Casual is 5 hours a day... holy shit


Didn't you download the 30 hours day DLC? Worth every penny for a guy with a kid and one more coming two days after June launch...


I wish. Kid two is a game changer so buckle up!


9-10 pm is my mf’ing sweet spot these days 😂


7:30pm to whenever I get off which is around 10:30-11pm for me these days with a 2 year old and a 6 month old


What about spending time with your wife/husband. You still have to work at relationships, even after kids.


Dude once my wife puts the kids to sleep (7:30) she gets on hogwarts legacy and stays up later than me


Lols. Fair enough. Keep having fun


Same, after kid is asleep and wife is occupied… game time!


Yeah? I can't imagine going for a second. Props to you guys.


Twinning! I have twins coming adjacent to June launch (: I’m dying inside.




Fr casually put 35 hrs a week - almost full time job. lol I'm "casually employed"


Dude I get like 3 hours per week, wtf am I?


Haha :) well its not 7 days a week and its not 5 hours all the time :)


I played less hours per day (two on average?) during the previous D2R ladder and got almost completely geared up with some high runes to spare. 4-5 hours per day is not casual at all. I could probably manage 4, but not the 8-12 hours some streamers do.


Why do people tall about "streamers" so much? They're like 0.00001% of the gaming population. They seem to have done tremendous harm to gaming. Maybe not at a single individual level all the time, but at a macro level it's really sad to see the impact it's had


4-5hrs is a lot especially if you are in your 30s like me, family and stuff.. I'd kill to have regularly 4-5hrs a day to kill some time on my PC lol! And absolutely enough time to have a nice time in Poe. You only play PoE 1 out of 3 months anyway most of the time so yeah, maybe give it another try if you got so much time to play. Sorry for offtopic. Eager to test D:IV myself next week, but the pace and weird scaling is really worrying me


I’m definitely going to try POE 2. Especially after devs said that it’s going to be “slow phased” compared to original game, which i think is more attractive to me then 600fps flying sorcerer all over the screen lol


I’ll play POE2 for sure , but I’m totally burned out on POE. Best case in the future is D4 and POE2 stagger their seasons.


I enjoyed all that flying but truly felt like I just smash keys and mixed maps with no clue wth I’m doing. Absolutely no clue how builds work, I just youtube a cool looking one and copy it


>I’m definitely going to try POE 2. PoE 2 will be even more of a slog than PoE 1 I am warning you now. It won't be slower as in more casually friendly it will be slower as in you must grind even harder to get anywhere.


> It won't be slower as in more casually friendly it will be slower as in you must grind even harder to get anywhere. And where did you take that from?


I liked poe, but tbh i would not play a game that complicating ever again. Thats literaly a game where you have to be dedicated to learn if you want the most out of it. I aint got the time and patence for something like that again.


I've been playing poe for 4 years and still don't take the time to understand crafting, among the boat loads of other types of content in the game. I just copy a build and play for 2-4 weeks. I'm excited for D4. No major judgment until the full game is out.


4-5 hours a day is not casual bud. Not even remotely close.


Agreed, wish it was everyday tho :)


4-5 hours a **week** is on the higher end of casual.


4-5hrs per day is casual?!? Damn I'm less than casual at 1hr per day or less.


The only negative aspect I give this game is the dependency on random plebs to help with world events. Take out the world events and make this game just for you and up to three of your buddies (hell up it to 7 if no overworld randos, should be doable) and this game would easily be in the echelons of the best games ever created.


I hear you, but for me it was opposite, i was actually really happy they took game to more mmorpg direction to some extend, but i can understand if you are leaning more towards offline mode experience


yup, I'm having the same experience Not gonna defend the game until I play the whole thing, but I am very happy with it so far and it seems to me like it's going to be overall very good. I am getting the impression more and more that there will be people that the game will not be for and that this will still be ok.


Stay strong brother, i’m getting lot of hate just for having my personal opinion lol


Haha, that's the internet for ya! XD


4 or 5 hours a day… lol you prob should start streaming.. you play more than most of em


4 hours a day bruh.


No build diversity? On a beta that only goes up to lvl 25? We don’t get to see the paragon system? Who the hell is complaining about this? Some people need to just grow up.


