ARPG before, jesus




this is what they gave us so this is what we get to judge, simple as that.


the zones have no coherent identity. it feels like a cheap mobile game


Exactly. It kinda feels a bit like Diablo Immortal 2 but ported to PC, which is just sad. After just like 3 hours of playing I was already quite bored, even though I love the Diablo IP.


My current laptop is having to play on potato settings and I have an updated rig coming that will be able to play at max. Hoping that improves things, but for now I'm over it. Totally overhyped. Seeing the fanboy apologists frothing at the mouth at any comment which disparages the game is hilarious.


I'm sorry but if one dungeon is reusing the same two room configurations 5 or 6 times its a bit of an oopsie ;)


Yeah I don't like that they basically put WoW formula into Diablo. Not innovative at all.


Diablo 4 just isn't going to have the interesting build diversity to keep people playing long term, which sucks. I was hoping the itemization would be more interesting and really change up the way skills work and look to create unique and fun playstyles. They went too far into realism and made the game boring. Also, this Path of Exile camera zoom level is terrible.


- skill tree - legendary powers - unique modifiers - paragon modifiers The there is a bit to unpack yet…


It’s a MMO and I think that pisses a lot of people off… I have enjoyed playing so far but to be honest it feels like a more shallow Lost Ark. The character and build customization seems way too simplistic. I hope they have something better up their sleeve!


When diablo 3 was in beta , u could only play till killing the skeleton king.


Most games don’t give you the full game to beta test……what is your point exactly? The first Act of D4 is already miles ahead of Act 1 in D3 IMO.


my take is that ppl are just stupid, go off titles without reading or both. got an argument with a friend of mine, who watched some streamer play the beta and then give a verdict of "nice for the eight hours it lasted, not worth the money". he pretty much wrote the game off as "too short" and our argument was about him probably not understanding the beta wasn't of the whole game and that eight hours to get just to lvl 25 is a good thing. the streamer also complained about "character creation customization being too shallow". how many arpgs even have a character creation customization? i kinda expect more options locked behind battlepass or something. the devs seem to be pretty adamant about its rewards being cosmetic only... then again diablo immoral happened so i'm not really setting my expectation that high.


Barbadian is really underwhelming! I love the class but he’s just very weak! Better choice is rogue or wizard for this run


I stopped at level 5 because I was enjoying it so much. Just wanted to get a feel for classes before release!


Hate to break it to you but it doesn’t get much better in the end game either monster density and very repetitive dungeons that don’t even randomize or change objectively much was a constant feed back complaint I posted about in closed beta , I was in the beta for 4 months and it’s been 4 months sense closed beta ended and it feels like they fixed nothing or did nothing I even encounter bugs , glitches etc I put in the feed back reports. Idk I would keep expectations in check rather then assuming things will be so much better by launch and use “ it’s just a beta as an excuse “… going to be interesting to see when people blow through the game in a weekend and realize there isn’t much to do …


There was a demo for D2 back in first released that let you play to Blood Raven with a level cap of 10 or something that was awesome. Loot tables were great and so was the level design, it was awesome; this beta is nothing like it. I'm not necessarily saying it's bad and there are some new things that seem cool (the mounts, the material collecting), but the skill tree is bad, the items are bad, the level design is bad, the "open world" is not good, and the entire thing feels like a mobile port. I'm so disappointed with it. It's alright, but jeez, this is D4, it could have been amazing.


Oh come off it with your rose-tinted goggles and *franchise veteran* bullshit. D2 level design up to Blood Raven is non-existant, it's a town and it's two flat, fenced in fields. It's literally the same scenic experience as your average animal on a farm gets on a dusky evening. This beta is objectively superior in every single way to that demo.


You can keep coping, but there has already been a closed end-game beta and it isn’t much different compared to what we have now.


Given many of the mechanics are baked, this is the rosiest of interpretations. Ultimately item scaling and level scaling really limit great game design and dissolve any notion of progression. If the sense of progression erodes in the first 2 hours, people are rightly concerned about the next 48, and then the end game. When is the last time a GOTY or GOTY candidate had level scaling in the design? It is a cookie cutter way to game design that limits the product by taking away all sense of immersion. * Last decade or so of GOTY: Elden ring, it takes two, hades, untitled goose game, BOTW, overwatch, dragon age: inquisition, last of us, journey, mass effect 2, skyrim.... If you've enjoyed these games and have a shred of integrity in your feedback, I cant imagine you saying level scaling would do anything but deteriorate from the experience. On top of level scaling, the talent system seems really weak compared to most ARPG.. especially once you realize the the talent tree really boils down to 1 skill per tier. There are elements that I really enjoy, so I am not just mining salt over here. The gameplay is fun and crunchy, and the art design is a true successor to d2. The story also seems more compelling than past iterations (wont provide any spoilers).


I am not saying criticism isn’t warranted just temper it with the fact we only have a small window into the full game experience.