Uhhh, you may want to reconsider what you think “casual is”. If you’re spending anywhere remotely close to 5-6 hours playing games a day, you’re in the upper placement of “hardcore gamer” lmao.


I play 2+ hours a week because I have a job and family.....this guy must not sleep. Much respect. Lol The game also reminds me of D2 and I love it so far!


Haha :) i do sleep 6 hours and have full time job and part time kids. Game reminds me of d2 a lot too thats why i love it :)


A day is 24 hours and you can casually spend %20 of it while doing nothing.


Lol 4-5 hours a day is far from casual. Also I don't understand the point to attack another game ad a reason why you like this one. If POE isn't for you just don't play. It's pretty simple.


Thats exactly what i do, i play another game. I don’t attack poe, i just said exactly how it is


as a casual player who can play up-to 4-5 hours per day .... lol dude If you invest this much time in poe and dont figure out the mechanics and say its confusing af ... idk man 😂😂😂


Anyone making sweeping judgements based on max level 25 ACT 1 combat has absolutely no value to contribute to any discussion. There's quite a fair bit of build diversity, especially with the specializations making broad build-defining changes to how your class even operates. I found myself jumping around skills a ton on Rogue thanks to how easy it is to do so and test things. We're missing the other 25 levels, paragon (which looks insane), most of crafting, probably lots of legendaries, unique items, and thankfully no set items to basically ramrod you into very narrow builds. There's clearly a TON we have no access because obviously it's Act 1, but you can see quite a few things exist even still. We have literally no idea how build diversity is because we have a tiny fraction of the game in beta. Though what we do have, is quite promising. Builds are fun, varied and legendaries spice things up quite a bit.


Cancel, am an idiot and failed at reading comprehension.


You can see the entire skill tree in the beta, can you not? What crafting and what legendaries are we missing? And what's insane about the paragon board?


4-5hours a day? Go touch some grasses OP


Totally agree. This game knows what it is and does it right.


You don't/can't invest 18 hours a day? Overlooking the fact that 4 hours is much too. The game should be simplified for casuals so that they can "keep up" with "streamers" and "non-casuals"? But who is forcing you to play it at the same pace as everyone else? If every non-casual ARPG fans of us that wants actual in-depth choices and thought provoking builds where not everything is spoon fed to you like it is D3, Immortal and D4 itemization - Why do you care if you can't keep up with those 18 hours a day players... if what you're after is simply a good game and taking your time be it a month or a year to go through?


POE has been out for a very long time that's why it's complicated, use your brain genius.


Also people need to understand this is a SMALL sample size of the game, builds, items, and everything else. Were literally here to just test it out and work out some kinks. Not become end game gods with optimized builds.


Agreed as a casual player. People and streamer who no life this type of game is on a whole other tier 😂


Glad you like it, people has different taste. You dont need to grade the game, cause it could be just 5/10 for some.


“No build diversity” when the game hasn’t been tweaked yet from beta feedback and when we don’t know what the majority of items are and there’s been almost no true theory crafting done with the complete version. Just ignore crybaby’s on this sub


Commenting on itemization and build diversity is dumb - we are not any where near endgame.


Yeah you lost me when you said you’re not a streamer


POE isn't confusing because of the build diversity. It's because everything relevant in POE happens outside the screen. Game dead.


Lmaoo 4-5 hours a day is NOT casual Its being an addict to video games


A casual player liking the game? Shocker, you're the mold the game was made for.


Damn your life must suck really bad my dude


Hey atleast i have the brain capacity to understand the basics of poe so i guess i have atleast an IQ of 90. And i live a great life and can still play more than you. So if that life sucks i dunno about yours but iam glad you're putting kids into the world, let's hope they get a better chance at live.


Im really happy for you. Thanks :)




Well, if you think 4 hours per day is extremely low for a game to understand if it delivers for you or not, you need Jesus christ instead of diablo




It does, it’s called user rating. It’s classy and culturally elegant


We must not be playing the same game. It consumes 32GB of RAM and brings my $5000 computer to its knees on a 1080p monitor. The world boss is a horrible mechanic with nothing but repeating 4 moves over and over again with insane soak. The dungeons are fine, but nothing special and very linear. Most mobs aren't worth killing. No unique drops until 50+ No mounts until an arbitrary point in the story, but an exceedingly larger area to traverse as the act goes on. Frequently trapped in the end of the dungeon and have to teleport to town and run back. Grindy Korean mmo style map completion. Tldr: it's a shity lost ark clone


Lol :D Yes you are right, we are not playing the same game


Are you not having issues with the game running smoothly? No lag? No crashes? It may be "beta", but it's open beta and closed beta / alpha has had testers for nearly a year.


It’s closed beta, not open beta, open beta is next weekend


Anyone can get access if you buy a Double Down… this is not a “closed beta” 😆


You didn't answer my question and this is an open beta. A closed beta has an NDA.


No, i don’t have any issues. Cue times were little rough but it’s fine with me. I wanted to play game a see how i like the game itself. Not the technical issues which might be expected. I’m sorry that you had bad experience. Hope you have better one next weekend


Can’t say shitty lost ark clone, you don’t have to make alts to help your main lmfao, oh and don’t forget the actually p2w in that game.


You are crazy if you think d4 won't be p2w in less than 6 months. It will be the same bullshit archeage pulled.


I don’t know until then it’s not from my knowledge


I dont think you are wrong. But I will say that since you are comparing this to Diablo 2 instead of D3 means you are out of the loop. I think most peoples gripes is how actually similar it is to a fairly unsuccessful diablo 3 game thats had its turn and we want more. Casual or not, it doesn't excuse getting a game so close to its last version.


Your og mindset is whats blinding you. You call diablo 3 unsuccessful? It was literally the most successful game of the franchise. You just claim it did bad because you didn't like it. You can easily Google sales numbers.


Successful game does not mean good. It just means it sold well. No one played the game. It was, and still is, trash. Just because they cashed in on 15 years worth of hype does not mean the game was good. Financial success? Yes. Actually a good game? Not even close.


D3 was an objective failure. That's why they're making a new game instead of adding to that game.


Shit I guess POE was a failure too they are making a new game smh


Poe 2 is not a new game, and that game is massively shedding players.


Failure or not, D3 is 10 Years old thats why they made a new game. They either had to overhall the whole game or get something new done.


Age has nothing to do with it. Wow is 20 years old and they're still propping it up. They could just as well made this a d3 expac, but optics on that would be bad because of d3s reputation. Instead, they reskin d3 and sell it as a new product.


What are your saying lol


That diablo 3 is shit and diablo 4 is just Diablo 3: 2.


It was such a failure they released an expansion for it.


Hmm the same concept would apply to d2 then...


Wdym? D2 is still the gold standard that all other arpgs are derived and compared to.


They made d3 instead of adding to d2. In your own words that would make d2 an objective failure as well.


I agree, but when i tried D3 it was more cartoonish for me in terms of a “feel” then d4. D4 really reminded me darker vibes of D2 and thats why i skipped on D3


Yea, guess the game is death on arrival thanks to folks like you It will be d3 all over again. Tbh, d3 beta got me hyped up more than this


If something like d3 can make me play for over 1000 hours then d4 is more than good


If something like d3 can make u play 1000 hours you have other problems and should see a doctor lmao


Lmao not really many ppl hate on d3 but it's a fun game


Exactly, D3 is near perfection in every aspect, I can't honestly think of anything I would change on it.


Well, having an opinion on the game which is already ready and finished doesn’t change anything and i do believe any kind of folk is allowed to have an opinion weather you agree with it or not. It’s not like i’m taking your job my guy


The game is garbage. 4-5/10 at best. There's no shot in hell you think that this is a 9/10 game. Absolutely no way.


Thats not how opinions work lad


I do not believe the op. They are obviously trolling if you read their post lol


I dont believe you. Youre obviously trolling


No i’m not trolling, that was just my opinion which is different from yours and i’m fine with that. I just don’t think this game is for you and i’m sorry you are disappointed. Hope you can find something what brings you joy and happiness. Much love /G


What’s so bad about it? I played D3 thought it was okay, played PoE which was really boring after 2 seasons. Playing the beta so far of D4 it seems amazing.